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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late October 2012 Economic Rant - Roger Mason

"Democracy is a form of religion, it is the worship of jackals by jack asses." H.L. Mencken

Historically presidents only issue a small handful of Executive Orders. Bush went completely overboard and issued 62 or them. Obama, though, went completely psychoticand issued 923 so far, and is still going!!! These 900 plus orders are all totalitarian police state federal laws that steal your freedom and lower your standard of living. None of us have an idea in hell what they are and how they affect us.

ONLY ISRAEL HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS. Here is a chart of the 19 Mideast countries showing nuclear proliferation. You can tell Iran is no threat to world peace along with 17 other countries. Israel has never joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has never had an inspection, and has a huge arsenal of nuclear weapons the American taxpayer paid for. Iran is a member and has regular inspections. Israel is a Marxist paradise with no constitution, not a "democracy". Iran has a constitution. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said any attack on Iran would be an unmitigated disaster. "The results of an American or Israeli military strike on Iran could, in my view, prove catastrophic, haunting us for generations in that part of the world."


Here are the numerous- over 40- American military bases surrounding Iran- all at YOUR expense. We should not have one soldier outside of the U.S. much less any military bases.

Folks, the real unemployment number is at least 30%. This is worse than the Great Depression when it was "only" 25%. The unemployment numbers are ridiculous. Anyone who believes them is deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid. Now Obama is bragging that unemployment is "under 8%" and "the lowest since he took office." Every newspaper in America had the same headline "Unemployment Lowest in Four Years". What a lie. Unemployment is going to at least 40% in the next 2 or 3 years- OR LESS. Do you see the fast food restaurants hiring anymore? Do you see "help wanted" signs anywhere in town? Do you see any help wanted ads in the newspaper anymore? Half of college graduates cannot find a job now. And many of them have advanced degrees. The lucky graduates work as waiters and waitresses.

Folks, let's be clear about something...the National Debt is about $160 trillion dollars, not $16 trillion. It is at least TEN times the official figure. Remember the total GNP of the U.S. is about $14 trillion. This means every man, woman, child, and baby in America owe about a half million dollars. All debts get paid every time by either the buyer or the seller. There is no such thing as an "unpaid debt". That's absurd. We are going to have the greatest depression in world history. 312 million people obviously cannot pay a half million dollars each. You are going to see the greatest depression in history, Weimar-style hyperinflation, riots in the streets, mass starvation, martial law, the end of elections, and all kinds of fun things very soon. Yes, this is End Times for America and the world.

Vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian, in November. Don't vote for what you hope and pray is the lesser evil.

Here is Michele being dragged out of the White House on January 1


"NO! This is RACIST! I want my free vacations and my lobster dinners and the rest of my free stuff! I'm entitled!!!!!!"

Soon 30,000 heavily armed drones with serious high resolution cameras and night vision

are going to be flying over America 24/7. These drones have the ability to kill you or blow your entire house up. Of course, you, the taxpayer, will pay for these. Law enforcement agencies all over the country are buying them like hotcakes. No matter where you go, a drone will be able to find you, track you, follow you, and kill you. Ain't America wonderful folks? The only country in the world with domestic drones. And you think this isn't End Times? Then you're hopeless. Start paying attention.

Here is Iran's Adjadminestad meeting in NYC with Orthodox Jewish leaders. They met on Holy Days Yom Kippur in September. He never said, "Israel will be wiped off the map." He said, "Zionism will be wiped off the map." Orthodox Jews, observant Jews, sincere Jews want nothing to do with Zionism. Zionism is not based on Torah, Jewish tradition, or Jewish history at all. Remember Iran has the second largest Jewish population in the Mideast after Israel itself. The Iranian Jews are very happy in Iran. Any attack on Iran is going to kill them as well. No good Jew would ever want to hurt a fellow Jew for a false war of aggression to advance Zionism. Many Zionists are GENTILES like

Biden, the Clintons, Romney, and countless others. Judaism does not equal Zionism.

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008. “I just care that we get to keep running them.” Folks, this is a Jewish columnist in a Jewish owned newspaper telling the truth. The Jews own the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street and Congress. It's not a secret.

We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

On September 17, the New York Post quoted Henry Kissinger saying:

"In 10 years, there will be no more Israel. I repeat: In 10 years, there will be no more Israel." Folks, your poor old author simply cannot comprehend this. Kissinger has been one of the most powerful and influential UNELECTED zionists in the world since Nixon was around 40 years ago. What does he mean? Well, he means Israel won't exist in 10 years. Why would the N.Y. Post print this? Someone with more wisdom will have to explain all this.

