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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late March Economic Rant - Roger Mason

Back up the truck and buy all the silver bullion you can. Yes, silver stocks are a wonderful bargain, but silver bullion is real. Sell your IRA or 401k and buy silver. Do not buy paper silver or let anyone store it for you. Keep it yourself even if you live in an apartment. Get creative about where to hide it. Silver is the best investment in the world by far. Silver is four times better than gold. The gold to silver ratio is now 64 to 1 and will return to the traditional, historical 15 to 1 ratio, or even less. The problem with owning silver stocks in a Marxist police state is that the government can tax these to death. They cannot tax bullion once you buy it. Currently there is no tax on buying silver or gold bullion. You can also buy and sell bullion person to person.


The government is going to forcibly take over your 401k and IRA and turn them into worthless Treasury annuities. Yes, they will. Yes, this is a fact. The media has covered this, but made it sound like a "good policy". The federal government is out of money. They cannot pay for all the socialist programs and tax revenues are falling. This is how they are going to pay for all this Marxist insanity- by taking your life savings. No other nation is buying our worthless Treasury Bills and Bonds. They're desperate, and they're going to take your life savings. SELL YOUR IRA OR 401k!!!!! Sell it and take the penalty. Buy all the silver bullion you can.


It gets worse folks. The government wants every car fitted with a "black box" This will track your every movement 24 hours a day 365 days a week. The government has already allocated spectrum on the communication channels for this. It is not a matter of if, but when. This is a GPS system that will track you 24/7 all the time. This is not some right wing paranoia. Every car and truck will be fitted with a black box GPS system so the government will know where you've been, and when you've been there. The space on the communication spectrum has already been allocated for this, so this is the real deal.


Look at the chart below. New home sales are the worst in over fifty years! The media keeps telling your housing has "bottomed" and housing sales are rising, but they are falling. The average home in America will sell for $120,000 before Obama gets thrown out of office. You will be able to buy the average home for 600 ounces of silver at $200 an ounce. Do you remember when a silver dollar was worth a dollar? Well, six hundred ounces of silver will buy the average home in less than three years. Residential and commercial real estate is going to keep collapsing and keep collapsing for three more years. Look at all the empty, unsold homes in your town. Notice how every week there are more of them. Look at all the empty stores and offices in your town. Notice how every week there are more of them. This is happening in every city in America. Notice how the malls are emptying. Soon you will see entire ghost malls, and ghost shopping centers, and ghost strip malls. Take a really good look at this. More homes will be underwater every month. People will walk away from their mortgages, and give the keys to the bank since their house will be worth far less than what they owe. Mortgage defaults will be massive. Banks will have no choice but to become rental agents for millions of empty houses.  If you owe more on your house than what it's worth then walk away. It is only going to get  worse. Your house will be worth less and less every month.


Real unemployment is over 20%, not the fake 9.7% government figure. There are six people looking for every available job. It is going to 30% and maybe worse. This is going to hit everyone from minimum wage employees to professionals to government workers. For the first time in history government workers are being fired on every level. This will just get worse and worse. Even during the Great Depression government workers kept their jobs. Of course there were far fewer government jobs 80 years ago. There are no job possibilities anymore. The sheeple are finally waking up to the fact there are no jobs available. The media keeps telling you everything is "fine", and the economy has "bottomed" and the "recovery" is going well.  How many people do you know that have no job and can't get a job? The state unemployment funds (all unemployment is state by state) are all bankrupt and will end soon.


There is one answer, but you're not going to like it. Buy a small farm. Grow food, not livestock, but basic foods like grains, beans, and vegetables. Many farmers prospered during the Great Depression. They ate and they bartered food for what they needed. Everyone has to eat. Everyone has to have food. Food is basic, indispensible. Realistically almost no one is going to do this, because they just don't know how to farm and aren't interested. This is a very good answer, but almost no one is going to actually buy a small farm and succeed during the Much Greater Depression.


