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Dr. David Williams is Clueless - Roger Mason

David Williams is another clueless newsletter doctor who sells overpriced crap to suckers, and gives pitiful misinformation about natural health. Actually, he is merely a chiropractor and cannot even prescribe drugs. He says, "Cholesterol doesn't cause heart disease. Studies prove this beyond a doubt. Cholesterol is innocent. I've been proclaiming cholesterol's innocence since 1992, and plenty of convincing research confirms this." He has good company with Douglass, Sears, Crayhon (he's dead!), Eades, West, Mercola, the Atkins crowd, and the Life Extension people. They all push this cholesterol doesn't count theory. Please read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. Look at the chart on page 10 to prove that cholesterol is THE most important diagnosticfigure of all for heart and artery disease (CHD). The most comprehensive and largest human studies in the world consistently prove that total cholesterol (TC) is the most important CHD indicator of all.  This includes the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT) with 361,662 people. Also the Framingham Study- the largest ongoing study in world history. Triglycerides are second, and CRP, homocysteine, and uric acid the other three. You should have a TC level of about 150, like rural Asians, vegetarians, and macrobiotics do. The American average is about 240! We have some of the highest rates of CHD in the world.

David also suggests you drink hydrogen peroxide. Right, hair bleach. He wants you to

drink hair bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxidizer in rocket fuel, too. He says chondroitin is a wonderful supplement for arthritis. There is not one single valid publish-ed human study in the world on this. Chondroitin cannot be absorbed by your intestines as the molecule is too large. (Read Chondroitin Doesn’t Work.) He sells "The Sex Pill They Don't Want You to Know About". This is just cheap useless arginine, at a very high price. Arginine is worthless, useless, never did work, and never will work. He has also found a Magic Cure for Cancer. He says I3C "wipes out cancer". Where is the FDA when you need them? He says, "These new I3C capsules let you supersaturated your body, so cancer cells never have a chance." Everyone knows DIM is much better than I3C, but it still doesn't cure cancer. He's so stupid he sells saw palmetto for prostate health. Read Saw Palmetto Is Garbage in our library. You would need 3,000 capsules a day to equal one capsule of beta-sitosterol! Want to lose weight? He has a Magic Weight Loss Cure. His Special Report "CLA: The Fat That Makes You Slim" tells you how. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is worthless. If CLA helped you lose weight there wouldn't be any fat people. Read CLA Won’t Help You Lose Weight article. He says his progesterone cream is an "osteoporosis cure". If that was true, osteoporosis wouldn't exist. Progesterone is a wonderful bone building hormone, but only one small part of a bone renewal program along with diet, exercise, other supplements, and other hormones.

Does he ever have anything worthwhile to say? Surprisingly, sometimes he does. He says aspirin is not a heart healthy supplement. He shows aluminum intake is correlated with Alzheimer's disease. He knows melatonin is a powerful and beneficial hormone, not merely a sleep aid. He warns you about Nutrasweet® (aspartame), but not about Sucra-lose®.

For years he has sold his ridiculous newsletter Alternatives to fools for $49.95 a year. No one wanted it, so he gives it away now. Go to his website and see for yourself all the overpriced crap he sells. If you want a real laugh look at Daily Advantage for $44.95 a month. What a joke! Resveratrol, pomegranate, olive, blueberry, cranberry, cherry, rhodiola, lycopene, and ashwaganda.

David is just another clueless wannabe.


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