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Dr. Al Sears - Roger Mason

Al Sears wrote a natural health newsletter called Health Confidential for Men, for which you paid $49.95 a year. Now he renamed it and sends it out for free. It is merely an advertisement for his overpriced products. He is not related to Barry Sears, who wrote the series of books on the Zone Diet (please see  the Zone Diet article in our library), but is even stupider than Barry- and that isn’t easy to do at all. He runs the Sears Wellness Center in Florida. What a joke that is! He is on the executive board of the Health Sciences Institute (read Horse Sh*t Institute article). This tells you all you need to know right there. The books he wrote are pitiful to put it mildly.


Al was selling astragalus extract for $4,000 a eight bottles (six month supply). Astragalus is a common, inexpensive, and well know Chinese herb. Seriously, he is selling an herb extract for $500 a bottle. $500 a bottle for $5 worth of herb extract. He calls this “TA-65” and says it is the, “greatest breakthough in life extension history”. He claims TA-65 will lengthen your telomeres so you’ll live longer. Stupid people are actually paying him $500 a bottle. That’s $4,000 for six months of herb extract. P.T. Barnum would be proud of Al.

Why people would pay big money for asinine supplements like this is the big question. He writes some of the worst “natural health” books in print- The T-Factor and The 21st Century Man’s Guide to Prostate Health. He wrote The Doctor’s Heart Cure, which may be the worst book ever written on heart health. He says cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease, you don’t need to keep your cholesterol under 200, cholesterol just doesn’t matter, fat doesn’t make you fat, you only need six (6) minutes of exercise a day, “a low-fat diet is unnatural”, “being a vegetarian could be threatening to your heart health”, and take useless arginine for a healthier heart.

He advises you to, “Eat the foods you love.” He tells you to enjoy your meat- it’s good for you. “Eat steak, pork, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Eat your steak and eggs whenever you want.” He tells you to “Enjoy your beer, wine, and scotch”- they have “health benefits”. He wants you to, “Enjoy your cigars” and pipes as well. He wants you to, “Savor that coffee.” He also lets you know, “even chocolate is O.K.” You think your poor old author took more cheap drugs late at night, and made up all this silliness don’t you? You don’t really believe a medical doctor could say such stupid things do you? Who gave him a medical license in the first place? WalMart? Well, those are exact quotes right from his website. Isn’t that great folks? Now you can eat all the beef, veal, pork, lamb, eggs, chicken, duck, and turkey you want. You can drink beer, wine and scotch. You can smoke cigars and pipes. You can go to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts for a caffeine fix. You can even eat chocolate. Why not cocaine meth, heroin, and marijuana? That’s wonderful! All these years so many of us have missed out on all this great fun, and now he enlightens us. Thank God for Al Sears! We can really enjoy life now doing everything we want to do. Ain’t life great now? Do whatever you want whenever you want.

He lets you know that vegetarian diets aren’t healthy. He hates whole grains, and loves the late (who died prematurely of congestive heart failure after following his own advice) Robert Atkins. High carbohydrate diets are “dangerous.” “Carbohydrates are converted to sugar in the body, and can cause high insulin.” He tells you not to eat tasteless salads and vegetables. Soy burgers are “dangerous”. He explains that soy products are “high in estrogen”, even though plants do not contain any hormones; only animals have hormones. Soy foods cause “accelerated brain ageing.” Funny that billions of Asians for thousands of years have far less disease rates than Europeans from eating grains, vegetables and soy foods. Okinawans eat the most soy of anyone by far and are the healthiest, longest lived people on the planet.

He claims testosterone is a Magic Hormone that will even cure erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction (ED), however, is a complex, multifactor condition that is due to a variety of health issues especially  hypertension and insulin resistance- as well as various psychological factors. Read my article Male Sexual Dysfunction. He knows very little about testosterone, and tells you to buy his useless Tribulus formula. Please read my book Testosterone is Your Friend.  He doesn’t understand that the ONLY way to safely and effectively raise testosterone is to use real, prescription testosterone. There are no over-the-counter testosterone supplements.


He sells some real crap overpriced supplements as well. How about 250 mg lipoic acid for $30? That’s almost five times what we charge. How about useless arginine for $38? That costs him  about $4 to make. Or an 8,333% iodine overdose for $35? Yes, over eight thousand per cent overdose as stated on his own label. Or how about toxic 5,000 IU vitamin D for $27?

There is no shortage of idiots who write newsletters, but why in the world do people pay good money to read garbage like this?

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