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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


January Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

The average man doesn’t want to be free; he wants to be safe. H.L. Mencken, the Sage of Baltimore, said this in 1926.


The Dow Industrials has made new highs, which are confirmed by the DJT and DJT. This market has no foundation in reality at all. The insiders are selling as fast as they can. Remember that- the insiders are selling everything they have, so the sheeple will take a very big bath in 2011. You must sell any regular stocks you have. You must dump your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion while you can. Now, even the phony pseudo-conservative talk show hosts are admitting the government is going to seize your life savings. They will give you a worthless Treasury annuity for your own “safety and protection”. Disinformation agent Marc Levin said, on his radio show, the government was going to seize your pensions. Your poor old author almost wrecked his car when he heard this rare bit of truth and honesty out of this neocon phony. If you don’t dump your IRA/401k you deserve to starve in the streets with your dumbassed friends.


The Big Banks are still net short about 50,000 COMEX silver contracts, but this is having less and less effect all the time. Remember this is a quarter billion ounces of silver! All this talk of J.P. Morgan closing their short positions is a Big Lie. Jason Hommel blew the whistle on this. They dropped a mere 5,000 contracts, which is the same as nothing. They aren’t going to close their positions anytime soon. They lose billions of dollars being short silver, and the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) simply prints green toilet paper to pay them for their losses. You, the taxpayer, pay the bill in the end. J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs are Fed banks, not real banks.


We are running out of physical silver folks. The biggest dealers just can’t come up with any real quantity. You can’t get physical delivery from the COMEX or London Exchange anymore. The COMEX does not have the 103 million ounces they claim to have. They pay off people with cash now when they demand real bullion. They are self audited, which means no auditing at all. When physical demand soon takes all the available silver, the price is going to explode. Every ounce of silver you buy makes this come true. Mining cannot possibly keep up with demand. Soon only the industrial users are going to get highly rationed silver, and the consumers will have none. We are almost completely totally out of worldwide silver. There are only a handful of actual silver mines in the world. Most all silver comes from by-product mining for lead, copper, and other metals. These metals mines (Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, etc.) are doing very badly due to the failing world economy. You cannot do without silver in a technological society, nor can you replace it realistically. The only replacements are gold, platinum, rhodium, and palladium.


THE WHEELS ARE GOING TO COME OFF THE TRAIN IN 2011. The sky really is falling. The chickens are going to come home to roost. Hyperinflation is going to take off. Food prices will skyrocket. Instead of paying 10% of your salary to eat like royalty, you’ll be paying 30% of your salary, and giving up on a lot of things you used to buy. Food prices are going to Mars and beyond!

Wal-Mart has already downsized 10% of their entire stock. They did that months ago. The largest retailer in the world dumped a tenth of what they sell. Wake up!!! Nobama will leave office in disgrace, and won’t even think of running again. The Republicans will put up a Guaranteed Failure, like neocon Sarah Palin. If they lose the election on purpose, the Democrats will be blamed for the Much Greater Depression. America will de-generate into a third world banana republic with no bananas. It’s all going completely to Hell folks. America is finished after 234 years as all democratic systems have been.


Judge Napolatano, on Freedom Watch (Fox), said we really have 900 military bases around the world, with a quarter million soldiers! Many of them are so secret; their location is not even admitted or known. That’s called imperialism, and that’s what destroyed the great empire of Rome 2,000 years ago. We need to end these insane wars of aggression. We need to close all 900 bases today, and bring home every one of those soldiers, and give them a real job. Your tax dollar goes down the toilet on this. Remember half of the entire world military budget is eaten up by America. Yes, that includes Russia and China. We pay half the entire military budget on this planet for insane wars of aggression in the Mideast, and having 900 international bases we don’t need. Imagine how your taxes would come down if we stopped this today.



Here is the 10 year chart again for Warren Buffet’s legendary Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA).

