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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late December Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.   Thomas Jefferson       


This Christmas will be the most dismal one in 80 years since the Great Depression.

January 2010 will be absolutely awful when the drunks wake up and realize the party is over and the punchbowl is empty. In 2010 people will finally be forced to admit the Much Greater Depression has started and will only get worse. Hyperinflation is your future. The Fed printing presses will run 24/7 stealing your hard earned money quietly, unseen, secretly, in the dark. The U.S. dollar is 85% of the world reserve currency and is now 76 cents in the world basket of currencies index. This will be a worldwide depression and no country will be spared. You will see:


  • Constantly rising prices in everything (but rent due to the housing surplus)
  • Continued and increasing bank failures
  • Residential real estate collapse
  • Commercial real estate crash
  • Unemployment going to 21% to 30% or worse
  • Stores everywhere closing and empty malls
  • Auto sales going to zero.
  • Businesses going under constantly
  • Energy costs rising- electricity, gas, gasoline, diesel
  • Food costs going from 10% of your salary to 30%


The federal government is bankrupt, broke, and penniless. They are printing Monopoly money to finance everything. The Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves. You will see city, county, town, and state governments going broke, or even admitting they have been broke.  Unemployment will be the worst problem of all. Now you’re going to see soup lines. Now you’re going to see people who cannot eat and cannot keep warm. The current burger flipper and other minimum wage jobs will all disappear in 2010. People will give their homes back to the bank in droves. People will give their cars back to the bank in droves. The “Cash for Clunkers” scam was purposely meant to help bankrupt this country. Perfectly good cars were destroyed instead of being left on the road or at least sold to foreign countries. Perfectly good cars junked for no reason other than to continue to ruin the economy.

Meanwhile, we send troops to Afghanistan after destroying Iraq for no reason. We have already invaded Pakistan and are looking at Syria. The politicians want to invade Iran, but realize that will be the start of world war 3. China and Russia won’t stand for it. Have you ever asked yourself what we are doing invading these sovereign countries for no good reason at all? It has nothing to do with terrorism. His has nothing to do with imagined “terrorists” anymore than all that harassment you get at the airports from TSA. The entire fake “war on terror” is just a tactic to turn America into a police state. It has worked perfectly.

The Much Greater Depression has already started. It is not going to start next year- it is already well in progress. Over one quarter of American homes cannot afford a bank account!!! Not one person in the home has an account. They use expensive payroll advance and check cashing services. They cannot save or borrow. This is directly From the FDIC, who doesn’t like to give out bad news. This means they have a lower standard of living from paying high fees for no reason. Anyone can have a bank account with a $50 deposit, even illegal immigrants. The fees for payday advances and check cashing are extortionate, but perfectly legal. Only fools pay these fees. This also means they have zero savings and live from day to day. There are supposed to be less than 120 million households and over 30 million of these have no checking accounts. This number goes up every month. 12% of Americans are on Food Stamps. That’s right- 1 in 8 citizens cannot eat without government help.



The Los Angeles Auto Show is the biggest such show in the world. The featured car this year is the crappy little Ford Fiesta that is so popular in Europe. It has a tiny 1.6 liter motorcycle engine and can barely get out of its own way. Actually, many motorcycles have bigger engines and much more horsepower than a Fiesta. Junky little plastic pretend cars like this are your future folks. They’re just four wheeled motorcycles with a shell. Only the middle class and above will even own a car. Everyone else will use public (that is, government) transportation like they do in socialist Europe. If you want a business idea go buy a Smart Car or motor scooter (not motorcycle) dealership and do both sales and repairs. Seriously, this is one of the very, very few businesses that are going to do well during the Much Greater Depression. This is your future. God only knows what is going to happen to all those millions of Hummers, Escalades, Suburbans, Armadas, and Denalis.


Be sure to go to www.inflation.us and see their new 30 minute movie Dollar Bubble. This is a very good organization if you want to get on their mail list. This is their second free movie and everything in these movies is 100% factual and accurate and on the money.


Would you like to see one very realistic scenario of how the One World Order will be manifested? Just take a look at these seven steps to one world government:

1)      World Trade Organization (WTO) where the U.N. takes over regulation and control of all manufacturing and trade.

2)      Cap and Trade and the Copenhagen Climate Agenda all energy is controlled.

3)      Sovereign Partnership and the North American Union of Canada, America, and


4)      Universal Health Care

5)      Coordination of International Regulation

6)      Codex Alimentarius for food and vitamin supplements

7)      Agenda 21 where the worldwide agricultural production is managed.

There are countless other steps, of course, but here are seven of the most important that are largely implemented already.


Obama Hussein promised to end the war and bring the troops home. What did he actually do? Increased the troops and expanded the war. The great majority of Americans do not want us in Afghanistan and want to bring the boys home now. Savior Obama is just going to keep sending tens and tens of thousands of new troops over there to “get the job done”.

What job? What business on God’s earth do we have in Afghanistan? NONE AT ALL!!!

That’s how much business we have anywhere on this earth. We should bring home every soldier not on U.S. soil and close every single overseas military base today. Think of the trillions of dollars that would be saved and then benefit America and our citizens.


