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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


April Economic Rant - Roger Mason

The U.S. and world economies continue to worsen by the day. The violence in the Mideast also continues to worsen by the day. Now Syria is in flames. This puts us closer and closer all the time to World War III. Did you think World War II- over a half century ago- was the last world war? We have no business at all in Libya. This will turn out to be another evil war of aggression on our part. Yes, Quadaffi is a psychotic, megalomaniac monster, but it is not our right in any way, shape or form to dictate anything to the Libyan people. We have no business in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Kuwait, Afghanistan or anywhere else. This country was founded on the principle of “laisse faire”, or mind your own business. “Friendships with all, but alliances with none.”


We are going to keep repeating basic facts every month for a lot of reasons. We have new readers all the time. Some current readers just aren’t acting on the facts they read.

    *The stock market can’t hold 12,000. It is a delusion held up by government aid and the mass media. Warren Buffett has only made 7% profit a year in the last decade, and he is supposed to be the “wisest investor in the world”. He’s a senile old fart, who sold his soul to the government years ago.  If he can’t make money, how are you supposed to?

    *Residential and commercial real estate will continue to collapse for years to come. Yes, you will be able to buy the average American home for 300 ounces of silver or less. You will see the average home sell for $120,000 or less. 13% of U.S. homes are empty! Yes, this includes the very few beach houses and ski chalets, but this number is terrible.

    *Unemployment is really about 22% and not the “10%” the mass media tells you. It is going to 40%.  During the Great Depression it was “only” 25%. Having a job is the most important thing you can do. Be self employed and depend on yourself if at all possible.

    *Sell your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion. Hold it yourself. No “paper silver” or ETFs. Put every dime you have into silver bullion and hold it. Yes, the government is going to seize your life savings and turn it into worthless treasury toilet paper, unless you do this. If you don’t, you deserve to starve in the street with your stupid friends.

    *Food prices are going to triple from what they were a few years ago. Americans are going to spend a full 30% of their income just to eat, instead of the 10% we used to spend. High food prices, and food shortages, are a worldwide problem. This will only get worse. Store whole grains and dried beans, as you can’t reasonably store much else. Forget that overpriced freeze dried crap.    

    *Be prepared. Along with silver and food, you want guns and ammunition for your own protection and self defense. You want gasoline if you can possibly store it. Refill the containers every six months for good measure (gasoline only has a shelf life of a year). Make a list of all the things you need every day and stock up on them. Make sure you have a years supply of everything you need. If you live in a city or crowded suburb then move. Do not live in cities or crowded suburbs.

    *The dollar is finished as the world reserve currency. Your poor old author is still massively short dollar futures. They are currently 76 cents. Countries around the world are dumping the dollar, not pricing anything in dollars, and will not buy Treasury Bonds or Bills anymore. Why should they?

    *There isn’t a square inch of freedom on this whole earth for the first time since mankind began. If this doesn’t define End Times, then nothing does. Argentina, Uruguary, Canada,

Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica are all third world socialist sh*tholes. The countries of Europe are just more of the same. Wherever you go, you only find socialism, Marxism, communism, or just plain old dictatorships. We now live on one big prison planet.

     *America is finished as a free enterprise republic after 235 years. We now live in a Marxist, welfare police state that will soon be a dictatorship. Martial law may happen this year, or next year, but it will happen. You won’t like martial law at all. A private with an IQ of 80 will be God, and tell you what to do, or shoot you dead. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are already dead, but martial law is even worse.

    *America is the worst police state on earth.We have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the worlds prison inmates. This makes Cuba, Russia, China, and North Korea look like bastions of freedom. We need to legalize all drugs for all adults. Period. That does not mean you approve of drug use in any way. Any crimes (including shoplifting) committed while under the influence of drugs would result in doubled penalties. This would put an end to drug cartels and gangs overnight. All drugs in American were perfectly legal until the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1913. Mexico, Holland, and Portugal have already legalized drug possession. The former president of Mexico has called for full drug legalization. The current president has called for “discussion.” Britain has admitted that the war on drugs has failed.      

    *We need to end all foreign aid to every country on earth, especially Israel and Egypt who get the most. Why should we give any country on earth money, when we are completely and totally broke? All foreign aid needs to end completely, totally, and absolutely.

    *We need to close every military base not on U.S. soil. We need to end every single war, including our new war on Libya. We have to stop being the World Bully, and spending 50% of the world military budget when we have 5% of the world population. We spend over a trillion dollars a year supporting 700 military bases in 135 difference countries. We need zero military bases in zero countries. Remember the entire Gross National Product is only $12 trillion. We just cannot afford this folks.

