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April 2013 Economic Rant - Roger Mason

Homeland Insecurity Emperor Obama's Private Army. Here is what he said five years ago before he was even elected:

"We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded." . Candidate Obama (2008).

Why do we need 3 million "national security forces" in America in addition to the Nat-ional Guard and our 3 million man military? These are the people who just purchased 1.6 billion hollow point bullets to kill every man, woman, and child five times over. Why did they buy more ammo than the military? To kill Americans obviously. Deal with that and don't deny it. We have never had a domestic army other than the National Guard for emergencies. Now the National Guard is 12,000 miles away killing innocent people in countries we have no business at all being in. Why does Emperor Obama need a Homeland Insecurity force of 3 million soldiers to match the current military? How is he even going to pay for it? The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost us $6 trillion according to a Harvard study. The entire U.S. GNP is only $14 trillion, so this is completely insane. We already spend half of the world military budget with 5% of the world population. That's right HALF of the entire world military budget. That's one reason we're bankrupt. The government spends a dollar for every 60 cents it takes in. Reality always wins in the end. It's all going to collapse after 237 years. All democratic countries collapse after about 200 years.

The National Tax Fairness Act S336 will soon tax every purchase on the Internet. There is nothing "fair" about it. George Orwell warned the government would say black is white and day is night. Not only will every consumer be hit hard by sales tax, but businesses will be badly hurt due to the logistics. Imagine every Internet business having to collect separate taxes for all 50 states, possessions, and territories, but then having to mail them in every 90 days. This will be a nightmare, and put many people out of business. It will badly hurt the profits of all of them. It will lower the entire standard of living in America.

Did you know one of the many hidden provisions of the Patriot Act is that you can only hold papers in your bank unsafe deposit box? You cannot hold jewelry, coins, or other precious metals. The police are already starting to seize gold coins in bank unsafe deposit boxes without a warrant, warning, hearing, or anything else. Good luck on any ideas of an "appeal". This is why we keep screaming, "NO STORAGE PROGRAMS" of any kind. Bury your silver in your basement if you have to. Bury it in your yard and pour a concrete patio of it if you have to. Store it in hollow walls or whatever you have to do.

You only thought health care was expensive. What until you see how much it costs when it's "free"!!! Government health care has failed miserably in every country it has been tried. Wait until those old farts on Social Insecurity, Medicare, and Medicaid find out there are not getting any medical treatment over the age of 65. 90% of all medical expenses are used up in the last 5 years of life. The Obama crowd knows this, and will see that people over the age of 65 get no medical care at all. Why waste money on the feeble and dying? Some states have already nullified Obamacare and others will follow. Obama has promised to send in the military to enforce National Health Care. Read that again- he will use armed soldiers to enforce Obamacare. Russia is looking better all the time folks.

This is the stock market in terms of gold- miserable, hopeless!


You think the stock market is roaring at 14,500? Well, think again. It's all a facade folks. Look at this 16 year chart of the DJI in terms of GOLD. It's hopeless. A high of 1,400 to the current 300 in real terms- not inflated green toilet paper terms. The Dow Jones has fallen terribly in the last 16 years in the real world.

"To learn who rules over you, find out who you can't criticize." -Voltaire. Now ask yourself which country, which race, which religion you cannot criticize. Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

Did you know the American taxpayer has paid 1.4 billion a year (that's billion) dollars for Barack, Michele, their children, and relatives to travel around the world for the last 4 1/4 years? Britain paid less than $60 million dollars a year on the royal family. There is one thousand million in a billion by the way. This is all documented fully in the book Presidential Perks Gone Royal. No other president has spent even a fraction of that. Do you see that the Obamas really hate other black people, and do not consider themselves black? (Why do you think Michelle straightens her hair and her daughters hair?) Millions of black children go without food- or even parents- while they spend over a billion dollars of your money every year on vacations, travel, golf, and just frittering it away. Joe Biden just spent $585,000 for one night in a Paris hotel for him and his entourage. That's right, over a half million dollars for one night. Plus the plane fare remember. Don't forget the Bahamas spring break trip Obama paid for his two daughters and their private entourage, that cost you, the taxpayer, several million dollars. No other president in the history of this country has ever done anything like this.