If you have not heard of pastor Lindsey Williams just Google his name and you will see endless videos of his. He claims to intimately know some of the One World insiders, the small group of men who really run the world. Lindsey says we have enough known oil for hundreds of years right here in Alaska and Montana. The bottom line is his predictions keep coming true. Now he says the dollar will lose one third of its value by Christmas.  It is now 80 cents on the international basket of currencies, but that would put it at about 53 cents. As soon as the dollar trend changes your author is going short the dollar long term. He says the price of oil will rise as the dollar falls. That means crude oil would be well over $100. Go to www.prophecyclub.com.  Do not buy the $99 videos. Just look at the free videos on the Internet. He is saying the U.S. dollar will lose a third of its value before Christmas. His track record is excellent. Go short the dollar as soon as the trend reverses and it falls below 80 cents on the international basket of currencies. Hyperinflation is our future. We are going to experience Zimbabwe-style and Weimar style hyperinflation. Severe hyperinflation is your future.


The Big Banks (especially J.P. Morgan Chase) have been manipulating the price of silver thru the COMEX by massively going short (betting on the price to fall). They were very successful, as silver should be well over $100 today. All manipulations end in disaster when reality finally takes over. Only one man, Rich Guthrie, figured out that it is not how many short silver contracts the commercials own, but the RATIO of how many short to how many long contracts. This is why we called a bottom to silver on Friday February 26. The actual low in the ratio was the 19th, but the COT figures are only published on Friday. This time the low only reached 2.0 instead of 1.8 because the commercials are failing. They spent too much time, money and effort this time and could only make the price fall about $3. This is the last of the Big Manipulation folks. After All these years of price suppression silver is going to Pluto. On March 10 CNBC told the world to "short gold" because the price was going to collapse. The way to get rich is do exactly the opposite of whatever the media tells you to do. That means dump any regular stocks you have, short the stock market, buy gold and silver, dump any dollar denominated assets, sell any residential real estate, sell any commercial real estate, and get rid of your IRA and 401k. There is nothing else on earth to invest in.


Why is the dollar worthless? It has no backing. It is just Monopoly Money. The Federal Reserve is a hoax and prints toilet paper legally. You cannot hold dollars. Another problem with having silver stocks is that they are denominated in dollars. This is why we are now recommending silver bullion over stocks: 
1. US Official Gold holdings are 261 million oz. and the gold price is about $1120/oz., making $295 billion of "backing" for the dollar. None of this is real of course.
2.  Dollars in US banks is about $14 trillion
3.  $295 billion / $14,000 billion = 2.1% gold backing for dollars in US bank accounts. Ft.
Knox has been empty for decades. Every ten years a REAL audit must be done by federal law. No audit has been done in 50 years. If you don't believe this just Google, "Ft. Know is Empty" and similar phrases.


53% of voters chose Marxism. 46% chose Neoconism. Only 1% chose freedom and the libertarian or constitutionalist parties. In a February Times poll only 35% admitted to voting for Obama!!!! 53% voted for him but only 35% would admit to it! For those of you who chose McCain you did no better than the Marxists. Neoconism is just as bad as Marxism, only a different type of police state. Senator John McCain's S3002 Dietary Supplement bill is dead fortunately. He tried to portray this as merely a bill to ban the sale of steroids over the counter. The fact is this would have ended up banning all supplements eventually. It gave the FDA total power to ban vitamin supplements for any reason, or no reason at all, at their whim. McCain joined with Joe Lieberman to introduce more police state legislation. McCain's Detention Bill will allow the military (not regular courts) to lock up any U.S. citizen for being "belligerent" who they think may be a threat of any kind. (No bill number available). You can Google "McCain Detention Bill" to see the actual proposal. This means anyone could be locked up forever at a whim of the military with no rights whatsoever. The media, of course, is just touting this as taking Miranda rights away from military detainees. Did you expect the media to tell you the truth?


