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Late October Economic Rant -Roger Mason

The entire American economic system is collapsing by the day. If you can’t see that, you’re blind, and deserve what you get. The Much Greater Depression is about three years away, and

events are moving faster and faster all the time. This will make the Great Depression of 1929 look like a picnic. We will never recover from this one. We will end up a third world banana republic without the bananas. This latest $700 billion bailout fraud was at YOUR expense, YOU paid the bill. Taxpayer cash for Wall Street trash. Just remember those six words and you will understand the whole situation. The bailout has already hurt our country badly, and more bailouts are coming. You never reward incompetence with assistance in a free market. Always remember the government doesn’t solve problems; the government IS the problem!

We told you McCain is the NeoCon choice and the ideal puppet for the One Worlders. Bush on steroids. He is, but strangely he is way behind Marxist Hussein Obama. For the first time in 232 years America will choose an openly Marxist president. We were wrong! Unless a miracle occurs, you will see Obama elected in three weeks. This is the end of America folks. It doesn’t matter whether Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum is elected- there is only one Republicrat party in this country. Please vote with your heart, and vote for Constitutionalist Chuck Baldwin or Libertarian Bob Barr. Don’t waste your vote on the lesser of two evils. Anytime you vote for evil you not only waste your vote, but actually and literally support evil. Don’t support evil! As this country continues to fall apart into a far left, socialist, welfare, police state you can at least say, “It’s not my fault!”

Take your money out of the banks. Empty your safe deposit boxes. Sell your CDs, money market funds, savings accounts, or anything else of the kind. Keep your checking and business

accounts to a bare minimum. No, you can’t even keep much cash under your mattress, as real inflation is up to about 18% now, and getting worse by the day. You do need to keep cash in your home now. Jim Cramer warned the ATM machines would shut down on the Steve Colbert Report. Will your bank take a “bank holiday”? If you bank goes under your credit card won’t work either. We are now undergoing a huge silent bank run the likes of which the world has never seen. There are about 8,000 banks in this country, and you will see at least a thousand of them go under. That’s right, you’re going to see banks collapse like dominoes. Why? They all gave mortgages to morons who couldn’t afford a house. Thank Clinton for starting that, and Bush for continuing it. If you can understand one simple fact, you will understand we are right around the corner from the Much Greater Depression: The real National Debt is not  merely $10 trillion, but actually $100 trillion. What does “$100 trillion” mean? It means that each man, woman and child owes $333,000. A family of three owes $1 million. (In the last rant a zero was mistakenly added to make this $3 million. Sorry.) This is too insane to even comprehend. All debts get paid, either by the debtor or the debtee. All debts get paid. You will pay for this as well, as will your children, your grandchildren, and their children on down the line.

Yes, our coming attack on Iran is still the most important event we face, but this has been put on the back burner temporarily due to the severe economic crisis.

Martial law is coming. This is worse than you can imagine. Bush’s Executive Orders allow him to declare martial law for any reason, or no good reason at all. Don’t you remember his statement on national TV where he said, “This would be much easier if this was a dictartorship, and I was the dictator of course.” That was not humor folks. Martial law is coming. Meanwhile, obey all the laws all the time. We have more people locked up per population than any other country in the world. We make Russia, China, Cuba, and North Korea look like free countries. We have exten-sive detention camps in place for those who don’t toe the line. That’s a fact; FEMA has an an immense complex of detention camps all over the country, and can’t wait to fill them. Don’t be one of the inmates. 

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Look at the above silver chart. Silver has been in a strong bull market since 2002. This dramatic drop from $21.00 to $10.50, and now to $10.17 was only a strong correction. Look for $25 silver by Christmas. The COMEX is ready to default. Just remember the official spot price is now an illusion. The REAL price of silver is a $4 to $5 premium over spot. We’re out of silver for investors. In the history of the world we have never run out of silver. In the history of the world there has never been a two tier silver price. We now have a fake price and a real price. The real price is what you actually pay. The few 1,000 oz (70 pound) bars are still available at spot, but these are quickly disappearing. The current gold to silver ratio is about 83 to 1, but is returning to the historical ratio of about 15 to 1 (e.g. $3,000 gold and $200 silver). Silver will vastly outper-form gold. Silver will vastly outperform every investment on the face of the earth. This is the best place to put your money.