He has made a mere 7% a year for 10 years. That doesn’t even match inflation! Blind monkeys could literally throw darts at a stock list and do better than that. Anyone who bought silver in 2000 (like we did) now has a 600% profit, or 60% a year. Compare that 60% to Buffett’s pitiful 7%. Anyone who bought gold in 2000 now has over 450% profit or over 45% a year. Compare that 45% to Buffett’s pitiful 7%. Buffett, and his equally senile partner Munger, are both on record repeatedly as hating both gold and silver. He sold his silver a few years ago at about $10 an ounce. Today it’s $30. Buffett is brain dead at 82, on various medications, is a sugar addict, and has been senile for a long time now. CNBC trots him out every week to tell the sheeple to, “buy stocks, buy stocks”. Why would you want to buy stocks and make a mere 7% profit? He has actually LOST money in the last three years, as you can see. Silver is going to $400 an ounce in the next few years. That is a 1,300% profit. Senile in Omaha is nothing but an old government whore, who sold his soul a long time ago. The big question is why would one of the richest men in the world sell out to the government? Go figure. If the Wisest Investor in World History can’t make money in the stock market, how can you? Every year 30,000 mindless, clueless, brain dead disciples rush to Omaha to worship the old fart at his annual BRKA meeting. The fact none of them are making any money doesn’t seem to bother them.


Nobama has nominated Andrew Traver to head the BATF (federal gun police). Like Eric Holder, the Attorney General, he hates guns, and wants to stop private ownership of guns. The liberal Senate will, of course, ratify his nomination. You cannot have a police state when the people own firearms for their own protection. America is the only civilized country in the world that allows real gun ownership. Guns are SEVERELY restricted in Canada, all of Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Australia, Mexico, and New Zealand. Soon gun ownership will be banned in America as part of the New World Order. This is a basic pillar of One World Government. Slaves and sheeple don’t own guns. Only free people own guns.


You don’t think silver is really going to $400 an ounce or higher? Then go to youtube. com and type in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl47z2g2EvI. Spend seven minutes watching this video. You’ll be convinced silver is going much higher than that. Almost no one owns real physical silver. The tiny amount of mined silver each year, that is sold to consumers, would not even begin to give ONE HALF GRAM (half a paper clip) to every person on earth. The COMEX is as empty as Ft. Knox. We don’t have 261 million ounces of gold in Ft. Knox. Google “Ft. Knox is empty” and see for yourself. Ft. Knox hasn’t been audited in over 50 years, despite a federal law requiring a complete and thorough audit every ten years. No gold and no silver. Own bullion and hold it yourself- even if you live in an apartment. No, not an unsafe deposit box.  A 100 ounce bar is worth $3,000, and is the size of two packs of cigarettes. Cut a hole in your wall and hide them if you have to. Since the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) started in 1913, the dollar has fallen in value from $1.00 to 5 cents!!!! They stole 95% of your money. It’s a hundred year old Zionist banker scam. Google “who owns Federal Reserve”, and see for yourself. Zionist banks like Rothschild, Lazard, Schiff, Solomon, Warburg, Loeb, Lehman, Hamburg, and Stern. No, “Zionist” is not a polite code name for Jewish.  Zionism is a Rothschild creation. Zionism represents the Rothschild family, and all their associates, who want a one world government, with an Israeli capital. The majority of Jewish people are not Zionists. Many Zionists are gentile politicians like the Clintons, Bush, McCain, DeLay, Biden, Geithner, and gentile “Christian” evangelists like Hagee, Hinn, Robertson, and Falwell.


Want some good news? Red China is going completely to Hell along with us. They have 65 million empty homes.  That’s right, 65 million empty homes. Entire empty cities. They have every problem in the world. We are their biggest customer by far, and Americans are simply out of money. There are supposedly 1.2 billion Chinese, and they would just love to run the world for the first time in history. They are tired of watching Europeans run things. Chinese hate Europeans. China has four times as many people as America, but Americans have been running the show. Europeans have always run the show from the time man inhabited the earth. They want to change that.


