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March Economic Rant - Roger Mason

One cannot pick tops and bottoms and short term forecasting is for fools. Nevertheless, one has to do their best to see overall bottoms and tops.We feel silver has bottomed at the $16 level and it’s time to back up the truck. It just does not matter if you buy silver at $14, $16, or even $18 when it goes to $200 and keeps going. Silver is the best investment in the world. Buy bullion and store it yourself. Do NOT buy paper silver of any kind, or let anyone store it for you. Why aren’t we recommending silver stocks anymore? They are a fantastic bargain, and the HUI is currently only about 400. 1) In a Marxist society like ours paper assets are more and more risky, especially for taxation. 2) The stock market is going to fall, and silver and gold stocks may well fall with it. Buy silver bullion. George Soros is a Zionist One Worlder, but he is not senile like Warren Buffett. George told the world gold was a huge bubble to keep others from buying any. Meanwhile he bought up $600 million dollars worth. Why didn’t George buy silver? Lots of reasons. There isn’t that much silver available for sale. Any large sales would make the price rise dramatically. Silver is a very tiny market folks, and this is one reason it is going to go ballistic. Where are you going to safely store hundreds of tons of silver? He can store that gold in small tool shed, but it would be next to impossible to store hundreds of tons of silver. BACK UP THE TRUCK AND BUY SILVER.  This is it; no more waiting. Buy all you can. If the price falls a little so what? This is the time.


We are holding our silver stocks. When the stock market starts to collapse it may be a very good idea to dump all your silver stocks. They may well crash with the market as people scramble to liquidate and get cash (Monopoly money). If you want to hold stocks you can buy them back at a lower level. If the HUI falls below, say, 380 just dump them.


We are going to attack Iran. This will be the worst mistake we have ever made. The Mideast is none of our business. The business of America is protecting America, not any other country. General Makarov is the head of the Russian chief of staff. He said the U.S. is going to attack Iran, and referred to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral McMullens statements. Makarov did not say what the Russian response would be to this attack. Both Russia and China has extensive investments in Iran and are not going to tolerate any U.S. interference. On 14 February 2010 Admiral Michael Mullen attended a press conference after his arrival in Israel and made it clear that all options are on the table. “We would operate all our forces for Israel”. He then said, “Politically, it is prohibited in any way that Iran will have nuclear weapons”. Right now, diplomatic efforts continue,” he explained, but did not rule out military option, “The option to attack Iran is still on the table, but we’re not there yet. It is very difficult to expect the pace of the Iranian government, I am very concerned with their use of rhetoric and their uranium enrichment program. Iran undermines the stability of the region – also in Yemen and Afghanistan. The U.S. government has very serious intentions to impose harsh sanctions and I very much hope that it will end the conflict.” McMullen also noted that according to the American assessment Iran could obtain a nuclear bomb from one year to three years. That is an outright lie. However, he stressed that, “conflict with Iran would be a big problem for everyone. I worry about the unintended consequences of an attack. While every situation has limits, we’re not there yet. The diplomatic efforts must be exhausted until the end.” He continually referred to Israel’s security and made it clear that the U.S. stands behind it. “Israel supports the policy that Obama leads. The Chief of the General Staff Gabi Ashkenazi made this clear to me in a meeting a few weeks ago. That does not mean we are not worried. We have appreciation for Israel and we can take care of its security.” Additionally Admiral McMullen stressed that between Israel and the U.S. there is real cooperation. “This important relationship with Israel grows stronger every day,” he said. “We are close partners, since the establishment of the state. I am aware of the needs of Israel in every step. I’m here to understand the perspective of those who live here. I worry about the stability and the possibility for instability in the region. We will operate all our forces to have a stable and secure Israel and for the people of Israel. One would think McMullen was an Israeli admiral instead of an American one.


