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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late April Economic Rant - Roger Mason


The Much Greater Depression started months ago. Do you know one big reason people survived the mere Great Depression? We had 27% farmers then. We have 2% now. People could grow food, eat, feed their family, and trade for other goods they needed. Over one quarter of Americans were farmers. Now it is 2%. We won't survive this. People will not have food. America is the only country in the entire world where you can eat like kings and queens for 10% of your take home income. Soon this is going to 30%. Food is going to get very, very expensive. No more eating like royalty for 10% of your income.


Don't hold out any false hope for the November elections. Don't even think that Republican Neocons are going to do any better than Democratic Marxists. We live in a one party system, and that is the Republicrat Party. The Tea Party Movement has already been taken over by pseudo-conservatives like Palin and Gingrich. The Tea Party is now being used very effectively as an outlet for rage, frustration, and anger by the media. This is not the Tea Party of a year ago when real patriots stood in the streets with signs. Neoconism is just as bad as Marxism only different. Republicans are just as bad as Democrats only different.


OBAMA NOW HAS HIS OWN PRIVATE ARMY.  Fox News broke this story with Judge Napolitano. Hidden in the 2,200 pages of the "Health" Care Bill was a two page provision for him to form his own private domestic army. He promised to do this publicly, and said his private army was to be, "just as strong as our national military". What else is hidden in this bill?  We told you this had nothing at all to do with your health or welfare; only with power and control. Pelosi said, "We have to pass this bill to see what's in it." Well, now we're finding out it's worse than our worst nightmares. Just like the census, he is going to hire thousands of ACORN workers and other radical Marxist scumbags for his private army. They will have full military training and powers. Why do we need a domestic army? We already have the National Guard. If you weren't convinced this is End Times, maybe now you're getting the message. How are you going to feel when a fully armed and military trained ACORN member or other leftist dirt bag kicks down your door for suspicion of domestic terrorism? Have you noticed how many "domestic terrorists" are getting arrested now on false and made up charges? It's all staged and none of these people did anything.


We may well have a silver "short squeeze". This means people demand silver on the COMEX and London Bullion Exchange, but there isn't any silver. The price will skyrocket if this happens. London admitted to lending out silver and gold at 100 to 1 ratios. The SLVs (paper silver and gold) admittedly have almost no metal. The COMEX is the largest repository of silver and gold, and may well be as empty as Ft. Knox. They are self auditing, which is the same as no auditing at all. Ft. Knox hasn't been audited in 50 years, despite a federal law requiring a complete one every ten years. This is why we have only been buying bullion and no stocks for months now. When the silver-to-HUI (currently 24:1) ratio improves we will sell our stocks and go to all bullion. Right now silver stocks are extremely undervalued, and it is a poor time to sell them and switch to physical metal. This will change soon, and the HUI will be 600. The silver market is tiny, and this is why the price will go to unimaginable heights. It is estimated there are only about one billion available ounces in the whole world. Most of these are in the COMEX, London Exchange and the "paper silver" SLV exchanges. This means each person in the world only gets one sixth of one ounce of silver- $3 worth at $18 an ounce. There are endless "greedy hoarders" who have 100,000 or more ounces. This means each now owns the silver for over a half million people. We cannot possibly mine enough to fill the demand. You MUST have silver in a technological society and you cannot replace it. The replacements like platinum palladium and rhodium are far more expensive. You would not have a car, telephone, computer, refrigerator or much of anything else electrical in nature without silver.

Right now the silver to HUI ratio is very high about 24 to 1. When it returns to a much lower level (like 16 to 1 we will sell our stocks and convert them to bullion. Stocks are severely undervalued right now.


The Dow Jones to silver ratio is now about 610 to 1. It was about 930 to 1 (Nov 2007). It is going to about 25 to 1. (e.g. Dow 5,000 and silver $200). The silver to gold ratio is now about

63 to 1, and will return to the traditional, historical 15 to 1 ratio or even better. Silver will do four times better than gold. The median American home is now $165,000 and falling to about $120,000. You will be able to buy the average home for 600 ounces of silver! Please read that again- you will be able to buy the average home for 600 ounces of silver very soon.


