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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late November 2011 Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

You must buy silver bullion and hold it yourself. No storage programs. The executives at Goldline were just arrested for massive fraud. Remember Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and all the other pseudo-conservatives were telling you to buy from Goldline. They personally buy from Goldline. They sell the same bar of silver or gold to 100 different people. All of these storage places do that (except CEF and PSLV). The paper silver (SLV) and paper gold (GLD) exchanges are frauds. The sheeple buy paper metals. The same bars of metals are sold to 100 different people. This is how CNBC, Jim Moron Cramer, and the Wall St. Journal misinform the public. No silver stocks either. Buy bullion and hold it yourself. Junk pre-1965 U.S. coins are your best buy. The bullion dealers are mostly out of stock. Soon you will simply not be able to get real bullion. Buy silver now at $35. Don't buy gold, because silver is four times better than gold. Silver is going back to the historical, traditional 15 to 1 ratio (e.g. $6,000 gold and $400 silver), and maybe even down to 10 to 1 (e.g. $600 silver). 100% of your money in silver. Sell your 401k/IRA as it is worthless. That's right, sell it, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion. Russia won't let their citizens buy precious metals. America tells you they are bad investments. The Chinese, however, encourage their citizens to buy all the silver they can afford. 1.3 billion Chinese are now buying silver hand over fist. International silver sales went up 751% in 2010 alone.


The Herald Tribune just took a poll of all 15 European Union countries, and asked which country posed the most danger to international peace. People in all the EU overwhelmingly chose Israel. Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. We should have nothing to do with the Mideast. It is not our business. There should be no foreign aid to any country. Any aid should go to real Americans. All foreign aid should be stopped today and all offshore military bases closed. Every soldier should be on American soil.


For years we've been warning you about the coming war with Iran to make Israel happy. Get it straight- the ONLY reason we are planning to attack Iran is because of the Israel lobby (AIPAC). We have no problems whatsoever with them. This is heating up. This will be the worst- and last- mistake we ever make. Remember that "Iran" is really Persia. Persians are ancient Aryan warriors, not passive Arabs. If (when) we attack Iran they will retaliate with a smallpox plague and suitcase nukes. Biological weapons like smallpox are the way smaller countries like Iran fight back. Smallpox missiles are the weapon of choice, as Russia sold their entire stock over a decade ago. Read the book Demon in the Freezer if you want to learn more. Isn't it funny the government is pushing all the unneeded vaccines, but you cannot get smallpox (variola) vaccine for love nor money? We even went to the Pasteur Institutes in Paris and couldn't get any. Why can't we get small-pox vaccine? This was mandatory 60 years ago. Want to do something about all this? Go to downsizedc.com. Sign the “Oppose Conflict with Iran” petition. They will send it to your congressmen. This is idiot-proof, quick, and easy.  Send downsizedc money if you want to, and like what you see on their website.


Do you still hold on desperately to your 401k or IRA? Then you will starve in the street with your stupid assed friends. There are three reasons to dump these:

   1) The dollar is headed toward zero.

   2) The stock market is headed to almost zero

   3) The government is going to seize your 401k/IRA and convert it to a worthless

Treasury annuity. Yes, they will. Yes, this has been done in other major countries. Yes, they are that desperate. If you hold on to your  401k/IRA it's because you still don't get it.



As badly as the silver and gold stocks have done, they have still far outperformed the S&P 500 greatly. The precious metal stocks have never done this badly in the history of the world. They have still outperformed both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrials.

Do not buy silver stocks. We still hold First Majesic, Endeavor, and Impact.


Let’s say 10 years ago you put one million dollars into silver bullion. And your friend put one million dollars into Berkshire Hathway. After all, Warren Buffett is the “wisest investor in the world”, so his BRKA stock must be the best of all stock to invest in. Well, 10 years later you would have $7 million dollars (uncompounded). That is an amazing 70% a year. But your friend would only have a mere $1,400,000 with BRKA. That is a mere 4% a year. Wow! Inflation has been far worse than a mere 4% annually, so your friend would have actually lost real dollar buying power. If the Wisest Investor in the World can only make a lousy 4% in the stock market, how is the normal person going to make anything?


