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November 2012 Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Want real world proof silver is real money? That is will protect you from the worst hyperinflation ever experienced? This chart shows what happened to silver during the Weimar Republic hyperinflation in 1922 to 1923, before the German people elected Hitler (twice), and brought Germany to the highest prosperity it had ever known. This four year chart says it all. This is what will happen in America as the dollar collapses and hyperinflation sends prices of everything (except residential and commercial real estate and the stock markets) thru the roof.

Newsmax reported that billionaires like Buffett, Soros, and Paulson are quietly selling massive amounts of their stocks. Did you hear that on CNBC or CNN? Of course not. The stock market could collapse 90% anytime. There goes the sheeple pension funds, IRAs, 401k's, and life savings in general. These men must have very good reasons to be selling massive amounts of their stocks. Get out of the stock market. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty and buy silver bullion. That's right, bite the bullet and sell them. Buy silver and party during the Much Greater Depression. The government is going to seize all the IRAs/401k/s and give you worthless Treasury annuities in exchange. Yes, they will, and other countries have already done this.

Sock Puppet Romney will win the election for the simple reason Israel, Netanyahu, and AIPAC (the most powerful lobby in the world) want Romney to win. Did you know AIPAC is the most powerful lobby on earth? He's no conservative. He's no supporter of Second Amendment gun rights whatsoever. His term in Massachusetts proved this. Buy your guns now. Get an AR-15, or an AK-47, a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol, a .38 caliber revolver, a 12 gauge pump police shotgun, a 10/22 Ruger .22 carbine rifle, a .22 revolver, and a .22 caliber semi-automatic "camper" pistol. Gets lots of large capacity magazines as they will be banned. With semi-automatics you need to change out the magazines and rotate them at least once a month. A revolver doesn't need this. This is why you should have both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. The ammunition will be banned first. It is better to have one gun and 1,000 bullets than 1,000 guns and 1 bullet. Go out and buy 10,000 .22 caliber long rifle hollow point bullets. You can do this for about $200. Buy at least 1,000 rounds of .223s for your AR-15 ($300), 1,000 rounds of 7.62 X 39 for your AK-47 ($300), 500 rounds of 9 mm parabellums, and 500 rounds of .38 police special hollow points. If you are hit with a .22 long rifle hollow point you will either die or go to the hospital. You sure won't keep fighting. You can buy these in 500 count "bricks" for as little as $10. If you cannot afford an AR-15 for about $800, then just get the AK-47 for about $300 to $400. Get both if you can afford to. All in all, the AK-47 is the best rifle in the world to own for a lot of reasons.

We have to keep repeating certain basic, vital important issues. There is no housing "recovery". Quite the contrary. The median American home has fallen from $225,000 in 2005 to $175,000. It will keep falling to $100,000. That's right. There are millions of empty homes today, and that will just get worse every month. Many of these homes are not reported as losses by the banks in order to make their profits look better. Eventually all of these will have to be reported. Banks will become rental agents for these millions of homes. You will be able to buy the average home for 250 ounces of silver within five years when silver goes to $400. That will cost you $8,000 today. You mean $8,000 for a nice house in five years? Yes, that $225,000 home in 2005 you can have for $8,000 in silver bought today in five years. Don't listen to the media glowing reports how well housing is doing. Residential and commercial real estate are doomed. There are tens of millions of home underwater and more underwater all the time. The average house has gone from $225,000 in 2005 to $175,000, and is headed for $100,000. Right, the average home is going to collapse in price to $100,000. At $400 silver that means you can buy that home for a mere 250 ounces. That will cost you less than $8,000 today. Think about that- a nice median home for $8,000 if you buy silver today and hold it for five years.

