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November Economic Rant -Roger Mason

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  -Benjamin Franklin 

Well, America is officially a socialist country with no more pretense. The last bastion of freedom to fall. No, there are no free countries to go to anymore. You’re going to see the standard of living here cut in half. You’re going to see the worst depression in world history. George Representative Paul Broun said Obama will turn this country into a Marxist dictatorship, with a new national security force to make it a police state as well. At least one man in Congress stood up and said it. Obama promised this new police state and the crowd cheered! Go figure. The U.S. military, National Guard, fifty state police, and endless county and city police departments aren’t enough for him. This will be very expensive, too. He has also promised to fill the Supreme Court with people who will rewrite the Constitution, and end personal freedom as much as possible. He is especially upset at the idea of private property ownership, and transferring your estate to your children. Marxists want the government to own everything including your soul. You’re going to see martial law as well. Presidential Directive 51 allows this at the stroke of Obama’s pen. You are going to see a second fabricated 9/11 attack, and this will be the excuse. The lemmings will actu- ally call out for martial law for “safety” and “security” instead of freedom and responsibility. The scariest word in the English language for the sheeple is the word “responsibility”.  Want proof this is coming? Tom Ridge said, “The near-term attacks will either rival or exceed the 9/11 attacks.”  Dick Cheney said, “The enemy that struck on 9/11…is still lethal and planning to hit us again.” Michael Chertoff said, “A small group of terrorists could kill not only thousands of people as they did on September 11, but hundreds of thousands of people.” The 9/11 attack stinks, and the more you read and learn about it, the more it stinks. The next one will stink even more. Martial law is coming and you’re not going to like it. Obama promised “change”, and we’re going to get more change than you can believe. The One World Order has finally succeeded. You have to realize there are powerful people who want a one world govern-ment, and they have won after all these years. America was the last impediment to the one worlders.

The only real money is silver and gold. Demand for both are rising while supply is declining. The laws of supply and demand always work in the long run, and can only be manipulated in the very short run. You always buy value and hold it for the long term. This is the secret of getting rich and all famous men have used this simple formula. The best value in the world is silver bullion and good silver stocks. You can still go to large coin dealers and buy 1,000 oz (70 pound) silver bars for about $10,000. These are the size of a large loaf of bread. These will be worth $200,000 in a few years. These should disappear by Christmas. Never forget that silver went to $50 in 1982 when there was an abundance of silver. That $50 is about $150 due to inflation, and there is no silver available. The second best value is gold bullion and good gold stocks.  Do not buy any form of paper silver (or gold) such as ETFs or have anyone store your bullion. The Perth Mint is broke and all the certificates they issued are worthless. Do not store anything of value is safe deposit boxes either. In 2009 you are going to have to take possession of your stock certificates and pay about $100 each for them.

Let’s put an end to all this silly talk about “deflation”. You cannot have deflation when the fed is printing money 24/7. Look at the Fed credit chart below to see the never before in history inflation of the dollar. All these multi-billion dollar bailouts are done with this endless counterfeit Monopoly money. It is your money they are using! The dollar is worthless. There’s no gold in Ft. Knox and hasn’t been for decades now. All currencies are worthless and backed by nothing by hot air, smoke, and mirror. Yes, the stupid Swiss sold all their gold as well and have a mere thousand tons left. 

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The 17th American bank just closed and you are going to see hundreds of banks close In 2009. The entire banking system is insolvent. Take your money out of savings accounts completely and leave only minimal money in your checking account. Do not Leave any monetary valuables in a safety deposit box. The FDIC cannot possibly insure any banks especially for some insane amount like $250,000 per person like they claim.

Get your money out of stocks, CDs, money markets, bonds or whatever else you have it in and buy silver and silver stocks. True inflation is probably way over 18% now as the Printing presses run 24/7 making counterfeit monopoly money. The dollar is backed by nothing whatsoever, and is going to collapse from it’s current level of 87 (basket of international currencies or USDX) to zero. That’s right, the dollar is going to be repudiated and replaced by the Amero. You think that is some asinine right wing conspiracy fantasy? Go google “Amero” and you’ll get nightmares. You can’t repudiate silver and gold, as they are accepted worldwide and have been for 3,000 years now.

Every two weeks go to and read Ted Butler’s article (just hit “Archives”). He is more bullish than ever. This is the world’s premier expert on silver. He has been writing articles for about ten years now and has never been wrong. He doesn’t sell anything, even a newsletter. He refuses to recommend mines, but Quaterra is said to be his biggest holding.

The entire banking system is insolvent, the housing mess has another three years of collapse, commercial real estate is hopeless, the trade deficit is unsustainable, Social Insecurity was broke decades ago, the budget deficit is in fantasyland, inflation is running over 18%, unemployment is at least 16% and headed for 30%,  GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is now negative, the printing presses run 24 hours a day 7 days a week making counterfeit money, the stock market is worthless….Ray Charles can see the Much Greater Depression is around the corner! Do you want Moses to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House with engraved stone tablets warning you? Donald Trump said we face the worst depression the world has ever seen. Jim Rogers the commodity investor, said the same thing. Government shill Larry Kudlow on CNBC just said, “money numbers are strong, which is good for the economy”. He is telling you that rampant inflation makes your life better!!! Lying bastard. Inflation is theft, a secret tax, the road to poverty. Inflation ruins your life. Inflation is government robbery of the money you worked so hard for. There is only one cause of inflation- printing too much unbacked money. Today $100 will buy you 100 hamburgers, but next year that same $100 will only buy you 82 hamburgers. You still have $100 in paper Monopoly money, but it just bought 18% less goods. The U.S. dollar is 87 cents (USDX) on the international basket of currencies, and is headed for 50 cents.

