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Late October Economic Rant -Roger Mason


The Big Threat is still the made up war on Iran. The American public is against the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, and any future wars in Pakistan, Iran, Syria or anywhere else. Congress could care less what the people want. For almost two years now we’ve been warning about the increasing wars and an attack on Iran. Let’s repeat that there was never a “secret” nuclear facility in Iran. Iran told the U.N. authorities it had an energy facility that produces useless 5% enriched uranium. This was anything but a “secret”. 5% uranium is totally and completely useless for anything but making electricity. There was no secret facility in any way, shape, or form. Just one big media lie. Iran is a bastion of freedom compared to America. Iran only has one quarter of the prisoners per population we do. That’s right, they only lock up ONE QUARTER of the people we do. We imprison FOUR TIMES as many people as Iran. Who is a police state, and who is a bastion of freedom in comparison?  Iran signed the non-proliferation treaty, has no nuclear weapons, and has been inspected by international UN personnel repeatedly. Israel has never signed the treaty, never had one single inspection, and has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Mideast. Israel hates Iran, and wants the U.S. to fight their war for them. Why should we? Why should we fight anyone’s war? Why should American troops die for Israel or any other country? We need to stop attacking other countries and bring our troops home. We need to close every military base not on U.S. soil, and bring every solider home. We have no business putting one single soldier on foreign soil anywhere. The draft is coming folks. Your son or daughter is going to be sent to the Mideast for more false wars of aggression. We’re out of soldiers, and McChrystal wants a half million more troops. A half million.

What will happen when (not if) America attacks Iran? Remember these are not passive Arabs; these are Persians, and they are not going to tolerate this kind of arrogance. The media wants you to believe U.S. and Israel will attack Iran and that will be the end of it. That’s a Disneyland fantasy. These are some of the things that could happen: First of all, they will mine the Strait of Hormuz and cut off the world’s oil.  The whole world is on the edge of a depression anyway, and this will put everyone over the edge. Trucks won’t have diesel fuel, so the stores will be empty. “America moves by truck,” is absolutely true. People will have no gasoline and won’t be able to get to work. Iran, Lebanon, and Syria will bomb Israel with everything they have, including biological weapons. They may well get help from other countries like Libya. Remember, the Russians sold off their entire stock of biological weapons years ago. This includes massive amounts of smallpox spores loaded on airburst missiles. Israel could retaliate with nuclear weapons, and irradiate the entire Mid-east, as well as SE/SW Asia with fallout. Don’t think the Iranians will leave us alone. We will get hit with bio-weapons, and that would include smallpox. The entire Mideast could end up a nuclear wasteland, and radiation spread everywhere above (not below) the Equator. On October 12 a huge military preparation called Juniper Cobra started with U.S. and Israeli troops in preparation for the Iranian attack. This is not some exercise. The disaster is just coming closer and closer every day.

While we’re talking about smallpox, have you noticed the media refuses to even mention this? Even stranger, you cannot get a smallpox vaccination for love nor money anywhere on earth. This includes the famous Pasteur Institutes in Bangkok and Paris. “Your” government is trying to shove swine flu vaccine down your throat when there is no threat of swine flu whatsoever- and won’t be one. Yet, you cannot get a smallpox vacation anywhere on earth. While vaccinations are certainly a very bad idea, it is vital to get a smallpox vaccination for POLITICAL reasons. Smallpox is the most effective, most powerful, most devastating bio-weapon on earth and very cheap. Again, the Russians sold off their entire stock.                 

Health workers around the world are refusing to get swine flu shots. Half of American

health workers have flatly refused, even after being threatened with loss of their jobs. The refusal rate for doctors and nurses is a full 70%. Isn’t that interesting? The people who know the most about this are the ones who won’t get one. Their very jobs are being threatened if they refuse. This is resulting in boycotts, bad relations, and endless problems. The majority of the government National Health Service in England is refusing the vaccine. They know there is no threat of swine or any other flu. Nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and others are well aware of the dangers of this untested, unproven, and very dangerous and mysterious vaccine. This takes a series of three shots, by the way.  Do not get a vaccine under any circumstances, and do not allow your children to be vaccinated. Soon your children won’t be allowed to attend public (i.e. government) schools until they do. Oklahoma, Pennsylvania (HB 492), and New York just joined Massachusetts in passing laws for mandatory vaccines and quarantine. There will be violent reactions if they actually try to do this, very violent. The authorities are going to have to give up on mandatory vaccine and quarantine after enough blood flows in the streets. Blood will flow when they deputize citizen health workers, and declare martial law for a PROBLEM THAT DOESN’T EXIST. There is no swine flu threat anywhere in the world. It’s another hoax, like bird flu and all the other flu hoaxes before that. Since over 90% of the population is so stupid and clueless to stand in line for their “free” vaccination, why bother with the others who will resist, and many of them resist violently? More and more countries like Greece, Germany, and Belgium are racing to pass mandatory vaccine laws. Rauni Kilde is the retired Chief Medical Officer for Finland. She came out and said this is a hoax, and the agenda is population control. What else can it be? Sure, that sounds extreme, but what other reason could there be for forcing people with guns and prison to get a vaccination? What other reason? Yes, the deputized personnel will be armed, will have the military to help them They will lock you up for refusing.  Yes, soldiers will be at your door with AR-15s. Your children will be forced to get the shots while you’re in prison. Soon other states are going to pass mandatory laws. This is the most sinister, most evil thing the U.S. has ever done, and population control is the only possible motive here. Name another one if you don’t believe that.

