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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late March 2012 Economic Rant -Roger Mason

President Obama's own Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, has said, and I quote: “Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Well, this administration is certainly trying their best to do that. They openly admit they want to destroy America.


For many years now aware people have been aware that Alex Jones (, etc.) is a paid disinformation agent for the Zionist One World Order. He is quite good at this. He has now specifically been exposed as a STRATFOR (Strategic Forecasting) agent, and had to cancel a speaking tour because of the publicity. He tells some of the truth to get your attention, and then stops short. Sounds good on the surface though.


The commercials are still massively short COMEX silver and gold futures Gold is headed for $1,600 or less and silver under $30. Short term predictions are suicide though. The HUI just hit an 18 month low, and is an excellent predictor of metals prices. Do NOT underestimate the Big Banks. J.P. Morgan (JPM) is the leader here, and is funded directly by the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves). They print money out of thin air, and give it to JPM so they can continue to short precious metals and artificially suppress the prices. All manipulations end, and end in total failure. This manipulation will soon end in total failure, but not yet. The commercials have lost untold billions of dollars in the last 15 years as gold has gone from $250 to $1,800 and silver from $4.50 to $49. Look for lower prices for a while. This makes a great buying opportunity.



This is you and your family in the grocery store after we attack Iran. Notice the little boy's t-shirt. Hope is for dopes and the last refuge of fools. Faith will move mountains. Stock up on brown rice, whole grains (no flour), dried beans, and everything you need every day like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, detergent, light bulbs and everything you can think of.


Socialism and Marxism are based on doing "good works" with other peoples money. Eventually you run out of other peoples money and these systems fail miserably. They always have and they always will. Free markets mean freedom and prosperity- freedom from government.


Look how badly the HUI gold stock index has done in the last year. The HUI has fallen from 640 to 480 in six months. (This chart must be updated to 478 on March 15). Whenever this happens the metals almost always get hit hard. Look for silver and gold to keep falling lower.


For years now we have published charts of Warren Buffett's "famous" BRKA (Berkshire Hathaway) stock proving it is a LOSER. He can't even keep up with inflation, much less make a profit. Yet, the media keeps worshipping him as the smartest investor in the world. Go figure! Well, he is even stupider than you thought. The housing market peaked in 2005 and has fallen for seven years now. It will keep falling until the median U.S. home is down to, say, $100,000. That's right- $100,000 instead of the $225,000 median price in 2005. In 2010 Senile in Omaha said housing would recover in 2011. In fact, BRKA is heavily invested in construction and housing. What a moron!!! Ray Charles and Helen Keller can see that there is no hope for residential or commercial real estate. He's so stupid he said on CNBC this month, "if there was a way to buy a couple hundred thousand single family homes" he would snap them up since they are "really cheap". This defines stupidity. Housing (and offices) and going to keep falling and falling as the Much Greater Depression keeps growing. There is a huge "shadow inventory" of homes the banks are covering up. Soon all this backlog will have to be admitted. Housing starts are horrendous. Sales are in the toilet. Most home sales now are short sales and bankruptcies. You will be able to buy that median home for a mere 250 ounces of silver within five years, and probably less than that. Right, $9,000 worth of silver today will buy you a median home for cash within five years. You can take that to the bank. Do the exact opposite of whatever Buffett advocates on CNBC. In his yearly report he said gold is a "speculation, not an investment". He hates gold and silver. He is just a senile old government whore shilling for his masters. Why would a rich man sell his soul like this? Good question. Ten years ago he owned 130 million ounces of silver, but sold it. Why? Another good question.



We just had to reprint this photo from the March Rant. "Diversity" has become a liberal religion now, a pillar of liberalism and socialism. This is what diversity really is. Poverty, stupidity, government dependence, lack of education, lack of job skills, welfare mentality. Confused mixed race children who don't know who they are, no fathers, no marriage, permanent welfare, no education, no job skills, just government subsidized breeding programs, so we have more and more stupid people dependent on government. And YOU pay the bill for all this. That includes their cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, satellite/cable TV, and junk food. Seen any skinny people on welfare? Only in America are welfare on welfare obese and overfed.


Gold and silver made false breakouts that fooled the most sophisticated and experienced investors- including your poor, old author. If you look at a chart of gold you see a monster double top in November and March. You also see a "head and shoulders" formation predicting lower prices. There is no technical support at all. All this will send gold down below 1600 and silver with it. Short term predictions are suicide however. Nothing looks good for March or April. The HUI is in shambles and is at an 18 month low. The commercials are unloading their massive COMEX futures shorts. They have been massively short for over 20 years now. Thanks to Gold Seek for this chart.


Look at this chart of gold versus Buffett's BRKA stock for 10 years. Buffett can't even match inflation, while gold and silver skyrocket away. If he can't make money in the stock market, how can you? Senile in Omaha.


Folks, you only thought things we're getting bad. House Bill 313 makes talking about future drug use a crime. Seriously, no kidding. Go to and see for yourself. For example, if you and a friend talk about going to Amsterdam to smoke marijuana legally, that is a crime and you can go to prison. Please go to their website and protest this bill. Send them a donation if you want to. This is incomprehensible, and is backed by both Democrats and Republicans- the Republicrat Party. Remember, we only have one party in America...Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Voting is a joke unless you vote Libertarian. While you are at downsizedc send a letter to end the TSA. If enough people did these things we would live in a wonderful country.




