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February Economic Rant -Roger Mason

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of lib-eralism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”  -Nathan Thomas, American Socialist Party Presidential Candidate 

Nathan Thomas was right. We now have an officially socialist nation with a hardcore Marxist President, and socialist Congress to support him. After 232 years this once great country has collapsed economically, morally, and in all other ways. History teaches us that all democratic governments fail after about 200 years. Did you think we were some-how different? We’ve been failed badly since the 1960s when liberalism started taking over. 71% of the brain dead American public thinks the economy will improve this year! Totally clueless. They’re waiting for Messiah Obama to lead them to the Promised Land. He’s going to lead them straight to Hell and try and drag us along with them. He promised to, “bring the troops home.” What is he actually doing? Revving up the war in Afghanistan, and planning to attack poor Pakistan. Iran is still a very, very  good possi-bility, but the American people are tired of paying for phony wars when they can’t pay their rent and feed themselves. He’ll bring back the military draft and take your son and daughter. Why discriminate? The housing crash has a long way to go, and the commerc-ial real estate crash will be even worse this year. More and more empty store, empty strip malls, and then entire empty shopping malls. General Growth Properties is the largest mall owner in the world with 200 malls. They are bankrupt! The median home price is down to $175,400 and may easily fall to $125,000 or even lower. 

This year is going to be a total disaster. Think massive hyperinflation. The money sup-ply has increased over 70% in a year! People will be out of work. We’ll lose a million jobs a month. Yes, that will make twelve million lost jobs this year. 30% real unemploy-ment here we come. The true figure is already 18% and rising. The dollar will fall. Real estate will keep collapsing. Residential will keep collapsing for three more years instead of two as this bailout insanity continues. Commerical real estate is going to be much worse. You can’t rent an empty store or office! Strip malls will be vacant, and then major malls will simply shut down. Countless businesses will declare bankruptcy. Banks will continue to fail despite insane bailouts. Raging inflation will rob people of their life savings. Every dollar printed robs every American behind their back. Will Rogers said,

Invest in inflation; it’s the only thing going up.” 2010 will be even worse. Auto loans will fail, and people will be forced to give their cars back. Credit cards will fail, and people won’t have credit cards anymore. They won’t have any cash either. Retirement and pen-sion funds are all broke. Social Insecurity was broke decades ago. Messiah Obama also lied about taxes. People will be taxed to death to finance a Marxist economy. That’s how it works. Just pay careful attention to everything you hear and see, and you will be able to see tomorrow. The Obama Honeymoon will soon be over and his Marxist bailout pro-grams will just make the problems larger. Paul O’Neill said the bailouts are “…crazy with awful consequences.” 
We’re going to keep repeating this- you don’t have a choice! There is currently no in-vestment on earth other than silver and gold. Silver is the much better choice. The current 76 to 1 ratio will keep falling and falling back to the historical 15 to 1 ratio, and maybe even lower. The U.S. Constitution defines money only as silver and gold. These have been the basic store of value now for thousands of years. All currencies are worthless Monopoly money. All stock markets are hopeless. Oil can and will do anything as the price is politically determined, rather than by market principles. Platiunum is not money, and the industrial use is falling. You can’t store uranium in your back yard. Silver is the best investment on earth, and has been for almost ten years now. Silver is going to $200 an ounce and probably a lot higher. Just remember that $50 silver in 1982 would be about $150 silver today adjusted for inflation. You can still get 1,000 oz bars for about

$12,000, but this will soon end. 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars are hard to get, and sell for very high premiums. The best silver stocks are Silverstone (SST), ECU Silver (ECU), Endeavor (EXK), Impact (IPT), Genco (GGC), U.S. Silver (USA), and First Majestic (FR). Sell any Quaterra (QTA or QMM) you have as it is no longer a silver stock. Apex (SIL) owned by George Soros went broke. Told you so. Get a basket of these seven. Ideally you want both bullion and stocks. Get your stock certificates! Conditions are get-ting worse and you want to hold your stock certificates. The Depository Trust and Clear-ing Company (DTCC) does not want you to have a physical stock certificate. Talk to your broker this week and tell him (or her) you want them. You may not be able to get them. The government does not want you to have them. Just keep remembering you can only get silver from silver mines. The DJI to gold ratio was 43 to 1, is now about 12 to 1, and will go back to 1 to 1. That’s right, like $4,000 gold and 4,000 Dow Jones. Silver will go to Mars after it passes the Moon. 