The U.S. Constitution defines money as gold and silver, and nothing else. Keep remembering that gold and silver have been the only real money for thousands of years now, since they were first taken out of the earth. The only real money is silver and gold.

A friend just asked me, “Roger, why don’t I just buy the darned silver bars and coins and pay the $4 premium?” He was right. If you have a dealer  who will sell you 100 oz bars for, say, $1,600 when the fake spot price is $12, go ahead and buy them. If you have the money, just bite the bullet and buy a 1,000 oz bar for  $12,500 ($12 spot). If not, pay the $4 premium and buy 100 oz bars. Buy one ounce coins if you don’t have much money. Who will care when silver is $200 an ounce? A premium of a few dollars is still a tremendous bargain.

You can only get silver from silver mines. The prices of gold and silver mines are down very much. This makes them wonderful bargains. There are only about 50 real silver mines in the entire world. Most of these are not worth investing in for various reasons, regardless of how popular they are. The most reliable are Quaterra (QTA), Silverstone (SST), First Majestic (FR), ECU Silver (ECU), Impact (IPT), U.S. Silver (USA), Endeavor (EXK), and Genco (GGC). All of these are Canadian except Endeavor. Please buy a basket of these eight stocks.  Ideally you want a combination of silver bullion and silver stocks. This is no longer possible unless you are wiilling to buy 1,000 oz bars or pay the premium. The only other alternative is Central Fund of Canada (CEF on the AMEX). We do  not own this. CEF owns real gold and silver bullion unlike the ETFs and other paper silver companies. Never own the paper silver ETFs.

There is nothing else to invest in. This is what you have to be clear about. Go ahead, try and name one single thing. Platinum is overpriced, and not real money. Oil is political, and can and will do anything. You can’t store uranium. No currency on earth has any backing (the Swiss are down to a mere 1000 tons of gold, and Ft. Knox was emptied decades ago.) The banks are all broke. All the international stock markets will crash together. You have no choice; there is nothing else to invest in but silver and gold. Now gold is getting hard to find. When you can find gold coins there is a heavy premium on them. 95% of the gold ever mined is still in existence, but now it is scarce. 95% of the silver ever mined is gone, used, never to be seen again.

Senile in Omaha Buffet goes broker by the day. He just threw away $5 billion with bankrupt Goldman Sachs Bank, and another $3 billion with going bankrupt General Electric. His infamous Berkshire Hathway stock collapses by the day, is loaded with toxic derivatives, and has some of the worst companies you can imagine in the portfolio. If the richest man in the world is going broke, what can you do? You can put your money into silver and gold while you watch the old fool go broke. If he wasn’t senile he would have bought up entire silver and gold mines. Mean-while the media trots him out daily to lie to everyone and support the establishment. He’s on the editorial board of the Washington Post, by the way. Sold his soul to the Devil.

We told you over a year ago the stock market couldn’t hold 14,000, 13,000, 12,000, 11,000, 10,000, or even 9,000. It is now down at the 8,400 level and looking really bad. It is going to trade at 5,000. One ounce of gold will equal the Dow Jones. Yes, it will, and yes, it did. In 1982 the Dow was 850 and gold was 850. You will see $5,000 gold and a 5,000 Dow in the next few years. Just one year ago the DJI was over 14,000, but closed today about 8,500. That isn’t “just” a loss of one third. Adjusted for real inflation, it is a loss of half your life savings in one year! Half your entire savings in a year. The stock market- like everything else- must rise at about 16% a year just to break even. After capital gains taxes you would still lose badly.

More major companies going under…Safeway Foods, Tiffany Jewelers, Disney, Apple, Tuesday Morning, Wynn Hotels, Sirius/XM Radio, Amazon, Nintendo, Harley Davidson, Charter Communications, Circuit City, American Express, and Gatehouse Newspaper chain. You’ll see more, and longer, lists of famous companies go under every month now.

