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Enemas Are Not a Health Practice -Roger Mason

It has been wisely said that our digestive system is the center of our health. Americans generally have weak, toxic, worn out  intestines from the food we eat and the lifestyles we lead. Read the article Good Health Begins with Good Digestion. 90% of our immunity comes from our digestive system. You will often hear so-called natural health practicioners advise irrigating your colon  with water, coffee, or some solution like soapy water. Some of these quacks actually advise coffee enemas! Regular or decaf? Kona or Blue Mountain? Cream and sugar? Latte or moccachino?

Folks, enemas are not a natural health practice. In fact, enemas are often a sexual fixation of the anus using "healthy colons" as a rationale. Such people confuse their organs of elimination with their organs of reproduction. Your large intestine is self-cleaning, and does not need to be irrigated". The fiber in your food naturally cleans your digestive system every day. Fiber comes from whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. You don't need fiber supplements. Read the article Colon Health to learn more.

The proponents of this nonsense will tell you that there are five to twenty pounds of toxic, mummified, caked-up, rotting, blackened, undigested fecal matter caught up in your intestines. They claim this will not come out except by enemas. This is scary, but simply not true. We can prove this inarguably in two different ways.  If you talk to coroners, who do autopsies on people of all ages, they will tell you they merely find partially digested food in the upper digestive tract, and normal fresh fecal matter in the lower tract (colon). Coroners will consistently tell you they never find "impacted matter" in the large or small intestine. If you talk to gastroenterologists- who do millions of colonoscopies every year in America alone- they will tell you the same thing. There is no such thing as "impacted matter" sticking to the colon walls. This is real world proof the whole enema story is ridiculous. Some proponents even suggest extended colonics which are hour long enemas where the colon is flushed up to thirty times. Colonics actually are harmful and wash away the healthy digestive flora. The same is true with women who douche too much.

Yes, our intestines are generally in bad shape in western society, but washing them out with enemas is hardly the answer. In fact, this will wash out the friendly digestive bacteria and make them worse. Like chelation, this is the Easy Way Out, since no one is asking you to change your diet, make better food choices, stop eating double bacon cheeseburgers, quit eating from the time you get up until you go to bed, cut down on the 42% calories we get from fats, knock off the 160 plus pounds of various sugars we have no need of at all, end the swilling of coffee, sodas and alcohol, or do anything else that smacks of self growth.

The first thing you can do is start eating two meals a day instead of three. Cut your fat intake  down to 10 to 20%. Eat lots of good whole grains, beans, and fresh green and yellow vegetables. They are easy to digest and full of fiber. Fiber is very important for intestinal health, yet Americans are very fiber deficient from their refined food diets. Fast one day a week on water from dinner to dinner. Join us at the end of every month for the Young Again International Two Day Fast (please see Will You Fast With Us? in the library). Take 6 billion units of a good brand of (refrigerated) acidophilus, take 750 mg of FOS, take one or more grams of L-glutamine every day. Cut down on the coffee, sodas, alcohol, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, and anything else that poisons your intestines. Cut them out completely if you can and you'll be blessed with great rewards of good health and a long life.

Many of these same enema advocates tell you to drink a gallon or more of water a day. This will hurt your health rather than help it. Drink only when thirsty. If you aren't thirsty, don't drink. You should only urinate about three times a day. If you are urinating more than this you are drinking too much liquid, and your kidneys are weakened.

Dick Gregory was a big proponent of enemas. He actually said we should have an enema every day! Poor Dick should have been put in an institution for his own good. This is the same man who drank his own urine ("urine therapy") as a health practice. No, I didn't make this up, and it is a matter of record. He is also the same moron who sold the ridiculous and overpriced Bahamian Diet supplement to the naive, gullible and unsuspecting. He was anything but an example of good health, and an embarrassment to black people. He got cancer years ago. How’s that for a poster boy for natural health?

Enemas are not a health practice. There is no impacted fecal matter in your colon. Enemas can remove the health digestive bacteria from your intestines. Don't rationalize this as a health practice. A healthy diet based on whole grains, beans and legumes, and green and yellow vegetables is the key to good health, not washing out your colon. The whole enema theory is ridiculous and scientifically disproven. Please read the Colon Health article.




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