Take a few minutes to go to to learn the facts about 9/11. The Fairytale from Hell is a 30 page documentary proving that this whole thing was, yes, a fairytale. After you get thru the first few pages there really won’t be any doubt in your mind. Your government did this, not a dozen men with boxcutters. The whole fantasy is so transparent once you read the facts it seems ludicrous. What kind of “facts” are we talking about? Well, the fact you can’t melt steel with jet fuel (kerosene). The fact a steel frame building has never in history fallen from fire. The facts here are endless, obvious, and inarguable. Please take a few minutes to go here. 

There is a very interesting man named Lindsey Williams who has some fascinating things to say. He has no website, but if you simply Google “Lindsey Williams” you will find loads of information about him. His basic thesis is that the international bankers run the show behind the scenes. You can call them the Council on Foreign Relations, the One Worlders, Globalists, Elitists, or whatever, but it is the same group that owns the “Federal” Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves.) The U.S. Government has purposely not drilled the ANWR (Alaska) and Bakken (Montana and the Dakotas) domestic oil fields. They have purposely refused to allow SASOL plants to produce $2 a gallon clear fuel from coal. We have 200 years of oil, 200 years of natural gas, and 1,000 years of coal in our own country. This dependency gives them control. There is no energy crisis! (Russia is not going along with any of this to their credit) This is in ad-dition to uranium for nuclear power. Big Oil would, of course, love to develop these fields and make America 100% energy independent, but are stopped by the government. Big Oil is not the Bad Guy folks. The current $40 oil price he says is manipulated to bankrupt the OPEC countries, especially Iran. It does not matter who is president, be-cause he is merely a puppet for the real world powers. Obama will make the energy crisis much worse with government programs. Low gasoline prices are now bankrupting states due to less tax revenues. California is already bankrupt and has ended all welfare pro-grams. This will result in deadly riots that can only be controlled by military intervention. China, Japan, and the Arab countries are all refusing to finance our debt by buying vari-ous Treasury instrument. The dollar is in free-fall. Gold and silver will go to the moon due to hyperinflation. The whole point here is to destroy America, so the New World Order will finally succeed. America was the last barrier to this. Massive hyperinflation will be the big problem in 2009. Look for a merger of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. as the North American Union with the Amero currency. Google “Amero” if you don’t be-lieve that. This may sound very extreme, but just look at what is happening TODAY, and you can see tomorrow. The last depression was 80 years ago. 5,000 years of history prove it is cyclical and events repeat themselves. We are very overdue for a depression after 80 years. This will make 1929 look like a walk in the park.  

Government whore Warren Buffet just confirmed his belief in Marxism over capitalism and free markets. He said of Obama Hussein, “You couldn’t have anybody any better in charge.” That’s a quote about a hardline Marxist president. His Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) is hopeless, and he is up to his ears in the very derivatives he warms about.

Senile in Omaha is telling Americans to go buy all the stocks they can. We have real 18% unemployment now, not the ridiculous 7% the government claims. This 18% figure in-cludes people out of work,  those who simply gave up, ones who never registered for unemployment benefits, people who can only get part time work, and those who were not eligible. Go to if you want proof of this. You’ll also see proof of 16%  real inflation. Unemployment was “only” 25% in the last depression but should go to 30% in the next two years during the Much Greater Depression. Right now you can still get a job in a car wash, or a fast food restaurant for minimum wage (and a free lunch). That will end soon, and there won’t be any jobs. Unemployment will go up even more dramatically this year. 

Everyone reading this newsletter should be going to twice a month to read Ted Butler’s free newsletter. Did you get hit financially on your silver and silver stock investments in 2008? Then please go read his twice monthly newsletter so you’ll know you are doing the right thing. Everyone got hit hard last year. It is estimated there are less than one billion ounces of silver available THEORETICALLY. Actually it is probably less than one tenth of this, or maybe 100 million ounces at best. There is theoretically about one seventh of one ounce of available  silver (0.15 oz) for each of the 6.5 billion people on earth. This comes to about a buck and a half ($1.50). Since there is really less than 10% of that, this means every person on earth can only buy about 15 cents worth of silver- less than half a gram. An old silver dime is worth about 70 cents in melt value. Since most of this silver is owned by fanatics like your author and you readers, there really  isn’t anywhere near that much available. That means any millionaire who bought at $5 an ounce (200,000 ounces) owns the silver for ten million people. Now you can see just how tiny this market is. You cannot do without silver and you cannot replace it except with gold and platinum basically. 

