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March 2012 Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

The top 3% taxpayers pay more than the entire other 97%. The newsmedia tells us the rich aren't paying enough. Obama lies and says Warren Buffett's secretary pays more income taxes than Warren does. The "Buffett Rule". Warren pays much more income tax than his secretary. Everyone pays the same 15% capital gains. We should have ZERO capital gains. You have already paid tax on the money you invest. Why pay twice?The more you overtax "the rich" the less tax revenue you get. That's right, you get less revenue, not more. Businesses shut down, hiring stops, firing starts, commerce slows down, and prices go up. Obama is going to raise capital gains to 30%- which will kill business in America. That's what he wants. He knows that. That's the point- destroy America. The One World Order cannot control prosperous, free countries. They can only control poor countries. The top 3% of American tax payers pay 97% of all income taxes, but this "isn't enough". 3% carry the load for 97%, but this "isn't enough".


We are going to attack Syria any day. What happens, or doesn't happen, in Syria (or any other country) is none of our business. Both China and Russia have clearly warned us to stay away from Syria. They both have also clearly warned us to stay away from Iran. The worst mistake we have ever made is attacking sovereign countries in the Mideast. This has brought us much closer to all out nuclear war. This country was founded on the principle of friendships with all, and alliances with none. Never forget that. We became the World Policeman, and then the World Bully. We are now hated more and more internationally for our evil attacks on other nations, and interference in their affairs. The entire "war on terrorism" is a hoax. 9/11 was an inside job by the CIA and Mossad. There is no Al Queda; it is a media fabrication. The Taliban are poor, uneducated desert dwellers who pose no threat to us at all. Iran should be our friend and trading partner. They have every right to all the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons they want. Israel has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons. They are not our friend, nor our ally. Nor are they the, "only democracy in the Mideast". They are a Jewish Orthodox theocracy who kill and imprison Palestinian men, women, and children. The Iranians did not bomb Israeli embassies- the Israelis did that to drum up the war against Iran. If Iranians did it there would be a lot of dead people. Have you noticed there was not one Israeli soldier in Iraq? Not one Israeli soldier in Afghanistan. Not one Israeli soldier in Libya. Not one Israeli soldier in Pakistan. And there won't be one in Syria or Iran either. Did you know the U.S. military only has two Jewish men and women for every 1,000 soldiers? 2 out of 1,000. You didn't hear that on the 6:00 News did you? Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Savage, Levin and the other "conservatives" never told you that did they? Why is it you can get more honest news on Russia Today? Seriously, go to www.russiatoday.com and see for yourself. It is not a "popular democratic uprising" at all in Syria. It is a well armed OUTSIDE military insurgency. You can believe the CIA and Mossad are up to their ears in this one. Who are these rebels? Are they worse than Asad? Who knows? Probably they are worse. Just like Libya, the cure is worse than the disease. The Mideast is none of our business never was, and never will be. China and Russia are not going to tolerate interference with Syria or Iran. We have bitten off more than we can chew here. Nuclear war looms closer and closer every day. Even the mainstream media now admits that.

"An attack on Iran would create a disaster." Zbigniew Brezinski


Silver and gold broke out after a six week run-up and three week consolidation. This is right and good, and makes for a strong bull market. 2012 is going to be very good to us. Buy all the silver bullion you can at this current level and hold it yourself. No paper silver. No silver stocks. No SLV. No storage programs. Junk silver pre-1965 U.S. coins are your best buy right now. As of February 24 the Big Banks are net short over $40 billion worth of gold (229,000 COMEX contracts or 23 million ounces). They are also net short about 40,000 COMEX silver contracts. This is 200 million ounces of silver or over $7 billion. This massive manipulation is failing, but not dead by any means.


The Red Chinese are loading up on gold as well as silver. You know it's End Times when the communists are buying gold and silver and the capitalists are printing worthless paper "money". China exported 100 million ounces of silver annually 10 years ago. Now they import 100 million ounces. This is huge! The world is running out of silver.



Look how the American workforce is disappearing just in the last four years. We can't produce anything without workers. The real unemployment rate is over 22%, not the official 8% figure.


