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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late March Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value- ZERO.” Voltaire 1729

The real National Debt is not “14 trillion” as the government tells you. That would be payable, since the Gross National Product is 12 trillion. The REAL National Debt of unfunded liabilities is more like 140 trillion, or ten times what the government tells you. Just Google “real U.S. national debt” if you have any doubts about this. There are plenty of articles proving this, like Bill Walkers article at the www.lewrockwell.com libertarian website. This is not payable folks. That would mean every man, woman, and child coughing up about a half million dollars a-piece. The Much Greater Depression started decades ago. Clearly it started during Roosevelt’s New Deal almost 80 years ago. Whether it is 100 trillion or 200 trillion just doesn’t matter. It’s not payable, and the price is the worst depression the world has ever seen, and the total destruction of what used to be the greatest country in the world.

“Life is tough. It’s even tougher if you’re stupid.”  -John Wayne

The dollar is down 82% against gold since 1999, but it is down 95% against silver. The Dow is down 81% against gold since 1999, but it is down 94% against silver.The Dow can’t hold 12,000. The stock markets are held up with hot air and media hype. We’ve been telling you this for years now. Even if the government wasn’t going to take your IRA or 401k, the collapse of the stock market alone would destroy the value of it.

The Mideast is on fire and it’s only going to get worse. Yes, this is going to affect us very much. Worldwide food prices will triple, and you’ll spend 30% of your income just to eat. And you won’t eat like royalty anymore. We spend 50% of the entire world military budget on our senseless wars of aggression. This insanity will end ONLY as we run out of money and can’t finance them anymore


Look at the above charts. The gold to silver ratio has always been about 15 to 1, or even lower. In1992 it went to about 95 to 1. It is currently 41 to 1. It will fall back to the historical 15 to 1 ratio, or even better. That makes silver three times better than gold. This would mean, for example $6,000 gold and $400 silver. Yes, silver is going to at least $400 an ounce, and probably a lot higher. The dollar is going to hell. All currencies are going to hell, including the Swiss franc.

The silver and gold stocks have been dismal for the last ten years. They have not followed the skyrocketing price of silver and gold at all. This year may well be the year the precious metals stocks start to take off for the moon. Do NOT buy silver stocks. Buy bullion and hold it personally. Do not buy ETFs, or have anyone store it for you. There are only five silver stocks you should he holding at all. They are FR (First Majestic), EXN (Endeavor), SBB (Sabina), IPT (Impact) and GPR (Great Panther). The problem with these stocks is the mines are all in Mexico. The drug cartels have taken over the country, and the government is helpless. Legalizing ALL drugs for all adults would end all this overnight, but that’s not going to happen. Mexico is no longer a safe country to invest in.

It’s no secret that Israel has the largest nuclear arsenal in the Mideast, with about 400 nuclear warheads. They have never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and absolutely refuse to sign it.  Israel has never been inspected. Iran signed the treaty years ago, and has regular formal inspections. Iran doesn’t have a single nuclear weapon. Why is Israel allowed to have an endless supply of nuclear weapons, but no other countries? Israel is not a “democracy”, and never has been or will be. It is a Marxist theocracy, totally run by Orthodox (not Conservative, Reformed or Liberal) Jews. The Mideast is the tinder box of World War III, and Israel is the spark. The attack on Iran has been put off for now, but it’s still quietly on the table for later. If this happens, it will be the LAST mistake we ever make. Iran is really ancient Persia, and Persians are not passive Arabs. They have biowarfare weapons, including smallpox, and will use them if attacked.

There should not be one dollar of foreign aid to any country in the world for any reason ever.

Nothing. Zero. We’re broke, yet we hand out endless billions of dollars a year. Israel gets the most by far. Egypt gets second most not to attack Israel. Why should your hard earned tax dollar go to countries you’ve never heard of, and don’t know where they are? We should end all foreign aid totally and completely. Israel just sent 50,000 AFRICAN (not Jewish) mercenaries to Libya to support megalomaniac butcher dictator Quadaffi. This psychotic has run the country into the ground for over 40 years now. This was widely reported in the Israeli media, but a blackout on this outside of the country. That tells you all you need to know. America and the rest of the free world are trying to get rid of Quadaffi, but Israel is trying to keep him in power. So much for our “special friend” and “ally” in the Mideast.

