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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late January Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

Folks, you really HAVE to watch this 6 minute video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IiarVvZguY

This guy makes your poor old author look like a moderate! He presents a very convincing argument that silver will eventually be worth MORE than gold!!! Our prediction here at The
Rant is a mere $400 an ounce in the next few years. This is a very factual video, and will leave you convinced you should put 100% of your money into silver bullion. You can go to www.  futuremoneytrends.com and see the silver video without signing up. Please spend just 6 minutes watching this extremely important and factual show. You just can’t argue with what they present. There are only about 500,000 ounces of available silver now. This is about two grams ($2) for everyone on earth. Stop and think about that. Two grams is the size of two regular paper clips, and is worth only two dollars.


In 1980 silver went to $50, and the average home in America was only $76,000.  A mere 1,500 ounces of silver would buy you the average home. Within five years you should be able to buy the average American home for only 300 ounces of silver. Maybe even 600 on a bad day.  Start looking at all prices in silver, rather than dollars (or any other paper currency). Why are a half million new homes being built every year when we have an unsellable backlog of millions?


When is the best time to buy silver? When you have money in your pocket, that’s when. Buy bullion while it is still available. The only stocks you should own are Endeavor, First Majestic, Great Panther, Impact, and Sabina. When the stocks recover you can sell all of them and convert them to physical bullion if you want. We’ve had a $4 correction- a fine time to buy.


Thirty years ago, in 1980, the world population was only 2.5 billion people. Can you believe that? Now it is almost 7 billion. At this rate, we’ll have 20 billion people by 2040 in thirty more years. This planet cannot handle what we have. Ideally we should only half a HALF billion people on this planet- about 8% of what we have now. Yes, we should get rid of 92% of everyone. China and India are the biggest breeders, and comprise almost a THIRD of the world population!!! China would love to rule the world for the first time in history.


The insiders are selling their stocks at an 80 to 1 ratio. CNBC is screaming every day to, “buy

stocks, buy stocks”. Disinformation Agent Jim Moron Cramer tells you which stocks to buy. Liar Larry Kudlow tells you to, “Buy stocks!” That senile old whore Warren Buffett tells you to buy stocks- when he has LOST money in Berkshire Hathway for the last three years. Buffett and Munger tell you NOT to buy silver or gold. CNBC has been wrong for the past 20 years on about everything. They missed the Tech Bubble, the Stock Bubble, and the Housing Bubble. They didn’t tell you to buy gold at $300, or silver at $5. The stock market is being set up for The Big Crash, and the sheeple will pay the bill. The DOW at 11,900 is Disneyland. Sell your IRA/401k and put all your money into silver bullion while you still can. One morning you are going to wake up and the government will seize your IRA/401k, and turn it into treasury annuity toilet paper. Your life savings will disappear. Even phony Glenn Beck and Marc Levin are telling you to sell your IRA/401k before you go broke. We have been warning you the government is going to seize your IRA/401k, and turn it into a worthless treasury annuity. Hungary and Argentina have already started seizing the life savings of their citizens. Now we can add Bulgaria, Poland, France, and Ireland.  The Christian Science Monitor just reported this. You must sell your IRA/401k and take the penalty. Buy silver bullion. If you don’t do this, you deserve to starve in the street with your dumbassed friends. You must do this. The government is out money, and will take your life savings to pay the bills. Social Insecurity was broke decades ago, and is just another cheap Ponzi scheme to fleece the sheeple. The government and private pensions are all broke as well. That’s right, if you have any kind of pension you can forget about it. Social Insecurity itself was broke decades ago.


In 1980 the Dow was 850 and silver was $50. This is a 17 to 1 ratio. Now the Dow is 11,900 and silver is $30.  This is a 440 to 1 ratio! You’ll see $400 silver and a 6,000 DOW for a 15 to 1 ratio in the next few years. Actually, it might go much lower than that, as silver powers higher, and the stock markets keep collapsing. This chart goes back 30 years to 1980. In 2007 the Dow was over 14,000 and silver under $15. The ratio then was an astounding 930 to 1!!!


The silver to Dow ratio is going to fall from 440 to 1 to about 15 to 1 within the next few years. Put 100% of your savings into silver bullion and hold it yourself. Zionist billionaire George Soros is one of the most powerful men in the world, and a key player of the One World Order. His real name is Gyorgy Schwartz. He is so arrogant that he makes no secret of what he and his friends are doing. He publicly states we should have a one world government, the U.S. must give up its freedoms, and the dollar must be managed much lower. His friends wish he would just shut up publicly. Anyone who think the One World Order is some silly right wing conspiracy just needs to listen to people like George freely admit to this in public interviews.