Some people write and say they are poor and have to hold onto everything they have. They are afraid to buy silver. Let's say you own nothing but a $50,000 IRA. Sell it, pay the penalty and you'll be left with something like $35,000. Buy twenty 100 oz silver bars. Within five years this will be worth over $350,000. Your IRA or 401k will be worth nothing after it is nationalized by "your" government and turned into a worthless treasury annuity. Silver and gold are real. Paper is just paper. The green paper in your wallet is Monopoly money and is worthless. All currencies on earth are worthless and backed by nothing.


California is the sixth largest economy in the world. It is hopelessly bankrupt. "As goes California so goes the nation." On April 5 Jim "the Liar" Cramer said the California economy had bottomed and was "turning around". California is also the most socialistic, welfare state in the union, even worse than Massachusetts. This is what socialism, big government and welfare programs bring you- poverty, bankruptcy, and absolute ruin.


Bernie Madoff stole over $50 billion. Didn't you notice there was ZERO attempt to get that money back? Isn't that strange that no attempt whatsoever was made to get it back. You can't spend $50 billion on yachts, condos, and vacations folks. Bernie is a Mossad agent and that money went right to the Israeli government.

Look at the above chart of the U.S. dollar. It has topped at 82 and is ready to go into freefall. Your poor old author is massively short the dollar with a stop at 82.5 cents. The dollar could well fall drastically by Christmas. Predicting the short term is a disaster but here I go sticking my neck out again. Look for a 55 cent dollar by Christmas.


Sign up for the free National Inflation Association newsletter. Did you know 10% of workers pay 73% of all federal taxes? And Obama says they aren't taxed enough? Did you know 40 million people are on food stamps? And the media tells you we're in a "recovery". Did you know HALF of all workers will pay no federal taxes at all? 10% pay 73%, and almost half pay nothing. Yet Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. It's already being redistributed for

God's sake!!! These are the kinds of things you learn from the NIA. They have the same sermon as we do- buy silver, buy more silver, and keep buying silver. They get it.



The Republicans just voted Mitt Romney as their "favorite conservative". He's about as conservative at Hugo Chavez for God's sake! He put in a socialist health care program for Massachusetts that broke the state economy. He brags about it! We have a one party Republicrat system in America. Two sides of the same coin. If McCain had won, things would be different but just as bad. We'd have Neoconism instead of Marxism. McCain just tried to ban all food supplements with his senate bill, and failed due to massive outrage. 99% of Americans vote for the Republicrat Party. Only 1% vote Libertarian for freedom. The Tea Party is a joke now. Do not fall for the New Tea Party with frauds like Palin, Bachmann, Meese, and Gingrich leading the charge. The Tea Party a year ago was the real deal, with real patriots in the streets with signs. Now it has been taken over by the liberals and ruined.


40 million Americans are on food stamps and the media tells us we're "recovering" and the worst is behind us? Almost 1 in 7 people can't feed themselves without government help? Add in the government school lunch programs and it's even worse.


The FBI is going to censor the 3,000 page file it has on Senator Kennedy. The facts are so disgraceful the family is pleading portions be omitted. The same is true of Martin Luther King, whose 17,000 page file was such a disgrace almost the entire report was sealed and locked up until 2027. And don't think it will be released in 17 years, because it won't. King was an adulterer and sexual deviate as well as a communist puppet and plagiarizer. This is extremely rare and against the law to censor FBI files after someone dies. Kennedy was a pitiful excuse for a human being, but was a senator for 47 years. Even after he murdered Mary Jo, and covered it up, the sheeple in Massachusetts continued to elect him over and over. The people of Massachusetts are the real disgrace here for choosing a drunken, hardcore socialist, adulterer, and murderer as their legal representative. Blame the American voter for the collapse of America. All 525 members of Congress were freely elected by the American people.


Did you notice the media micro analyzed the entire Tiger Woods affair, and is still doing so.

There is no detail they cannot find, no matter how insignificant, how unimportant, or how completely minute, niggling, and irrelevant. However, when it comes to Saint Obama it seems they can't find anything at all on Barry Soretoro. They sure can't find his Kenyan birth certificate, none of his Harvard papers, which country issued his visa to Pakistan, anything about his passports showing his real birthplace, how he paid for that Harvard education, his endless radical Marxist friends and mentors. They can't even find Michelle's racist college thesis where she expressed her unbridled hatred of white people and America in general.