Look at this cartoon below. Yes, please read that again, as his logic is a little hard to follow. The top 3% of taxpayers pay more than the entire rest of the other 97%. The top 1% of taxpayers pay an astounding 40% of all income taxes. Warren Buffett pays much more income tax than his secretary. Everyone pays the same 15% capital gains tax. Obama is going to double this to 30%. That will kill investment in America for everyone! The "Buffett Rule" is a transparent lie for fools. If we get four more years of Obama, he will go all out to continue to destroy America with nothing to hold him back. The Democratic Party is now the Marxist Party, and the Republicans the Socialist Party. America is finished after 235 years. This is End Times folks. Jesus isn't coming back, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse aren't coming down from the sky. There isn't a square foot of freedom on our entire planet now. There is nowhere to go; don't kid yourself. Canada, all of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand never did have freedom. They are even worse socialist cesspools with total government control of their lives, and a pitiful standard of living. Here Big Government micromanages your life from birth to death. Every year the sheeple worldwide demand even more government, more poverty, and less freedom. The entire world went insane a long time ago.



Want some good news for a change? China is going down the toilet along with the rest of the world. Their stellar growth was very short lived and based on too many faulty premises. China is the biggest threat to us of all, as they are hard core communists. There is no free market "reform" going on over there! What crock. Hu Jintao, the current leader, is a hardline commie who hates capitalism. There are over a billion people in China who keep breeding like cockroaches. Their consumer spending is among the lowest in the world. A Chinese man named Gordon Chang wrote a book, The Coming Collapse of China. He points out their weaknesses and flaws very clearly. He says they are now in a falling economic supercycle. This is an excellent book.


Never underestimate the military power of a billion people though. Chinese military leaders have warned us very sternly to keep our hands off Syria and Iran, and mind our own business. They will join up with Russia and use all possible means to back up those warnings. When we attack Syria anything can and will happen. When we attack Iran expect even worse disaster. Every day we come closer and closer to nuclear war due to insane neocon American wars of aggression. Wars the stupid, brain dead, clueless, government loving American sheeple support due to media brain washing.


Meanwhile, the mainstream media is glorifying an alcoholic, multi-drug addicted, uneducated, bankrupt, professional punching bag named Whitney and elevating her to sainthood. What kind of role model is she for young black girls? Don't get an education, be an alcoholic, get cross addicted to drugs, find a boyfriend who beats you every day, don't do anything whatsoever to help the black community, go broke, and spend millions of dollars on drugs. She's a real inspiration for young black girls worldwide. But she's elevated to sainthood somehow. Go figure.


The media is also telling you that more women have children out side of marriage than married women do. More babies are born now without legal fathers than babies to married couples for women under 30. Of course statistics like this are NEVER broken down by race. That would be too revealing. The truth is over 70% of black girls have illegitimate children, over 50% of Latino girls, but "only" about 25% of white girls. More and more, light skinned Latinos are commonly counted as "white" in many surveys. Asian girls overall had less than 20%. In 1965 the entire illegitimacy rate was only 7% total for all races. Now it is over 50%. That's a 700% rise. And you think this isn't End Times? Open your eyes, pay attention, take a close look at today, and you'll see there is no hope whatsoever for America or this planet.



Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch (Faux News) got fired for telling the truth. He was the least worst on TV. Remember, you cannot be in the mainstream media if you tell the truth. He kept pushing the wars in the Mideast, the fake war on terrorism, wouldn't admit 9/11 was an inside job, etc. He knew the truth, but couldn't say it on TV. Well, he finally told the truth and said Israel is behind all of this. He was fired. Pat Buchanan was also fired for telling the truth. Google "Judge Napolitano fired" to learn more and hear and see the five minute speech he gave that got him fired. Or just Google "questions they won't let you ask". He interviewed an ex-CIA agent who stated the only reason we are attacking innocent countries in the Mideast is for the benefit of Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Have you seen that new TV series Doomsday Preppers? Then you know it is a farce. Morons, psychos, radicals, and fools waiting for the world to end. Count on the media to mislead you about everything. Yes, you should have guns and ammo, whole grains and beans, gasoline, and every single thing you use daily stored up. Have at least a six month supply of everything you can think of. If you live in a city then move out. Ideally you should be in the countryside, and out of the suburbs as well. Remember during the Great Depression farmers did very well generally. They had food and bartered their food for the other things they needed. You are going to see food shortages worldwide, including America. Food is going to be a central problem. .


As goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for about 100 years now. California leads the nation in socialism and big government. They of course are the most bankrupt state of all. This one state used to be the 7th largest economy in the world ahead of more than 170 other countries. Just one state! Now they are completely, totally, and hopelessly bankrupt. As goes California, so goes the nation. They are now giving condoms to 12 year old children at taxpayer expense. This is a fact, and was in the news on February 21. This is too incomprehensible to comment on. If you don't think this is End Times, please start paying attention. When taxpayers are forced to give condoms to children then reality is upside down.


Greece is a cesspool where literally half the adults work for the government. Obviously that kind of insanity just cannot continue. Someone has to work to pay the bills, and government workers are just not famous for working. The EU just gave Greece more bailout money- $170 billion dollars...for hopeless, worthless government workers who vaporized the previous bailout money of $146 billion. Greece should be allowed to fail and go bankrupt and starve to death- which will happen anyway. It will happen no matter how much bailout money they are given. They will waste over $300 billion dollars, and do nothing to change or reform their out of control economy. Almost a third of a trillion dollars wasted on a worthless country. The European Union will fall apart and the Euro currency disappear. Greece is just the beginning. Impoverished countries like Slovakia, Cyprus, Estonia, and Latvia had to borrow the money to help bail out Greece. Nothing at all makes sense with this deal. Nothing. The entire EU is going to collapse into anarchy very soon, and the U.S. will follow. Socialism seems great, until you run out of other peoples money. 


Take a good look at this 42 year chart of the dollar. If you put a dollar under your mattress in 1970 you would only have 18 cents in purchasing power today. Gold was $35. A dollars worth of gold would now be worth an astonishing $50, not 18 cents. That is a difference of 250 times! $50 or 18 cents. Same is true with silver. The dollar will soon not be the world reserve currency. Then it will simply end. That's right, the dollar will end and be replaced by a new currency. All your old dollars will be worthless. This is why you have to buy silver bullion and hold it personally. Junk pre-1965 U.S. coins are the best buy and most practical. A $1,000 face bag has 715 ounces, weighs about sixty pounds, and costs about $26,000 with $35+ spot silver.


Look at this home price chart. Soon the median home price will fall to $100,000. Maybe even worse. $219,000 to $154,700 and falling every month. Do not buy a house for five more years. Most home sales are short and bankruptcy sales, not real ones.



Remember there is a huge "shadow inventory" of unsold homes. The banks do not want to admit to this massive backlog of homes they can't possibly sell as it makes their balance sheets look terrible. The situation is actually worse than this chart shows. The median home is worth a lot less than $154,700. The median U.S. home will sell for $100,000 in the next five years. You will be able to buy this median home for a mere 250 ounces of silver. That is not a misprint. You can buy 250 ounces of silver today for less than $9,000. That $9,000 worth of silver will buy you a very nice home for cash within 5 years.



Look at this gold chart (thanks to Shadow Stats) ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION. Using fake government inflation statistics gold would have to go to $2,500 (and silver to $150 to match $50 price) to match the 1980 price of $850 if you adjust for true inflation. John Williams at Shadow Stats exposes these things. He shows that if you adjust for actual, real world inflation gold would have to go to $8,890 and silver to $157 to match the old highs in 1980.

Gold has to go to $8,890 to match $850 gold in 1980

Silver has to go to $517 to match $50 silver in 1980.


The same basic chart would apply to silver. You can see how far silver and gold have to go. The fun has just started, and you can still get in on the fun at $35 silver as this letter goes out on March 1.


Let's quickly review energy again. Obama complains the Republicans have a plan for oil to 1) drill, 2) drill, and 3) keep drilling. Right, that's exactly what we need. How else are we going to get oil? Obama also lied and said we only have 2% of the world oil reserves. We have enough known oil reserves in America for another 200 years. We have enough natural gas for 200 years. We have enough coal for 1,000 years. You can make $2 a gallon gas/diesel/jet fuel from coal with the SASOL process. Those bad "Nazis" invented this over 70 years ago. There is no energy crisis, no Peak Oil. Solar doesn't work, as there is just no wattage in sunlight. Wind mills are ridiculous, and have failed all over the world. Biofuels take more energy to make than you get back. That's right, you get a net LOSS of energy. Electric cars are really COAL cars since 70% of our electricity comes from coal. We need oil, natural gas, and coal to survive. Nuclear plants are a bad idea, but we would have to close them all down. That isn't going to happen.