Most parents are dumb as rocks when it comes to vaccinations, as they think the sun rises and sets on medical doctors. However, 40% of parents in an Associated Press poll do not want their children to get the swine flu vaccine. This is rather amazing. How is the government going to force tens of millions of parents at gunpoint to do this?

Unemployment continues to rise and will keep rising. The unemployment statistics are twisted and spun so badly it is laughable. We now have 21% true unemployment and not a mere 10%. This is going to 30% and could get worse. Right now you can still get a few minimum wage burger flipping and car wash jobs, but this won’t last long. Soon you are going to see two, or even three families living in the same house. You are going to see one person support several people because only one person in a family will even have a job. Even professionals like doctors, dentists, lawyers, and accountants are getting hit hard. 35 million people are on Food Stamps. Is this a great country or what? 35 million people can’t even eat without government help. That’s beyond pitiful. In most Third World basket cases the people can at least eat without the government buying their food. Unemployment benefits are by the state, and the states are mostly all broke and cannot continue to hand out unemployment checks. Soon states (like California) are going to stop handing out unemployment checks altogether, and all hell is going to break loose. When people are cold and hungry they get really desperate and will do anything. Not most anything, but anything to eat and keep warm. We have the highest unemployment in 25 years, and it is going to get worse and worse and worse every month.

9/11 was an inside job. It was staged to promote the war on Iraq. A Zogby poll said 70 million U.S. adults want a full investigation into 9/11 because they know it stinks. Just

Google “9/11 hoax” and you’ll get more FACTS that you can handle. Facts, not mere opinions or conjecture. Al Quiada is an invention of the media and doesn’t exist. Bin Laden died years ago. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 anyway.  Anyone who thinks a few men with box cutters took down entire airplanes is brain dead. Anyone who thinks an airliner crashed into the Pentagon is just as brain dead. Soon, there will be another staged terrorist attack, only much worse. This will be an excuse to declare martial law. You are not going to like martial law folks. You will have no rights whatsoever- none, zero, nada. When those soldiers show up at your house you’re not going to be happy at all. Cuba and Haiti will start to look good. House Bill HR645 (sponsored by Democrat Steve Cohen) will authorize even More FEMA camps. There are supposed to be over 800 of them already. This is called the “National Emergency Centers Establishment Act.” How about calling it the Civilian Concentration Camp Act?

Did you know about the domestic terrorist list? Over one million Americans are now on the terrorist list. Bureaucrats add your name for any reason, or no reason at all. Then you lose your rights to fly, rights to own a gun, and all kinds of rights. There is no real appeal. You don’t even know you’re on there until you try and board an airplane. There is a lot of confusion as to which “Robert Smith” is the correct Robert Smith on the list. Children, for example, have been refused boarding on aircraft because their name was on the terrorist list. We should not have a terrorist list where bureaucrats choose to add you for any reason or no reason at all. Your Constitutional rights should never be denied willy nilly like this with procedures, no court hearing, no appeal, no reason, no anything. Don’t you get tired of being harassed at airports for no reason at all? Don’t you get tired of going thru metal detect-ors, showing identification, not being allowed to take a bottle of water, having to put your (small) tube of toothpaste is a special bag, taking your shoes off, having your bags x-rayed, being questioned, and getting those “special inspections”? Soon TSA will (this was on Fox News) will take your temperature with an infrared thermometer (thermogram) and quarantine you if you have a temperature. That’s a fact folks. There is no reason at all for any of this. None whatsoever. It’s all about creating a police state and making a serf out of you with no rights. You are being conditioned for the government to micromanage your life.

The dollar is worthless. It is now 76 cents in the basket of international currencies, when it was $1.24 in 2001. It will go to 50 cents and maybe lower. It is no longer the world reserve or the petro currency. The rest of the world is sick of the falling dollar and the Fed printing Monopoly Money 24/7. All the countries are rejecting the dollar. Japan’s new Hotoyama regime is tired of the U.S., tired of the dollar, and is going to throw out all the US troops. Remember they are the second largest economy in the world. We can no longer sell Treasury Bills and bonds to the rest of the world, as they’re worthless. Almost 100 banks have already failed this year alone in America. Soon it will be 1,000 banks, and then who knows how many will close? We are going to have a bank holiday anytime. No one knows when. One morning you’ll wake up and have no savings account, no checking account, no debit card, no credit card, and no ATM access. Won’t that be fun? Take your money out of the bank, and buy “junk” silver coins made of real 90% silver. Sell any regular stocks you have. Close out any money market, certificates of deposit, bonds, or other kinds of investments Dump your IRA or 401k and pay any penalty. Put it all into silver bullion. There is an argument for silver bullion only with no silver stocks, instead of 50/50. This will be far, far worse than the Great Depression 80 years ago. That will look like a picnic compared to what’s coming. Take your money out of the banks except for a small checking account. Keep junk silver coins rather than Monopoly Money.