The banks are all broke even with the massive bailouts. This is much worse than 1929 and getting worse all the time. J.P. Morgan (JPM) down 65%, Goldman Sachs (GS) down 70%, Bank of America (BAC) down 80%, Wells Fargo (WFC) down 65%, Barclays (BCS) down 90%, Deutsche Bank (DB) down 80%, and CitiBank (C) down 90%. Empty your savings account. Keep a minimum checking account, keep nothing of value in your safe deposit box. There will be a “bank holiday” and the doors will be closed. 

In 1787 at the University of Edinburgh professor Alexander Tyler said, “A democracy is always temporary in nature. It simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote them-  selves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidate who promises them the most benefits from the public trea-ury, with the result that every democracy will eventually collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has always been about 200 years.” The U.S. is 232 years old. Our country is finished, through, over, done with. It will not recover. Twenty or thirty years from now we’ll be just another socialiast, welfare police state with a very low standard of living. Look at the history of England to understand this. 

The ten largest American corporations are either bankrupt, failing, or in serious trouble (wth the exception of AT&T): Walmart -23% in four months, Exxon -18%, Chevron -32%,  General Motors -87%!, Conoco -49%,  General Electric -66%, Ford -77%!, Citi-ibank -90%!,  Bank of America -80%!, and ATT&T -4%. The Much Greater Depression is around the corner, and these figures prove it. These were the pillars of America, the very bedrock of democracy. When the top ten are collapsing the entire country is right behind them. Classic corporations are disappearing by the day. Harley Davidson (HD), an American tradition,  is down 70% for the year. Whirlpool (WPR), the world’s largest appliance maker, is down $120 to $40. Radio Shack (RSH) down $34 to $8.  How about Dillard’s Department Store (DDS) $34 to under $3? Best Buy $58 to $16. Talbots (TLB) $28 to $2. Victoria’s Secret (LTD) $22 to $7. Mervyns, Eddie Bauer, Cache, Motorola, Lane Bryant, Caterpillar, Starbucks, the endless list of companies all going down the toilet. Don’t be in denial about this. History is cyclical and depressions are cyclical. The last depression was 80 years ago and we’re overdue. 

Folks, the universe gives us “signs” all the time if we just open our eyes. On January 20 the stock market fell over 330 points during the Inauguration. For the first time in history the swearing in of the president was flubbed, and Obama had to be resworn privately in his office. For the first time in 232 years no Bible was used to swear him in. These are clear signs that this four year presidency is going to be an unmitigated disaster like never before. This is going to make the Great Depression look like a picnic. These three inci-dents are anything but meaningless accidents; there are no accidents in our universe. 

Why should we bail out losers who run their businesses into the ground due to total stupidity? Let’s take GM for an example. They make a 620 hp supercharged corvette 

For $120,000 that goes 220 mph. How about their 556 hp Cadillac family sedan? Their Entire line of military Hummer civilian tanks? The humongous Suburbans, Tahoes, Tundras, Escaldades and other monstrosities? They could be producing small, practical inexpensive cars with very high gas mileage to get people back and forth to work and the grocery store like they do in third world countries. More and more only the middle class and better will own any car at all, and that will be a little, crappy, plastic, pretend car like a Tata or Smart Car, not real automobiles as we know them. 

How to survive the sinking of Titanic America. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Your browser may not support display of this image. 

If you want to know what NOT to do, just watch the clowns on CNBC lie their collective butts off. Jim “Mad Money” Cramer is the King of Clowns. On October 5 he actually said, “…but the banks are safe.” He wants you to buy crap like windmill stocks! If he recommends a stock short sell it. 

2009 is going to be the worst year since the Great Depression. Prepare for it. Invest in silver. Try to find a job you can keep during a depression. Learn how to live on less while still being happy and enjoying your life. Go to at least once a week and read lots of articles. Educate yourself and be prepared.

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