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Don't Vaccinate Your Daughters -Roger Mason

Governor Perry in 2007 ordered that all sixth grade girls in Texas to get Gardasil® vaccine for cervical cancer. He completely bypassed the state legislature with an executive order. He didn’t care what the girls or their parents wanted. They would have to cough up $360 for each daughter. Gardisil® doesn’t work! It is a very dangerous vaccine that does not work, and has resulted in a number of deaths. This is marking Merck Pharmaceuticals rich. Former Merck employees have now come forward to admit it does not work, and has serious dangers. In 2009 the U.S. government tried to force everyone in America to get an H1N1 flu vaccine- for a flu that didn’t exist. New vaccines are appearing for uncommon diseases like whooping cough and shingles. This will only get worse in the future. The list will get longer, and more people will get forced, mandated vaccines or go to prison. Read Don’t Get Flu Vaccine.

School children in America must get a long list of multiple vaccinations they don’t need. This can include diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, flu, Hep-A, Hep-B, haemophilus, HPV (Gardasil®) meningitis, measles, mumps, rubella, pneumonia, and varicella (chicken-pox). You can avoid this by simply signing a religious exemption waiver. If you don’t think America is now a police state, then you’re not paying attention. Even the Russians, Cubans, and North Koreans don’t force vaccinations on their citizens.

Now they want boys to get Gardasil® vaccinations! This in insanity multiplied. Human papillmona virus (HPV) is only transmitted by sexual intercourse. If your daughter isn’t sleeping around, she has nothing to worry about. You cannot be infected with HPV unless you’re sexually active. In Australia all school girls and school boys are forced to get Gardasil® vaccinations. This is an international agenda promoted by the One World Order crowd. They give away free vaccinations to third world countries.

We have always stressed at Young Again not to get vaccinations for anything. The only exception here is smallpox, due to the political problems in the world. Ironically, smallpox (variola) vaccine is not available to the general public. If you think biowarfare is not a real threat to the U.S., please read Demon in the Freezer. The Russians sold many

tons of weapons grade smallpox to various countries years ago. Go to websites like to read the facts about vaccines. Be educated about this.No one brings up a very obvious point. Why is HPV only an epidemic in America? Why are female cancers (breast, uterine, cervical, ovarian) only epidemics in America? Is this

due to a lack of vaccine? A vaccine deficiency? Vaccines are useless here. Our high rates of all diseases is due to our unhealthy diets and lifestyles. We eat 42% saturated fats, 160 pounds of sugar a year, twice the protein we need, and twice the calories, 1% whole grains, and endless chemicals and preservatives. We are overfed and undernourished. We need better diets and lifestyles, not more vaccines.

Gardasil® doesn’t work folks. Merck Pharmaceuticals is trying to get every state in Amrerica to FORCE the daughters to get vaccinated against their will. You don’t protect yourself against cancer- or any other disease- with vaccines. You protect yourself with with healthy diet and lifestyle and strong immunity.

Children in public, private, and religious schools are now forced to get about a long list of vaccines in order to attend. Stupid brain dead parents willingly go along with this. In ad- dition, the children are drugged up on Ritalin and other amphetamine drugs. In many areas one in four children are drugged up. Look at the food your children are fed in public (i.e. government) schools. Do not let your children eat in the school cafeteria. Do not let them buy candy and soda pop in those machines. Pack their lunches every day. Read Supplements for Younger People in our free library, and give them the nutrition they need. Children need flax oil, acidophilus, All Your Minerals, All Your Vitamins, beta glucan, vitamin D (unless they’re in the sun regularly), vitamin E, FOS, and l-glutamine.

Yes, HPV is carried by at least half the women over 21 in America,but it doesn’t cause a problem unless their immune system is impaired. Having HPV by itself doesn’t cause cancer or anything else. Vaccines do not stop women from carrying it at all. Americans have the worst diet and worst health on earth due to our affluence ironically. We’re the richest country so we can afford the unhealthiest food. Why don’t people like Governor Perry make the government school system feed the children healthier foods? Why isn’t “our” government concentrated on real health, rather than endless vaccines for epidemics that don’t exist? We live in a police state folks. Soon we’ll have mandatory vaccines for more non-existent crises. Do not get any vaccines. Refuse any mandatory vaccines. Do not let your children get vaccinated for any reason. Realize that every single “crisis” in the last fifty years has been a total fraud, a complete hoax. Vaccines don’t work, and have serious side effects. Go to websites like and educate yourself.,

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