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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late January Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

Look at the chart below if you think there is any hope at all for this country. For the first time in the history of the U.S. we have more government employees than real workers who produce real goods. Every country that got to the point of having more government workers than real workers who make real things has turned into a Third World backwater. It is not the growth of government jobs, but rather our manufacturing base deteriorated constantly.

On Christmas day Umar the Baboon tried to blow his private parts off with a homemade firecracker. At no time was any passenger at risk for anything much less the entire aircraft. The media wouldn’t shut up about it. The media claimed hundreds of passengers were almost killed, blah, blah, blah… THIS WAS ALL BY DESIGN FOLKS. This was all one big set-up so you will lose even more of your rights and freedoms in the false fight against terrorism.  It is irrelevant whether it was the CIA, NSA, Mossad, MKUltra, or all of them together. They are all part of the One World Order anyway. Umar was just a paid stooge, a puppet so every airport in the world will now have full body scanners. There go even more of your rights and freedoms down the toilet. It’s all a hoax courtesy of the One World Order crowd. There are two types of machines, the millimeter wave which uses sound waves. This will not hurt you. There are only 40 of them at U.S. airports. The TSA has 150 backscatter X-ray machines. These use x-radiation, so do NOT use them. These x-ray machines will soon be installed in all the airports. Refuse these. Refuse both and get a pat down. Soon you will not be able to refuse anything, and you will be IRRADIATED every time you fly even if you are ill, or pregnant, or a toddler. All of this has nothing whatsoever to do with safety or security in any way, shape or form. Two thirds of Americans in a poll said they would accept the scanners when they fly. 90% of the brain dead Brits at Heathrow voluntarily go thru the scanners every day even though they have a free choice not to. The 40 machines currently at U.S. airports are used voluntarily by about a quarter of the sheeple, even though they don’t have to. Soon there will be nothing voluntary about it, and you will be irradiated or not fly. Again, none of this has anything at all to do in any way with safety, security, or “terrorism”. It is only about power and control and the One World Order. Al Queda is a media myth and Osama bin Laden died years ago. The real terrorists are the American government. America has invaded sovereign countries and killed and maimed their citizens for no reason at all. America has invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and can’t wait to invade Iran, Syria, Yemen and God only knows who else. We have replaced Russia as the World Bully. The entire world more and more hates America and Americans. We are the terrorists.


On Monday January 11 Chavez devalued the Venezuelan Bolivar by 50%. That means every Venezuelan lost half of their entire net worth. Except the 1 in 1,000 who owned gold or silver. They didn’t lose a penny. Venezuela is one of the biggest oil exporting countries in the world. World oil is up to $83 a barrel and they are broke? How can you be broke with a massive supply of $83 oil? This is what happens under Marxism and America is now an official Marxist country with a Marxist President and Congress. The U.S. constantly devalues the dollar by printing worthless Monopoly money at the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves). The Dollar has lost 98% of its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve hoax in 1913 at Jekyll Island. If you don’t understand this fraud, just Google “Federal Reserve hoax” and you’ll get too much factual information to handle. We face severe hyperinflation in America as the printing presses run 24/7 making unbacked Monopoly money. The only way to save yourself is silver and gold. Silver is four times better than gold. The banking system is held together with bailing wire and bubble gum. Keep a minimal checking account and no savings account. Try to empty the checking account every month. Instead of keeping some Monopoly money under the mattress keep “junk” (pre 1964) U.S. silver coins or one ounce silver rounds. We will have a “bank holiday” anytime. Only God knows when; even the bankers don’t know. You will have no access to your bank account, your unsafe deposit box, checks, credit, or debit cards. You will have zip, zero, nada, nothing.


Recently The Governator of California was on TV bragging about how his state is the “most diverse and greenest state in America”. They are also the most bankrupt state in America.

This is what liberalism does. When you allow Third World immigrants (legal or illegal- it

Doesn’t matter at all) to invade your country you destroy it. When you “go green” you destroy the economy. He was bragging about bankrupting California with diversity and green disease.