   *We need to end all welfare. Food stamps (1 in 6 Americans now get them), Medicaid, and Medicare. Social Insecurity was broke decades ago. We had no welfare programs at all when this country was started.

    *The U.S. dollar is worthless. Your poor old author is still massively short U. S. dollar futures, and is laughing all the way to the bank. The dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency.  Price everything in ounces of silver and not green toilet paper. Anything you have that is priced in dollars is falling in value as you breathe.

    *Hyperinflation is your future. “Quantitative Easing” is merely legal counterfeiting by the government. You will see QE3 and QE4, and then God only knows what comes after that.  

You are going to see hyperinflation that will scare you to death. Only gold and silver will protect you, and silver is three times better than gold.

    *We need to end every one of these wars and not start another one. America is hopelessly bankrupt, but spends literally HALF the world military budget with one twentieth of the world population.


 No one is buying our T-Bills and T-bonds. Why should you care? The Federal Reserve is now buying 70% of all these treasuries. This is like someone in a closet selling coats to him-self and claiming a profit!!! No country wants anything denominated in dollars anymore.


The Down Jones to gold ratio is now down to less than 9 to 1. It was almost 50 to 1. It is going to 1 to 1 like it was in 1980. That’s right; the Dow Jones to gold ratio was only 1 to

1 (850 vs. 850) thirty years ago. You will see, for example, $6,000 gold and a 6,000 DJI.


Look at this chart. What does it mean? It means the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal, and has no reserves) has EXPLODED their counterfeiting in 2009 for two years now. It means they are printing green toilet paper and calling it “money”. It means the toilet paper in your wallet is worth less and less every day. It means severe INFLATION. That’s what it means. This chart is directly from the Federal Reserve government website.




 Silver is the best investment in the world by far. Silver is three times better than gold.

Silver will return to the historical 15 to 1 ratio to gold, and maybe even better. That would mean, for example, $6,000 gold and $400 silver in the next five years. You must hold and store this yourself. The best time to buy silver is when have money in your pocket. Do you have any money in your pocket? Then go buy all the silver you can. Please stop writing in and asking if you should “wait for a correction” before buying silver. When you have money in your pocket, buy more silver.


BUY AND HOLD AND ADD ON DIPS.  That’s all you need to know about investing in seven words. You never trade. Buffett got rich, before he became senile, by buying value and holding for the long term Buffett could have put all his money in silver mines for his pitiful Berkshire Hathaway loser stock, but he bought crap instead. Remember that advice- buy value and hold for the long term. Silver is the best value on earth, and is going to $400 or even a lot higher. Silver has been the best value on earth for over a decade now.



This is End Times. Don’t kid yourself. That’s the bottom line. For the first time in history there is not one square foot of freedom anywhere. No, Jesus is not coming back. He wouldn’t bother. He wouldn’t waste him time.


 Headline News took a poll of tens of thousands of people. 15% said they would vote for Charlie Sheen for President of the United States over Obama or Palin. Seriously, they really said that, and they weren’t kidding. You think this isn’t End Times? 1 in 7 voters swore they would vote for a psychotic drug addict for president and Commander in Chief. The average American can tell you the most minute details of Charlie’s life, but has no idea of what the price of gold and silver is. Totally and completely brain dead after being “educated” in the public (e.g. government) brain washing schools. Not that the private and parochial schools are much better.


Let’s go over energy again, as oil goes over $100. Oil is totally unpredictable, as it is controlled by political forces, and not supply and demand- as it should be. Never invest in, bet on, or try to predict oil prices. Oil could go to $200 or $50 in the future. There is no energy crisis. There is no Peak Oil. We have 100 years of known oil reserves right here in the U.S. We have 100 years of natural gas reserves right here in the U.S. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here in the U.S. Let’s say that again…we have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here on our own soil. We can make gasoline from coal for $2 a gallon with the SASOL process. SASOL was invented by the Germans over a half century ago, and has been improved upon immensely. The government will not allow one SASOL plant on U.S. soil. Solar energy is a joke, as there is just no wattage in sunlight. Windmills are another joke, and have failed everywhere they have been tried. Ethanol takes more energy to make than you get back in return. Using up 40% of our corn crop for taxpayer-subsidized ethanol is a crime when people are hungry. We don’t need one drop of foreign oil and never have.


