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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


October Economic Rant -Roger Mason

The situation has worsened badly since the last rant. Silver and gold are up strongly. Every month the economic problems get worse in the U.S. The Fed lowering interest rates a half point was exactly the opposite of what they should have done. They should have RAISED interest rates. Please don’t think this helps anything, as lowering interest rates just makes things worse. Lower interest rates mean even more inflation and useless U.S. dollar. The U.S. dollar is totally hopeless. The true inflation rate is now about 14% as proven by the M3 money printing figures-how much counterfeit money the government prints every month. (M3 is no longer published, but is now secret so you won’t know how bad inflation is. It can be configured from other information though.) Hyperinflation is already here at 14%. Even if you could make a 14% annual profit on an investment you would still lose money after taxes! The Consumer Price Index is a Big Lie since it omits food and energy. Do you know anyone who doesn’t eat, doesn’t drive, or doesn’t heat and cool their house? Unemployment is much worse than the low statistics you’re told on stupidvision. The budget and trade deficit levels are also much worse than you read.

Northern Rock Bank wrote 1 in 11 mortgages in the U.K. and they went under. There were massive bank runs where people were desperately trying to take out 12 billion dollars. The government came in (with taxpayer money of course) to “save” a bank that gave mortgages to people who didn’t deserve them at all. We are going to see bank runs in this country. Take your money out of the bank except for the little you need to pay bills.  SILVER IS THE BEST INVESTMENT IN THE WORLD and has been for years.
Gold is second. Buy bullion and physically hold it. Buy quality silver stocks like Quaterra, Silverstone, Silver Wheaton, ECU, Endeavor, First Majestic, Excellon, Impact, Fury, and others. You can buy Central Fund of Canada (CFC) as they hold bullion. Do not under any circumstances own “paper silver” like the ETFs (electronic transfer funds) or allow someone to store your silver for you. You must physically possess any bullion. 100 ounce bars are (8 pounds) are a good buy. Silver will go to $100 within five years. Remember that $50 silver in 1982 (when plenty of silver was available) is now over $120 in todays inflated dollars. 90% of silver is by-product mining from lead, copper, gold, and other metals. There are only about two dozen real silver mines in the world and most of them are not worth owning. You do not want to own Pan American, Hecla, Industrias Penoles, Coeur d’Alene, Apex, and others. We are running out of silver, cannot do without it, and cannot replace it. Even the U.S. military and Mint have no silver. Half of the COMEX silver (the largest stockpile in the world) is owned by “hoarders” like your author. Most all silver is, in fact, owned by “hoaders” who are not going to let it go for a long, long time.

The stock market is a house of cards ready to fall. You can buy LEAP (long term options) puts (short sells) on the S&P if you like to gamble and use money you can afford to lose. Buy them one year out.

The U.S. dollar is history and you are going to see massive hyperinflation for years to come. The dollar is now worth 79 cents compared to a basket of six world currencies.

It used to be worth $1.45. You will see it fall to 40 cents in the next few years. The Canadian dollar is now worth more. Prices for everything you buy will double. No currency is worth owning including the Swiss Franc. The only real money is silver and gold (platinum is overpriced). There are no “good” currencies on earth.

If you don’t believe this will be the worst housing crash in world history please go to and look at the Dow Jones Real Estate Index and the Philadelphia Housing Index. Look at the NAHB Housing Index. All the major homebuilders such as Centex, Horton, Beazer, Hovnanian, Lennar, Toll, Standard Pacific, and KB Homes are hopeless. Look at their one year charts to prove this to yourself. Soon they will go bankrupt. There is a TEN MONTH supply of unsold homes and the builders keep building as fast as they can. The housing bubble collapse will take down the stock market.  That will, of course, take down the entire U.S. economy.

The standard of living in this country has been falling for a long time, but no one wants to admit it. You will keep seeing the American standard of living go to hell every month, and no one will be able to deny it anymore. None of the presidential candidates are worth anything except Ron Paul, the Libertarian candidate. The chances are we will have a lesbian, communist president in 2009 who will lead us down the Marxist Leninist path to hell. None so blind as those who will not see.

Put your money into silver bullion and silver stocks and HOLD them. Buy and hold. Be patient. Be right and sit tight. Just watch the ups and downs and know that every year silver will keep going up in price along with gold. Silver and gold are the only real money. Everything else is worthless paper “fiat” currency.
Go to five nights a week and spend a half hour reading the commentaries. Read people like Jim Willie and Mogambo Guru. You need to educate yourself and update your information every week. Also go to websites like
Folks, just remember that great events cast their shadows before them. Anyone who can see today clearly can also see what is going to happen tomorrow. If you really take a hard look at the facts you can easily see what is ahead of us. The writing is on the wall. The newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio are not going to tell you the facts. Quite the opposite; they will mislead you.

Thank God for the Internet! Every month a new economic rant.

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