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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late November 2012 Economic Rant - Roger Mason

For the second time Americans have chosen Marxism and poverty over freedom and prosperity. America is dead, finished, over, through. If neocon Romney had just chosen Ron Paul as Vice President he would have an overwhelming victory. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. They talk one thing and do another. Obama destroyed this country for four years, yet the voters overwhelmingly voted for him to destroy it for another four years. There was massive voter fraud of course, but nothing will be done about it. There is no freedom left on this planet now. There is nowhere to go. That

alone defines End Times.

Even if Romney had won, nothing would have changed.

1) The dollar will collapse, and severe hyperinflation will destroy the economy. All paper will be worth paper. The stock market will collapse any day as well. Paper will be worth paper. Silver is your financial saviour.

2) The wars in the Mideast will not only continue, but get worse. More innocent countries will be attacked. Iran and Syria are on the radar screen, and both Russia and China have promised to start World War 3 if we attack them.

3) The extreme overspending will continue. We are already $160 trillion in debt, which is a half million dollars for every man, women, child and infant in America. Let's repeat that- $500,000 for every person in America. Now do you see how hopeless this is?

4) The Internet will be censored. This is the last bastion of freedom in the world. The only way to find truth, reality, facts anymore is on the Internet. Once the Internet is censored, no one will have any idea what is really going on.

5) Civil liberties will be ended one by one by one...You'll see martial law with the next hurricane. The next fake 9/11 is very overdue, and will be much, much worse. The Con-stitution and Bill of Rights went down the toilet a long time ago. You have no rights in a Marxist police state- only the state has rights.

6) The One Worlders, Globalists, CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, Neocons, and Zionists will continue to run the world. They have almost succeeded in their plans for a one world government. Every day them come ever closer to their goal. The One World Order is almost in place. The United Nations will be the international government, and Israel will be the capital.

7) Coal, oil, and even natural gas will be severely curtailed. Energy will get too expen-sive for the average household. Fewer and fewer people will own any kind of car. We get 70% of our electricity from coal. We have a 1,000 year supply of coal, yet, we have an insane war on coal. We have enough natural gas for 100 years and enough oil for 100 years RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA.

8) Gun control is coming via a United Nations Small Arms Treaty to ban all guns. Within 24 hours of his "victory" Obama called to get a copy of this bill to submit to Congress. The real reason for the Second Amendment is protection against the government, not home defense, hunting, or sport shooting. Slaves can't own guns, only free people can. You can't have a police state when the citizens own guns.

All the scumbags waiting for free government handouts, free food, free medical care, and free everything else will starve in the streets as the government runs out of money. They will find their "free" health care means almost no medical care at all. You know, like in Cuba where healthcare is free, only there isn't any.

Well, it's official folks. We stole Germany's 1,536 tons of gold as well as our own. Germany has no gold. The mark is as worthless as the dollar. In fact all currencies on earth are worthless for the first time in history. Not one country has a currency backed by gold, silver, or anything else. For the first time in the history of the world there is not one single currency that has any value at all. All paper will be worth paper. We stole a lot of other countries gold as well. Ft. Knox has been empty for over 50 years.

Look at the above 20 very powerful and very influential people. These are the men re-sponsible for all SEVEN evil wars we have waged. What do they have in common? Are they all Baptists? Methodists? Freemasons? Catholics? Athiests? Harvard graduates?

What is is they all have in common? They are all Zionist Jews. Is this just a coinci-dence? Of course, we can add gentile Zionists like the Clintons, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, and a long list of others. As Biden said, "you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist". Zionists care nothing about the Jewish people of the world. Zionist is not based on Jewish relig-ion, tradition, values or anything else. Google David Icke to find out more about what Zionism really means.

Why is it a "secret" that General Petraeus's girlfriend Paula Broadwell is Jewish? Why won't the media tell you this? Why the secret? Her surname is Kranz. The media won't tell you this as it shows this a Mossad setup. Israel was controlling the entire CIA be-cause Petraeus couldn't control his sexual urges. Look at his wife below and you can see what he was thinking with a hottie like Broadwell. Nothing will be done about all this.


