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December 2011 Economic Rant - Roger Mason




Gun bill S822 passed the House and will soon be passed by the Senate. This is going to list all concealed carry permit holders in a national data base. Then these permits will be severely restricted and subject to federal control. This is just another step towards taking all the guns away folks. This is a "Trojan horse" law that seems good on the outside- until you figure it out. Of course you want your gun carry permit to be good in all 50 states. However, you don't want the federal government running the show with carry permits. Slaves can't own guns; only free people can own guns. Our Founding Fathers made it very clear gun ownership is a right, not a privilege, This has nothing to do with "militias". We are the only civilized country in the world where you can still own guns. Gun ownership is so severely restricted in Canada, all of Europe, Australia, NZ, Japan and most everywhere else. Can't have those Americans owning guns!!! Romney has done his best to ban guns in Massachusetts, and will do the same if he is elected president.



This is the most important chart you are going to look at this entire year. It is the price of silver (adjusted for inflation) going back over 600 years. Silver is CLOSE TO THE PRICE OF PRODUCTION. Yes, silver has been weak for over six months now. That's fine. Never look at the short term. Always look at the long term. Above is a 600 year chart to prove that point. For ten years now silver has returned almost 70% profit (not compounded, real profit) annually. Nothing else on earth has done that. Gold has "only" returned about 50% annual profit. Silver has now corrected down again to the $32 level. The correction is over and now we'll see it go up, up, and away! There are only 32 million ounces of available (registered) silver in the COMEX. This is a mere one tenth of one ounce for each American. The commercials are down to a mere 21,000 net short positions. This is huge! The manipulation is almost over. This is the largest store of silver in the world. Most all the major dealers and mints are out of stock. You must buy bullion, no mining stocks, no paper silver, and no storage programs.  Scams such as SLV and GLD, Perth Mint Certificates, Silver Saver, etc. are just to lure the suckers into paper metals that don’t exist. The same bar is sold to 100 different people. We are almost out of physical silver. No, we can’t possibly mine what the world requires every year. The silver (and gold) mining shares have been a disgrace for over a decade now. This has never before happened in history. Even during the Great Depression they did very well. Yes, PSLV (Sprott Silver Fund) and CEF (Central Fund of Canada) are honest, and have real silver. But they are not the answer at all. You must own the bullion and hold it person-ally. The best time to buy silver is when you have money in your pocket. This is a dip!


Let's keep repeating the four rules of investing:

   Buy value and hold for the long term.

   Buy and hold and add on dips.

   Be right and sit tight.

   Never trade, never trade, never trade.


Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not--Thomas Jefferson


20,000 military troops have been deployed WITHIN the U.S. in case of civil unrest or economic collapse. Did you read about this in the media? Of course not. Where can you read about it? Russia Today tells far more truth than the American Media. Isn’t that ironic? It would be funny if it wasn’t tragic. Our own military is now our enemy. Martial law is coming folks. Another fake 9/11 style attack and all your rights will disappear in one second. A heavily armed private will order you around like a plantation slave and kill you dead if you don’t obey. You won’t like martial law at all.  It is coming! Go to www.russiatoday.com to see some really good honest news reporting. You know things are 180 degrees backwards when you get honest news reporting from Russia.


Want more proof of End Times? One in four women in America are on psych meds. One in ten men are on psych meds. (Men are in blue, women in red.) The older they get the more they take. Please go to www.youngagain.org and read Most Medicated Nation under M in the articles. Antidepressants topped the list with such Chemical Wonders as Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, Cymbalta, Luvox, Celexa, Pristiq, Lexapro, Effexor, and Wellbutrin. These poisons make you worse, not better!


Let's keep repeating it...there is no energy crisis. We have plenty of energy. We have a government problem, not an energy shortage. We have 100 years of known oil right here in America. We have 100 years of known natural gas right here in America. We have 1,000 years of known coal right here in America. We have unlimited uranium. 6,000 ft of natural gas costs $24, and equals one barrel of oil at $98. It is four times cheaper. Natural gas is four times cheaper than oil, and we have 100 years of known reserves. We could make $2 a gallon gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel from coal with the SASOL process today. The government won't allow one SASOL plant!  That is 1,000 years of $2 a gallon fuel under our feet. We do not need one drop of foreign oil. We have our own. Canada and Mexico will gladly sell us almost endless amounts of oil and natural gas. The liberals hate coal, but it provides 70% of our electricity. The "electric cars" are therefore really just coal cars, but the liberals won't admit that. Windmills, solar power, and biofuels are too ridiculous to discuss. Totally worthless! Did Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Savage, Beck, Boortz, or any of the other pseudo-conservatives tell you any of these facts?


The median home price has fallen to only $162,000, and is headed towards $100,000. Yes, the median American home will fall to $100,000 within the next five years. The housing crash has years to go. You will be able to buy that home for a mere 250 ounces of silver. Yes, you can get that 250 ounces of silver for about $8,000 today. Wouldn’t you like to have a nice home fully paid for at a mere $8,000? Then go out and buy 250 ounces of silver and you can. Commercial real estate is going to hell as shopping malls, shopping centers, strip malls, and office buildings close every day. Farm land goes UP every day. We are going to see food shortages and extremely high food prices and hyperinflation kicks in. Farmers are going to thrive during the Much Greater Depression. No one wants to farm though. Farming is the future. Americans are the only people on earth who eat like royalty on a vast selection of international gourmet treats at bargain prices. All that is over folks.


Look at the gold to silver ratio going back over 35 years. It is going back to 15 to 1 and probably down to 10 to 1. Silver is four times better than gold. Silver is going to outperform gold four to one- like $6,000 gold and $400 silver for example.