The real unemployment rate is about 30%, not "7.8%". It is going to 40% within the next few years. It was "only" 25% during the Great Depression. It's worse now at 30%. That's the real rate folks, not the ridiculous 7.8% the media keeps blathering about. You will see two and three families in the same home. You will see one person supporting 5 and 6 people. It's going to get very ugly when all these parasites on welfare and government programs find the government is out of money. 47% get a gummint check every month. "My check be in yet?" Most everyone now thinks all medical care comes from the government. Talk to any doctor and ask him how many people write a check for their visit. Almost none. The sheeple will find out Obamacare means almost no care at all.

Osama bin Laden died in 2001 of kidney disease in Tora Bora. He was not killed last year by Seal Team 6. Obama keeps taking credit for that. Seal Team 6 was then murdered to shut them up. The Seals have a strict policy of never ever putting an entire team into one aircraft or other vehicle. They were all put in one helicopter and then shot down. Google "Seal Team 6 killed by U.S. government". Even Alex Jones exposed this one. You'll see undeniable proof of all this. Yes, "your" government murdered Seal Team 6.

We killed our own soldiers. Deal with it. Just like 9/11 was an inside job by the CIA and Mossad. Yes, we collaborated with the Israelis to kill our own people to invade Iraq. If you don't understand that just Google, "9/11 was done by Mossad" and you'll be overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by facts.

The Communists have traditionally called us "imperialists". Well, now we have become classic imperialists in the same sense as ancient Rome. And we'll end up the same way- totally and completely destroyed (chart thanks to Yes, we spend 50% of the entire world military budget, but we waste 100% of it killing people in the Mideast in our evil, senseless wars of aggression. Meanwhile, Russia and China are building up their military strength, and not wasting a penny on killing anyone. We are now the World Bully, the Evil Empire, not Russia or China. After 236 years America is done for, finish-through, over. The best country in the world will soon be a socialist backwater, just like England. 100 years ago England was the strongest country in the world, and "ruled the waves". Now it is an insignificant socialist cesspool. American will soon be the same way. After 236 years the American dream is over. No, there is no place to go. For the first time in history there is not one square inch of freedom on this earth. Australia and New Zealand are the least worst, but are also backwater socialist cesspools.

It seems clear that silver made a classic 50% retracement to the $31.50 area (based on the $28.00 to $35.00 run-up) and will now take off for $50 by Christmas. The precious metals are on lockdown until after the fake election. Buy all the bullion you can and hold it personally. No paper silver, no storage programs, no silver stocks. Buy and hold.

The Big Excitement will be on November 6 to see which sock puppet wins. It doesn't matter. The Powers That Be don't care which puppet wins as they always pull the strings. We only have the Republicrat part in America. It's no better than Cuba or North Korea. Vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, and do the right thing. Don't vote for someone you don't like to get rid of someone else you don't like. Vote for someone you like- Gary Johnson. Then your vote will count. If Jesus went to the voting booth with you would you vote for the Lesser Evil? Would Jesus? (No, your author is not a Christian.) If you went to vote with Buddha, Moses, Krishna, or Mohammed would you vote for the lesser evil? Would he? Voting for evil is voting for evil. After the pretend election this country is going to completely fall apart. You're going to see riots in the streets, martial law, extreme food shortages, energy blackouts, FEMA camps, and a general breakdown of society in every way. Be ready for this as much as possible. Prepare yourself as much as you can.

Look at the 40 year dollar-to-oil chart. You can see that back in 1970 oil was very cheap and the dollar was very strong. That's the ideal- a strong dollar and cheap oil. All that has reversed, which destroys the American standard of living. Now oil is very expensive and the dollar is worthless. We’re going to keep repeating this- there is no energy shortage.There is no Peak Oil. We don't need one drop of imported oil. We have 100 years of known oil reserves, 100 years of known gas reserves, and 1,000 years of known coal reserves. We could have $2 gasoline today from coal with the SASOL process. “Our” government won’t allow one SASOL plant to be built. Gasoline is $4 a gallon due to government interference in the free market.Sunlight has no wattage at all, windmills have failed all over the world, and biofuels take more energy to make than you get back- even when made from garbage like sugar cane waste. Green energy is preposterous. Anyone who talks about green energy is delusional.