Look at the below 10 year silver stock. Silver has gone up 700% in ten years. That is 70% a year uncompounded. No other investment has done that. The fun is just beginning. Soon silver will be $50. That will be 90% a year for 11 years uncompounded.




Here is why the American standard of living has gone totally to hell in the last 50 years. Inflation. Insidious hidden, unseen inflation. Look at the Consumer Price Index from

the government. Actually, it is much worse than this. From 30 to almost 240 in 50 years. When I was a kid McDonald hamburgers were 15 cents and french fries a dime. Gasoline was 25 cents, and your real candy bars were six for a quarter. Of course the minimum wage was $1.25 as well. Massive hyperinflation is your future. The Fed (which isn't federal and has no reserves) is printing money 24/7 hand over fist. This is how the government will "solve" the problem of bankruptcy. Massive hyperinflation.

Inflation is a hidden, secret tax you don't see as it destroys the economy.


Now look at real income going back 50 years. Do you see an 800% increase? Of course not. Inflation always exceeds any rise in salaries. That’s the point!



Have you been watching the Republican debates? Everyone on that stage is nothing but a neocon Zioinist sock puppet except Ron Paul. New Gingrich and Michele Bachmann actually put the welfare of Israel AHEAD of America. That’s a fact. Every one of the candidates except Ron Paul have made the Sacred Pilgrimage to Israel and put on a yarmulke to cry crocodile tears at the Wailing Wall and pledge allegiance to Israel.

Why not pledge allegiance to America?


It has been reported Playboy magazine offered Sarah Palin $4 million dollars to pose nude. Not to be outdone, Penthouse magazine offered Michele Bachman $4 million to pose nude. National Geographic offered Michele Obama $50.


Social Insecurity has been broke for over four decades now. It was always a Ponzi scheme doomed to fail. You cannot depend of the government for your retirement, or for anything else. The government takes a dollar in taxes, and gives you back 10 cents in services. Never forget that. People on Social Insecurity should be getting three times their current check. Now you are not eligible until you are 70. How many people can keep a job until they are 70? I mean who is going to hire anyone over 60 for anything?  Actually anyone over 50 finds it almost impossible to get a job, regardless of how educated and experienced they are. Every year your Social Insecurity check buys less and less and less. Inflation has been eating up those checks even since it began in 1935- over 76 years ago. Medicare was started in 1965 (over 46 years ago). Medicare and Medicaid are completely and totally broke as well. People who depend on these welfare programs are literally going to starve in the streets soon. Who cares that you were forced to pay into them? You were still too stupid to depend on the government for your retirement. No, the government can't feed and care for over 50 or 100 million people. Nor can charities care for them. And you can forget that private pension you're depending on, too. All the pension funds are broke. Even the sacred government pensions are just like Social Insecurity; they are being destroyed by inflation. Government workers will starve, too. The politicians won’t however. They have their own well funded retirement fund.


One half of people in America pay no income tax at all. One half of Americans get some kind of monthly government check. The top 1% pay 40% of all income taxes, but that "isn't enough", and they aren't paying their "fair share". The true unemployment figure is not 9%, but rather 23%. We have 23% unemployment today. Really, it is much worse, because so many people have taken any job in desperation just to pay the rent. During the Great Depression this was only 25%. What's the difference? It will go to 40%. 4 out of 10 workers will be out of a job and hopelessly out of luck. That’s right you’ll see 40% unemployment in this country very soon.


What happened to Rick Perry? Suddenly he is out of the running for no visible reason? What went on there? Why did he go from front runner to nobody? And why these fake attacks on Cain? He's just another worthless neocon sock puppet who will continue the same programs Obama is. He is on record as wanting to continue every evil war of aggression in the Mideast. Why is Gingrich artificially propped up? Are the Powers That Be choosing Romney as president already? Just remember it doesn't matter who is elected. Different puppet, same puppet masters behind the curtain. Never forget we have a one party Republicrat system. Anyone who thinks they are making a "choice" is delusional.