America did not become great by allowing Third World immigrants or letting the government run much of anything. The greener and more diverse you are the more bankrupt you become.


As of the 12th silver almost reached $19. This corrected a little since the banks are still short almost a half billion (that’s billion with a “B”) ounces of silver on the COMEX. We begged you to buy silver at $17. On the 15th the banks now have a stunning 88,000 short silver contracts. No other commodity has any insane short position except gold. We may have a real big correction anytime. Just buy more if we do. Buy and hold and add on dips. Lean towards bullion over stocks. There are six good silver stocks including ECU, Endeavor, Impact, Great Panther, U.S. Silver, and First Majestic, but buy bullion over stocks. Why? Bullion is real and physical silver will disappear very soon. In a Marxist country like ours any paper investments are less and less reliable. Silver could correct strongly here with this insane short position.


The government is going to take over your IRA or 401k. That’s a fact folks. This is not some paranoid fantasy. This was clearly spelled out last week in the January 8 issue of Business Week. They will call this a conversion to “annuities”. Dump your IRA or 401k and buy silver bullion. Get creative about how and where to store it yourself. No unsafe deposit boxes, storage facilities, depositories, etc. The government is going to forcibly change your IRA or 401k into worthless Treasury paper. They are out of money and tax revenues are falling by the day. The Marxist wealth transfer programs have no funding.  Stealing your entire life savings is the answer. Your account will be converted to worthless Treasury paper and you will not be able to withdraw it or prevent it. Do it now while you can. Dump your IRA or 401k and buy silver bullion. The government is broke, tax revenues are falling, and socialist programs have to be funded. They are going to steal your life savings to do it. Argentina just did it- they confiscated the PRIVATE social security funds of the people. This was not a government program; it was a private program after their government social insecurity went bankrupt. Argentina is a warning to us.


America is the only civilized nation in the world with any kind of firearms freedom. The Second Amendment guarantees our right to firearms. Switzerland has some firearms freedom, but they are so mired in socialism it is dismal there. Obama and the gang want your guns, but they know this cannot be done overnight. A cornerstone of the One World Order is no firearms at all for the peasants. If you do not own guns please go take a course in gun safety and buy a revolver and a shotgun at the minimum for home defense. Semi automatics are not practical as you cannot leave the magazine loaded or the spring will weaken. Our Founding Fathers were very clear about the right to own guns. The American Revolution would have never happened if Americans had no guns. Thomas Jefferson said, “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” John Adams said, “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” Free men do not ask permission to bear arms. Slaves can’t own guns.  Bearing arms is your God given right, not some privilege. Always remember an armed man is a citizen, while an unarmed man is a subject, a peon, a peasant, a serf. When you take away the people’s right to bear arms you create slaves. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them. Gun control has nothing to do with safety whatsoever- it is about control. Rust and politicians are the only two enemies of firearms. The liberals are going to take away our guns step by step, not overnight. Restrictions on ammunition. Restrictions on which types of gun are acceptable. Restrictions on sales. It will be done step by step over time. Gun owners far outnumber all the police and military combined. Remember that. Pelosi, Reid, Clinton, and the gang will take away your Second Amendment rights step by step by step. Canadians have no gun freedom. Europeans have no gun freedom. Australia has no gun freedom. And New Zealand has very limited gun freedom. The rest of the world isn’t worth talking about. Did you know that people had far more gun rights under the National Socialist regime in the 1940s? That’s a fact. All this talk about how Hitler registered the guns and then confiscated them is just one big lie. The previous leftist Weimar Republic had very few gun rights, and Hitler restored them. All law abiding German citizens had full gun rights including Jews, Gypsies, and everyone else. The National Socialist government was certainly not afraid of the citizens at all, unlike our current government. All of this is verifiable historical fact. Germans had more gun rights under Hitler than we do. Taking away the guns is an absolute cornerstone of the One World Order and any Marxist or Socialist system.