The famous Westfield Group is the largest owner of shopping malls in the world. Their stock is down 55%, and adjusted for inflation this year over 70%. People are broke. Retail sales are collapsing. This will be the worst Christmas in 80 years since FDR was president. Credit cards are maxed out, and the default rate rises every month. Now the credit card companies want a bailout along with everyone else. They gave credit to deadbeats, so now American Express, Visa, and MasterCard want you to pay the bill. McDonalds is now the second largest credit card purveyor. This was one of the best stocks in the world until about 90 days ago when it started collapsing. People are literally buying their Happy Meals with credit cards! AIG wants more money. Starbucks was a Media Darling. They used to make an 87 cent profit on each share of stock, but now they make ONE PENNY per share! A drop of 99% in profits. You’re going to see this kind of thing more and more. The $700 billion wasn’t enough for incompetent, mismanaged, poorly run banks; now they want more of your money to run them further into the ground.  It’s not “government money” folks- it’s your tax money. It’s the money you worked so hard to earn.

 Ford, Chrysler, and GM don’t know how to make cars, so they want you to pay the bill. They’re so stupid they keep making Yukons, Suburbans, Navigators, Escalades, Hummers and other monsters. No wonder they’re broke. If they had any brains they would make American versions of Smart Cars, Tatas and other plastic pretend junk imitation cars. This is your future folks. Notice you see more Smart Cars in your town every day? Most people will have to use public transportantion in the near future.

The very heart of Marxism is “From whom according to his ability, to whom according to his need”. Wealth redistribution. This is the very foundation of Obama’s politics. Government will grow, freedom will disappear, the Constitution will be rewritten, your gun rights will go, food supplements will be outlawed, businesses will be regulated into non-existence, energy will be unaffordable, food will be overpriced, the American standard of living will be cut in half,  taxes will be increased on everyone- except the bottom 10%- not lowered. All Obama’s talk about, “tax cuts for 95%” was a Big Lie. There are no tax cuts, just more welfare programs. The majority of voters prefer slavery and poverty to freedom and affluence. Doesn’t make sense does it? Socialism doesn’t bring you “security” at all; it destroys freedom, makes you poor, and rots your soul. Go visit countries like Sweden or Denmark if you don’t believe that. They chose socialism many years ago and now they are some of the sorriest, saddest, most soulless people on earth with low standards of living. They drink, take drugs, fornicate, have illegitimate children, kill themselves, and generally have given up on life because they chose to give cradle to grave responsibility for their lives to the government.

T. Boone Pickens is the billionaire owner of BP Oil. He’s the moron you see on TV telling you that windmills, solar, and ethanol are the answers to our energy shortage.

Why is an old time oil man lying to you, when we have a 200 year supply of domestic oil, a 200 year supply of natural gas, 1,000 years of coal which can be made into clear SASOL gasoline at $2 a gallon, and endless uranium for electricity? He’s so smart his two billion dollar Pickens Energy Fund fell 80% from 2 billion to $400 million and he had to shut it down. Another government whore like Buffet. Buffet just put $5 billion into Goldman Sachs six weeks ago and lost 40% already. Everything he touches turns to crap.

Obama is going to wage just as many wars as Bush and stay in Iraq, attack Iran, attack Syria, attack Pakistan (Pakistan, are you serious?), and god only knows who else. He is going to draft your son and daughter (…“if some go, all go”) and send them off to some place place you’ve never heard of to kill and be killed. He publicly stated the draft is coming back. The military draft should be started in 2009. The only thing you can do is send your draft age son OR DAUGHTER to Europe or Canada (or Australia and New Zealand) for an extended time. Beats having them come home in a box. 

The housing collapse won’t possibly end until 2011. In October alone mortgage foreclosures were up 25%! One quarter in just 30 days. You will see houses for a quarter on the dollar based on peak 2005 prices. One fifth of all U.S. mortgages are under water where the house is worth less than the loan. One half of all Nevada mortgages are under water. One third of mortages in Florida and California are under water. These people are just going to give the keys to the bank and walk away. All this insane talk of the government bailing out the mortgage holders is fantasy land. You couldn’t possibly print enough counterfeit money to attempt such an impossible and absurd feat. You don’t reward stupidity anyway. These people bought houses they couldn’t afford with adjust- able rate loans. You’re supposed to reward stupidity and greed like that?

The eight best silver stocks we’ve found are Quaterra (QTA), Silverstone (SST), ECU Silver (ECU), First Majestic (FR), Endeavor (EXK), U.S. Silver (USA),  Impact (IPT) and Genco (GGC). Silverstone did invest in Argentina which is a mistake, so hold this if you have it, but we can’t normally recommend any mine with holding in Central or South America. At $10 silver if you can get 100 oz bars for $1,500 buy them. The best buy is 1,000 oz bars for $10,000, but these will disappear by Christmas. Silver is a far, far better buy than gold and will far outperform gold. The current 73 to 1 ratio will fall back to the historical 15 to 1 or maybe less. Do not buy paper silver like ETFs. Silver bullion and good silver stocks are the best investment on the planet by far. Go to www/ and read the commentaries at least twice a week and keep up on events.

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