Here is how to get rich buying silver:

   Be right and sit tight.

   Buy value and hold for the long term.

   Buy and hold and add on dips.

   Never trade, never trade, never trade.





Why, here is our old "conservative" friend Glenn over in Israel. Another pseudo-conservative who supported all our evil wars of aggression. How many millions of naive people watched his TV show and thought he was the real deal? It's easy to fool the sheeple. Glenn is real world proof of that.


The housing market will keep collapsing for years. Every month the media tells you it is “recovering”. It may never recover. The average home in America will sell for $100,000 in five years and probably less. You will be able to buy the average home for a mere 250 ounces of silver. Probably less than 250 ounces.  That’s right, you can buy 250 ounces of silver today for less than $9,000. In five years you can trade that for a nice three bedroom home. Today a real silver dollar (which only has .75 ounces of silver) will buy seven gallons of gasoline. A paper dollar will buy you a quart (one twenty-eighth) of gasoline. TWENTY EIGHT TO ONE? Why is silver only $35 when no one has any? Call any of the major dealers or mints and you're told to pay now and wait for it. Wait for it? Why don't they have tons of silver in stock? Silver is going to take off. Buy it now at $35 and buy all you can. Physical silver in your own hot little hands. The best time to buy silver is when you have money in your pocket. Never try to guess where the market will be tomorrow, because you'll be wrong.


President Sock Puppet



Why, here's President Sock Puppet in his cute little yarmulke showing his true colors. You can see who owns his soul.


When the Mideast erupts in flames we won’t have any oil. Gasoline will be $20 a gallon-if you can get any. American moves by truck, and trucks won’t move. We don’t need to import any foreign oil. We have 100 years of known oil reserves, 100 years of known gas reserves, 1,000 years of known coal reserves, and endless uranium. You may not like nuclear energy but it provides a quarter of our electricity. There is no energy crisis, no “Peak Oil”, no shortage of anything. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline, jet fuel, and truck diesel today with the coal SASOL process. The government won’t allow one  SASOL plant in America, because they WANT a false energy crisis. The idea that solar, biofuels, or windmills can help us is too stupid to comment on. All three have failed miserably because they don’t work! No, it doesn’t make any sense to sane people to create an energy crisis. Politicians are not sane people. 99% of the voters aren’t sane for voting for them. The American people could elect Ron Paul for president, but probably 2% will actually do that. The sheeple don’t want freedom, prosperity, independence, and certainly not responsibility! The word “responsibility” scares them to death. They want illusory safety and security from the government, but the government can only steal from you and turn your tax money into doo doo. They can't provide anything of value, much less safety and security.


Prepare for what is coming. Be prepared. If you live in the city then move. If you live in an apartment then move. Have a small generator and as much gasoline as possible. Cycle it every six months and put it in your car. Go thru your house and get a six month supply of everything. Whole grains and dried beans for your staples. No flour (it oxidizes). None of that overpriced freeze dried crap. Toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, feminine hygiene, toothpaste, soap, detergent, batteries, light bulbs, some canned goods, and everything else you use on a daily basis. America moves by truck, and the trucks won’t move without diesel fuel. Watch the news and see the war drums beating for an attack for Iran. They may well retaliate with suitcase nukes and take out entire cities. They may hit us with a smallpox plague we’ll never recover from. Who can blame them? Wouldn’t you? The only thing stopping an attack on Iran is a few intelligent military generals who will not allow it and do not care about AIPAC. Nothing good is ahead of us folks.


Those ridiculous electric cars the liberals and eco-freaks love so much, are really just COAL cars. That's right- 70% of our electricity comes from coal. Liberals hate coal because it works. Liberals hate anything that works. These glorified golf carts cost about $40,000, have a 35 mile range, and need a new $8,000 battery every five years.

If just 10% of drivers bought "electric cars" the power grids would shut down tomorrow.


See you in December. Buy all the silver you can. Sell your IRA/401k. Be prepared for the future.














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