We already have black boxes in all new cars. This allows you to be followed and tracked 24/7. Anyone with a cell phone can be followed and tracked all the time- even when the phone is turned off! You must remove your battery to stop this. More and more we are seeing cameras on every street corner, on highways, and in every single store we shop in. It is going to end up with RFID chips in every single person to monitor us. Think this is an exaggeration? Well, in San Antonio, TX high school students are being forced to wear a photo ID with an RFID chip. They can be tracked all day everywhere they go. What is the point? Why put armed police officers in every government ("public") school? If you can't afford to put your children in private or religious schools then don't have any.

Zionist Henry of the Peoples Republic of California doesn't want you to have a gun. He doesn't want you to have any rights either. He doesn't care about the Constitution or Bill of Rights. He wants to take your guns away so you'll be slaves to the gummint. Slaves can't own guns of course, only FREE people can own guns. Henry doesn't like freedom.

There are gasoline shortages in California and the price is about $6 a gallon. All due to government interference. There is plenty of oil in America, and almost endless oil right in California. This is a government problem, not an energy shortage. As goes California, so goes the nation. The Peoples Republic of California is a socialist welfare disaster full of illegal aliens. They have been completely bankrupt for years. Now Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is running the show after Arnold the Adulternator left in disgrace. America is also a bankrupt socialist welfare disaster full of illegal aliens. WATCH CALIFORNIA to see what will happen to America. We can only hope and pray an earthquake will put the entire state in the ocean and drown everyone there.

On September 8 Mossad agents launched a massive "denial of service" cyber attack on the computers of the biggest Americans banks. This was blamed on Iran of course. This is another false flag (blame another country) scam to both censor/control/shut down the Internet and attack Iran. The cyberwar was mostly blocked, but did result in several hours of no online banking for millions of people. This is very minor compared to the serious false flag attacks that are coming so we can attack Iran. 9/11 is going to look mild by comparison. Remember Iran has the second largest Jewish community in the Mideast next to Israel itself. The Jewish people in Iran are very happy, have complete freedom, and would leave for Israel if they weren't happy. Our own CIA said Iran has no nuclear weapons, nor the capability to make any. China and Russia have both promised to join together to protect Iran. Many other countries would join them. Folks, that would be the start of World War III, and we would be annihilated- as would Israel. Maybe that is what Henry Kissinger is talking about.


Yes, the Whore of Babylon is still dying of cancer. That is why she isn't running for President or Vice President. That is why she said she will step down in 2013 no matter who wins the election.

Look at this 50 year chart of housing prices in GOLD. The same thing basically is true with silver as well. You could pay 100 ounces of gold or 850 ounces of gold depending on when you bought your house. Well, within five years you will be able to buy the median American home for a mere 20 ounces of gold. Yes, you can buy 20 ounces of gold today for $34,000. You will be able to buy that same house for only 250 ounces of silver however. That will cost you about $8,000. How about a nice mansion for 500 ounces of silver at $16,000? Silver is four times better than gold. Housing is going to hell (along with commercial real estate) and the dollar will be worthless. Remember there is no gold in Ft. Knox and hasn't been in 50 years. Silver is the best investment on earth and has been for almost 20 years now.

This is a six year food stamp (SNAP) chart. Under Bush, food stamp use stayed stable. Once Obama got into office, it took off like a rocket. So did Social Security Disability. This is now commonly given to millions of people who are perfectly capable of working. It's all going to end in disaster folks when the money runs out and these people are all starving in the street.

We get 36% of our energy from oil, 26% from natural gas, 20% from coal, 9% from

"renewable", and 8% from nuclear. This can be very misleading. Coal provides 70%

of our electricity. Most of the "renewable" is hydroelectric power. The rest is mostly taxpayer subsidized ethanol that is mandated in auto fuel. There should be ZERO ethanol fuel. Solar power is a joke. Wind power has failed all over the world. All biofuels are total failure that take more energy to make than you get back. Yes, Brazilian ethanol made from sugar cane WASTE is a total loss and mandated by the government. The Brazilian people hate it, and it costs more to make than you get back even when made from garbage. Ours is made from corn that could be used to feed animals or humans.

Free speech is gone in America. House Bill HR 347 will put you in prison if you protest at any Obama speech. That's right, you cannot protest Emperor Obama, or you go right to jail and get fined as well. Look it up yourself. It was passed by 399 to 3. Can you believe that? It is called the Federal Grounds Improvement Act. Folks, this would be funny if it was a joke.