Obama ran up more debt in less than four years than the previous 43 presidents did in 219 years. The real national debt isn’t “$16 trillion”; it is more like $160 trillion. That is a half million dollars for every man, woman, child, and infant in America.( The total GNP is $14 trillion for comparison.) Everyone in American owes a half million dollars in debt! This will be paid by all of us in the form of the Much Greater Depression and permanent destruction of America. All debts get paid all the time, either by the buyer or the seller. There are no unpaid debts ever.

You should know by now there is no 8,000 tons of gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn’t been in 50 years now. Yes, we have to keep repeating this. Well, the Germans don’t have their 3,400 tons of gold either. It was stored in London, Paris, and New York. The Germans are so stupid they asked for a mere 4% of their gold back over the next three years- a meaningless 150 tons. Hitler is rolling over in his grave! Pre-World War II Germany had a real currency. England sold their gold at $250. France has no 2,435 tons. The Swiss also sold most of their 1,040 tons of gold when it was cheap. That backwater Italy doesn't have 2,452 tons. Japan doesn't have 765 tons. The Netherlands certainly doesn't have 613 tons (that would mean 11,000 tons if they had the same population as America of 312 millon people.) Most other countries do not have the gold the government claims they do. Funny enough, India, Russia, China, and Iran really do have their gold and they have lots of it. China is the world leader in gold! They now produce more than anyone else AND import more than anyone else. China gets stronger while we get weaker. What does all this mean for you? Gold and silver will go to the moon to refuel for the trip to Pluto. That's what it means. For the first time in the history of the world no currency has any value at all. That's right, every single currency on earth is worthless an backed by ignorance and stupidity. Silver will outperform gold by 4 to 1 and return to the classic, historical 16 to 1 ratio. It may well go to 10 to 1. That would mean, for example, $6,000 gold and $600 silver, or $10,000 gold and $1,000 silver. We are going to have hyperinflation that will make Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic look like church picnics. McDonalds will have a $5 value menu. The Dollar Store will be the Five Dollar Store. But commercial and residential real estate will collapse- along with the stock markets.

CNBC Senior Editor John Carney, asserts that it doesn't matter whether Germany's gold exists provided that everyone just pretends and acts as if it exists: "As long as the Fed says it is there, it is as good as there for all practical purposes to which it might be put. It can be sold, leased out, used as collateral, employed to extinguish liabilities, and counted as bank capital just the same whether it exists or not." Folks, he said that on CNBC this week. It doesn't matter if a country has gold or not as long as everyone just pretends they do. The Twilight Zone looks rational by comparison. He actually said this; your poor old author didn't make it up. Words fail here. It doesn't matter if Ft. Knox is empty either as long as we pretend it isn't.

We know another fake 9/11 fabricated disaster is long overdue, we just don’t know when. This will be an excuse to attack Iran and declare martial law. China and Russia have promised to join together and vaporize America if we do. You have to be prepared in every way possible. Have a 3,250 watt generator and gasoline. Basic firearms and lots of ammunition, especially .22 long rifle hollow points. Store all the whole grains (you can't store flour and it is almost impossible to make your own) and dried beans you can in airtight containers. Get a good supply of certain canned goods and rotate them. Walk around the house and make a list of the things you must have- toilet paper, paper towels, soap, feminine hygiene, salt, light bulbs, detergent, condiments, and whatever else you use every day. You definitely want some pre-1965 junk U.S. coins for barter as well as green toilet paper (U.S. dollars). The Mormons have always done this just for good practice. The Boy Scout motto has always been, “be prepared”. If you live in the city or congested suburbs you have to move.

Vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian and don't waste your vote.

U.S. Intelligence Community Warns That Israel is a “Rogue State”

Now comes yet another dramatic moment in American and Israeli history. According to the authoritative Foreign Policy Journal, all sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA, the DEA, the NSA, the FBI, and others—have drafted an amazing, 82-page classified report entitled “Preparing for a Post Israel Middle East.” Currently being reviewed by the White House and by key Congressional leaders, the report brilliantly analyzes geo-politics and economics in the Middle East and globally. It concludes that Zionist Israel is the greatest single threat to American security and to the American economy.

