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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late February 2012 Economic Rant - Roger Mason


"Socialism is a philosophy of failure,  the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,   its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.."    -- Winston Churchill

Here is the basic list of eight sovereign countries we are going to attack and destroy: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Lebanon, and finally Iran. It seems Syria is next, and the White House has officially confirmed this. Iran will follow Syria. Attacking Iran will be the worst and last mistake we ever make. Suddenly, attacking Iran is back on the front burner in full force. The deputy prime minister of Israel says Iran is building a nuclear missile to attack the U.S. Now, there is a reliable source of information, right? Another Big Lie for the sheeple. We have 15,000 troops in Kuwait and just sent another entire carrier group over there. We are massing 100,000 troops on the islands of Socotra and Masirah near Iran by March. We have closed our embassy in Syria. This is a prelude to an attack on them. Something is heating up, and it all leads to all out nuclear war. Don't blame the politicians, as they are a perfect reflection of the American people.



As goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for 150 years now. Governor Moonbeam Brown continued the radical socialist legacy, and they are completely broke now. They cannot pay the 2.5 million government employees- which is a wonderful thing. That is twice the amount of people employed in manufacturing. Maybe they'll go out and get real jobs. Unlike the federal government, they cannot counterfeit money and pretend to pay the bills. This state by itself used to be the sixth largest economy in the entire world! Now it is Northern Mexico where whites are a shrinking minority.



Haven't published this cartoon in over a year now. The American sheeple only want the government to make them feel safe and secure. Freedom and prosperity don't matter anymore. Just like all of Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The other countries aren't worth mentioning, as none of them have ever enjoyed freedom or prosperity. 95% of the sheeple voluntarily go thru the x-ray machines at the airport. The worst is that they push their children thru the x-ray machines. Hell is not hot enough! Your poor old author was at the huge BWI (Baltimore) airport last week, and was the only one to refuse to get radiated and glow in the dark. They're happy with the Patriot Act. They don't care about the NDAA taking away the few rights they had. They elected a radical Marxist president. They have freely chosen a socialist, Marxist, communist, far left Congress. Ben Franklin said people who would trade their freedom for the illusion of government security would get neither.


The government is going to regulate and tax sugar. That's right. Sugared beverages will get a small tax to start. That tax will grow larger every year as always. You are too stupid to decide what to eat, so the government will decide for you. Then the Sugar Tax will extend to sugared snacks and other sweets. Saving you from yourself.


Here is the U.S. budget reduced to a household level. Actually the unfunded liability is much worse than a mere $142,710 per family. It is more like $1.5 million. Notice the "budget cuts" are only $385.

     *Annual family income: $21,700
     * New debt on the credit card: $16,500
     * Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710 (actually

       more like $1.5 million per family)
     * Total budget cuts: $385


The manipulation and suppression of the silver and gold prices are being done by the Big Banks, especially J.P. Morgan. The Big Banks just increased their net gold short positions an amazing 40,000 ($5 billion) contracts from 180,000 ($30 billion!) to 220,000 ($37 billion) . They are net short over $37 billion dollars on the COMEX!!! They are now net short "only" less than 34,000 silver contracts. This is an incredible 17 million ounces of silver they have shorted! This is insane. This is almost half the entire U.S. annual production of silver (38 million ounces). All manipulations eventually end in disaster, resulting in exactly the opposite of what they intended. Silver and gold have gone straight up for over six weeks, are overbought and are now correcting.



We are running out of silver. Mine supply cannot possibly keep up with demand. Demand is increasing every month due to 1) technology cannot do without it, and 2) worldwide investors are buying silver hand over fist. There are almost no silver stockpiles anywhere, and the COMEX is self-audited. Recycling comes to almost nothing. Soon, we will be out of silver and the price will go ballistic...$400 plus. There are only 41 million SUPPOSED ounces in the COMEX- which is the largest silver deposit on earth. This is an eighth of an ounce for every American. Silver lease rates are negative. This is bearish and indicates silver will keep falling down to, say, $30. Gold should fall to at least $1,600 along with silver.


The blue line is reality. The red line is the government lie. The media tells you inflation is 3% when it is really 11%. If you salary doesn't go up 11% a year you are losing. If your investments don't go up 11% a year you are losing. You have to make 11% on your salary and your investments just to break even!


Your Social Insecurity check is now called a "Federal Benefit Payment". Folks, you paid for this, as did your employer. It belongs to you; it is not a "benefit". This is the first big step to screwing all the seasoned citizens. You will see millions of old people starving in the street when their "Federal Benefit" check doesn't buy anything. Inflation has already destroyed the value of Social Insecurity. Hyperinflation will destroy the rest. You'll still get a monthly check, but it just won't buy anything. This has been a Ponzi scheme since it's inception 80 years ago. All pyramid schemes eventually crash and burn, and now this one is crashing and burning.


Do you want to keep your right to buy vitamin supplements? And get rid of the FDA's proposed "NDIs" (New Dietary Ingredients)? Go to Citizens for Health at www.citizens.org and sign the petition. Don't send them any money, just sign the petition. This is important. If the NDI program is put into effect you will NOT be able to buy natural food supplements. This is their way of getting rid of them. The FDA will completely bypass Congress with the NDI directives. The doctors and pharmacists and pharmaceutical corporations hate supplements and wanted to outlaw them decades ago. America is the only civilized country where you can freely buy them. Did you know that? You can't buy supplements in Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand due to the big government socialism. Control for the sake of control. Control over every single part of your life. Poverty and slavery under Big Government. Please go to citizens.org and sign the petition. Public outcry got rid of the SOPA bill to take away Internet freedom, and public outcry can get rid of this. Over half of Americans take natural supplements.