Here is another Little Bears video for you:


If you don’t know about the “Little Bears” videos please watch this one. Then watch the others. They are short, in plain English, and extremely factual and well done. Take just a few minutes to watch this funny, entertaining, and enlightening clip.


Sign up at www.inflation.us for the free National Inflation Association videos. Go there now and see their “Top 10 Predictions for 2011”. Do NOT send them money, and do NOT take their horrid silver stock recos. They sell stock advice for $1,000!!! They still promote U.S.Silver (USA:CA), despite the fact they hedged their production for 2011 at $27.50. Morons.They have great free videos, and you should watch all of them and be on their mailing list. A much better website is www.refuse.com. Support them financially if you can. They want each state to be sovereign and refuse any federal law they don’t like. Many states have already started to pass laws so they can retain their rights, no matter what the federal government does. You can go to www.repealitnow.com and sign Huckabee’s petition to repeal Marxist Health Care. Do NOT send them money though. Huck is another pseudo-conservative.


Residential and commercial real estate will keep crashing. The median U.S. home price is now $170,000, or 6,180 ounces of silver. Due to extreme inflation, the home prices may not drop to $120,000, or even $100,000, because the dollar will be worthless. Prices in “dollars” will become increasingly meaningless as hyperinflation takes over. Prices for homes and offices will drop unbelievably in gold and silver though. You will be able to buy the average American home for 300 ounces of silver, instead of 6,180 ounces of silver. If the dollar really goes in the toilet, you would still get that house for 600 ounces of silver. CNBC, Fox News, the newspapers and all the media are telling your housing has “bottomed, the “worst is behind us”, the “recession is over”, the “dollar is strong”, stocks are the “place to be”, and all kinds of other nonsense. If you want to get rich listen to Liar Larry Kudlow and Jim Moron Cramer on CNBC, and do exactly the opposite of whatever they recommend.


About a year ago, we told you Hillary Clinton was dying of cancer, and would not be able to run for president, even if the Democrats chose her.  Hillary wants to be president more than anything else in the world. Over a year ago, she very strangely said she would NOT run in 2012. She gets worse by the day. At 63 she looks 73, even after an extensive full face lift. She now weighs over 170 pounds at 5’7”, and is clearly obese. She has numerous, very serious medical problems she keeps hidden. Like Bill, she is dying and doesn’t have long to go. At least Bill finally converted to a vegan diet (better late than never), but Hillary is addicted to rich food and sugary desserts. Hillary is dying folks and you heard it here a year ago. This leaves the Democrats with Biden and Gore? This is what America has come to? And most people can’t see this is End Times. Two thousand years ago Rome was better off than we are. We all know what happened to Rome. The media will cover up her cancer and her cancer treatments, just as they covered up her major, and all too obvious, face lift and plastic surgery over two years ago. At this point the Republicans are running neocon, pseudo-conservative Tea Party Princess Palin. They know she can’t possibly win. Mitt Romney could probably win, and polls prove that. They are going to lose on purpose, and blame the Much Greater Depression on the Democrats. For some reason, the liberals and media absolutely hate Palin, even though she is a neocon and no better than the rest of them. Why do they hate her so much?


Your poor old author is still massively short U.S. dollar futures. Quantatative easing is simply a fancy word for inflation, printing worthless green toilet paper and calling it “money”. QEI was a disaster. QEII will be a bigger disaster. The Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) will then do QEIII and QEIV. By then the economy should be in complete shambles and America will look more like Zimbabwe. About 150 banks failed in 2010 and about 150 more in 2009. You may well see 200 banks go “bankrupt” (isn’t that an ironic term?). This is worse than the Great Depression 82 years ago. President Hu Jintao just came here to talk about the dollar and why the Chinese will no longer buy T-Bills and T-Bonds. That’s not good!


During the great Depression farming was 40% of the American economy. Americans grew food and Americans ate well. We are the only country on earth to eat like kings and queens for 10% of our salaries. Now farming is a mere 1% of the Gross Domestic Product. Farm employees are only 2% of the labor pool. Let’s say that again- only 1% of what we produce comes from growing food. Food prices are going to triple!!! You are going to spend 30% of your take home paycheck just to eat. And you aren’t going to eat like royalty anymore. There are already food shortages in several countries. You are going to see worldwide food shortages, and extremely high food prices.  Stock up on whole grains and dried beans. Forget that overpriced freeze dried crap! Stock up on everyday needs like soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. as well.


What will probably happen in 2011:

The wheels will come off the train in 2011. The jig is up. The games are over.

Silver may well go to $50 an ounce when people start suspecting the COMEX is empty.

Gold will scream past $2,000.

The Republicans will push neocon pseudo-conservative Princess Palin for president.

The Democrats are stuck with Nobama. Who else do they have to run?