The average American home price peaked at about $225,000 in 2005. We’ve told you for years the median American home price will fall to $120,000, or even lower. Well, the official price has now fallen to $156,000, and will keep falling for years. We’ve been telling you this for years now folks. We told you so!!! Commercial real estate will also keep collapsing for years. You’ve seen your local mall go to hell. Soon, malls all over the country will simply close down and become ghost towns. Soon, one tenth of all home owners (that includes all 115 million households) will be under water, and owe more than their homes are worth.



One quarter of all mortgage holders are under water, and it will just get worse from here. Yes, you will be able to buy the average U.S. home for a mere 300 ounces of silver, or even less!!! That’s a fact. That would cost you $10,000 today at $35. That is how crazy things are going to get. Think about buying the average American home for $10,000 if you simply buy silver today at $37. Price everything in silver, not green toilet paper. Everything is cheap in terms of silver, including oil and gasoline.


Social Insecurity has been broke for decades. The government and private pensions are all broke as well. You’ll never see your pension- unless you’re a congressman!!!! Congress will get their pensions, no matter what. Here is how the government is dealing with Social Insecurity…every month prices on everything go up due to inflation. Soon massive hyperinflation will take over. The checks remain the same, so they buy less and less every month. If you can buy 500 hamburgers with your $500 check today, you’ll be able to buy 400 hamburgers in the future. Then 300 hamburgers. Then 200 hamburgers. Then 100 hamburgers. You’ll get your $500 check, but it just won’t buy anything. The sheeple, who depend on the government to feed them, will literally starve to death. One in six sheeple now get food stamps. The people on welfare will riot in the streets. The people who paid into Social Insecurity all their lives will be cheated out of their lifelong contributions. The FEMA camps will be full. Yes, there are FEMA camps all over the country. Don’t kid yourself.


The rant has been 99% accurate since its inception three years ago. The only mistakes have been when your poor old author opened his big fat mouth, and gave his worthless opinions. Like saying Nobama could, “never be elected” in America. I’m still in denial over this. It’s like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. A marine friend of mine said, “He is not my commander in chief, and all my marine friends feel the same way.” Is this 99% success rate due to psychic ability or great intelligence? Hardly.




Great events cast their shadows before them. Tomorrow is not a secret, if you just place close attention to what is happening today. You don’t need to be psychic, smart, or anything else. If you take a close look at today, you see there is no hope at all for tomorrow. The Much Greater Depression is going to be worldwide and not merely confined to America. All countries collapse after about 200 years. History proves this repeatedly. America is 235 years old, and is finished. One hundred years ago, “Britain ruled the waves, and was the most powerful military force in the world. The British Sterling (notice it was based on silver, not gold) was the world reserve currency. Now Britain is a pitiful, third world, welfare backwater where the majority is on “the dole” (welfare). The British pound is European toilet paper. America is going to be another third world banana republic without the bananas.


Eight years of war in Iraq and eleven in Afghanistan has resolved nothing, and served only to inflame anti-American sentiment around the world, drain the US treasury, kill and wound hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent people, and destroy the lives, limbs and souls of thousands of American troops.  –Gerald Celente, Trends Journal. Go to www.trendsjournal.com if you want to see what else Celente has to say. He is one of the few people who gets it. You can also Google Gerald Celente videos for lots of free information.

Nations have a karma, just like people do. The American karma is very dark aftter all the countries we have invaded for no good reason at all. We’re going to pay for this folks, And we’re going to pay big time. We’re going to pay for all the innocent men, women, and children we’ve murdered for no reason at all. This attack on Libya makes it all much worse. We have no business whatsoever in Libya. America should be our only business. The only way these insane, evil wars of aggression are going to end is when we run out of money, and simply cannot afford to wage them anymore. Now we’re about to attack Syria. Last week Gates told the Syrian people to riot in the streets like Egypt did. Zionist senator Joe Lieberman said we should just, bomb Syria. That shows what a total psychotic he is. We’re going to wake up one morning and find a major U.S. city has been vaporized by a suitcase nuke. We’re going to wake up one morning to a smallpox plague that will devastate the entire country. We’re going to pay for this.We still have plans to attack Iran, but they are on the back burner for now. That will be the last thing we ever do. The Iranians are not passive Arabs; they are legendary Persian warriors, and will not tolerate any attack on our part.