We’re going to say this again. The median U.S. housing price (now $203,000) is going to fall to about $133,000 in the next three years. Silver is going to $200 an ounce. You will be able to buy the average American home for 650 ounces of silver. That’s right, just 650 ounces of silver will put you in the average house here in a few years. When I was a kid you could go to any bank and get a nice silver dollar for a paper dollar. My, how things are changing. $650 for a $133,000 home? That used to be a $300,000 home in 2005. The housing crash has about three years to go, and should bottom in 2011. You’ll get the house of your choice for a quarter on the dollar. Just imagine that $2 million mansion you liked in 2005 will be about $500,000. A quarter on the dollar.

We have to discuss the energy crisis scam again. There is no global warming, and never has been. We have over 200 years of oil right here in the U.S. We have 200 years of natural gas right here in the U.S. This is not just Alaskan oil, but HUGE proven oil reserves in the Dakotas and other areas like the Bakken Oil Field. We have 1,000 years of coal right here in the U.S. Coal can be made into clear fuel by the SASOL process for $2 a gallon TODAY. We could have $2 a gallon coal gasoline today. We have an endless supply of uranium for electricity. Ethanol is a scam. Windmills are a scam. Solar power is a scam. Hybrid cars are a scam.  Fuel cells are prob- ably fifty years away. All the morons who tout windmills, Prius cars, and solar never mention the batteries. The cost of the batteries make all this completely impractical, and there is no way we will have effective batteries for the next 50 years. We have made almost no progress in the last fifty years on fuel cells. There is no energy crisis, and never has been. It is the GOVERNMENT that causes energy shortages. There would be plenty of energy of all kinds if the government didn’t prevent them. We get over 70% of our oil from foreign sources, but we don’t need ANY foreign oil at all. The internal combustion engine has to go, as it is 20% efficient and 80% wasteful. That cannot be changed. We do need internal combustion engines for all aircraft however.

We’ve told you there are over one quadrillion dollars in neutron bomb derivatives. Would you like to know who holds the most?  J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wachovia, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Bank of N.Y., State Street, Suntrust, and PNC. These are the top ten. Look for these banks to fall first. Goldman Sachs is surprisingly absent here. That’s Paulson’s personal bank that he used to run and is still intimately involved with.

Barrack Hussein Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen and cannot be President. The Constitution requires the President be a natural born citizen. He was born in Kenya. He refuses to produce a birth certificate, school records, or medical records. There is no doubt he was born in Kenya, so he  cannot legally be President. A lawsuit is pending against him. Do we live in a great country or what? When the Constitution is trampled on there is nothing left. The courts are well aware he is not a natural born citizen, but will refuse to deal with the issue.

The fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto is, “Centralization of credit in the hands of the State by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.” This is exactly what we’re doing right now. The Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) is nationalizing our entire banking system. They won’t stop there; the entire stock markets will be nationalized as well. We warned you about the new Amero currency. The Denver mint is already making Ameros! That’s right, the Amero is already being produced and there are photos on the Internet. This isn’t some paranoid right wing fantasy. Just google “Amero” and you’ll be overwhelmed with facts. The U.S. dollar is useless and M3 (money counterfeiting) is now about 18% and rising. The printing presses run 24/7 now. Where do you think that $700 billion came from? It’s counterfeit money. Inflation is theft. Inflation is stealing from the citizen. The dollar will be repudiated and the Amero will replace it. What will happen to silver and gold? They’ll go to Mars of course because they are the only real money. Gold may well be confiscated again as it was before. The only reason to own gold is to legally take it out of the country as insurance.

Go to at least once a week and read the Contributed Commemtaries. Spend an hour a night keeping up on what is really happening. CNBC, CNN, and the rest of the media sure aren’t going to tell you.

Move out of the city. Put gasoline in storage and cycle it every six months. Put cash away.

Put food away, especially ones like brown rice and dried beans, not overpriced freeze dried foods. Have guns and ammunition for self defense. Expect riots in the inner cities when they don’t get their government checks. Plan on martial law. Get out of all traditional investments.

Change your 401k/IRA to silver stocks or dump it and take the 40% tax bite. Be independent as much as possible. Buy all the silver and silver stocks you can, especially at these fire sale prices. The Much Greater Depression is around the corner, and every day will get worse. Inflation will worsen and all currencies will lose value. There is no where to go. America was the last bastion of freedom on earth. Now the whole planet is just a big socialist one world prison.

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