Syrian tanks are already in Lebanon to protect them from an Israeli invasion. This is none of our business. The Mideast is none of our business. Israel is none of our business. The business of America is Americans. This country was founded on the principle of laize faire or mind your own business, not the business of others. We have no business in the Mideast. We have no business protecting any other country on earth. We have no business sending American soldiers to find someone else’s war.


Senile in Omaha Buffett is still hemorrhaging. His famous “legendary” Berkshire Hathaway stock just gets worse and worse. He just bought Walmart (WMT). Walmart was $60 just 18 months ago and is now jus $53. Adjusted for 18 months of inflation it is much worse. He just bought Iron Mountain (IRM).  Iron Mountain was $37 just 30 months ago and is now just $23 adjusted for inflation it is much worse. He calls bad stocks “bargains”. Warren wants you to invest your life savings in the stock market and go broke. He tells you silver and gold are bad investments and sold his silver years ago. He’s nothing but a government whore, puppet, stooge, shill, disinformation agent. Why did he sell his soul to the government? Another One Worlder socialist. His Berkshire Hathaway stock was $140,000 just two years ago, but is only $144,000 now. Adjusted for Inflation it is much worse.It would have to be $160,000 now just to break even and make no profit whatsoever. That is with the false 10% inflation the government and media tell you. If he can’t make money, why is he telling you how to make money?  Buffett is nothing but a senile old fart shilling for the government. He is a hardcore socialist and very happy with the Obama Agenda. He has publicly stated he has no use for the entire Tea Party Movement, he feels Social Insecurity is one of the “most important” programs America has. He recommends stocks as the “best investment for the long run”. He thinks Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal was the best thing that ever happened to America. Folks, Buffett is a turd. His own stock is in the pits. His famed Berkshire Hathaway stock says it all. His stock picks are pitiful and you could literally do better throwing darts. Do exactly the opposite of what Senile in Omaha recommends. Do exactly the opposite of what CNBC recommends. Do exactly the opposite of what you hear in the newspapers, radio, TV and magazines. Do exactly the opposite of what Stupid Money Cramer tells you to do.


The housing collapse is going to get much worse folks. This includes commercial real estate as well. Notice how every week businesses in your town close down, and more empty stores are for rent? The median American home will sell for $120, 000 or less in the next three years. You will be able to buy the median home for only 600 ounces of silver. Yes, only 600 ounces of silver will buy the average American home in 2013 as home prices collapse and silver goes to $200 and higher. Probably a lot higher. It’s hard enough to get people to understand it will go to $200. In 1982 silver sold for $50 an ounce when there was an abundance of silver in the world. Adjusted for inflation, that would be about $120 today. We’re almost completely and totally out of silver. We cannot begin to possibly mine enough to keep up with demand. Buy silver bullion, rather than stocks, and keep it yourself. Hide it creatively.

Silver is four times better than gold, and will return to the traditional 15:1 ratio as it always does and always has. That would be $200 silver and $3,000 gold for example.


Sell your IRA or 401k before the government takes it over by force and converts it into a worthless “annuity” based on totally worthless treasury paper. Sell your IRA or 401k and buy silver bullion. The Federal Reserve (which isn’t Federal and has no reserves) is printing Monopoly money 24/7. Hyperinflation will ruin the economy and destroy your life savings. Ft. Knox has been empty for decades and no audit has been done in over 40 years.



Please look at the above chart. This is absolute proof the Much Greater Depression has already started. Americans are up to their ears in debt, they’re drowning in debt. We are so over our heads only a massive economic depression can result from it. Even just 30 years ago we saved money and invested it instead of living over our heads. Household debt has gone from almost zero to ONE THIRD of our Gross Domestic Product output. You cannot live over your head for very long. The chickens always come home to roost. Reality always wins in the end. This country is ending in the Much Greater Depression.