Michele Obama has now take seventeen (17) multimillion dollar vacations at your expense. No other First Lady has every wasted money like she has. Millions of black children are poor, hungry, fatherless, uneducated and in need of endless help and assistance. She and Obama could care less about other black people. "Screw them" is their motto.


On February 6 the FBI put out this formal announcement: "Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States", the FBI warned on Monday. Reuters and other news services carried this statement. That means you and me folks. Anyone who opposes higher taxes and more government regulation is now a terrorist. You're either a mindless sheeple or a dangerous terrorist. That means all the people who support Ron Paul are terrorists, and Ron is a terrorist as well. Now people who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are terrorists. And you think this isn't End Times? Then what is it?


This chart of the last 20 years (thanks to stockcharts.com) shows the ratio of oil to silver prices. This proves now is the time to buy silver. The current ratio is about 3.0 to 1. Imagine $200 oil and $1,600 silver in the future? That would be an 8 to 1 ratio, and the average is about 6 to 1. This is just one more of countless examples of why silver is the best bargain on earth. Four times better than gold. Silver is going to the moon to refuel for the trip to Pluto. You can still get in for $35 an ounce. Put 100% of your life savings into silver bullion and bury it in your back yard if you have to. Sell your 401k or IRA and buy silver. Party like a rock star during the Much Greater Depression.



Lesbian hardcore far left radical Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia. Australians hate freedom and prosperity. They love slavery and poverty. Australia is being used by the One World Order as an experiment, an experiment that worked all too well. The Aussies are so dumbed down by government schools and the media they can't blow their nose without government help- and government tissues. She just instituted her version of Cap and Trade. This will completely destroy the Australian economy, ruin the huge minerals industry, and make all energy completely unaffordable. All in the name of "climate change" and global warming- which doesn't exist. Why should we care? Because it is a portent of what is to come here in America. It doesn't matter if Romney or Obama wins this year. As One Worlder George Soros said, there really isn't any difference between the two. Cap and Trade is coming to America. Obama is now yammering about "new sources of energy". What does he mean? He means solar, windmills, and biofuels. None of them work, none of them will ever work. America is sitting on an ocean of oil, gas, and coal. A reader informed your author that the SASOL process not only makes fuel (jet, diesel, gasoline) from coal, but also makes liquid gasoline fuel from natural gas. We would not have to convert cars to use natural gas, or have special pumps for natural gas. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline today from coal with the SASOL process, but "'our" government won't allow one plant. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. We don't need one drop of foreign oil and never have.


Here is a rare, impossible to find, 20 year chart (thanks again to stockcharts.com) of Warren Buffett's famous BRKA stock denominated in gold rather than green toilet paper. In 20 years he has basically made NOTHING. Senile in Omaha has made nothing in 20 years. Gold has gone up about 600% in the last 15 years alone, just as silver has. Buffett is a senile old government whore who misleads innocent Americans into investing in the stock market. If he can't make any money in stocks, how are you going to?


Always remember that two real silver (pre-1965) U.S. dimes will buy you a gallon of gas, anything you want on the fast food dollar menu, and still leave you with change. Silver is real money, and has been for 5,000 years. Put 100% of your "money" into silver bullion you hold yourself. Sell your IRA/401k and take the penalty. Buy silver. Even if you end up with, say, $60,000 out of a $100,000 IRA'/401k you can buy $60,000 in silver. That will soon be worth over a half million dollars within 3 to 5 years. Your IRA/401 k will be worth toilet paper after the government takes it and gives you back a treasury annuity. Think they won't? Well, go ahead and starve in the street with your dumb assed friends when they do. And I'll laugh at you when I see you starving in the street. Other countries have done this, and soon "our" government will.


Nothing good is ahead of us folks. "Be prepared" as the Boy Scouts have been

saying for decades now. Move out of the cities. Move out of the suburbs. Be as

independent as possible. Store gasoline (change it every six months), whole grains

(no flour), beans, and every possible thing you use every day. See you in two weeks.













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