The U.S. dollar is finished as the world reserve currency. This means a terrible drop in the standard of living for all Americans. The British Sterling was the world reserve currency for 200 years. Note that it was based on SILVER, and not gold. The U.S. dollar is hopelessly collapsing as Quantatative Easing is continued, and hyperinflation looms in the near future. Your poor old author is still massively short dollar futures, and will stay short. Sam Zell is one of the biggest billionaire real estate magnates on earth. On CNBC this month he said the dollar has lost its place as the world reserve currency. This will result in a full 25% or more drop in the American standard of living. He won’t be invited back on CNBC. They don’t want anyone appearing who tells the truth. If you want to get rich, listen to CNBC and do exactly the opposite of what they tell you.

Look at this chart of the Dow Jones priced in silver. The current figure is up to 94% with silver at $36. This proves that the DJI is not really anywhere near the 12,000 level. Only silver and gold are real money, not green government toilet paper that Bernanke prints. Price things in silver, not green toilet paper! Back in 2000 the average American home was worth about $225,000. Silver was only $5. That means it took 45,000 ounces of silver to buy a house. Now the average home is only worth about $175,000 and silver is $35. That means you can buy a home for a mere 5,000 ounces of silver. If you sold your home in 2000 and bought silver, you could now buy nine identical homes!!! When silver goes to $400 and the average home is only $125,000 you will be able to buy a home for 312 ounces of silver. That means if you sold your home in 2000 and bought silver you would be able to buy 144 homes in a few years when silver goes to $400. Yes, that’s crazy. Price everything in silver now, not “dollars”. Take oil, for example. It used to take about eight ounces of silver to buy a barrel of oil. Now it takes less than three ounces. Oil is cheap in terms of silver (and gold). 

Warren Buffett could have bought his own silver mines for Berkshire Hathaway. Instead he bought every loser business he could find. Look at the Dow to silver ratio in the last ten years.

Go to www.repealitnow.org and sign the petition to get rid of Obamacare. Send them money if you want so they can do their radio and TV ads. Yes, it is bothersome that pseudo-conservative Mike Huckabee is connected with this, but he does sincerely want to get rid of government health care. We can get rid of this Marxist abomination. Nothing fails like government, and government health care has failed miserable in every country it has been adopted. Only the free market works. Government NEVER works, never has worked, and never will work.

43% of American families spend more than they make! 43% live over the heads! One fourth of all U.S. mortgaged homes are under water. This means one fourth of all mortgage owners should just give the keys to the bank and walk away. It makes no sense at all to hold onto a home that is worth far less than you're paying for it. Home prices will keep falling for years to come.

The Case-Schiller Home Index is now spun and twisted like the rest of the "official" statistics.

If you can sell your house at all, you can't get anywhere near the appraised value. You'll see the average U.S. home at $120,000 or less, instead of the current (supposed) $175,000. Commercial real estate is just as hopeless, and will continue to collapse for years. Two out of three mortgaged homes in Nevada are underwater. Soon, one in ten of ALL 115,000 American households will be under water. This is much worse than the Great Depression. Banks will be forced to become


"The greatest impediment to the New World Order is America." -George Soros.


Never invest in oil or oil stocks. The oil price is POLITICALLY determined, not determined by supply and demand. On March 11 we had the famous Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia, yet the price of oil fell, not rose. We have oceans of oil right in the U.S. We have oceans of natural gas right in the U.S. We have endless amounts of coal right here in the U.S. that would last 1,000 years. We can make gasoline from coal with the SASOL process for $2 a gallon. "Your" government won't allow one SASOL plant to be built. There is no "energy crisis" in any way, shape, or form. Your government causes the "crisis" on purpose to keep you poor. We don't need one drop of foreign oil. We have free access to Canadian and Mexican oil in addition to our 100 year known supply. Solar energy is a fraud. There is simply no wattage at all in sunlight. It would take a football field with a million dollars of solar panels just to run a household of four people. Plus the batteries you would need at night. Windmills are a bad joke, and have failed miserably in Europe. This is in addition to the insane amount of batteries you would need when the wind isn't blowing. Biofuels cost more to produce than they return back in energy. Ethanol only exists because of government subsidies with YOUR tax dollar. No, Brazil does not use ethanol from sugar cane, even though sugar cane waste (bagasse) is a junk byproduct, unlike corn. People in America are going to bed hungry at night, while we use corn for gasoline.  Like it or not, we need nuclear energy to take care of almost 7 billion people on this earth. Yes, your poor old Author hates nuclear energy, too. The planet is totally overpopulated, and we should have A HALF billion (500 million) people at most, not almost seven billion.