The media told you what a successful Christmas sales season this was, with “$450 billion” in sales. That’s a lie! This was the worst Christmas in 81 years, since the Great Depression. People can’t even pay their mortgage, much less buy Christmas presents. 23% can’t even find a job, much less go shopping.  ONE IN SIX PEOPLE CAN’T EVEN FEED THEMSELVES WITHOUT FOOD STAMPS. That’ right, 50 million people can’t eat without government aid. We have a real 23% unemployment rate, not 10%. People are losing their homes. Inflation is hideous. The entire U.S. economy is going totally and completely to Hell, yet the media tells you we had a record breaking Christmas.  It was the worst in 81 years. Next year will be too bad to even talk about.


The Internet is the last bastion of freedom in the world. Some nations have already severely restricted Internet access. Nobama, and his Marxist cadre, have been trying to limit Internet access since he took office two years ago. The Cybersecurity Act is only one of several bills that will accomplish this. You just cannot have free speech in a dictatorship.


Commercial and residential real estate will keep falling for at least three more years. Real estate could easily collapse another 20 or 30% just in 2011 alone. Soon, the average American home will be worth a mere $120,000, or even only $100,000. You will be able to buy the average American home for just 300 ounces of silver. Sure, that’s unbelievable, but that’s how bad things are going to get. It used to take about 28,000 ounces of silver to buy the average American home back in the 1950’s and early 1960s. 28,000 ounces versus 300 ounces. Then, silver was $1.25 an ounce, and houses were about $35,000. Then, we lived in a strong America, not a Marxist, police, welfare state. Look at the chart below going back a full 35 years. This is the Dow-to-gold ratio. Note that it went well over 40 to 1. Gold was $250 and the Dow was over 10,000. Note also that 30 years ago, in 1980, it was only 1 to 1. Yes, you read that right. The Dow was about 850, and gold was about $850. One to one versus forty to one.  In 1980 silver was $50, so the silver to DOW ration was 17 to 1. Today is is 38 to 1. For ten years now the Dow has been falling, and gold (and silver) have been rising. Silver has been rising faster than gold. In 2010 silver went from $18 to $30, and was the best investment by far on the entire planet!  Your poor old author just can’t find a Dow-to-silver chart today. We are going to return to this 1 to 1 ratio. You may well see the Dow at 6,000 and gold at $6,000. Silver will go to at least $400, for a 15 to 1 ratio. We’re going to keep repeating this over and over and over. Put 100% of your money into physical silver and hold it yourself. Do not buy anymore silver stocks. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and put your money into silver bullion. Gold is a poor second choice. There is simply nothing else to invest in!!! Just think about that. You can’t hold any stocks, bonds, currencies, real estate, or anything else. You really have no choice here when you really sit down and look at the situation. If you had bought silver at $5 ten years ago, you would now have an

amazing 600% profit!!!! No investor on earth has done that, except the handful of people who bought silver then. It is going to be much, much better in the next five years.


If the Republicans are smart, they will purposely lose the election in 2012. Then the Democrats will be blamed for the Much Greater Depression. Right now Tea Party Princess Neocon Palin is the top choice for presidential candidate! Folks, the general public hates her for some reason, and she couldn’t be elected as dog catcher. Other stunning Republican choices are Huckabee, Gingrich, and Romney. Ron Paul got a mere 8% of the votes. This, again, proves how hopeless things are. Out of 308 million people they come up with this list of scumbags. The Democrats are even worse. They only have Nobama, Clinton, and Biden! That is even more pitiful and hopeless. This is what America has come to folks. A third world banana republic with no bananas.


If everyone in America gave their entire salary to the government every year, it wouldn’t even begin to fund the federal budget. That is how insane things have gotten. The Much Greater Depression started decades ago, and is finally manifesting with a vengeance.

Hyperinflation is your future. Severe Weimar-style hyperinflation. The dollar is worthless. The British Sterling was the world reserve currency for 200 years, from about 1750 to about 1950. Britain was The Superpower for 150 years, but is now just a pitiful back-water, socialist, welfare state. America is finished after 234 years. Over 150 banks failed in 2010. This is worse than the Great Depression already.


