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Late March Economic Rant -Roger Mason

The entire American economy is falling apart at the seams folks. The Much Greater Depression looms closer every day. We’re already in a recession, and have been for months now. The American Way of Life, that inspired the world, is over after 232 years.  The housing collapse is just getting warmed up. You ain’t seen nothin yet! New homes have fallen a full 50% in less than three years adjusted for inflation! The media isn’t telling you this. The new home median price is now only $216,000 minus three years of inflation. Moody’s says 1 in 10 families will lose their home. All your investments must now go up 16% a year JUST TO BREAK EVEN! True inflation based on configured M3 is now 16%. The government no longer prints M3 figures in an attempt to hide this. The Fed will lower interest rates to 2% which will make everything worse. This is exactly opposite of what should be done. After this interest rates will take off to 20% due to rampant inflation. The U.S. international dollar index has fallen from $1.45 to 73 cents, and will keep falling to 50 cents. No currency on earth has any value including the Swiss franc and Euro. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are broke. This means your tax dollars went down the toilet because the government got into the mortgage business.

Watch CNBC on stupidvision to see what NOT to do. Jim Cramer is the worst of the bunch with his continual disinformation campaign. Warrren “Senile in Omaha” Buffet is a has been. His pitiful Berkshire Hathaway stock profits just fell 18% quarterly, and can’t even match inflation. He’s invested in losers like real estate and restaurants, instead of real things like silver and gold mines. You lose money investing with Warren. He did admit we ARE in a recession, and 84% of polled Americans can now see this. He also said the derivatives neutron bomb is going to go off and take down the world economy. You don’t have a choice in this- gold and silver are the only real money on earth. There is nothing else to invest in.

Gold peaked at $850 in 1982, so that would be almost  $2,5000 gold today. Ron Paul called for an audit of Ft. Knox to prove the gold was gone a long time ago. By federal law an audit must be done every 10 years, but none has been done for 50 years. You can’t argue with facts. There is no gold in Ft. Knox. Your U.S. dollar is Monopoly Money. Silver peaked at $50 in 1982, so that would be almost $170 silver today. The silver:gold ratio has fallen to 50 to 1 and is headed back to the historical 15 to 1 area. Silver is a far, far better investment than gold. Anytime silver or silver stocks fall in price is called a BUYING OPPORTUNITY. Right now the stocks are severely undervalued vis a vis the spot price, so buy all you can. Stocks give you much more leverage than bullion. Never even think of holding “paper silver” of any kind, or having someone

store it for you, no matter who they are. You must hold bullion physically in your own possession. Good stocks include Quaterra, Silverstone, Impact, First Majestic, U.S. Silver, ECU, and Fury. Do not buy Silver Wheaton as they have a mine in Peru which is a very unstable country. There are lots of reasons not to own the more famous ones like Hecla, Coeur d’Alene, Pan American, Silver Standard, and Apex. Gold will be confiscated as it was before, but silver has never been, and cannot be, confiscated.

There is no energy crisis. Global warming is a scam. We have plenty of oil for the foreseeable future. We have hundreds of years worth of known natural gas, and thousands of years of known coal reserves. We have huge unused hydroelectric power. We have endless nuclear power whether we like it or not. The EPA closed all our refineries, and crude oil is worthless without them. We can make infinite fuel out of coal using the SASOL process for $4 a gallon, but there are no SASOL plants in the U.S. We don’t even have enough refineries as the EPA closed them. Ethanol is a scam. We have lots of ethanol plants your tax dollar pays for. $10 gasoline is soon in your future with $150 fill ups. You’ll see $300 oil in the near future. Can you say $10 gasoline? We already have $4 diesel fuel.

The DJI, DJT and DJU must rise or fall together for a valid trend. This is Dow Theory. The DJT And DJU are hopeless. The Dow could not hold 14,000, 13,000, or 12,000. Remember that stocks have to go up 16% a year just to break even. You would still losing money after paying taxes on your illusory “profits”. The Dow is headed for 10,000 and later on 5,000. Unless your IRA/401k is in silver stocks, your retirement will be at the Salvation Army soup line.  If you can’t choose silver stocks then cash out your IRA/401k, and invest the 60% you have left in silver stocks. If you don’t then you deserve what you get. Don’t be a coward- dump your IRA-401k if you can’t convert it to American silver stocks. Silver has skyrocketed past $20 and will continue to skyrocket to $200. Silver stocks will do much better. Do NOT hold any kind of paper silver, or let anyone store your bullion for you. You must hold it physically in your possession.

One pillar of any police state is a national ID card. In 2011 under the “Real ID” Act every American over 16 will, in fact, have a national ID card as a drivers license. Every state will be ordered to comply with this. You already live in a police state folks and it only gets worse.

McCain has already been chosen as “your” next president. Only the brain dead believe they really choose the president. The CFR, Bilderbergers,  Illuminati, One Worlders, Elitists, Elders of Zion, Military Industrial Complex, or whoever you want to call them, runs this country, not the voters. Only the National Enquirer has admitted he has inoperable face cancer. You can’t ignore someone who looks like he has a golf ball in his mouth. He and his evil wolverine-faced bitch of a wife will make Russia look like Club Med! He promised a “100 year war against Iraq”, and to attack as many countries as he can with all the troops he can muster. Soon your son AND daughter will be drafted, and  sent off to be killed half way around the world. Bush on steroids, and the ideal man for the One World Order. It only gets worse from here on.

Major chains are going under and closing stores by the day. This includes Ruby Tuesday, Lane Bryant, Pep Boys, Rite Aid, Harley Davidson, Starbucks, Home Depot, Talbots, Old Navy, Sharper Image, Macy’s, Ethan Allen, CompUSA, 84 Lumber, Pac Sun, Krispy Kreme, Sprint, and Rent-A-Center. McDonalds  is one of the strongest chains in the world, but is losing 4% annually. VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and the other credit card companies are all going under. These are just SOME of the famous names falling apart. Las Vegas Strip revenues are down 18% adjusted for inflation, and Vegas is a traditional bellwether of the economy. The last depression was almost 80 years ago, and the coming depression will make that look like a picnic.

March 11 Newsflash: Admiral William Fallon, commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East Just resigned under extreme pressure. He was the only thing standing in the way of a direct attack on Iran. Fallon stated emphatically, “There will be no attack on Iran on my watch”. Expect Bush to attack any time. Washington DC will eventually be vaporized in retaliation.

Bear Sterns went under, and the government bailed them out with YOUR money via the printing press thru J.P. Morgan for 2 cents on the dollar! Lehman Brothers is the largest mortgage holder and will be next. The Fed keeps lowering interest rates, which is exactly the wrong thing to do.

The entire world economy is falling apart folks. The Much Greater Depression looms closer.

You CAN see tomorrow by watching the events of today very closely.

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