The dollar will continue to go to hell.

Massive inflation will hit the entire world.

Food prices will double, then triple, even in America.

The stock market cannot maintain this unreal 11,900 level.

Residential housing and commercial real estate will keep collapsing.

Unemployment is already 23% plus, and will keep rising towards 40%.

Civil unrest will increase, especially for welfare parasites.

You may well see martial law and another fake 9/11 “terrorist” attack.

China will be seen for the paper tiger it is, and start falling apart.


Look at the National Debt for the last 70 years. Now tell yourself the Much Greater Depression didn’t start 30 years ago. All debts get paid, and this debt will be paid by every one of the 300 million Americans by the collapse of this country in the worst depression the world has ever seen. Our real national liability comes to about $200 trillion dollars. The entire GNP is only 12 trillion, so this can never be paid off without the biggest depression the world has ever seen. This means every man, woman, and child is in debt about $600,000. This is completely incomprehensible.



Why didn’t the media tell you Jared Loughner is Jewish? This is certainly no reflection on Judaism, but why is this hidden? Why was he promoted as a “white racist”, and “anti-Semite” who read Mein Kampf, and was a “right wing” radical? He certainly was not associated with any white racist groups as the media said. Jared and his parents Randy and Amy Loughner went to the very same reform synagogue as Representative Giffords. All four attended the same synagogue! The clear connection between attending the same temple as Giffords is all too obvious. Jared Loughner is a left wing Jewish psychotic, not a “white racist”. His book of choice was the Communist Manifesto by the rabbi Karl Marx. Why is the media not only covering this up, but lying about what he was? He was also a raving, screaming homosexual as well, but this is covered up. He was parading around the Internet in a bright red thong. Eight out of ten of the top serial killers like Dahmer, Gacy, Corona, etc. are homosexuals. Again, this is certainly no reflection on other homosexuals, but why is this covered up as well? All this is going to cause more gun control laws. A million gun control laws would have never stopped this, or any other murder. The cities with the most gun control laws (D.C., NYC, Chicago, etc.) always have the highest murder rate. Why aren’t the “conservative” talk show hosts telling you all four went to the same reform synagogue? Why is this a secret?

Neocon Zionist Nicolas Kristof said Jared had a “33 bullet clip” for his Glock 19. He said less people would have been killed if he didn’t have this “33 bullet clip”. Communist Gail Collins of the New York Times said Jared had a “30 bullet clip”, and these should be outlawed. These liberals can’t even get their lies straight. Folks, a Glock 19 has a 10 bullet clip. You can buy a special 15 bullet clip, but it sticks out of the pistol butt, and is very impractical and cannot be carried reasonably in a holster. Jared had the 10 bullet clip and emptied it.  This is about more gun control. Soon, we’ll be like Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all of Asia and all of Mexico, Central and South America. Do not join the National Rifle Association (NRA). If you are a member cancel your membership. Join the Gun Owners of American (GOA) and support them as best you can. They are the real deal. If you are Jewish, you can also join the Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership (JPGO). The GOA has lots of smart Jewish members.

Here is a Dow versus gold chart, but it only goes back 3 years. In 1980 the Dow and gold were both about 850, for a 1 to 1 ratio.  It was about to 23 to 1 when the stock market went to 14,000 in 2007 and gold was about $600. It is going to go back to about 1 to 1, with, say, $6,000 gold and a 6,000 DOW. It is now about 8.5 to 1. Silver will do much much better.


Over one million people lost their homes in 2010. Over one million people will lose their homes in 2011. This is much worse than the great depression. Over 300 banks went under (“bankrupt”- get it?) in 2009 and 2010. We might get 200 more banks to go under in 2011. This is much worse than the great depression. The real unemployment rate is about 23% now. During the Great Depression it was only 30%. You will see 40% unemployment within a few years. Many people have taken jobs they are overqualified for. Many people have just given up and aren’t counted anymore.  To say 23% is actually an understatement. The biggest factor for the future is having any kind of reasonable job at all. You will see two and three families living in the same house out of dire necessity. Quality of life is going to hell in America. Banks will become rental agents for their countless millions of unsellable homes.

Banks and real estate agents are still in denial, and waiting for the “recovery” that will never come. Reality is going to force them to rent out these millions of empty homes. The offices and commercials spaces will sit empty, and never be filled again. Shopping malls will close, and never be reopened. The American Dream is over after 235 years. History proves all democratic systems self-destruct after 200 years, and we are no exception. The party is over folks, the punch bowl is empty, and the drunks are starting to wake up.

