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Chorella and Spirulina are Useless -Roger Mason

If there is any supplement out there that can help make you healthier naturally and safely we’ll tell you about it. Your poor, old author goes over tens of thousands of abstract entries from Chemical Abstracts/SciFinder every year. If something has value we knew about it years ago and have a complete file on it. The fresh water algaes chorella and spirulina have been known and studied for a long time. The promoters have been pushing these for over 20 years now. In the last thirty years of international published research there are no valid studies to support any of this- there has simply not been any scientific validation of these. None. Nothing. Not even on laboratory animals.

Dr. Willix, for example, sends out promos on this crap. He actually sells his monthly newsletter. He tells us that, "Doctors, nutritionists and health experts around the world are raving about the remarkable ENERGIZING and DETOXIFYING qualities of chorella- possibly the most perfect food Mother Nature has to offer!" What a moron. The people who listen to him are bigger morons. This is ridiculous. In his advertising none of these doctors, nutritionists or health experts was named or quoted strangely enough. He goes on with claim after claim about energizing, detox-ifying, suppressing your appetite and giving you rejuvenating nutrients, etc. Of course not one single study is mentioned for any of these. This is typical of all the advocates of this crap.

How is taking fresh water algae going to detoxify you? How is it going to energize you? How are small amounts going to provide you with any realistic amounts of vitamins and minerals? What is in chorella anyway? What are the active ingredients that make this such a miracle? "Natures Perfect Food"? Really?  He is honest enough to say, "I know this sounds like a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo." Well, that puts it very well, certainly. “Mumbo jumbo”- right from his own mouth.

Yes, chorella and spirulina do contain meaningless amounts of some vitamins and minerals, but nothing beneficial at all. Usually you take about two 500 mg capsules, which is one gram of dry powder. Now compare that to a six ounce (180 gram) serving of any green or yellow vegetable. He also claims it is at least 50% protein. Well, if you take a gram a day you will get at least 500 mg (one half gram) of protein. A half gram of protein is totally  biologically insignificant when you consider we eat over 100 grams of protein a day on the average.

Even more misleading is that they say a "two month supply" is only $39.95. What is a "two month supply"? Do you take one capsule a day, two capsules, what? This is not honest at all. You can buy chorella and spirulina from many companies for less than ten dollars for the same amount. And that is a waste of $10. It’s fresh water algae after all. This is what's wrong with the natural food and supplement industry. Most of these people  do not practice natural health, and are simply interested in how they can talk you out of your money. Chorella and spirulina are simply more promotions of no substance. Please read my booklet The Supplements You Need at to see which ones that will really improve your health. Also the article Serious Supplement Program.

Chorella and spirulina are junk folks. Most food supplement companies sell one or both of these. They have been popular for decades. This whole industry is about criminals selling sh*t to morons.


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