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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


February Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

Sell your IRA or 401k or lose your life savings!

The government is going to change these into “annuities” and base them on worthless Treasury paper (T-Bills and T-Bonds). The government is broke and tax revenues keep falling and falling due to the hopeless economy. These Marxist welfare programs have to be paid for. Japan did this to their people in 1990. Argentina just seized the private retirement funds of their people. America is going to steal your entire life savings if you don’t sell your IRA or 401 k.

Take the penalty and put all your money into silver bullion.



The U.S. Dollar has lost 98% of its value after the Federal Reserve hoax was passed. In 1971 the dollar was no longer backed by gold or silver. Ft. Knox has been empty for decades and no audit has been done. Federal law requires a complete one every ten years.



Look at the residential real estate chart below. This collapse has another 2-3 years to go. One Quarter of U.S. homes are underwater and worth less than the mortgage. If you are underwater walk away and give your house back to the bank. Every month home values are going to keep falling along with home sales and new home construction.



Did you like that fake Osama bin Laden audio tape taking credit for the fake Christmas airline fiasco? The media tells you we’re still hunting for Osama. Osama died in 2001 and this is well known to the international intelligence community. Osama has been dead for over eight years now. There was never a threat to the airliner on Christmas day. Umar was a patsy with a homemade firecracker in his underwear. The only “threat” was blowing off his own private parts. This whole hoax was engineered so you will have to get a body scan in every airport on earth. This was just another engineered hoax to take away what few freedoms you have left. This has nothing to do with safety and security, and everything to do with power and control.  The sheeple are already volunteering to walk thru the body scan machines even though they are not required to. In 2010 every airport in America will have one. There go even more of your freedoms as we march further and further down the road to the One World Order police state.


Let’s talk about Haiti. Your tax money was wasted with aid to this cesspool. Then 20,000 troops were flown down to occupy the country. This is a military invasion, not a relief effort.  It is well known the military has kept turning away and hindering real relief efforts. Haiti is a hopeless black hole, and the Haitians are incapable of anything but unlimited breeding. It is inconceivable that 10 million people now live on half an island. The other half of the island is the Dominican Republic. This is a happy, stable, prosperous, exporting nation with a wonderful tourist business. Want a great vacation? Go to Punta Cana and the related areas. Haiti, on the other hand, is a sewer. If the liberals actually cared about Haiti they would open birth control clinics, they would teach agriculture in the country side, and get people out of the hellhole cities. America is totally bankrupt, yet we spend billions of dollars occupying a hopeless wasteland with our soldiers. Why? Oil and gas was discovered here and America is going to steal it. That’s right, there are massive oil and gas deposits under Haiti and we’re going to take them by force under the guise of compassion. The politicians could care less if the Haitians live or die. They want that oil.


The population has gone from 4 million to 10 million since 1960 and isn’t slowing down. All this “compassion” for the Haitians is simply an excuse for a military occupation of the country.  We have 700 military bases in 130 different countries. Did you know that? Let’s say it again- over 700 military bases in 130 different countries. We should have ZERO. We have no business putting a military base in any country outside of the U.S.  We’re bankrupt, and one of the biggest reasons we’re bankrupt is financing being the World Policeman. The truth is we’re really the World Bully. We have invaded Iraq for no reason at all and have killed their people and ruined their nation. We’ve invaded Pakistan and Afghanistan and murdered their people and are ruining their nations. We want to invade Syria and Iran but are running out of money.  Now we have a military invasion of Haiti! Haiti is a hopeless sinkhole. Any welfare you send to Haiti is money down the toilet. For hundreds of years they have proven themselves incapable of even feeding themselves. On Friday January 22 normal TV broadcasts were forcibly stopped by the government for a tear jerking appeal for you to send your hard earned money. Obama had already sent hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax money down there. That is minor compared to the cost of 20,000 troops with more coming every day.


History repeats itself. Looking at the other countries that have gone down the socialist road to hell is most enlightening. Let’s look at Argentina. Just 100 years ago Argentina was one of the top three developed countries in the world, along with America and Britain. At the time “ Britain ruled the waves”, and was a very powerful and prosperous country. Now both Argentina and Britain are pitiful socialist backwaters where the government intrudes in every aspect of their lives. One hundred years ago Argentina was a large exporter and the people very free and affluent and productive.  In 1916 the people chose socialist Hipolito Irigoyen and the Radical Party. That was the death knell for this fine country. He immediately started mandatory socialist programs like health insurance, social security, housing for the poor and the usual Big Government schemes. As always, the government quickly ran out of money for this Marxist Madness. In the 1940s socialism had only partially destroyed the country, and it was still the 9th wealthiest country in the world. The standard of living was falling every year, but it was still one of the ten best places to live. It is now 46th ranked. Pitiful. It got worst when the Argentinean sheeple elected Juan and Eva Peron. Socialism exploded under them, and labor unions joined the government in taking over. Once a country goes down the socialist, big government road it never comes back. The Perons were driven out of office, but government control of everything didn’t.  In 1989 hyperinflation exploded and the economy collapsed in shambles. Of course anyone holding gold or silver did not lose their savings. Inflation actually hit a uniman-aginable 3,000%. In 1994 their Social Insecurity program collapsed even though people were paying an extortionate 26% of their salary to fund it. Taxes upon taxes upon taxes were added and raised.  They were forced to go to a private retirement pension system. In 1999 any money you had in the bank vaporized.  The government defaulted on all their bonds and other obligations. In 2001 the government stole the private pensions leaving everyone destitute. In 2002 they suffered their Great Depression.  Now the country is a hopeless, backward, impoverished, socialist backwater. It is all but impossible to do anything because of endless government rules, regulations, laws, and endless taxes. This very same pattern has been happening in America ever since Roosevelt brought in his New Socialist Deal. History repeats itself. We can learn what we need to know from studying history. The Argentinean story is basically happening here and will continue to happen. We’ll be a third world backwater banana republic, but we won’t even have bananas. Now the U.S. government is going to steal your IRA and 401k and back it with worthless treasury paper.  This was reported in January 8 Business Week and extensively on Fox News. Your life savings is going to be taken from you to fund and endless list of unsupportable welfare programs. You must cash in your IRA and 401k plans and buy silver and silver stocks. You’re better off with silver bullion under socialism, as your stocks will be taxed more and more each year. Capital gains will just get worse. Japan stole their pension savings in 1990. Chavez in Venezuela devalued the Bolivar overnight by 50%. Kim IL Dong in North Korean devalued the won by 99% overnight. “Your” government is going to steal your IRA/401k as well as inflate the currency into toilet paper. Only silver and gold will protect you and silver is four times better than gold.


