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Vegetarians are Unhealthy -Roger Mason

We used to go to the local Vegetarian Society potluck every month, even though we are not really vegetarians (we eat seafood). It soon became evident that most all "ethical vegetarians" are not doing this for health reasons at all. They bring white rice, white bread, sugared desserts, chocolate, and literally drink soda pop with their meal. These people are doing this for ethical, humanitarian, and compassionate reasons, rather than for better health. You'll find that every single vegan and vegetarian you talk to is a sugar addict. Every one of them. They rationalize this as eating "natural" sugars and sugar substitutes like stevia. Read the articles Sugar is Sugar, Sugar Subsitutes, and Splenda is Not Splendid. Let’s take a perfect example...

Linda McCartney, wife of Paul McCartney, was the epitome of ethical vegetarians and bad health habits. She was a stereotypical Jewish (Eastman) overachiever from Scarsdale, NY. She became a rock and celebrity groupie, and posed as a "photojournalist" (a fancy term for being unemployed)  to get access to The Rich and Famous. You have to give her credit though. A single, unemployed mother married one of the richest men in the world. She was a chronic pothead all her life (at Young Again we’re all for total drug legalization, but not for drug dependence), couldn't sing a note, and was tone deaf. Nevertheless, Paul made sure she was always on stage singing with his band Wings. She was an extreme leftist, and always promoted socialist, and Marxist  causes. Paul later married a one legged prostitute and porn star. What kind of drugs was he on anyway?

Being an avowed "vegetarian", she wrote three cookbooks, and sold a line of very high fat frozen "vegetarian" foods in England. Her Home Cooking book sold a quarter million copies, and misled many people as to what vegetarian diets and natural health really mean. She takes the typical unhealthy high fat, low fiber, high sugar, high calorie, low nutrient diet, and merely takes the red meat and poultry out. Period. That's it. She merely took out the red meat and poultry. Left the dairy, eggs and sugar in there. There is an old saying, "If you don't eat the Devil's meat, don't drink his broth." How can you be a vegetarian if you eat eggs, milk, and endless dairy products? Are eggs vegetables? Are milk and dairy products vegetables? Why call yourself a vegetarian if you eat animal products?

She died at the age of 56 of breast cancer caused her awful high fat and high sugar diet. Good riddance! The world is a better place without her. Like George Harrison, (read the George Harrison article), she ran to the most expensive specialists in the world to be butchered, poisoned, and irradiated until she glowed in the dark. So much for natural health. What a hypocrite!

Like many vegetarians, she used white rice, white flour, white bread, and white pasta instead of  whole grain products. She used endless amounts of sweeteners, aluminum based baking powder, eggs and egg yolks (read the article Eggs are Bad Food), coffee, chocolate, and cocoa. Most of all, she was obsessed with dairy products like milk, sour cream, goat cheese, cheddar cheese, yogurt, cream, and anything else full of indigestible and very allergenic lactose and dairy proteins. Milk and dairy are the number one allergenic food on the face of the earth. Read Milk will Kill You. She also loved hydrogenated margarine full of artery-clogging trans-fatty acids. She actually used trans-fats in her daily diet! You're starting to figure out why she died of cancer so young, aren't you? The worst tragedy in this is that Linda died and Yoko Ono is still alive. Such is life, and maybe we'll be rid of Yoko soon. The world will be a better place without both of them.


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