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Dr. Robert Willix-Roger Mason

Willix used to be a newsletter doctor, and would promise you the moon- he sold a Magic Cure for almost everything. It's always a Magic Supplement of some kind they're hawking, just like the snake oil salesmen of long ago. His book Age Proofing is pitiful. He hates whole grains and wants you to eat beef, pork, veal, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, eggs, milk, cheese, butter and other animal foods. You know, the foods that cause cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses. He says yogurt, “has a perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.” Read the Milk is Gonna Kill You article. Yogurt is about the worst food you can eat. He’s fat, in poor health himself, and looks like crap. Great role model there!

He got smart, and started running the Cenegenics® Institute in Boca Raton instead of sending out newsletters. Cenegenics® is a disgrace. They find stupid, sickly rich old fools who think they can throw money at their health issues. A doctor named Alan Mintz started this, but fell over dead at only 69 after having a stroke and other issues. Another great role model. You will pay at least $10,000 for their third rate program. You can do all this yourselfvery easily for a few hundred dollars and do it much, much better. Just readSeven Steps to Natural Health and my book Macrobiotics for Everyone. Their recommended diet is terrible. Their supplements next to worthless. They are clueless about hormones. They do not recommend regular fasting.


 He claimed to offer a "shot that destroys cancer". If any of you readers find a shot that destroys cancer, please call the New York Times and Washington Post, as they would sure like to know about it. He then goes on to discuss "easy chelation with EDTA". EDTA is a synthetic toxic food preservative injected into your body to “bind heavy metals”. Safe, natural inexpensive sodium alginate from seaweed (we sell Heavy Metal Magnet) is a much better choice obvi-ously.  Read the article Chelation is a Scam. He continues with the glories of homeopathic medicine in Europe- as if they are somehow way ahead of us in technology. Europe is 50 years behind us in everything. Read the article Homeopathy Hoax. Homeopathic “remedies” are worthless.  He then tells us that colostrum rejuvenates our entire immune systems. Colostrum is a substance in breast milk for babies. Commercial colostrum comes from cows and has no health benefits whatsoever. He tells us CMO, or cetyl myristoleate, will make you become "immune to arthritis". Read the article CMO is Worthless. He claims taking aspirin every day will reduce heart attacks by 55%. If you think aspirin is a health supplement you are too stupid to talk to. Then he tells us about an unnamed pain reliever that is stronger than morphine. The only pain reliever stronger than morphine is heroin (diacetyl morphine). He claims high cholesterol levels don't affect heart disease. Funny, all the major international studies including the famous Framingham, 17 Countries, and MRFIT studies say differently. He has 5 common amino acids will raise your human growth hormone levels. This is patently ridiculous. Only daily injections of real prescription growth hormone at $3,000 a year will do this. Now he tells us about a Magical Herb that restored potency in 50% of men. To learn about this miracle you have to subscribe to his newsletter and find out what it is. He goes on to tell us that maca root will make you sexually "frisky as a 30 year old".  Maca root is an inedible turnip used as cattle feed in Peru (read Maca is a Scam).  He sold hawthorn syrup as a Magic Cure for heart disease.


So here you have a doctor who claims he has a "shot that destroys cancer", tells you to inject a food preservative, homeopathy is wonderful, colostrum rejuvenates our immune system, CMO makes us "immune to arthritis", aspirin is a health supplement, has a pain reliever stronger than morphine, a cure for erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol levels don't affect heart disease, a cheap way to raise your growth hormone, a turnip will renew you sexually, and has other magical solutions to your health problems. Fly down to Boca Raton with a $10,000 check if you believe any of those things.

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