It doesn't matter what color she is. Welfare queens come in all colors. You are raising her children. You are paying for all of this. They will grow up and breed like cock-roaches. Why do you think Obama just got elected for the second time? The scumbags now outnumber us. She couldn't breed like this without endless welfare programs. Wel-fare is just a huge breeding program for the poor, stupid, lazy, and shiftless. You go to work and she breeds. Is this a great country or what?

How many vaccinations does your child need to attend the government brainwashing center in your state? Well, here in North Carolina a child can't even go to kindergarten without 22 shots!!! Anyone who would allow their child to get 22 vaccine shots should go to prison and lose custody of their children. Here is what a child needs in our state: five DPT, four polio, three hepatitis B, two measles, two mumps, one rubella, one vari-cella (chickenpox), and four Hib (flu). This is an obvious program to ruin the health of children and ultimately kill them off. You think this isn't End Times when your child needs 22 dangerous toxic unproven vaccine shots to get into school? How many does your state require?

Golly gosh! Where is the White Caucus? The Latino Caucus? The Asian Caucus? Why is only a black caucus allowed? Someone please explain that.

Homeland Security/FEMA/TSA is creating a huge, heavily armed domestic police force. They have bought over a billion hollow point bullets to kill their own citizens already, and are busy buying more guns and ammo every day. More and more you will see Home-land Security, FEMA, and TSA police everywhere you go. You'll be randomly stopped on the highway and searched. You'll be searched at bus and train stations. You'll be searched at sports and entertainment events. They will build this army into at least one million domestic policemen. Why do we need a domestic army to control our citizens? Don't forget those 30,000 drones. Our "National (emphasis on the word national) Guard" is in the Mideast killing innocent men, women and children. More and more it is US VS THE GOVERNMENT.

Homeland Security has just graduated it's first class of 231 FEMA Youth Corp. These are low intelligence young people aged 18 to 24, from poor ethnic neighborhoods and broken homes, who are now growing into a heavily armed domestic army. That's right, Home-land Security has a large heavily armed domestic army to terrorize American citizens. They have armored vehicles in every major and middle sized city. They will soon have them in the small cities. Obama has signed numerous Executive Orders giving FEMA total control under martial law during any "emergency". That means the next hurricane. These FEMA Youth can arrest you, kill you, or do anything else they want legally and without recourse during the next hurricane. Do not compare these to the Hitler Youth as disinformation agent Alex Jones does. The Hitler Youth were taught character, morals, patriotism, health, pride in their heritage, devotion to their country, and other qualities just like the Boy and Girl Scouts are today. They were taught weapons training but were not armed. It was the German Boy and Girl Scouts, not a military police force.

When these little, low IQ punks with bad attitudes come to your house after martial law is declared you aren't going to like it. They will have full and total police powers to arrest you and put you in a FEMA camp for any reason or not reason at all. No charges, no attorney, no rights, no hearing, no arraignment, no bail, no phone call, no visitors, no trial, no anything. That's what martial law is about.

Here's Joe Biden hitting on a cop for sex. This is too funny for words.

Yes, the top 1% of Americans own 35% of the wealth. The bottom 90% own a mere 25% of our wealth. The 91 to 99% own the other 40%. This gives the top 10% a full 75% of everything. Much of the social and political unrest lies in the extreme inequalities that exist in the USA, where the top ten per cent own three fourths of everything.

We are the only one in the world telling you Hillary is dying of cancer. Obama won, which guarantees her four more years as Secretary of State. This is one of the very highest and most prestigious political positions in America. She is quitting in January, even though Obama has literally begged her to stay. She is dying of cancer. She is not "going home to be with her husband, relax, and write". She is going home to die. She is grossly obese, and her legs are hideously swollen. She wears pantsuits to hide them. You can read this in her face- oriental facial diagnosis. Even after extensive major plastic surgery and a full face lift she looks 75 when she is only 65. Soon it will finally come out she has secretly been getting surgery, radiation, and chemo to control the cancer. Her evil has been done for 65 years now. She can burn in Hell for an eternity, but it won't help us.

Remember Mayor Bloomberg of New York City? The one who wants to legislate how much soda pop you can drink? Well, he's at in again. People were trying to donate food to the victims of huuricane Sandy. He forbid them to donate food to starving people because they did not have time to verify the nutritional value of it!!! You think these things are made up don't you? Well, he really did this. Bloomberg let people starve because he couldn't verify the nutritional value of the donations. Heck, wouldn't you love a baloney sandwich on white bread if you were cold and starving?

