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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late February Economic Rant -Roger Mason

In the last rant we said there were three very negative “signs” at the Presidential Inaug-uration. The oath wasn’t given correctly and had to be redone, the Bible was not used, and the DOW fell over 330 points. Actually there was a fourth very negative sign. For the first time in American history the President was not a native born citizen as required by the Constitution. These four factors are very significant, and you will see Saviour Obama reign over the destruction of American economically, morally, politically, and spiritually. He will preside over the worst depression in the history of the world. 

We are losing about 600,000 jobs every month. In the last three months we have lost almost two million jobs. We will soon be losing a million jobs every month. We already have 18% true unemployment, and this will rise to about 30%. The Great Depresssion was “only” 25%. This will be even worse. When people can’t work they get cold and hungry and desperate. You are going to see civil unrest (i.e. riots in the streets) on a scale never before imagined in our country. People are already rioting around the world, and this is only going to get worse at they feel more hopeless and helpless. Cold, hungry people have nothing to lose and will do anything. The government answer will be to lock them all up in FEMA concentration camps. Google “FEMA camps” and your blood will run cold. These concentration camps were in place years ago. The Buddha said there are  three things you can’t hide for long- the sun, the moon, and truth. Truth will shine. 

Here’s how CNBC, CNN and the rest of the media lie to you. They just claimed McDonalds (MCD) was up a whopping 7% a month in sales. That’s 84% a year! The truth is the stock has fallen badly from 63 to 54 in the last six weeks. That’s the real truth. This was one of the best performing companies going. Walmart is the flagship stock of America. People should be flocking there for bargains. They are cutting workers and their stock fell from 64 to 48. Target is the second retail flagship, and their stock fell 60 to 32 in the last four months. The media doesn’t tell you these things.People can only afford necessities now. No more fat breeder pigs pushing their cart around stuffed with things they don’t need bought with money they don’t have. 

The government should not bail out anybody for any reason. It is not the business of government to bail people out. Period. “Your” government is stealing your money to bail out the International Bankers. Here’s proof below (courtesy of Bud Conrad at Casey). Your money went to rescue banks who foolishly gave money to people to buy houses they couldn’t afford with money they didn’t have. Now you and I have to pay for this stupidity. This bailout crap could easily go to $10 trillion dollars. That number is not comprehensible, so what does it mean? What does ten trillion dollars actually mean? There are about 100 million American families. Each family will pay about $100,000 for insane bailouts. How will this be done? By massive hyperinflation that will destroy this country. That’s how. Since September the Fed (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) has been printing Monopoly money 24/7 on a scale never seen before in the U.S. Remember Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic? That kind of inflation where the wheelbarrow is literally worth more than the cash it carries. THIS IS WHEREYOUR MONEY WENT.

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What can do you? There is only one thing to do- buy all the silver bullion and silver stocks you can. The gold to silver ratio fell from 85 to 69 to 1, and will fall back to the historical 15 to 1 or even lower. Silver is a much better buy than gold. Buy good stocks Like Silverstone (SST), ECU (ECU), U.S. Silver (USA), Endeavor (EXK), First Majestic (FR), Genco (GGC), and Impact (IPT). Sell any Quaterra (QTA or QMM) if you still have it. In the last issue we asked you to get your physical stock certificates. You can’t.

No More stock certificates folks. Pat of the New World Order where everything is elec-tronic and ou become more and more a computer entry. Most all companies will not even offer paper certificates anymore. You’re a computer entry now. Get used to it. Yes, silver will go to $200 an ounce, and then keep going. Just remember that silver went to $50 in 1982 when there was plenty of silver available. Adjusted for inflation this is about $150- and we’re out of silver. People all over the world are paying high premiums IF they can find silver. The temporary exception is 1,000 oz bars, but 1) that will end any day, and 2) most people can’t handle these 70 pound bars at $14,000. Do NOT buy any kind of paper silver like ETFs, or have anyone store it for you. The problem is when silver is $200 the Dollar Menu at Wendy’s will be the Four Dollar Menu. The Dollar Store will be the Four Dollar Store. The minimum wage will be $25 an hour. 

A very important factor is that almost 80% of our silver comes from base metal mining as a by-product. Only about 20% of silver comes from silver and gold mines. Base metal mines are going broke every day due to the worldwide economic downturn. This means very little silver is being produced. Rio Tinto, for example, fell from 560 to 60 and is now 87. They may just close down. This situation will only get worse- and better for us.

Both commercial and residential real estate will keep crashing for two to three more years. Did you know half of all home sales are bankruptcy foreclosures and not real sales at all? The median U.S. house price is down to $180,000 and falling. Obama’s insane talk of mortgage bailouts for greedy morons who bought houses they couldn’t afford with money they didn’t have will end in a worst disaster. Now you and I have to pay their bills. Houses will fall to a quarter on the dollar. Countless offices and stores will sit empty for many, many years,  and entire shopping malls will shut down permanently. You can’t shop when you’re broke. With 30% unemployment people will be very broke. Real unemployment is now about 18% and growing. You’ll see 30% by 2010.  