A hallmark of all communist, totalitarian and police states is a National ID Card. Senators Schumer and Graham have introduced a bill to force us to have a national ID card. This is under the pretence of stopping illegal immigration! What a crock. This government legalized illegal immigration a long time ago. Illegal immigrants now have all the same rights as valid citizens, and are never prosecuted. We could put an end to illegal immigration overnight if the government wanted to and ship all of them back home- after they served a lengthy prison sentence at hard labor. This national ID card will have a computer chip so it can be computer scanned in seconds. It will have your fingerprints and endless information about you. There will be a national computer data base of course. All the science fiction horror movies you've ever seen will soon be coming true. Totalitarian countries like the U.S. must have national ID cards for the prisoners. Once this is instituted you will be a prisoner in a police state.


Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is a huge fan of Obama, and praises his policies constantly. Hugo has just taken over the Internet there and said, "The Internet is not something free." He actually said that- the Internet is not free. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom in the world. Obama and his Marxist buddies are already planning on how to control and limit the Internet, and plan to jail people who don't follow their new rules.


The National Health Care bill is not about your health- it is about power and control and total loss of your freedoms. This is a 1,200 page document that no senator or representative has even read. They are voting on a bill that no one in Congress has even read! This bill contains so many provisions to take away your freedoms you can't even begin to count them. Obama is also revamping the Every Child Left Behind Act. This is more government control over your children at the government brainwashing centers called "public schools".


This chart alone proves the Much Greater Depression started 35 years ago and is finally manifesting. About 1975 the National Debt started to get out of control. There should be no National Debt in the first place!  The current debt is totally unpayable even if every worker in America gave 100% of their salary to the government every year!  That's right- if every dollar earned in America went towards the National Debt it wouldn't even start to pay it off. We are already bankrupt and it just gets worse. This is meant to completely collapse our economy to institute Marxism. It is working and will continue to work. This is how Marxism has been introduced in every country prior to this- destroy the free market and replace it with total government control.


Sell your IRA or 401k and take the penalty. Buy silver bullion. The government is going to take these away from you and convert them to useless Treasury annuities. Social Insecurity is completely and hopelessly broke. It is a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi scheme that has been bankrupt for decades now. The government has been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is broke. The way the government will solve this is pay off the suckers in inflated Monopoly money. They great unwashed masses will still get their Social Insecurity check, but it will buy less and less every month. This is how they are going to "solve" the bankruptcy of Social Insecurity.


Hyperinflation is your future. The dollar is going to take a huge hit this year alone. The dollar has lost 99% of its value since 1913 when the Federal Reserve (which isn't Federal and has no reserves) was instituted. The dollar is toilet paper, mere Monopoly money.


Refuse to use the Body Scan machines at the airports when you fly. Do not use them. Do not be scanned. You have a legal right to refuse this assault on your freedom. All this airport insanity has nothing whatsoever to do with "security" in any way, shape, or form. It is only about power and control. The Shoe Bomber and the Underwear Bomber were staged incidents using stooges with mental problems. Remember 9/11 was an inside job. Anyone who believes men with box cutters took down entire airliners is delusional. Just Google "9/11 hoax", "9/11 fraud", or "9/11 inside job" and you will get hundreds of factual websites that will convince you beyond any doubt this was not done by "terrorists". The "war on terrorists" is a fantasy.


We now live on one big Prison Planet with six billion inmates. There isn't one square inch of freedom anywhere on earth now. America was the last bastion of any kind of freedom. The people who say we are living in End Times have a very good point. Nuclear war is on the horizon, and it will start kicking off when we attack Iran. Iran has been a member of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty for years, and have regular inspections. They have no nuclear weapons. Israel, on the other hand, is not a member, has never had an inspection, and has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Mideast. Let Israel fight their own war with Iran, and us mind out own business. That's what this country was founded on- friendship with all, but alliances with none. The Mideast is not a threat to us and we have no business over there. Iran is not a threat to us. We're completely bankrupt, yet we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on illegal, immoral, criminal, evil wars every year. We should close every single military base not on U.S. soil and bring home every soldier. The business of America is America, not being the World Bully. World War III is on the horizon folks. Don't kid yourselves. The last world war was 65 years ago, and we are due for the next one. End Times is about nuclear war, not Jesus coming back. Jesus wouldn't bother.


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