Look at the chart below if you don't think hyperinflation is going to destroy the economy. Inflation is a thief in the night that steals your life savings unseen. There is only ONE cause of inflation, and that is printing unbacked Monopoly money. There is nothing complex or mysterious about inflation at all. Ever since the Federal Reserve (which isn't federal and has no reserves at all) was founded almost 100 years ago the dollar has lost 98% of its value. We seem to take that for granted. The national money should never lose value if it is backed by gold and silver. The Constitution defines money only as gold and silver, nothing else. The ONLY way to protect yourself from the coming massive hyperinflation is owning silver or gold. Silver is four times better than gold. We are going to see an absolute nightmare of Weimar-style and Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation where prices go to Mars and beyond. You can already see it every day wherever you shop and whatever you buy.

Here is the cover of this week's Newsweek

magazine touting the "comeback" of America.

A glowing article about how the "worst is

behind us, and there are only blue skies ahead.

America will "stay on top" of the world as

always. Everything is fine folks. Nothing to

worry about. Forget the 21% unemployed

Americans who can't get a job. Don't worry

about massive hyperinflation. This is the perfect

"contrarian indicator". Whatever the media tells

you is usually 180% opposite from what is really

happening. There is no comeback whatsoever.

America is finished, done, through, over.

The Comeback Country

How America pulled itself back from the brink-and why it's destined to stay on top.

If everything else was just peachy keen, the derivatives market alone would take down the entire world economy. Why? Because there are so many derivatives we cannot really comprehend the situation. They are all coming unraveled as you read this. Derivatives have never existed before in 5,000 years of human history. We cannot even define a derivative other than to say its value is "derived" from another monetary instrument. There are more than one quadrillion dollars in worldwide derivatives. What does this mean? $1+ Quadrillion is roughly:


Let's say that again- 23 times the entire gross domestic product of the planet.

Bernanke admitted in a public hearing that our yearly debt could equal the GNP. We spend over half our taxes on the military for wars of aggression. Believe it or not we spend almost half of the WORLD military budget for 5% of the population. That's right, if you add up the total military budges for all 170 countries on this earth we spend 47% of it. Russia wisely limits their budget to control the former republics, and not attack anyone. China wisely limits their budget to controlling their population. We're busy murdering innocent people in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and looking to attack Yemen, Syria, and especially Iran. Iran is minding its own business folks. They are members of the Nuclear Non-Prolifteration Treaty, and get yearly inspections. They have no nuclear weapons. Israel, on the other hand has more nuclear weapons by far than anyone in the Mideast, refuses to join the Non-Prolifertation Treaty, and has never once had an inspection. They want us to attack Iran for them. This will be the worst mistake we have ever made and we'll pay for it in ways you cannot even dream of.

Get it straight! Electing a bunch of Republicans on November 2 will do nothing to change this country. If McCain has been elected things would be just as bad, only different. We have a one party Republicrat system in this country. Two sides of the same coin. In the last 100 years the Republicans have ruined this country just as much as the Democrats. There is no difference between the two parties. Electing Republicans this fall will do nothing but rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. This is where Beck, Boortz, Hannity, Limbaugh, Medved, Savage, and the rest of the frauds expose themselves for what they are- phonies! They keep telling you to elect Republicans this fall, and everything will be fine. NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOLKS. You'll get Tweedle Dee rather than Tweedle Dum. Only 1% of voters vote for Libertarians. Most elections don't even include a Libertarian, so you only have a choice of the lesser of two evils. That's no choice at all. The Tea Party is now a fraud led by poseurs such as Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich. This is not the real Tea Party of a year ago. It has been ruined, infiltrated, and co-opted. Do your best to support any groups you believe in. Support your state in getting out of national health care. Yes, each state can exempt itself from this. Go to any demonstrations and rallies near you to support causes you believe in. Do your part. And please vote Libertarian this Fall wherever possible. A Rasmussen poll just showed if there was a presidential election today Obama would get 42% of the vote, and Ron Paul 41%. He is the only honest member of Congress out of 525.


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