The Federal agencies designed to protect us from bad foods and bad drugs instead promote bad foods and bad drugs and make natural foods and supplements illegal or difficult to obtain. That keeps Americans fat and happy and stupid. The FDA is doing their best to make vitamin supplements illegal and by prescription only. America is the only civilized country in the world you can freely buy these life giving supplements. Marxism and socialism is about control for the sake of control. Control everything for any reason or no reason whatsoever.



Here is "conservative" Newt with his personal friend and confidant Commie Nancy. They got together to promote the Global Warming scam, the Patriot Act, and all kinds of nefarious bills. He is the leading candidate now, but that won't last for long. He is for free immigration, amnesty for illegals, and puts the welfare of Israel over that over America. He has far, far too much baggage to be elected. Romney is going to be the Republican choice. Romney is just a white Obama. His socialist programs in Massachusetts prove what he is. Never forget there is only one party in America- the Republicrat Party. Two wings of the same bird. Heads and tails of the same coin. You don’t have a choice when you vote. Your only choice is to vote libertarian or constitutionalist, but there are rarely any such candidates. Support Ron Paul on principle!



Here is a 10 year chart of silver. We have needed a lot of patience for six months now since May. Just remember the 2008 correction was worse than this one. Buy value and hold for the long term. Be right and sit tight. Buy and hold and add on dips.  



The Congressional Super Committee couldn’t cut a measly $150 billion dollars from the budget. Our Gross National Product is only $14 trillion, so this is only about a 1% cut. They couldn’t make a 1% cut!!! Ron Paul proposed a serious $1 trillion dollar annual budget cut. This is what we need. The media will be sure you rarely hear from Ron Paul, and he will portrayed as an extremist who is "on the fringe".


Many of you are unclear as to what a "neocon" is. There is nothing new ("neo") or conservative about neoconservatives. They are far leftists who are centered on Trotsky (real name Bronstein). The support the Likud Party in Israel, and their main interest is supporting Israel in all ways. They publish the National Review, Weekly Standard, Public Interest, Commentary, Wall St. Journal, Washington Post, and New York Post. The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) is their main organization. The are overwhelmingly Jewish, and include Paul Wolfowitze, Robert Kagan, Bill Kristol, Leo Strauss, Eliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Charles Krauthammer, John Podhoretz, Rupert Murdoch, Max Boot, and Michael Ledeed. You also have gentiles such as Dick Cheney, Bill Bennett, and Donald Rumsfeld. You will never hear anything about neocons from pseudo-conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Don Imus, Neal Boortz, Marc Levin, Glenn Beck (where did he go?) Michael Savage, and the rest of the phoneys.


The Zionist war drums keep beating for Iran. We have ZERO reason to harm Iran. In fact, we should actively trade with them to our mutual benefit. Israel has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons, and is not a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. They have never once been inspected. Iran has zero nuclear weapons, is a member of the treaty, and gets regular inspections. Russia has warned us to stay away from Iran. Iran is their ally and they will come to their defense. We do not want to call them on this.



Here’s our old friend Newt again explaining why police states are the ideal form of government. Illusions of “safety” and “security” over freedom, independence, and prosperity. This disgusting piece of filth will never be our president.


"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order." 

      David Rockefeller

More and more the leaders of the New World order come right out and tell you what they are doing. No more secrets behind closed doors. Right in your face- we are going to have a one world government.


"Of course there is a class war, but it's my class, the rich class, that is waging the war, and we're winning." 

      Warren Buffet

Never forget that the “wisest investor in the world” only makes 4% a year with his pitiful Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) stock. That’s right, Senile in Omaha has made all of 44% profit in the last 11 years. That is BELOW real inflation, so you would have lost real purchasing power. Silver has gone up almost 700% in the last 11 years. Buffett is on record as hating silver and gold. He sold his silver years ago. We have published 10 year BRKA charts repeatedly to prove this.

Have you heard about the Defense Authorization act S1867? Congress is secretly passing that without any media attention. Any American can be arrested by the military anywhere in the world without charges, trial, hearing, or attorney. For any reason or no reason at all. Crimes include a, "beligerant act". A beligerant act would include anything! Think this is some kind of right wing paranoia? Well, the ACLU (who is not your friend) is actively fighting this, to their credit. Go to www.downsizedc.com to learn more. Send them money if you want to. They are a good organization devoted to freedom. The Constitution and Bill of Rights went down the drain decades ago. America is through, finished, done, kaput, over after 235 years.


Wow! Look at the above chart of Goldman Sachs and the Obama cabinet. This is “crony capitalism” at its best. This is not real free market capitalism at all.



We have now started a war with Pakistan. We just killed 24 innocent Pakistani soldiers for no reason at all. It was just a "mistake". We are trying to start a war with Syria. Russia is going to defend Syria, just as they will defend Iran. America has gone psychotic attacking every country in the Mideast- but Israel of course. We are 5% of the world population but spend 50% of the world military budget. This can't keep up. We are out of money and have been out of money. We cannot afford these endless, evil wars of aggression.  If you think there is any hope at all just look at the above chart. Federal debt is almost 400% of Gross National Product. The Much Greater Depression is the only outcome of this insanity. This will be the worst depression the world has ever seen. You'll see 40% unemployment just for starters. Mass starvation. FEMA camps. Martial law. This will be unprecedented. Get ready for this. Do everything you can to prepare for what is coming.


Folks, this is End Times. No, Jesus isn't coming back, and wouldn't bother. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not coming down from the sky either. Life on earth is over and World War III looms around the corner. There is no freedom on this planet for the first time since man appeared. One big Prison Planet with a One World Government almost complete. See you in mid-December









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