We were on the gold and silver standard for almost 200 years, until Nixon took us off in 1971. Since then the U.S. dollar is worthless paper backed by nothing. At least you can make good use out of toilet paper, but not U.S. Dollars. President Mitterand of France said we face a, “planetary Weimar” in the form of hyper-inflation like 1922. HYPERINFLATION is your future. The only way to protect yourself is put all your money into silver or gold. Silver is four times better than gold. Silver will go back to the 15 to 1 historical, traditional ratio or even better. It is now about 60 to 1. Silver is the best investment on earth by far and will continue to be for years to come.

Did you know the British Empire only comprised 0.5% (1/200th) of the earth’s land area? They controlled 20% of the earth’s surface, and 25% of the world population. India and China still hate Britain for what they did to them. Now it is just a socialist backwater with more people on the dole than not. The American empire is in the exact same situation. We are done after 232 years, finished, through. All empires fail in the end; history proves that conclusively. Americans freely chose an openly Marxist president. The majority of voters wanted Marxism over freedom and prosperity. They chose enslavement and poverty over freedom and prosperity. Figure that one out.

The silver and gold situation is not over. We sent out the first and only Emergency Rant on September 8 to warn about a correction. We got a mere $2 correction in silver. The Big Banks (commercials) are still massively short both silver and gold. They are going to try to crash the price so they can get out of their short positions. Yes, silver and gold may keep going up after a 3 month rise, but history tells us there is going to be a correction. In 1980 gold went to $850. Adjusted for inflation that is about $23,000 today. Silver went to $50, which is about $135 adjusted for inflation today. Please remember those two figures- $23,000 and $135. Today we should have $2,300 gold and $135 silver. Gold is going to $5,000 and silver to $200, and that could be a lot better.

You should have at least six 5 gallon containers of gasoline. You can get by on 5 gallons a week (100 miles) if you have to. You need a 90 day supply of food, water, and necessities of all kinds. This is very easy to do with a 25 pound bag of (organic) brown rice and several five pound bags of various dried beans. If you live in an apartment then move. If you live in the city then move. All over the country there are millions of empty homes you can rent cheaply. The banks should go into the rental business with all the wasted empty houses. They can’t sell them. People in the countryside can do quite well in a disaster or a depress-ion, while people in a city cannot. The Boy Scouts have a motto that is almost 100 years old- BE PREPARED. That’s a very good motto to have. Be prepared. Things are far, far worse than you know and you certainly aren’t going to hear about the real situation on CNBC Comedy Channel, or CNN Comedy News.

The Health Care Bill will be watered down a little and then passed. This bill alone will wreck the economy totally. Health care is one sixth of the economy, but should be only

a few per cent if people didn’t live such unhealthy lifestyles. Government health care has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. This will fail like the Post Office,

FDIC, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, Medicare, Medicaidk and every other socialist, government, Marxist “get something for nothing” boondoggle.

This Christmas will be the worst in 80 years. Christmas sales last year were so horrible the media refused to publish the actual number. After Christmas 2010 will be the worst year since the Great Depression. Both residential and commercial real estate will keep falling, more people will lose their homes, unemployment will keep rising, more soldiers will be sent to the Mideast to be killed for nothing, hyperinflation will rob you of every dollar you have, stores will keep closing, banks will keep failing, and the standard of living will keep falling and falling and falling. The only thing that will end these insane wars of aggression is when we run out of money and can’t buy bullets. There is nowhere to go. We now live on one big Prison Planet. There is no escape from this. Religious fanatics who tell us these are End Times now sound pretty rational.



Buy silver. Lean towards physical bullion and keep it yourself. Good silver stocks include

ECU (ECU), Endeavor (EXK), Impact (IPT), Great Panther (GPR), U.S. Silver ( USA) and First Majestic (FR). All are Canadian except Endeavor. There are only about 50 actual silver stocks in the whole world and only about 10 are worth owning. Do not buy ETFs as they have no silver. Do not let anyone store your silver for you. www.silverseek.com

(Jason Hommel) is a good place to buy bullion if you can’t find a local coin shop with good prices. Compare prices before you buy.

Folks, you can see tomorrow if you just open your eyes and take a close look at today.

Just look at everything around you and you can see the Much Greater Depression is around the corner. You can see the worst is yet to come and not “behind us.” There is no hope whatsoever of any kind of recovery. The American Empire is finished like all empires on this earth in the last 5,000 years of history. All empires fail and now the

American Empire has failed.



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