A little child knows you cannot spend your way out of debt. You cannot spend your way into prosperity. Obama and the gang keep telling us their Stimulus Program will spend our way into recovery and prosperity. They tell us the government is “creating 2 million jobs”. You cannot spend your way into prosperity. The government cannot create one real job. The less government jobs the better. Impoverished countries like Brazil always have a high percent of government jobs. Only the free market can create jobs. Only freedom can create jobs. Obama’s 3.8 trillion dollar budget is purposely meant to destroy this country. Remember the entire GNP of America is only $12 trillion, so a $3.8 trillion budget is totally and completely insane. The Obama gang is purposely destroying this country so they can institute Marxism. They are not stupid- they are EVIL. They know very well what they are doing. They want outright Marxism, and not just European style socialism. They purposely destroy freedom like all Marxist countries do. They want poverty so they can rule effectively. Always remember it is very easy to rule poor people, but not affluent people. This is why dictators like Fidel Castro and Kim Il Jong purposely keep the Cubans and North Koreans poor so they can control them.


The whole Tea Party movement has been ruined by the pseudo conservatives. Yes, Ron Paul was elected by the CPAC meeting, but the Romney supporters actually booed him! That’s right they booed loudly when Ron Paul won the nomination. Mitt Romney is a real piece of neocon fecal matter and not a patriot in any way. He fully supports our wars of aggression in the Mideast just like Sarah Palin (who came in third) does. One of the featured speakers was Joseph Farah, the editor of the disinformation rag World Net Daily.  Do not donate to this and do not attend. This is NOT the real Tea Party of a year ago. Do not donate to the “Mt. Vernon Statement” group and other pseudo-conservatives. This abomination is headed by Ed Meese for God’s sake!



Here’s proof commercial real estate is completely hopeless. This started in 2007 two years later than the start of the residential crash. Both have years to go and can only end in complete economic disaster. Don’t kid yourself about “recoveries” of any kind.

Want more absolute inarguable proof the Much Greater Depression has already started and it unavoidable? There are 605 trillion in derivatives in the world. Yes, that number is incomprehensible. The entire GNP of America is only $12 trillion. That is a mere 2.3% of the derivatives. The entire World Bank reserves would only cover 1.2% of that. We can’t even accurately define what a derivative is, but you can rest assured it is basically a scam. These $605 trillion worth of derivatives are coming unraveled as you read this. This will end in financial disaster for the entire world. All debts get paid. Please remember that. All debts get paid by either by buyer or the lender. Always. These derivative losses will be paid with a worldwide depression.


You may not have realized that the Patriot Act was temporary. Well the House just overwhelmingly extended it by a vote of 315 to 97 (20 abstaining). That means the police state continues, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a joke, and it just gets worse from here. We will get National Health Care, Stimulus Packages, Cap and Trade, and God only knows what other Marxist welfare redistribution programs with more and more loss of freedom. Don’t even think there is any hope. Hope is for dopes and the last refuge of fools anyway.


You see those morons with the Support Our Troops ribbons on their cars. The way to support our troops is to bring them home. Bring them home today! We have no business in the Mideast or anywhere else. We should close every offshore military base and bring every single soldier home. We have lost over 5,000 Americans to these evil, illegal, and immoral wars in the Mideast. Over 6,000 have committed suicide. Countless American soldiers are disabled, injured and especially psychologically and emotionally ruined. It is estimated that half of homeless men are war veterans who can no longer cope with life. If you want to really support our troops then bring them home where they belong.



Here’s the proof folks. The media keeps telling you inflation is “only” 10%. Well, this is the deposit currency chart of the Fed Banks. In late 2008 inflation took off for the moon and is still going to the Moon. We have continually printed other charts to prove this. Hyperinflation is your future, serious Weimar-style and Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation. Only silver and gold will protect you from this, and silver is four times better than gold.


BACK UP THE TRUCK AND BUY SILVER BULLION. Keep it yourself and hide it creatively even if you live in an apartment. Bury it and plant a garden over it, or put a concrete patio over it.


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