Romney just had to ask Ron Paul to be Vice President and he would have won. The Republicans hate Ron Paul and threw out all his delegates at the convention. They are no better than the Democrats. Just one Republicrat Party. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson got about 2% of the vote. That shows 98% are brain dead.

Look at the silver to gold ratio. It is now an insane 53 to 1. The traditional ratio is about 16 to 1. This time it is going to probably 10 to 1 for a lot of reasons. You don't need gold, but you can't do without silver. We have lots of gold but no silver. That would mean, for example, $5,000 gold and $500 silver. Or even $10,000 gold and $1,000 silver. It would also mean the McDonalds Dollar Value Menu would be the Five Dollar Menu.

Within hours of the election results Obama was on the phone to obtain the U.N. Small Arms Treaty. This would bypass Congress and ban all guns in America. You've noticed Obama is constantly talking about "bypassing Congress". Well, this will do it. Diane Feinstein, the Communist Senator from California, just introduced a bill to ban all assault weapons, large capacity magazines, and rifles with pistol grips!!! That's right, any rifle with a pistol grip will be banned as well. here is what she said this year:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to say, once again, in legislation, weapons of war do not belong on our streets." September 5, 20012. -Diane Feinstein in the Senate.

California has exceedingly restrictive gun laws. As goes California, so goes the nation.Never forget that. Go out and buy a $400 Romanian AK-47 for about $400 plus a dozen 30 round clips. Get them now as they are going to disappear. Buy large capacity clips for all the guns you have. The most important thing is ammunition. You can get cheap ammunition from companies like Cheaper than Dirt. Ammo will be the first to go. It's better to have one gun and 1,000 bullets, than 1,000 guns and one bullet. The Supreme Court now has a majority that does not believe in the Second Amendment. Communists like Sotomeyer have stated citizens have no rights at all to own firearms. One third of the Supreme Court is now Jewish, in case you haven't noticed. 2% of the American populat-ion, but 33% of the Supreme Court. A sixteen time overrepresentation? Is that fair and accurate representation? If you are Jewish join the Jewish Gun Owners of America and support them. The Supreme Court will make sure all guns are banned for all Americans. Ammo, magazines, and assault rifles will go first.

This chart was published on Bloomberg, and is right from Deutsche Bank. Silver has been the best investment in the world and much better than gold. Silver will continue to be the best investment in the world. Silver is your financial saviour. Invest 100% in silver bullion you hold yourself. No paper silver, no SLV, no silver stocks, no storage programs, just physical bullion you hold. Junk bags $1,000 face value with 720 actual ounces are your best deal. For those who must have paper silver the Sprott Silver Trust (PSLV) is honest. Central Fund of Canada (CEF) no longer allows physical inspections and can no longer be trusted.

Imagine if someone like Romney said this. Just imagine if any gentile had said, "Jews exist only to serve White Europeans. Jews were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world." Rabbi Yosef said this, and it was published in the JerusalemTimes on October 18, 2010. This is the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel.This is a very prominent, important, powerful, and influential man. Look him up in wikipedia. Any non-Jew is goyim, which means "cattle", "goats", "donkeys" in Hebrew. Just livestock to be herded. Did you see this on Fox News? No? This can't be denied or explained away. He said what he said and he meant exactly what he said.

You are going to see a totalitarian police state in the next five years that is going to make Cuba, Myranmar (Burma), and North Korea look mild in comparison. We already have the highest incarceration rate by far in the world. No more freedom, no more prosperity, no more Constitution, no more Bill of Rights, no more freedom of speech. no more free Internet. The Much Greater Depression is the least of your problems.

Be prepared. Buy all the things you need everyday and keep a six month supply of everything. Buy whole grains and dried beans and a good stock of various canned

goods, not that overpriced freeze dried crap. Store gasoline and rotate it every year. Have a good generator. If you live in the city or in an apartment then move. The more crowded your area the worse it will be. Be prepared as much as you possibly can. Have junk silver coins and green toilet paper (dollars) when the banks shut down. Nothing good is ahead of us. Do everything you possibly can to be prepared for the future.

See you in December. Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Be thankful for every little thing you've been given.




















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