As of Thursday December 3 the correction began in both silver and gold. This will probably be a very short and very mild correction ending by Friday the 18th. This correction is good for the market and makes for stronger and healthier precious metals prices. Both silver and gold had gone up too far, too fast, and were overbought. The commercials (the big banks, especially J.P. Morgan) are already dumping their manipulative silver and gold COMEX short positions. The price manipulation for both is now over. Physical buying has overpowered them and they can no longer suppress the prices. It is going to be extremely VOLATILE from here, but it is blue skies ahead after this much needed and expected correction. Buy and hold and add on dips. Do not trade. Lean towards bullion over stocks. Do not buy “paper silver” like ETFs, or let anyone hold your silver for you. There are only six silver stocks we like out of the mere fifty or so in the entire world. ECU, EXK, IPT, GPR, USA, and FR. The correction is a perfect time to load up on both bullion and stocks.


On December 7 Savior Obama is going to Copenhagen to sign the ludicrous climate treaty.

This is going to ruin the standard of living in the whole world and make all energy hideously expensive. This will especially hurt the poor. THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. THERE IS NO ENERGY SHORTAGE. CO2 IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. Six billion people and count- less animals (including insects) breathe CO2 constantly. The idea that CO2 is “toxic” is prima facie insanity. Wind power is useless. T. Boone Pickens proved that. Europe has proved that for ten years now. Solar power is even more useless. There is just no wattage in sunlight. Global warming is a scam. Peak Oil is a scam. There is no shortage of oil, gas, coal, or uranium. We have plenty of oil right here in the U.S., but the government won’t allow it to be pumped. We have 1,000 (one thousand) years of known coal reserves. Coal can be made into gasoline for $2 a gallon with the SASOL process, but the government won’t allow one SASOL plant. The president of Jet Blue wisely wanted to open his own SASOL plant so they could make jet fuel cheaply, but the government would not let him. This was developed in WWII by the Germans and improved on. It is used in South Africa today since they have no oil. We have plenty of energy, but too much government.



Look at the Fed printing Monopoly money 24/7. This is absolute proof hyperinflation

is your future.




Buy and hold and add on dips. This is your whole philosophy. Let’s be very clear about buy and hold as your investment bedrock. Your author put 100% of his money into silver bullion and stocks 10 years ago in 2000. That has returned 40% annual profit for 10 years without compounding. That is impossible, but that’s a fact. Buffett, Gates, Soros, Trump never did that in their entire lives. In 2008 we lost half our entire net worth. That’s right; in 2008 we lost half of everything. We not only held on to our silver and silver stocks, but added to them whenever we had cash. We have now recovered fully in December of 2009. The good news is that this will be much better in the next five years. Buy silver under $20 and it will go to $200 by 2014. Actually it will probably go to $400. You will make 1000% on your money in the next five years. This is 200% a year without compounding.  You had your chance in 1980 to do this. Now you have the last chance you will ever see to get rich by being smart. Once your author thought he was such a smart guy he tried to trade and sold all the stocks because he felt silver was going to correct after a big run-up. Well, silver did crash badly, but the stocks went to the moon ironically. A real disaster because buy and hold was not followed faithfully. Buy and hold and add on dips. Only silver and gold will prosper in the coming years as all world currencies collapse. Silver is four times better than gold.



Look at the silver price for the last year (courtesy of DecisionPoint). It has gone from $9 to $19. The bull market is fully intact. As of Tuesday the 15th it is $17.13. It could drop to $16.50 and then take off again. Notice the trend is not only strong, but the correction from $19 to $17 is Healthy, expected, and makes for a stronger market. BUY ON DIPS. Buy all the Silver bullion you can get your hands on.



When you see a hypocritical warmonger like Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize you know it’s End Times. Reality is upside down. The world runs 180 degrees backwards now.


Yesterday (Dec. 14) we sent out Special Alert #2 recommending your buy all the silver you can at $17. The silver report from the National Inflation Association (www.inflation.us) was attached. They are a very good and honest organization and you should get on their mailing list. They are some of the very few who realize silver is the best investment in the world by far.

Back up the truck and buy all the bullion you can afford. The less money you have the more important it is you put all of your money into silver. More and more bullion is better than silver stocks. Bullion is real. Try APMEX, silverseek.com or Gaithersburg Coin.


Osama bin Laden has been dead since 2001. That’s old news. This has been common know-ledge for years now. You’ll notice Obama and McCrystal don’t even mention his name any-more. The entire War on Terror has been a hoax to form a Marxist police state. It has worked very well. The misnamed Patriot Act was the worst bill even Passed in America, and completely gutted the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you still don’t understand 9/11 was an inside job just Google “9/11 hoax” or “9/11 fraud” and you will find endless factual evidence that will leave no doubt in your mind at all. More and more people are waking up to the fact 9/11 was done by our own government. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom, the last place you can find the truth. The Internet has exposed the fact 9/11 was a complete hoax, a total fraud as well as the War of Terror.

During the Great Depression some farmers did very well. Almost no jobs are going to do well in the Much Greater Depression except farming. If you are looking for something realistic to survive then take up farming. Try and think of any vocation that is going to do well and you will come up with almost nothing. The people who live on Social Insecurity are literally going to starve to death while they freeze to death. The government won’t feed them and doesn’t want to feed them. The private charities will be totally overwhelmed. There will be very, very long soup lines, but no soup. At least 80 years ago they had soup if you stood in line long enough. These lines went back for many blocks. It will be much worse this time.



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