Remember last month Henry Kissinger said, "Israel won't exist in 10 years. I repeat, Israel won't exist in 10 years." The above article spells out why this may well be true. Israel is not our "friend" or "ally", never has been, and never will be. We give and they take. Why should they get a penny in foreign aid? We give them $4 billion every year PLUS another $10 billion in military aid. "U.S. taxpayers pay more for our defense than the Israeli citizens do." Israeli military Chief of Staff General Ashkenazi said that publicly on September 23 in the Jerusalem Post. They are not the, "only democracy in the Mideast". They are an Orthodox Jewish theocracy, not an democracy is any form of the term. They have no constitution. Iran has a real constitution and has for over 30 years now. Israel has the largest cache of nuclear weapons in the Mideast, and Iran has none. You, the taxpayer paid for all of them. Israel will not join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and has never been inspected. Iran is a long time member and gets regular inspections. Folks, the American people and the Israeli people do not want war with Iran. Our governments want war, not the people. Attacking Iran for the Greater Good of Israel will be the worst and the last mistake we ever make. Russian and China have repeatedly warned us they will make us pay in the worst possible way.

If you still think Romney is the Lesser Evil please take just 10 minutes to watch the following youtube video. They both say the exact same things over and over again and even use the exact same words and phrases.!


Here it is folks. You knew the stupid bastard can't open his mouth without a teleprompter. Here is the actual video footage of the earpiece he used so he would know what to say. Romney knew this. He just had to tell the American people what he was doing. The media refuses to report this of course. Obama would lose the election flat out if the public knew he really was this stupid. Remember prior to the 2008 election when the media told you Obama was one of the "greatest orators" and speakers in American history? He doesn't know his middle name without a teleprompter- or an earpiece.


Now here is a black man who is proud of who he is. A man who is ashamed of Obama and what he has done to this country in less than four years. Do you want to call him a "racist"? West deserves a lot of respect for coming out and saying this.


Things were going pretty well for America back in 1970. We didn't live in a police state, we were prosperous, life was good, and the dollar was sound. Take a hard look at this forty year chart. The same applies to silver only more so. Gold and silver are the only real money, and have been for 5,000 years now. The dollar is worthless. Always use gold and silver as your financial compass, and not any paper currency on earth. For the first time in history no paper fiat currency has any value at all and is backed by nothing. There has always been at least one currency you could temporarily turn to. Not anymore. Are you starting to see this really is End Times? Jesus wouldn't bother coming back and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not going to ride through the sky. There are over 7 billion stupid, brain dead, clueless sheeple on this planet breeding as fast as they can. There should only be about 500 million. The One World Order crowd has one thing right- 95% of them have to go.

This is one of the best definitions of socialism you will ever see. Churchill was not a true conservative, just like Reagan was not a true conservative. But they both were very eloquent and talked a beautiful philosophy of freedom, free markets, and small government. The equal sharing of misery.

Obama just signed the FAA Reauthorization Act. Remember though that the Republican controlled House passed this bill. It will continue if Romney is elected. They are all Republicrats. This will put 30,000 drones in the air by 2020. Remember these are not "mere" spy drones, but have the ability to vaporize your house, your car, and your family. Not one word about where the money will come from. We can't afford this science fiction nightmare. Folks, Cuba, Myranmar (Burma), and North Korea are starting to look better every day.

Thanks to Jeff Berwick and the Dollar Vigilante for this one. Vote for Gary Johnson.

Look at the above chart to see how bad inflation really has been the last 12 years. See how your standard of living has gone to hell year after year. Here is something you can blame both Bush and Obama for. The American standard of living will continue going to hell only much faster and further. The proof in the this chart. 111% inflation in 12 years?

Well, replacing Obama with Romney is like rearranging the deck chairs on theTitanic.

See you all in late November.



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