For years we’ve been telling you silver will far outperform gold. The classic, historical gold to silver ratio is only 15 to 1. In 1980 it went back to 17 to 1, with $850 gold and $50 silver. This ratio went to an insane 100 to 1 in 1990, but has now fallen to only 35 to 1. A fair guess is $6,000 gold and $400 silver within the next five years. Maybe a lot better than that and maybe a lot sooner than that. China exported about 100 million ounces annually just a few years ago. Now they import that much. This reversal of China alone is major. The Silver Institute predicts industrial silver usage will go up a full third by 2015. This means all the personal sales of silver would end in less than four years!!! We’ve been telling you this for along time now. Soon, there will be no silver available for retail sale. Silver will only go to industrial users, and ONLY by rationing. This is why we keep telling you to buy physical silver, bury it in your back yard, and put a concrete patio over it. Paper silver will not matter, but physical silver bullion will be everything. The COMEX is supposed to have 41 million ounces, but they really don’t. When they default, silver is going to go ballistic. There are too many reasons to list to prove silver is the best investment in the world. Silver has now returned a whopping 760% profit in the last 11 years since 2000, for an annual return of 69%!!! 69% real annual profit for the last 11 years. Legendary Warren Buffett has made a mere 7% a year with his famous Berkshire Hathaway. He has lost money in the last three years. Yes, you’ve heard this before, and you’ll hear it again. The stock market can’t hold 12,000, and is a house of cards held up by media propaganda.


Do you still hold an IRA or 401k? About 40% of American households do. Sell it, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion, Hold it yourself. Do not buy paper silver like ETFs. Do not buy silver stocks. Do not have anyone store it for you. The government is going to seize your account, and turn it into worthless treasury annuities. They will do this for your own “safety and security”.  The sheeple will cheer and feel “safe”. The sheeple will then starve in the streets, as hyperinflation destroys their lives. This will probably happen after a stock market crash when the sheeple are disillusioned about stocks, but it could happen any time.


One organization that deserves our support is www.werefuse.com. Go there and sign up for their newsletters. Sign the petitions. This is one of the few sincere, authentic organizations going. Support them if you can.  Each state has the right to nullify federal laws. Your state can nullify gun,drug, health care, farming, or any other federal law.



The U.S. Dollar is worthless, and Quantative Easing III (government counterfeiting) is right down the road. This is just Orwellian speak for printing green toilet paper. Just like the Weimar Republic, Argentina, and Zimbabwe all did, and ended up bankrupt and ruined.


Always remember that oil prices are not due to supply and demand, as oil is a POLITICAL Commodity. Lindsay Williams has been very good at exposing the energy non-crisis. Be careful of Lindsay as he sells his videos at high prices. Google Lindsay Williams and you’ll get endless free videos. He predicts $150 to $200 oil prices this year and gasoline to go to $5 or worse. There is no energy crisis, peak oil, or oil shortage in any way.



See this forty year silver-to-gold chart? The ratio is down to 36 to 1 and will go back to 15 to 1, and probably even better than that. The historical ration is about 15 to 1 going back hundreds of years. Look for, say, $6,000 gold and $400 silver, or even $600 silver at a 10 to 1 ratio. When the sheeple pile into silver it will be the Fourth Bubble. The Tech Bubble, the Stock Bubble, the Housing Bubble and the Precisous Metals Bubble. (Thanks to Mark Lundeen and Barron’s.) The Fourth Bubble will make silver holders rich beyond their fondest dreams. When will we sell? When you see the media promote silver, that’s when.


Want some good news? Red China is collapsing and suffering from severe inflation, along with a host of other problems. The Chinese make up almost a quarter of the world population and are the biggest threat of all to us. They have resented European world rule for thousands of years, and want their chance to rule the world. They hate Europeans, and with good reason. Fortunately for us, China is a paper tiger that is falling apart at the seams. Fortunately, Russia is far less of a threat than China for us. Did you know China wants to attack Australia and completely take it over? That’s a fact. Australia has 3 million square miles, but only 22 million helpless, obedient, government loving sheeple. They just elected a radical Marxist lesbian as their prime minister. It is full of valuable natural resources. The government took their guns away years ago, and now they can’t even defend themselves.  The Chinese see how defenseless they are, and will take advantage of this at the right time. All those natural resources, and all that land just for the taking. The Chinese are salivating at the prospect.


Watch the Mideast as it continues to go up in flames. Prepare yourself for the future as much as you possibly can. Be aware, pay attention. Don’t listen to the TV, radio, newspapers, or magazines. Look at what is REALLY going on. The Internet is the best place of all to find out what is really going on.


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