For years we've been telling you Hillary is dying of cancer and won't admit it. Why do you think she formally announced she is leaving politics at the end of the year? Why do you think she isn't running for Vice President- or even President? She is only 64 and looks like my mother! Look at this photo of her only three years ago at age 61. She is now over 200 pounds and growing! She had a secret face lift just before the photo on the right. She has aged 20 years in 3 years! She is secretly getting surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. These, of course, are worse than the cancer itself. Soon she will be forced to admit she has been dying for years. Out of 7 billion people on this earth only one person is telling you this. You don't have to be psychic to know these things; YOU JUST HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION. You can basically see tomorrow if you just pay attention. Great events cast their shadows before them, and you just have to have eyes to see, and ears to hear.


We've been telling you what a fraud the Chevy Volt (and all electric cars) is for years. Well, production finally stopped. They cannot give this piece of junk away. It is a $40,000 golf cart that runs on COAL, since 70% of electricity comes from coal. It needs a new $8,000 monster battery every five years. It only goes 25 miles and needs to be recharged. It takes a full 12 hours to recharge and costs you more for the electricity than gasoline. It costs more to operate this car than a normal small car due to the electricity cost. This car is an ecological nightmare. If just 10% of car owners bought an electric car our electrical system would black out the next day from overload. We have 200 years of known oil reserves, and another 200 years of known natural gas reserves right here in America. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. You can make $2 a gallon fuel from coal with the SASOL process. You can also make liquid gasoline from natural gas with SASOL. We have no energy shortage. We don't need a drop of foreign oil. Windmills are a joke that have failed totally all over the world. Solar energy is worthless, since there is just no wattage in sunlight. Biofuels take more energy to make than they give back. Making fuel from algae is too stupid to comment on. This is Obama's answer of course. Along with inflating your tires. Remember when he said inflating our tires would solve the energy problem? He said it on national TV so it can't be denied. The crowd cheered of course.


George Orwell would have loved Obama and the Democrats. "Quantative Easing" is just printing counterfeit money. That is the ONLY cause of inflation. Inflation is no mystery. If we had gold and silver backed real money there would not be, and could not be, any inflation. Now the Federal Reserve (which is a private Zionist owned bank with no reserves) prints counterfeit money legally. Isn't that wonderful? Do we live in a great country or what? QE3 has already started. It is a "stealth QE" this time. Go to the grocery store or gas pump and you can see the real world results. Hyperinflation is your future, and silver your protection.


Look at what has happened to real household income in the last 12 years (thanks to Sentier Research).  Look what happened after Obama became president. Now think about what four more years of Marxism will do to us.


Did you know it is a Class 1 Felony in Illinois to photograph a policeman making an arrest? A 15 year sentence for this. Other states are passing similar laws. So, if you use your cell phone to record an arrest, you can go to prison for 15 years? What are the police afraid of? Truth? You would think they would want that arrest recorded for their own protection to show they acted properly in good faith. Did you know here in North Carolina some public (that is, government) schools now inspect the lunches children bring to school? If they don't like the lunch, they confiscate it and give the child a greasy, sugar filled, nutritionless government lunch. No, your poor old author didn't make that up. It's true. And you think this isn't End Times? Like the state of California giving minor 12 year old children birth control at taxpayer expense without parental consent. Didn't make that up either; don't have to. That was reported on national news February 21. Or the government ("public") school principle who demanded all the students Facebook(R) passwords so he could snoop into their private lives.


We are all going to vote in November. If you vote for Romney you get more of the same. Supposedly he is less worse than Obama. If you write in Ron Paul you almost guarantee Obama will win. What to do? Another four years of Obama without any limits will completely put an end to America. Imagine four more years of him running wild with no controls at all! Do the right thing. Follow your conscience. Don't vote for the lesser of two evils. Remember there is only one party in this country, the Republicrats. Two wings of the same bird, two sides of the same coin. Same puppet masters behind the curtain. Romney is just white, more intelligent, more experienced, more articulate, and doesn't need a teleprompter. Actually, that makes him more dangerous. George Soros admitted there really isn't any difference between the two. And he is one of the leading puppet masters for the One World Order.


Look at the leading "conservative" Republican candidates. Romney has the only forced health care system in the country. Santorum spends every debate explaining why he voted for every liberal, socialist bill introduced, even though he "didn't agree with them and didn't want to".

Gingrich is skunk vomit who doesn't deserve a discussion. Ron Paul gets 10% of the vote and the media pretends he doesn't exist. That is what this country has come to folks.


Buy silver. Load up on physical silver bullion and hold it yourself. 100% of your life savings. No gold. Silver is four times better than gold. No silver stocks. No paper silver like SLV. No storage programs. Silver is going to $400 an ounce. Silver and gold have been real money for 5,000 years. Our Constitution defines money only as silver and gold. America is the worst police state in the world with 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison inmates. For the first time in history there is not one square inch of freedom on this planet. We have 7 billion people and should have a half billion at most. And it gets worse every day and the stupid, lazy, and ignorant breed like cockroaches. We have 14 times the people we should have. The One World Order is right about that- 95% of them have to go.


Be prepared for the future in every way you can as much as you can. This will be the worst depression the world has even seen. See you in April.

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