The new electric cars are scams. They are just expensive golf carts. The replacement batteries cost thousands of dollars, weigh 100’s of pounds, are an ecological nightmare, and they need a new battery every five years. No one tells you these things. Where do you think we get the electricity for these? Half comes from coal, and the liberals hate coal. Obama is on record as wanting to end our use of coal as much as possible. We get half our electricity from coal. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here in America. If a mere 10% of Americans bought a glorified electric Leaf or Volt golf cart, our electrical grid would break down overnight. Add to this that 20% of our electricity comes from nuclear plants. In an ideal world we would have no nuclear plants at all. Getting rid of nuclear waste is simply impossible. We get another 20% from natural, gas and less than 10% from hydroelectric.

There is no energy crisis! We have 100 years of known oil reserves right here in the U.S. We have hundreds of years of natural gas reserves. We have 1,000 years of coal. You can make gasoline from coal with the SASOL process for $2 a gallon. The government won’t allow one single SASOL plant. Peak Oil is another scam. There is no peak oil for god’s sake! We have oceans of oil all over the world yet untapped.


The Martin Lucifer King holiday is a national disgrace that should be repealed. Go to

www.martinlutherking.org to find the facts, the truth, the reality of who and what he was. His legal name is and always will be Michael King. He plagiarized everything he wrote at Boston University and Crozer Seminary. His FBI record is so disgusting, so disgraceful, so repugnant, it has been sealed until 2027. This has never happened before. His police record is sealed!!! MLK was a communist puppet for the Highlander Folk School, Communist Party of the USA, National Committee of the Communist Party, Young Communist League, and other radical communist groups. He was a serial adulterer and sex pervert. The night before his death he was at the Lorraine Motel freaking off with three prostitutes. Yes, he was a married minister with children. He embezzled money meant to help other black people. He personally described himself as a “Marxist”. Go to www.martinlutherking.org and find out the truth. Honest black people should reject him completely, as they reject other opportunistic frauds like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Black people need honest leaders of good character as inspirations, not crooks.


Silver may or may not correct this week. Load up. Buy all you can. Who cares if you buy it at $25, $26, or $27 when it is going to $400 in the next few years? Don’t buy stocks. Don’t buy paper silver like ETFs. Don’t store your silver. Buy bullion and hold it yourself. Don’t buy numismatics either. You are going to see massive hyperinflation with the endless “quantitative easing” programs that print green toilet paper. Only gold and silver will save you and silver is three to four times better than gold. The dollar is worthless even though it comprises 85% of the world’s reserve currency. All that is over. The dollar is now 78 cents in the basket index of international currencies. It is going to 40 cents- on a good day.


America is the country of superficial choices. You have no more real choices. We only have the illusion of choice now. You can choose 28 flavors of ice cream and dozens of coffee configurations. The elections are a charade. You don’t even need identification to vote. You don’t even need to be a citizen to vote. Illegal aliens vote. But you need government ID and an x-ray, take off your shoes, and get your luggage x-rayed to get on an airplane. You may get interrogated as well. You can be put on the no fly list for no reason whatsoever and no appeal. You choose Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee. There is only ONE political party in America- the Republicrats. Two sides of the same coin. Nobama was NOT elected! He was chosen, groomed, and placed in power by the people who run the one world order. A Marxist born in Kenya is now president. And you think this isn’t End Times? Think again. There is nowhere to go. There is no freedom on this earth. You can’t go to some socialist cesspool like Argentina, Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, or New Zealand. 95% of all mortgages now come from the government! 19 out of 20 people finance their house from Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac. That figure should be zero. Both are broke and neither should have even existed. Did you know you pay a 3.5% sales tax when you sell your house? That is the Health Care Act. The Health Care Act has nothing to do with your health, and everything to do with power and control. Selling a $300,000 house will cost you an extra $10,500. Plus you’ll have to do endless, expensive green upgrades to fit in with the global warming nonsense (have you noticed every year now we have a record cold winter around the world?). Wait until Cap and Trade is passed and Cuba is going to start looking like Club Med. The “War on Terror” is totally fake. 9/11 was an inside job. The underwear bomber was a setup. The shoe bomber was another setup. There is no Al Queda. Bin Laden was known dead back in 2001. Our immoral, evil, insane wars of aggression in the Mid East will come back to haunt us multiplied very heavily. 99% of the American sheeple believe anything and everything they read in the paper and see on TV and hear on radio.


Want to survive the Much Greater Depression? Buy a small farm and grow food. Only 1% of our Gross Domestic Product comes from farming. Don’t raise animals as it takes too much food and water. Raise basic foods, especially wheat, corn, oats, soybeans, and other staple foods. This suggestion is just not practical at all for the vast majority of people. They can’t grow a garden in their back yard, much less run a small farm. Farm land is RISING in price, while residential and commercial real estate fall further every year. Prepare for what’s coming folks. Prepare as much as you can.


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