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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late January Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Gold and silver keep rocketing to Mars and beyond. Gold and silver are the ONLY real money authorized by our Constitution. The U.S. dollar keeps falling to oblivion, and is now a mere 76 cents on the U.S. dollar index basket of currencies. There are no good currencies on the face of the earth anymore- they’re all just useless paper. INFLATION is the big word for 2008. True inflation is about 15%, and you prove that every time you go to the grocery store or the gas pump. M3 (how much counterfeit money) is not published to cover up government inflation, but M3 is configured from other information. This proves we have true 15% inflation. Did your salary go up 15%? Of course  not, but your standard of living is going down 15% annually. We’re already in a recession folks. Don’t wait for what we’re already in. David Rosenberg, chief economist for Merrill Lynch, just said, “The U.S. economy is in a recession.” We’re already in a recession, and headed for the Greater Depression. The 1929 Depression will look like a picnic. Think we’re not headed for an imminent depression? When the government overtaxes, over-inflates, and overregulates, as we do now, you’re guaranteed an eventual depression.

The stock market could not hold 14,000, and cannot hold 13,000. Look for a 10,000 Dow in 2008. The Dow would have to go from 13,000 to 15,000 just to match inflation! Please remember that- it has to go up 15% just to break even! That’s before taxes on your illus-ory profits. Even if it did go up 15% every year, you would lose money after taxes.

You’re scared to death to cash in your 401k/IRA and take the 40% tax, aren’t you? The account manager laughed in your face when you asked him to convert it to silver stocks, didn’t he? If you don’t cash in your 401k/IRA, and invest it in silver bullion and silver stocks you are going to watch it vaporize to nothing. You won’t have a retirement. You’ll be in the Salvation Army soup line, instead of enjoying what you worked and saved for all these years. Cash in your 401k/IRA, take the 40% hit, and invest in silver bullion and silver stocks. If you don’t, you deserve what you get.  Why not gold? What’s wrong with gold? Nothing, but silver is a far, far better investment than gold is. The historical gold to silver ratio is only 15 to 1, but is now 56 to 1. Remem-ber that. Silver is going to far outperform gold. We only need gold to back our paper money; you don’t need gold otherwise. You don’t need jewelry! All the gold ever mined is still available basically, and never gets used or destroyed (things like gold plating are an exception). There are plenty of gold mines in the world. Silver is vital for countless things, especially electronics. The silver has been used up, and we are almost out of world silver. 90% of silver comes from byproduct mining. There are only about 50 actual real silver mines in the world. Half of them are no good for various reasons, and half of the others too small to invest in safely. That leaves us with about a dozen viable silver mines in the entire world one would want to invest in. Silver is going to $200 an ounce. $50 silver in 1982 would now be about $140 in inflated dollars. There was plenty of silver back then, but we’re simply out of silver now. The largest cache of silver in the world is the COMEX, but half of that is owned by silver investors who just will not sell it. You cannot drive your car, turn on your TV, listen to radio, take photos (digital photos still print on silver paper), run your refrigerator, get on your computer, make a phone call, turn on your air conditioner or furnace, or do much of anything else regarding electronics without silver. You cannot replace it either. Forget jewelry and photography. We have to have silver, we’re about out of silver, and you can’t even begin to mine enough silver to get by.  George and the neocons are going to replace the useless U.S. dollar with the Amero.

This is not some right wing fantasy at all. The plans are in place, and it is just a matter of time. Google “Amero” and prove this to yourself. This is a reality folks. A Canadian/ Mexican/American currency that won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. No, the media won’t tell you that. The news media will deny such things as the Amero and the NAFTA highway (google that, too) from Canada to Mexico. A national ID card is already in place with the North American Union REAL ID drivers licenses to meet federal criteria. Karl Marx is smiling in his grave. It’s worse than you think. It doesn’t matter which Republicrat wins the presidency. There isn’t five cents worth of difference between Republicans and Democrats. Vote for Ron Paul. Go to and send him some money. Don’t waste your vote on Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee. Make your vote count, and vote for Ron Paul. Don’t waste your vote on the lesser of two evils. He’s the only one who believes in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. All the other candidates are neocon puppets. McCain is the neocon choice; watch him closely.

Over 200 years ago a Scottish history professor wrote, “A democracy is always temporary in nature lasting on average 225 years, and cannot exist as a permanent form of govern-ment. It will continue to exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.” We now live in a left wing, socialist, welfare police state, instead of the democratic federal republic formed in 1776 over 230 years ago in 1776. One hundred years ago, “England ruled the waves”. Now it’s a socialist backwater full of third world welfare recipients. Soon we’ll be a third world banana republic without the bananas. We lost control over immigration a long time ago.

We cannot even define the financial instrument “derivative”, but there is more money in derivatives than the entire GNPs of all the countries put together. They are coming apart now, and it will be a neutron bomb when they do. Warren Buffet said this. The banks are all broke. You need to understand the banks are all broke now. They all wrote bad mortgages. Taking back foreclosed houses is now a liability, since the prices will keep falling and falling. We have a one year backlog of unsold homes, and more are still being built every day. People can’t afford to pay the mortgage, and the banks don’t want the houses. This is a no win situation for sure. The housing bubble will keep collapsing until you see houses sell for a quarter on the dollar from peak. This will destroy the stock market. That will be the nail in the coffin. Only silver (and gold) will save you from this. There is no other real money; all paper currencies are worthless, including the Swiss franc. 

The budget deficit is out of control

The trade deficit is hopeless 

The dollar is falling to nothing from inflation and lower interest rates

The housing collapse is just getting started

The stock market is a house of cards ready to collapse

Inflation is ruining our standard of living

Unemployment is far higher than admitted and getting worse

We’ve lost most of our civil rights and are losing more

The derivatives neutron bomb is starting to go off

The war in Iraq will continue and spill over into Iran, Syria, and Pakistan Immigration has ruined the makeup of our population              

Wake up and smell the coffee. Buy all the silver and silver stocks you can. Get prepared folks, because it’s only going to get worse. America is 232 years old, and now a failing left wing, socialistic, welfare police state.

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