This chart above will show you how insane things have been just in the last 40 years. In 1970 and 2003 it took about 600 ounces of gold to buy the average home. In 1980 it only took about 90 ounces of gold. Now it takes about 125 ounces. Soon you'll be able to buy the average American home for a mere 20 ounces of gold. Yes, you read that right. You'll also be able to buy the average home for a mere 300 ounces of silver. Yes, you read that right, too. A silver dollar has 0.715 ounces of silver. This means in five years you can choose a nice home for only 420 silver dollars. Home prices will fall to about $120,000 from the current (supposedly) $175,000 valuation.


Food prices are going to the moon. Soon you'll spend 30% of your salary just to eat instead of 10%. The problem is you can't store food reasonably except for some whole grains and dried beans. There are already worldwide food shortages, and they are only going to get worse. Farm land is rising in price while residential and commercial collapse. You are going to see starvation in America, and people will riot when they are hungry and cold and have nothing more to lose. The FEMA camps will fill up with them, too. Every day the welfare checks, Social Insecurity checks, and food stamps buy less and less and less as inflation rages. Soon they will buy almost nothing as inflation destroys them. One in seven Americans is on food stamps! And you think this isn't End Times? Think again.

The earthquake in Japan is a terrible tragedy, but it doesn't affect us. There will be no meaningful amounts of radiation travelling 12,000 miles. Do not worry about radiation. Do NOT take potassium iodide. Never overdose on iodine or anything else.


Remember that the true unemployment rate is 22%, and not 10% as the media tells you. It will probably go to 40%. It was "only" 25% during the Great Depression. The ironic thing is that 11% of homes are empty. The banks are going to become rental agents and rent all the millions of houses. We cannot even begin to pay for all the socialist and Marxist programs that Congress keeps passing every week.  Quantative Easing is simply counterfeiting money. The same exact thing ruined Zimbabwe recently as well as Weimar Germany. You are going to see hyperinflation that will knock your socks off! You're already seeing it everywhere you look- except real estate.


There's no gold in Ft. Knox and it hasn't been audited in over 50 years. Federal law requires an audit every 10 years, but it's never done. The COMEX has no silver and is self auditing. That's the same as no auditing at all. They do not have 41 million available ("dealer") ounces. When this is discovered silver is going to skyrocket. London Bullion has no silver either.  The silver and gold ETFs are frauds. You must buy real silver bullion and hold it yourself. Only pay about 75 cents over spot for 100 ounce bars. The Dow Transports is collapsing along with the Dow Industrials. This confirms the collapse is real according to Dow Theory. Dow Theory works folks. The markets rise and fall in unison to confirm a valid trend. Silver is still in "backwardization" for the first time in history. This simply means silver futures years from now are CHEAPER than spot silver today. Yes, that's completely irrational and completely in our favor. That means people are paying more now to get silver today. Get the videos from www.inflation.us, but do NOT send them any money. They sell crappy stock advice for $1,000 a pop. If you want more to read just Google the few good writers like Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty), Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, and Lindsey Williams. Supposedly 60% of adults have an IRA or 401k. The government wants their savings to pay for their endless Marxist programs. They are going to seize your life savings and convert it into worthless treasury annuities. The commercials are still short 54,000 net silver contracts on the COMEX. J.P. Morgan alone has 25,000 contracts. This is equal to one quarter of the world annual silver production. All this is going to end in disaster for them. Silver is going to $400 an ounce, and probably a lot higher. Only silver and gold are real money and have been for 5,000 years. Silver is three times better than gold.


For the first time in the history of the world there is no freedom at all in any country. Every country on earth is either socialist, Marxist, communist, or just an outright dictatorship. If that doesn't define End Times, then nothing does.


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