The media has been telling the world the Taliban shot a 14 year old girl in the head. She was shot in cold blood for wanting to go to school. The problem is 99% of the sheeple believe these fairy tales. No young girl was shot by the Taliban. It's all just made up to start a new war.

This is a good chart. Forty years ago the dollar was strong and oil was $4 a barrel. Yes, $4 a barrel, not $100. Everything has reversed. The dollar is worthless and oil is not affordable by the average person.

Look how retail prices have gone up in just the last few years. This is just a hint of what is to come as severe hyperinflation kicks in. Thanks to Dollar Vigilante.

The media can only talk about Big Bird. They never deal with the real issues. To his credit, Romney said the government should not be in the cartoon business. He stressed we have to give up programs like Public Broadcasting and use the little money we have to pay for Social Insecurity. Now people actually feel the government has a DUTY to produce cartoons on TV. The government has no business at all in radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, or making cartoons.

From many of these charts you can see that America clearly got on the Royal Road to hell about 1970. We didn't have a police state 40 years ago. Now we do. We have far more people locked up per capita than any other nation. We make cesspools like Cuba, North Korea, and Myranmar (Burma) look like bastions of freedom. We are the leading police state in the world, not Russia or China.

Look how food prices have exploded in the last few years! Everyone has to eat. This is ruining the standard of living in America. Thanks to Dollar Vigilante again.

You’ve seen those endless TV ads for the worthless Chevy Volt. ”I never buy gasoline anymore”. What a crock!!! Does the Volt run on air? Water? Kryptonite? These people are paying for expensive 220V electricity. 70% of that electricity comes from COAL!!! Right, coal, that dirty nasty stuff the liberals hate so much. We would live in caves if it wasn’t forcoal. We have 1,000 years of coal right here in America. That coal can pro-duce $2 a gallon gasoline, diesel fuel, and jet fuel TODAY with the SASOL process. The government will not allow one SASOL plant to be built. Not one. Your government doesn't want you to have cheap energy. The Germans developed this over 70 years ago, and the process has been refined and improved greatly. We can have $2 a gallon gasoline today folks, but the government has created an artificial“energy shortage”. There is no energy shortage and never has been. First, the Volt was taxpayer subsidized because no one wanted one. Then there was a taxpayer rebate because no one wanted a Volt. Now the government is“selling” Volts to the Pentagon, which is also tax subsidized 100%. No one wants a Volt. No one wants a $40,000 golf cart that needs a new $8,000 battery every five years. And that battery is an ecological nightmare. Electric cars are stupid, they don’t work. Where is the heater? The air conditioner? After 30 miles you need an expensive 220V recharge. They’re overpriced, no one wants them. You cannot give them away. $40,000 for a golf cart! We have 100 years of known oil reserves right here in the U.S. We have 100 years of natural gas right here in the U.S. Solar energy is a joke. Windmills have failed all over the world. Biofuels cost more to produce than you get back- even when made from garbage. The idea of turning corn into ethanol when people are starving is pure insanity. One in six Americans is on food stamps and we’re using corn for fuel? Thank the liberals for that.

Let's repeat something again. Obama keeps telling people Seal Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden last year. Osama died in 2001 in Tora Bora of kidney disease. All the world intelligence agencies are very well aware of this. It is a fact he died over 10 years ago.

Just Google "bin laden died in tora bora" and you'll see endless proof of this.

Romney’s close relationship with Netanyahu, and people like Orit Gadiesh and Israeli military intelligence is the real reason he is the chosen candidate of the Zionist establishment. Romney is being supported by high-level Zionists, Israeli military intelligence, AIPAC, and their controlled media network. This relationship between the Israeli military and Mitt Romney, a presidential candidate, should be of great concern to all Americans because this is how the Israeli military plans to drag the United States into a war.

Did you know Romney banned semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines for ANY guns in Massachusetts? Did you know that? He is not pro-gun freedom Second Amendment protection at all. And you still think he is the Lesser Evil? He says he'll end Obamacare, but he personally saw that Romneycare was forced on the citizens of Massachusetts. He says one thing, but does another. Listening to him in the debates sounds like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson talking. But, it's all just talk. He'll say anything to get elected.

Vote for Gary Johnson in November folks. Don't waste your vote by choosing someone you don't like to replace someone else you don't like. That is a wasted vote!









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