We have oceans of oil right in the U.S., especially Alaska and the Bakken Fields. There is no Peak Oil. There is no oil shortage at all. There is no “energy crisis”. We could make $2 a gallon gasoline from coal with the SASOL process, but the government won’t allow it. We have 1,000 years worth of known coal reserves. The newest scam is algae biofuel. All biofuels are scams, especially corn ethanol. Solar has no wattage at all. Windmills have proven to be a failure in Europe. We need oil, coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric. Unfortunately, we need nuclear power plants to take care of almost 7 billion people on this earth. If we had 1 billion people, we would not need nuclear power at all.

Here is a recent photo of Marxist, Israel-firster Nobama. You can see where his loyalties lie. This is the Wailing Wall in Israel, in case you didn’t know. And that’s a yarmulke on his head. His handler is on the left. Israel gets far, far more foreign aid than any other country. Why? There should be no foreign aid at all. Every dollar should go to us.


Let me get this straight…

We’re going to be “gifted” with a government health care plan we are FORCED to purchase, and fined heavily if we don’t.  This supposedly covers at least ten million more people. Not one new doctor is added. However, 16,000 new IRS agents will be added. Do they have medical degrees? The committee that wrote this admittedly does not understand it, and the chairman admitted this publicly. Not one of the 435 Congressmen read it, but they sure did exempt themselves from it. It was signed by a president who smokes cigarettes. It is funded by a Treasury chief who doesn’t pay his own taxes. Everyone will pay taxes on this for a full four years, without getting one single “benefit”. The government will pay it off, even though they are hopelessly already completely and totally bankrupt with Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid. It will be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and in very poor health. Paid for by a country that is completely broke with a $200 trillion national debt (the entire GNP is only $12 trillion).

What could possibly go wrong here?

Two things are infinite – the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not sure about the former. After hydrogen, the most common thing in the universe is stupidity.

Look at farm prices. Both commercial and residential real estate will keep falling for years, but farm land is going up! Amazing. Buy farmland. Run a farm. Prosper during the Much Greater Depression when food prices go to Mars and beyond.

Look at this chart of price inflation from October 2009 to October 2010. This proves how bad inflation really is. It is going to get much, much worse folks. Everything you need is going to explode in price. People will not be able to pay their utility bill or buy food.  They sure won’t be able to buy clothes or put gas in their car. Hyperinflation here we come! Severe hyperinflation is your future. Silver is your saviour. Again, buy physical silver and hold it- if you can find any. Do not buy anymore silver stocks. If you own any, the only ones that make any sense are First Majestic, Great Panther, Endeavor, Sabina, and Impact. If you own any others, sell them. We dumped Quaterra, Arian, GGC, ECU, and U.S. Silver. National Inflation Association (NIA) is still pushing U.S. Silver, even though they hedged their 2011 production at $27.50. NIA is not what it seems.


Our Marxist government is destroying the country with universal health care, Cap and Trade, statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., legalizing 12 million criminal illegal aliens, all the stimulus and bailout programs, raising taxes on anyone, and the rest of the endless entitlement programs that are passed by the Republicrat Congress every week. You don’t even hear about these bills, or you are told how “beneficial” they will be. There are over 700 trillion dollars in worthless derivatives around the world. The entire GNP of the U.S. is a mere 12 trillion. These derivatives are collapsing every day. This will be a worldwide depression. One in six Americans is on food stamps, and depends of the government to feed them. And you don’t think this is End Times? If you don’t think this is End Times please just take a look at the reality shows on TV every night. Nobama will censor the Internet, and Zionist Cass Sunstein has already bragged about it. Social Insecurity and Medicare/Medicaid ALONE cost more than all the federal taxes taken in every year. The top 1% of wage earners pay a full 40% of all taxes. Half of all Americans pay NO federal taxes at all. Nothing. And we are supposed to tax the Evil Rich even more??? The more you keep overtaxing the rich, the less jobs you’ll have, and the fewer companies you’ll have. We shouldn’t have progressive taxation in the first place, as it is just another socialist entitlement program. 1 in 7 Americans now are officially defined as living in poverty. 14% are not paying their mortgages at all. Food prices are going thru the roof in 2011. You will see riots in the streets, martial law, and mass imprisonment in FEMA camps. You will see more taxes, still more taxes, and taxes on top of taxes. The Death Tax will rob people 55% who saved all their lives, and already paid taxes on what they earned. Somehow this will not affect the Clintons, Buffetts, Kerrys, Gates, Schumers, Trumps, Soros, or all the rich politicians. It never does. They won’t get government health care.  Only the sheeple will get that. The National Debt is really about $200,000 per person. That’s right, every man, woman and child owes $200,000 in debt. That means a family of four owes $800,000 towards the National Debt. Now can you see how hopeless the situation really is. All debts get paid all the time. There is no such thing as an “unpaid” debt. Either the buyer or the seller pays the debt. The 300 million citizens will pay this debt. You are going to pay this debt by being impoverished.


