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Cenegenics Death Plan -Roger Mason

You've seen those ads for the Cenegenics Center with the photo of Jeffry Life. He wrote a book The Life Plan. Cenegenics is proof of just how stupid successful people can be. This life extension program is only for the wealthy men. They now also offer a small program for women. It costs about $3,000 for the diagnosis, and then about $1,000 a month for the supplements and hormones. Alan Mintz founded Cenegenics, but fell over dead in 2003 from bad health. That alone tells you all you need to know about them. The photos of Life are probably about 15 years old. He is merely an over-the-hill weightlifter. His face looks terrible, and his health is terrible. He simply lifts weights, has low body fat, and good genetics for low body fat. Period.

YOU CAN DO ALL  THIS YOURSELF FOR ABOUT $100 A MONTH-without any doctors. Their basic plan revolves around hormone balance, especially growth hormone. The problem is they have no idea in hell what they are doing. If you want proof of this just read The Life Plan. This is simply a really pitiful, worthless book.

Want to balance your hormones? Just read my article Balance Your Hormones. Read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend. Men can send in a $70 ZRT kit for their DHEA and testosterone. They can get their thyroid tested for $105 from

Women also need to test their three major estrogens with a ZRT kit. The center of their program is growth hormone, which is completely overrated due to it's very high expense. Only people over 50 will get even modest effects from expensive injected GH daily.

They are so stupid they want you to rub a total of 200 mg testosterone cream on your penis three times a day. Yes, they really said that. At 20% absorption this would put 40 mg of testosterone in your blood. THIS IS 10 TIMES WHAT YOU NEED. This results is severe estrogen overspill and terrible health problems. Men over 50 only need about 4 mg a day in their blood; the rest turns to toxic estrogen overspill. They are too clueless to even know the correct pregnenolone dose. They want you to take 100 mg instead of 50 mg (and 25 mg for women). They really walk in darkness when it comes to thyroid. They don't know to test for free T3 and free T4. They suggest 30 mcg of Armour, and another 30 mcg of T3. That's insane! They suggest 0.5 to 20 mg of melatonin. A range like that is senseless. The correct dose is 3 mg for men and 1.5 mg for women. They suggest 20 mg of DHEA topically in cream, but DHEA is not transdermal. You would get nothing out of this. The correct dose is 25 mg oral, and only IF you have tested low.

Want to know what supplements really work? Read my article Serious Supplement Program. Read my booklet The Supplements You need. Instead of giving men 20 vital minerals that we offer in All Your Minerals, they want you to take magnesium, selenium, and toxic overdoses of iodine, as 12,500 mcg of Iodoral. The correct dose is 150 mcg. This is a three month supply taken every day!!! Also 10 mg of lithium, when the correct dose is 100 mcg. This is also a three month supply every day, and toxic. They suggest 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily- even if you are out in the sun. The correct dose is 800 IU, and never more than 1,200 IU. 100 mg of methylfolate is not just silly, but very dangerous. The correct dose is 400 mcg, so this is an eight month supply daily. They recommend Drucker Labs $70 liquid vitamins and minerals, but they contain no realistic amount of minerals at all. Our All Your Vitamins and Minerals is $11.95 for a two month supply of both. You get methyl cobalabmin for B-12. You get 20 minerals in the amounts you need, and clearly stated on the label. They promote nattokinase, which is silly, useless junk. Why take a gram of glutathione daily, when you can do better with 600 mg of NAC? Using Celtic Sea Salt is ridiculous. Table salt contains minute, meaningless amounts of minerals. It gets even more dangerous when they tell you to take Hydergine, and Piracetam. These are toxic synthetic drugs, not natural substances.

Want to know the healthiest foods to eat? Read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone. Life tells you whole grains are the least important food, when they are in fact the most important food of all. This shows how stupid he really is. Whole grains are your very staff of life. He eats red meat as a staple. You shouldn't eat any at all.  He wants you to eat an insane 1 g of protein for each point of body weight. This will completely destroy your kidneys. He eats dairy foods including milk, cheese, yogurt, and cream cheese. He drinks whey casein shakes daily, when casein has proven to promote cancer and other diseases. Folks, read Milk Will Kill You in our library. Dairy foods are the world possible food to eat. He eats nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplants. He eats eggs and poultry as a staple. Read Eggs are Bad Food. He thinks the Zone Diet is wonderful, when the author, Barry Sears, is fat, sickly, and looks terrible.

Did you know Cenegenics has an online Internet store? This is literally the worst health website on the worldwide web, even worse than Dr. Mercola!!! They sell a 60 day pitiful vitamin and mineral supplement for $180.00. That is not a misprint. It has a mere 7 elements (1 mg of boron and 50 mcg of silica are useless, and potassium is mere "filler"). Our all Your Vitamins and Minerals is far, far more complete, with 20 elements in the amounts you need for $11.95. They sell worthless resveratrol for $48.75.  Their 60 X 100 mg CoQ10 is $52.33. Ours is $19.95. Their milk thistle is $39.33, ours is $5.95. Their un-refrigerated fish oil is $48.62. Our refrigerated flax oil is $6.95. Their worthless Skin Serum Activator face cream is $190, and full of useless herbal junk. Our Miraculous Cream is $19.95 and is literally the most effective in the world. Their Cardio Protection is $122, and full of policosanol and other junk.

Their worthless Testosterone Formula has no value whatsoever, and cost $65. It is full of junk like maca, muira purana, and horny goat weed!!! You can get real, legal testosterone on the Internet for $5 a month without a prescription for personal use. Read the article  You Don't Need an Rx. The worst of all is their Muscle Formula for $250 a box (that's not a misprint). It contains mere egg extract which they call Fortetropin!!! Pretty expensive eggs folks.

The real question here is where do they get all the morons to pay them extortionate amounts of money for the worst possible health advice?  They are very successful.

As P.T. Barnum said, "there's a sucker born every minute".








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