Remember this is Teddy Roosevelt, not that butthole communist Franklin Roosevelt.Patriotism has nothing to do with loyalty to our Marxist, totalitarian government. It means loyalty to the Constitution and Bill of Rights- the real America.


If you don't call yourself a "libertarian" you should. Forget the left and right, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. Do you believe in freedom, small government, and being left alone to live your life?

This 128 year chart was in the last rant. It equally applies to silver. This shows the current 10,500 Dow is an illusion. This chart covers almost 130 years. You are going to see a 1:1 Dow to Gold ratio. It is currently about 6.6 to 1. That means you could see, say, $6,000 gold, a 6,000 Dow, and $400 silver.

The commercials are down to a mere 24,000 net short COMEX contracts. This is huge. However, they have increased their net short gold COMEX contracts a whopping 26,000 over the last three weeks to 160,000 net short. This is bad folks. The Big Banks have tried three times in the last few weeks to push the silver price below $28. They have failed. This is good folks. The basic bottom is in after 20 months of disappointment.

The truth is there was no "assault" rifle used at Sandy Hoax. He had two pistols. That cannot be denied, and is part of the official police report. Two pistols. The media is still telling you he killed these children with a Bushmaster AR-15. That gun was locked in the trunk of his car according to the same official police report. Remember they are NOT assault rifles. Assault rifles are used only by the police and military, and have fully automatic selective fire. These are simply civilian semi-automatic rifles. Many teenagers were raised with .22 caliber semi-automatic rifles. These are rarely used in any crimes, especially homicides. THERE WAS NO "ASSAULT" RIFLE USED AT SANDY HOAX. Nevertheless, they will be banned along with high capacity magazines. Colorado just joined New York and California in passing anti-gun and magazine bills. The

media keeps telling you about the "gun show loophole" where no background checks are done. No such thing folks. Buying any gun at a gun show is exactly the same as buying one in a gun shop. And "stopping Internet sales". You cannot buy a gun on the Internet for God's sake! You always must get a background check. No exceptions. This "expand-ed background checks" is just a cover for GUN REGISTRATION. They want to stop private sales, and make you a felon if you give or sell your own children, relatives, neighbors, or friends a gun. We already have background checks for all gun purchases except private sales between friend, relatives, or neighbors. That should NOT be restricted. We already have far too many gun laws. Criminals commit crimes with guns and don't care about any laws. Law abiding people don't need more laws. Criminals don't obey laws- that's why they're called "criminals". Get it?

The biometic National I.D. Card is coming. Both Senators McCain (R) and Schumer (D) are behind this bill. More proof we have only one Republicrat party in America, just like Cuba and North Korea. EVERYONE in America will have one, or they won't be able to work. This will include fingerprints, retinal scans, arrests, and a long list of personal information. All totalitarian police states require a national identification card. No, Hitler did not have a national I.D. card! Nor did he "register the guns". Pre-World War II Germany was a bastion of freedom for all Germans compared to America today.

We are printing this quote from Janet Reno again. She said this twenty years ago on the Good Morning America show. "The prohibition of private firearms is the goal." Get it straight. Load up on firearms and semi-automatic rifles. Load up on high capacity clips and ammo. The ammo will go first. Right now Congress is trying to ban Internet sales of bullets. Why? Why can't people freely buy bullets? Because the ammo will go first, that's why. Guns without ammo are useless. The ammo will go first. One gun and 1,000 rounds is better than 1,000 guns and one round. Load up on ammo of all types. .223s are now 90 cents instead of 50 cents or less. This price will collapse in the next 90 days. You can buy .22 conversions for your AR-15 by the way. Universal Background Checks is a code term for UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION. We already have universal background checks.

Don't think we won. Reid pulled the Feinstein "assault weapon" ban (assault rifles are fully automatic and only used by the police and military) because it wouldn't pass as a standalone bill. It will be reintroduced in an easier to pass package bill.

The government is out of money and is going to steal all they can. They are going to take your IRA and 401k. They are going to take your bank accounts just like they did in Cyprus. They are going to steal every possible penny they can. Remember the government spends a dollar for every sixty cents it takes in. Right now Quantative Easing to Infinity is already robbing everyone in American blind. Inflation is a TAX, it is theft, but the sheeple can't see that. The 1% of people who own silver (and gold) are profiting, while the other 99% are going broke. Every welfare check, Social Insecurity check, food stamp, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government giveaway program falls in value every month. Every month the parasites get less and less and less. Social Insecurity was broke over 4 decades ago. The government is broke, desperate, and soon the checks they send out with buy nothing due to hyperinflation. That's when the parasites will finally riot in the streets. They'll have nothing to lose anymore.