The above photo really needs no comment.



Old Hillary isn't looking too good for a 64 year old woman who had a (secret) full face lift just a few years ago. Look at the "turkey wattle" on her neck. The evil bitch is dying of cancer and won't admit it. Her legs are so swollen she can only wear pant suits. She is obese, sickly, under severe stress, and on a junk food diet. She just announced her political career is over in 10 more months. Why would a narcissistic harpie like her drop out of politics instead of running for Vice President, or staying on as Secretary of State, or even Senator of New York? Because she's dying of cancer, that's why! She would cut off her arms and legs to be Vice President. Then she'd kill Obama so she could be the President. There are 7 billion people on this planet, and only one of them is telling you Hillary is dying. Time will tell. Time always tells. The average American white woman now lives to about 80 years. She would normally have 16 years left to do her evil.


Did you know that a government department of education is one of the main planks of the Communist Party? Seriously, total government control of the schools is a main plank in the Marxist/Leninist plan for a "egalitarian" society. That means everyone is equally stupid, equally poor, and equally miserable. Like in Cuba. The Department of Education was started in 1979 by President Carter. Newt Gingrich voted for it of course. The budget for this has exploded every year, for 33 years, while the quality of education has gotten too pitiful to even talk about. We now pay a whopping $70 billion a year just to make our children even stupider. Why are Americans so stupid? Most all of them were "educated" in government ("public schools") brain washing centers. Ron Paul is the only one who wants to completely do away with the Department of Education. If you cannot afford to put your child in a private or parochial school (which isn't much better) then don't have any! Producing little docile, obedient, brain dead, mindless sheeple is hardly an addition to the world. As bad as Don Imus is (Imus in the Morning show) he at least calls Gingrich "skunk vomit". The democrats love Newt because they know he could never win the election. Pseudo-conservative Romney could well win.



Look at this chart. The government says we have 8% unemployment. We keep telling you it is 22% but actually much worse than that. This chart proves it. When people just give up and throw in the towel they aren't counted anymore!!! When people take a job they are very overqualified for, this is not taken into account at all. The unemployment rate during the Great Depression was "only" 25%. It is probably about 30% now when you look at the real world. Our work force is disappearing!!!! Look at the decline in a mere 4 years! This is frightening and will only get worse.


Would you like to abolish the Department of Homeland Security, get rid of TSA? Then go to www.downsizedc.org and sign the petition.


Argentina just limited all bank transactions to $230 a day. Italy just did this, too. Soon America will do it. Get your money out of the banks and buy silver. Keep a small checking account for paying the bills. Sell your IRA or 401k and buy silver. Take the penalty and buy silver before the government takes your life savings.


Warren "Senile in Omaha" Buffett just sent out his annual shareholder letter. He completely trashed gold, and refused to admit silver even exists. He had 130 million ounces of silver he bought at $5.00 about 10 years ago. He sold all of it for $7.50 That means he lost BILLIONS of dollars by selling it. Why would he do such a stupid thing? Was he senile 10 years ago? Buffett is a government whore. His worthless Berkshire Hathaway stock has performed miserably for over a decade now. You could literally do better having monkeys throw darts at a stock chart. You actually lose money by holding BRKA after adjusting for inflation. We have repeatedly published 10 year stock charts to prove this. If Senile in Omaha cannot make money in stocks how is the regular citizen supposed to?




Folks, this is the last 15 years of world temperatures from 30,000 measuring stations. The earth is very slightly COOLING, not warming. This is from England's Met (Meteorological) Office. NASA has reviewed these figures and fully agreed with them. We had a mini-Ice Age around 1700, and may have one again. Global Warming was always a scam that stupid people went for. Last winter was so cold it was a record breaker! Ray Charles and Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder can see the earth is not warming.


Did you know that HALF of all adults in Greece work for the government? This is in addition to the millions of worthless scumbags that get a monthly government check of some kind. That is simply incomprehensible. They don't deserve any aid or support...the demonstrators deserve to starve to death in the streets. Now Athens is in flames as GOVERNMENT WORKERS are burning down the city, looting stores, and (literally) setting the police on fire. The government is bankrupt and has no money. They can't pay 50% of the adult population (plus all the ones on various welfare programs) when you're broke. If all the demonstrators died today the world would be a better place. They are all a disgrace to the history of Greece and the Greek people. You notice we do not cover the entire European disaster. Why bother? Europe is hopeless and will collapse completely. America will collapse soon after they do. The European Union is falling apart at the seams and the Euro will soon be worthless. This was a mainstay of the One World Order and has failed.


ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGALIZED FOR ALL ADULTS. This was true in America for over 130 years until the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1913. Legalize drugs and all the drug cartels, drug dealers, and gangs disappear tomorrow. If someone commits any crime (including misdemeanors) under the influence of drugs they get double jail time and penalties. Even neocon George Soros wants all drugs legalized. The President of Guatemala formally called for legalization of all drugs in Central America. President Otto Perez is going to talk to all the other Central American countries about this.


See you in March. Buy silver! Load up on all necessities you need daily.






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