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Be A Real Man for $59.95 plus $4.95 postage -Roger Mason

Impotence is a growing problem in men- even in their 20s and 30s surprisingly. It is an epidemic in men over 50. Men understandably do not want to talk about this. You’ll see many “male enhancement” products advertised such as “Enzyte®” that promise to restore sexual potency in men. None of these work of course. They all contain useless ingredients like muira puama, tribulus terrestis, suma, maca, horny goat weed, and arginine. P.T. Barnum told us there is a sucker born every minute. You’ll see junk like “Passion Rx” that is full of useless herbs  Jonathan Wright sells "MALE" for men whose masculinity is going by the wayside. It costs him about $3 to make this. He sells it for “only” $59.95 plus $4.95 S&H. He claims to be "one of the leading physicians of alternative medicine", and has a clinic. One ad quotes him, "I was aware that there were no formulations on the health food store shelves that contained all the items at the scien-tifically justified levels, that I wanted to offer patients. Having looked at the studies and sifted through the evidence, it naturally occurred to me that we ought to put them all in one formula. The results of my efforts are now contained in MALE."  What a jerk. This is typical.

Other men resort in desperation to pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis. This is obviously not the answer as it merely treats the symptom and not the cause. These only work temporarily and  then you’re worse off than ever and hopelessly impotent. Hugh Hefner and Rush Limbaugh are perfect examples of this. These drugs make you permanently impotent.

Read the article Male Sexual Dysfunction. This is what can men do about waning masculinity as they age? THEY CAN TURN THEIR LIFE AROUND, THAT'S WHAT! They can quit looking for The Quick Fix advertised on television. They can quit stuffing double bacon cheeseburgers in their face while they sit mesmerized by the boob-tube. They can eat whole, natural foods, take a long walk every day, join the local gym, lose weight- without going on a diet, balance their hormones. They can take REAL clinically proven supplements like beta-sitosterol, CoQ10, flax oil, quercitin, DIM, PS, acetyl-L-carnitine, beta glucan, All Your Minerals, glucosamine, vitamin D, FOS, acidophilus, lipoic acid and vitamin E.


     Eat right- diet is everything

     Take proven supplements

     Balance your basic hormones

     Lose weight

     Exercise regularly

     Drop (or limit) any bad habits

     Fast weekly for 24 hours

     Develop a better relationship with your wife or girlfriend.

Good sex depends on GOOD HEALTH and GOOD RELATIONSHIP. Only a total program of diet and lifestyle is going to make you healthy. Happy sexuality is 90% psychology and only 10% biology. This is especially true for women. Science has shown that obesity, hypertension,

depression, high estrogens, and low androgens are basic factors here. This is a complex issue with multiple factors. The only way to a satisfying sexual life is the eight answers listed above.

There are no quick fixes here, no Magic Supplements and no easy answers. You have to change your diet and lifestyle. Good health and good relationship equals good sex. Follow all of these eight steps instead of resorting to some Magic Pharmaceutical fix.

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