The government is going to seize your 401k/IRA and give you a worthless Treasury annuity. You must dump your 401k/IRA, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. No paper silver, no SLV, no silver stocks, no Bitcoin, no storage programs, just real silver you hold in your own hands. Bury it in the basement if you have to and pour concrete over it. Do whatever you have to do.

THE FDIC HAS LESS THAN $1 FOR EVERY $300 THEY "INSURE". That means you'll get 3 cents for every dollar in your bank account when (not if) the banks collapse. If you're lucky that is. You may get nothing at all.

Cyprus is your warning! Get your money out of the bank. Now Argentina is going to nationalize the private pension funds and steal them. New Zealand is going to rob their bank customers. Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, and Ireland and figuring out how to rob their citizens. Canada is going to rob their citizens. And America has already planned to seize your deposits to keep the banks afloat. Keep a small checking account to pay your bills. Period.

YOUR BANK DEPOSITS ARE NOT INSURED BY THE FDIC. The FDIC has no money- they're broke. In 1933 Communist FDR shut down the banks with the Emergency Banking Act. They will do this again- only much worse. Remember that all currencies on earth are worthless colored paper. There is not one currency in this world backed by anything but ignorance and stupidity. Ft. Knox was empty 50 years ago. Only gold and silver have value, and silver is four times better than gold. they are the only real money and have been for 6,000 years now.

House Bill HR 938, the Iran Nuclear Prevention Act, will go to the Senate and become law very soon. This is just another act of aggression towards Iran for the Greater Glory of Israel. This puts us one step closer to World War III. Never forget Russia and China have banded together and told us to keep our hands off Iran or they will wipe us off the face of the earth. We would have ZERO chance against both nations. Realize the World War III is down the road. Did you think World War II was the last world war? There was a lot of talk about Israel attacking Iran on Easter, but Syria is the next target, not Iran. First goes Syria, and then Iran. Watch the Syrian disinformation campaign.

The dollar has fallen to 3 cents after the Federal Reserve was formed.

Take your money out of the bank. Keep a minimal checking account to pay your bills. Remember, once you deposit money in any bank it is no longer yours. That's right, it is a "liability" the bank owes you, but doesn't have to pay you. Remember that. We've told you for years that the European Union will collapse first, followed by the U.S. Well, you can see that happening now. There will be a chain reaction from Cyprus throughout Europe starting with Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, and the other weakest countries. Right now it is estimated reliably there is $200 trillion in worldwide debt, but only $70 trillion in gross product. (America produces about $14 trillion of that, which is huge.) This is in addition to the totally insane derivatives positions the banks hold, which far exceed the world gross product many times over. Your only savior is silver bullion you hold in your own hot little hands. No paper silver, no silver stocks, no SLV, no storage programs, no Bitcoin, just silver bullion you hold. Bury it in your basement and pour concrete over it if you have to. 100% invested in silver bullion you hold.

Here is the government plan folks:



direct confiscation

wage and price controls

more wage and price controls

increasing regulations

war and national emergency- can you spell "martial law"?

Look at this long term two and a half year (30 months) chart of silver . Silver fell to $28.10 on March 27. Yes, silver could fall to $27. So what? This is a six month double bottom. This is it. This is the time to buy and hold and get rich. This is the BASIC bottom. Who cares if it falls another dollar or two? Doesn't matter.

How do you get rich? Remember these four rules:

Buy value and hold for the long term

buy and hold and add on dips.

Be right and sit tight

Never trade, never trade, never trade

Folks, if you are paying attention you know this is End Times for the entire planet. We now live on one big Prison Planet. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. America is finished after 237 years. Be prepared for the future in every way you can. Store whole grains (not flour), dried beans, guns, ammo, a generator, gasoline, light bulbs, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, laundry soap, and everything you can think of you use daily. Watch Syria. Watch the collapse of Europe. Remember that great events cast their shadows before them. We will have lots of warning. If you just pay attention and open your eyes you'll know what is right down the road.




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