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Astaxanthin is Junk -Roger Mason

Your poor old author resents wasting his time on the following article. Every week letters would come in asking about Amazing Astaxanthin. The usual crooks are pushing astaxanthin as the “King of Carotenoids” with miraculous powers. It is a very minor carotenoid, and exists in minute amounts in your body. Most people in the world have about a zero intake since they don’t eat ocean fish and shellfish. You’ll see rave reviews by morons like Mike Adams ( read the Health Danger article), Dr. Oz (read Dr. Oz is in the Ozone), Mercola (read Dr. Mercola is a Dumbbell), David Williams (read David Williams is Clueless), Perricone (read Dr. Perricone is a Gasbag), and Al Sears (read Another Idiot Named Sears).

Folks, there is no science here. Astaxanthin has been known about for decades now. It is not in your food, except in shellfish and ocean fish (not fresh water fish) in tiny amounts. It is used in animal food to make egg yolks yellow and farmed salmon red. The only “science” is worthless cell studies, overdosed rats, and paid ads posing as clinical investigation.

The suggested dosage is usually about 4 mg a day, so a 60 capsule bottle costs all of $1.50 for the astaxanthin to make it. Mercola sells you a mere 30 capsules (that’s right- 75 cents worth) for $19.97. As an antioxidant he says it is  “800 times more powerful than CoQ10, 550 times more powerful than vitamin E, and 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C”. This guy defines "charlatan".

The major world supplier of astaxanthin is Algatech at the Kibbutz Ketura in the Israeli Arava desert. They use aquaculture of Haematocococcus seaweed to produce it. Yes, those crafty Israelis found a way to make money in the middle of a desert with no natural resources whatsoever. Selling junk to fools. The very same country that gave you worthless lycopene (LycoMato is the main brand and, in fact, comes from Israel). This could be extracted from krill after krill oil (another scam) is removed, but it is cheaper to use aqua-cultured seaweed.

There is a seemingly very impressive human study “Astaxanthin Decreased Oxidative Stress and Inflammation and Enhanced Immune Response in Humans” in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism (v. 7, 2010). This really sounds great, until you see it is just a paid advertisement by LaHaye Labs for their astaZanthinTM  .That’s correct, they supplied the capsules and paid for the work. Just a paid advertisement in a cheap journal that sells space for ads posing as science.

This is the shortest article in our library. Why waste any more time on junk like this? If people would quit reading moron newsletter doctors this article would not have to be written. If people would stop getting their scientific education from Internet ADVERTISEMENTS, they would know this is worthless junk sold by criminals to fools. Get your education from science. All my books and articles are based on published international clinical studies. You can read my 10 books, 150 articles, and 2 newsletters for free at