This is the third year for the Economic Rant. We have been 99% accurate in that time and you can look at the back issues to prove that. They are all available at www.economicrant.com. Why the 99% accuracy? Is Roger Whatshisname psychic? No, it is a very simple matter to take a close hard look at today and you can basically see tomorrow. That’s all you have to do. Take a really good look at what is happening today and you can basically see tomorrow. The military draft hasn’t happened yet, but it will. The stock market hasn’t crashed yet, but it will. We haven’t invaded Iran yet, but we will. You can see all of this and a lot more if you just take a very close look at what is happening today.



This is the real Michelle Obama. Did you know she has a personal staff of 27 that you, the tax payer, pay for. This costs over $1.5 million a year- plus her makeup artist and her hair stylist. No other First Lady in the history of the U.S. was as narcissistic as Michelle. Laura Bush had only one person to help her. Hillary Clinton had three. Barbara Bush had one. Roseline Carter had one. Jackie Kennedy had one, and Mamie Eisenhower had one who was paid from her husband’s salary to save money. She spends almost $500 of your tax money to eat lunch at the N.Y. Waldorf Astoria for lobster, champagne and Iranian caviar. That’s a fact. She dramatically lightened her skin like Michael Jackson, and straightens her hair as well as the hair of her two daughters. She doesn’t seem proud of her genetic heritage as God made her. This is a very, very unhappy and spiteful woman, and she’s the First Lady of what once was America.


The Dow Jones must go from the current 10,600 to 12,700 by January 2011 just to break even! You will make no money at all there. If would have to go to 15,200 by January 2012 just to break even. Again, you would make no money whatsoever. The Dow to gold ratio was an amazing 47 to 1 just five years ago. Now it is down to a mere 9 to 1. That is how much gold

And silver have outpaced the stock market. Sell you IRA or 401k. Get out of the stock market except for any good silver stocks you own. Buy silver bullion. Silver is going to $200 and ounce and probably a lot higher. The stock market is going to hell along with the dollar. Expect the dollar to lose half its value in the next few years.

Look at the excellent chart above courtesy of National Debt Clock. 70 years ago in 1940 our national debt was miniscule, tiny, and insignificant.  In a few years it will be $24 trillion dollars.  That means the U.S. has been bankrupt for decades now. We’re already $12 trillion in debt.  How will this money be paid? BY YOU THE TAXPAYER, THAT’S HOW!!! You will pay the debt. Every American citizen will pay this $12 billion debt by hyperinflation. There are about 100 million actual workers in the U.S. so each of them will pay about $120,000. Do you want to give the government $120,000? Do you even have $120,000 to give them? All debts get paid either by the lender or the borrower and YOU will pay the debt. No debt goes unpaid ever. Buy silver and you’ll get rich while the sheeple pay the debt off. Let the sheeple pay the debt while you get rich. Wasn’t that easy?


The U.S. is turning into a Third World Marxist backwater every day. HYPERINFLATION and UNEMPLOYMENT are your two big worries along with everything else. We will have Weimar-type hyperinflation that robs you silently and unseen to pay the National Debt and For all the endless socialist program. True unemployment is already 20% and going to 30% or higher. You’ll see very long soup lines, but no soup. At least 80 years ago there was soup if you stood in the cold for a few hours. The sad thing is the sheeple will not wake up and realize the government was the cause of the depression. They will riot in the streets because the government isn’t “doing enough” to help them. Just like what happened in Katrina. People were living 18 feet below sea level with leaky dikes. When they broke they expected the government to come in and feed them and give them a new house! The cold, hungry, disillusioned citizens will expect the government to feed them and keep them warm. The extensive system of FEMA prison camps is there to lock up millions of such people.


We like on one big Prison Planet folks. There is nowhere to go. For the first time in the history of this planet there is no country on earth that is free to flee to. Every country on earth is now socialist, Marxist, communist, or just an outright dictatorship. Over six billion prisoners. The One World Order has won and more and more we will have a one world government. By the way, your new national health card will be your new National I.D. Card like they carry in communist countries. That’s right you’ll have to carry your National I.D. Card wherever you go. Then it will have a micro-chip with your entire life history in it.


Buy silver bullion. Keep it yourself. No ETFs or storage facilities or unsafe deposit boxes.

Get creative and you can hide it in plain sight.


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