For months we warned you the Swine Flu pandemic was a scam and not to get the toxic, dangerous vaccine under any circumstances. Well, one fifth (over 60 million) of Americans were stupid enough to get vaccinated. They got what they deserved for this kind of stupidity. Brain dead parents got their children vaccinated. It was all just One Big Hoax. Of course, there was far less Swine Flu than regular, plain old seasonal flu. The propaganda campaign still goes on to persuade you to get vaccinated even though Swine Flu has all but disappeared. It seems every drug store in town will inject you with this unknown, dangerous toxin for only $10.  Just remember the vaccine is the bioweapon. That’s all you have to know.


There is no global warming. It’s all one big scam to control your life and take your money.  “Carbon credits” are too stupid to even discuss. This was one of the coldest winters on record around the world. Manatees froze to death in Florida. There are no melting ice caps, no rising ocean levels, and no dying polar bears, none of the like. The false energy shortage is created by “your” government. Stop blaming evil Arabs and crooked oil companies. We have an almost endless supply coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium. Solar energy is a bad joke- there is just no wattage in sunlight. Windmills have failed miserably in Europe. Wind power does not work and will never work. No one ever discusses the batteries. Electric cars like the Chevy Volt are another hoax. Our electrical generation capacity would be overloaded overnight. We use a fourth of our valuable corn crop to make inefficient ethanol when people are starving. It takes more energy to make ethanol than you get back. This doesn’t even work in Brazil where it is made from waste cane stalks. Biofuel doesn’t work and won’t work. We can make liquid fuel from coal for $2 a gallon today with the SASOL process. We would never import any more foreign oil, but “your” government won’t allow it. This process is over 60 years old and has been much refined (the Germans invented in World War II). We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here on our own soil. Say that again- one thousand years.


In 2010 you will see worldwide food shortages. This will only get worse with time. Of course Americans will have food, but the prices are going to take off. In a free America we eat like kinds and queens for a mere 10% of our income. No other country can even attempt to do this. Soon Americans will be paying triple that or about 30% of their income to eat. And they aren’t going to eat like royalty anymore either.


That stock market looked really good at 10,700 didn’t it? Wow, that really made things seem like the economy was on track and life was good. Now it is down to 10,100 and very weak.  The stock market is held up with hot air, bubble gum, and duct tape. Get out of the stock market if you haven’t already. It is a house of cards that could collapse at any time. With 20% inflation the Dow Jones would have to go to over 12,000 by next January and over 14,400 by January 2012 just to break even. You wouldn’t make a penny in two years if theDow did go to 14,400. You would just break even.


"I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do.  I will get our troops home.  We will bring an end to this war.  You can take that to the bank." --- Candidate Barack Obama, October 27, 2007.

What a lying piece of Marxist shit this man is.



Government health care has all the efficiency of the DMV, and all the compassion of the IRS. Always remember the government gives you back 10 cents in services out of every dollar they steal from you. Government health care has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. This is why America has the best health care by far in the entire world. That will all end if this Marxist health reform is passed.


As this letter goes out silver is about $16. Buy all you can. Yes, it can go down a little more, but so what? When silver is $200 it won’t matter whether you bought it at $14 or $18. Silver at $16 is a steal. The silver and gold stocks have been decimated. They are an even better deal. Holding stocks in a Marxist police state like America is less and less attractive. The main point of Marxism is to steal from the productive and give to the unproductive. We are going to see higher and higher taxes and capitals gains. There are six good silver stocks out of the fifty that exist in the world. ECU, Endeavor, Impact, Great Panther, First Majestic, and U.S. Silver are all good stocks and incredibly cheap. Buy physical bullion and keep it yourself. Do not buy paper silver or have anyone store it for you for any reason. Get creative and you can safely hide it even in an apartment. A 100 oz bar is only the size of two packs of cigarettes and worth over $1,600. The huge commercial short position in the COMEX has pushed the price down temporarily. The big banks are finished. They have won this last battle, but have lost the war. They can no longer manipulate the price of silver or gold due to the physical lack of precious metals and the increasing public demand. All manipulations end in disaster producing the exact opposite of their intentions. Silver and gold will be the third Big Bubble after stocks and housing. The sheeple will push the prices up to crazy levels, at which point all of us will bail out. Just like bailing out of the stock market or the housing market at their tops.



Here is absolute, undeniable proof the Much Greater Depression has already started. The government is spending almost twice what it is taking in. Worse, revenues are going down while spending is going up. It is actually getting worse all the time. Government spending just goes up but people pay less taxes as the Much Greater Depression progresses.


Now please go dump your IRA or 401k, sell any regular stocks, and buy all the silver (and silver stocks) you possibly can. This is your last chance for cheap silver. The manipulation is over with this last correction. Buy and hold and add on dips. Do not trade. Just buy and hold and add on dips. Back the truck up and buy silver now.


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