Want to listen to someone who really knows what he’s talking about, and has a great long term track record to prove it? Go to and listen to Gerald Celente. He’s right on the money and has been for years. The media doesn’t like to give him air time because he tells the truth. You can also Google “Gerald Celente” and get lots of good videos. Jason Hommel ( is also an honest man of integrity. He feels silver will average about $30 this year- give or take. We predicted $25 silver by Christmas 2008 and that will happen a little later than expected. Correct pre-diction, but incorrect timing. Hommel will also sell you silver at auction for low prices. 

The Dow Jones Industrials had the worst January in 118 years since it was begun.

The DJI can’t even hold 8,000. We have been warning you about this for 18 months now. Now, can you see the Much Greater Depression about two years away? It doesn’t matter if the stock market goes up or down in the short term because it’s hopeless. Stocks would have to go up 16% a year just to match true inflation. Soon we are going to get hit with massive hyperinflation due to the endless printing of Monopoly money by the Fed. 16% will look good then. Look at all the keystone stocks and you’ll see nothing but hope-lessness. Jeff Immelt, the Chief Executive at GE said we are headed for a 1929 style depression. This is directly from the CEO of the fifth largest corporation in the world. GE stock is down hopelessly with no chance of recovery. 

Robin Cook is a former British Foreign Secretary, which is like the Secretary of State in the United States. In a recent interview, he delivered a blow to the phony War on Ter-rorism in his recent work. His opinion cannot be dismissed easily. He said, “The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intel-ligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public be-lieve in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.This whole “war on terror” is manufactured by the Neocons, and the Neocons run Obama just as they ran George. 

Do you have a pension? Well, you can write that off, too. Private pensions are broke, as well as country, state, city, union, and federal. CALPERS is the largest state pension fund in the world and covers tens of millions of California government workers. They are tot-ally and absolutely bankrupt, and all the state workers will starve to death before they get any pensions. Countless millions of people are going to wake up one morning and find they have no pension or Social Insecurity to eat and keep warm with 

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Above is the HUI chart of (supposedly) unhedged gold stocks. You see it was over 500 in March and collapsed to 150 in October. It has recovered to 300 and will head back to 300 and take off. We’ll see new highs by the end of the year. Just the opposite of where the stock market is going. Silver and gold stocks are cheap. You can only get silver and gold from MINES. The base metal mines are the biggest source (80%) of silver and are closing down. There are only about 50 silver mines in the world and most of them are not worth investing in. George Soros Hecla mine just went bankrupt. Your author happens to own Mexican Silver (MSM), Arian (AGQ), SNS Silver (SNS), Silver Eagle (SEG), Sabina (SBB), and Great Panther (GPR) but does not recommend them to anyone else. You’re welcome to investigate them and make your own decision.  2009 will be the worst year since 1929. You will see the second wave of residential real estate bankruptcies, the first wave of commercial real estate bankruptcies, the first wave of credit card default, and the first wave of automobile repossession, MASSIVE HY-PERINFLATION that will take your breath (and your savings) away. Below is the picture that did not come thru in the Feburary Rant. A picture is worth 10,000 words. The U.S. Titanic is sinking from an endless list of hopeless, terminal problems. Your only savior on this earth is silver and gold. Silver is at least five times more profitable than gold. The current 69 to 1 ratio will fall back to the historical 15 to 1 ratio within a few years (e.g. $200 silver and $3,000 gold). All the gold ever mined basically still exists. We don’t need gold for industry or technology. All the silver ever mined has basically disappeared. We cannot have industry or technology without silver, and cannot replace it. The COMEX only has 70 million ounces of available (dealer registered) silver. It may not have that much. There is very, very little silver on this earth now. 
This is the picture that didn’t come thru in the February Rant. Only silver and gold are going to save you, and silver is much, much better than gold.  

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Want to hear a frightening thought? In 1994 Mexico cancelled the Peso for the New Peso. One morning citizens woke up and had to turn in ten old Pesos for ONE New Peso. They lost 90% of their net worth and savings in a blink. That may well happen here with the extreme hyperinflation and money printing. One morning we may just wake up and be told to turn in ten old dollars for ONE new Amero. That would destroy your entire wealth except for silver and gold bullion. They cannot be destroyed. Don’t say, “it can’t happen here” because it can and probably will. 

Folks, please go to at least once a week and read Jim Willie, Roger Weigand, Richard Daughty and other good writers for free. Watch CNN, Faux News, CNBC, and Madman Cramer for a good laugh and do exactly the opposite of whatever they suggest. We have a hardline Marxist president, a socialist Democratic Congress, and a brain dead public that voted for them. Only 2% of the voters chose freedom and  prosperity and voted Libertarian. 98% voted for slavery and poverty. The worst kind  of slavery is self imposed imprisonment. This country is finished after 232 years. History proves that. Soon we’ll be just another Third World banana republic without the bananas.

Invest in silver. It’s the best investment on earth, has been, and will be for years to come.


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