If all the silver mined every year was sold to U.S. citizens, after the industrial people get what they need, there would only be 100 million ounces sold. This is only $10 for each American. We are only 5% of the world population. No one else in the world would get any. If this was sold to the whole world everyone would only get 50 cents worth. That’s how small the silver market is. Stop and think about this for a minute. If all the available silver mined every year that is sold to consumers was sold to the 6+ billion people on this earth, everyone would get about 50 cents worth. That is a half gram. Half a paper clip.

The worldwide silver market is so tiny it is hard to comprehend. You cannot do without silver! You cannot have technology without silver, and you cannot replace it with anything. Our Constitution says only gold and silver are money. As the dollar collapses only gold and silver will be accepted as money.

Walgreen’s is the largest drug store chain in the world. They are failing. This is a ten year chart proving this. They have lost money in the last decade. Adjusted for inflation, they have SERIOUSLY lost money. This is the largest drug chain in the entire world, and they are hemorrhaging. Their stores aren’t profitable, yet they are opening up new stores all the time. Management is brain dead. This is real world proof our economy is going to hell on a greased slide.

Here is an even more pitiful chart for five years of General Electric performance. GE is the largest megacorporation in the world, and is hemorrhaging. Their value has dropped 50% in the last five years. Adjusted for inflation, it is much worse. The largest corporation in the world is failing folks.  This is going to be a worldwide international depression that no one will escape from. We could show you an almost endless list of worldwide stocks proving how bad the international economy is.


Did you ever wonder where silver comes from? It comes from Peru, but Peru is unstable. It is about to collapse into communism. Then the mines would be nationalized. It comes from Mexico, but that has fallen to anarchy. We cannot hold our Mexican mines (FR, GPR, EXK, SBB, and IPT) for much longer. China is no longer exporting silver. Australia has no silver mines, and gets all their silver from byproduct mining (lead, copper, etc.). Bolivia is like Peru, and about to collapse into communism. A very unstable country you cannot possibly invest in. Russia is keeping their silver as well. Chile is like Peru and Bolivia, and will fall soon. All of the Central and South American countries will soon be communist, Marxist, or run by the Chinese or Russians. The American government has made sure very little of our very large silver reserves are mined. Like oil, they won’t allow us to mine our own great resources. The rest of the countries aren’t worth discussing. Mining supply cannot possibly even begin to keep up with demand.


Just keep remembering that only about 100 million ounces of silver are sold to consumers every year worldwide. The COMEX and London are empty. There is no military Strategic Stockpile. We’re out of silver folks. Supplies are tight. Buy now while you can still get it. Sell your worthless IRA/401k, pay the penalty, and buy silver.


THE WHEELS ARE GOING TO COME OFF THE TRAIN IN 2011. Move out of the city. Buy whole grains, dried beans, and other such foods. Own practical guns and lots of ammunition. Have extra gasoline and a generator. Be ready when the grocery store shelves are empty. Be ready for “bank holidays”. Buy anything and everything you need like paper towels, soap, laundry detergent, batteries, light bulbs, and other everyday needs. Be prepared, like the Boy Scouts say.


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