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May Economic Rant - Roger Mason

Back in 1970 you could buy about three gallons of gasoline with a dollar bill or a silver dollar. Anyone could get a silver dollar for a paper dollar. Today you can buy about five gallons of gasoline with a silver dollar, but you can only buy one third of one gallon with a paper dollar. This is a difference of 1,500% or FIFTEEN times. This doesn't just apply to gasoline at all; it applies to inflation in general and prices for everything forty years ago. Anyone who put dollar bills under their mattress in 1972 is now broke. Anyone who put silver dollars under their mattress is now very rich, much richer than 38 years ago. The lesson here is obvious. Silver (and gold) are real money. Paper is Monopoly money. Please sign up for the free newsletter from the National Inflation Association (www.inflation.us). They can see silver is the best investment by far. They tell you the truth. They don't even want donations.

Inflation is a hidden tax. You're taxed by the government printing unbacked toilet paper. The dollar has lost 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve was formed in 1912. It is not federal and has no reserves. They just print Monopoly money all day with no backing. This is the most successful scam in the history of the world.  Who owns it? A group of Zionist One Worlder bankers of course. Who else? The main players are Solomon, Loeb, Lehman, Kuhn, Warburg, and Lazard. You can see the real evil in America started 100 years ago and has been growing every since.



"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."

"The way to crush the bourgeois (middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation."

-- Vladimir I. Lenin. This is exactly what the Democrats and the Republicans are doing to us. They are destroying the bedrock of America, the middle class, so we can have full scale Marxism. Everyone is poor under Marxism except the 1% at the top. Just remember that all of this is purposeful, by design. They know very well what they're doing. Health care is about destroying the economy. Cap and trade is about destroying the economy. Amnesty for illegals is about destroying the economy. Voting for Republicans this fall is just going to continue the damage. Nothing will change. Never forget the Republicans are 50% responsible for the mess we're in now and the Democrats the other 50%. It's a one party system of Republicrats, two sides of the same coin. If McCain had won things would be just as bad, only in a different way.

Let's talk about how the drugs laws helped turn America into a police state. We now lock up a full 1% of our population. No other country does this, not even Cuba, Russia, China, or North Korea. For 138 years all drugs were legal in America. All of them with no exceptions. Until 1914 you could walk into any drugstore and buy morphine, marijuana, hashish, heroin, cocaine, or opium for pennies. Do you know how many people were addicted? A mere 3%, that's all. They were not criminals; they were just sick people in need of medical help. They did not rob, rape, kill, and steal to get their drugs. They were not criminals and did not fill up the prisons or tie up the police. There were no drug dealers (other than the drugstores), no drug gangs, no drug cartels, and simply no real profit in drugs of any kind. The Harrison Narcotic Act was blatantly illegal and unconstitutional. It made criminals out of medical patients. It took rights away from people. It took the rights of doctors to practice medicine as they wished. This was the real start of the police state. Now we have 5% of the world population but 25% of the prisoners. This is insanity. The drug cartels have actually taken over Mexico now due to the drug laws. People are still taking whatever drugs they want; they merely pay more for them. Any adult has the right to take any drug they want in their own home. Yes, that includes heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, PCP, or anything else. If they break any law while on drugs they should get enhanced, and very severe, penalties. This would definitely include driving under the influence and other such laws.

Would you like to put an end to all drug gangs, all drug dealers, and all drug cartels TODAY?

Just legalize all drugs for all adults. Again, about 3% of people will be addicted and will ruin their lives. They won't be criminals though. They won't rob, rape, kill and steal to get their drugs. They'll go down to the 7-11 and buy them for 50 cents. In Peru today you can buy coca leaves in the market for pennies. You can even go home and make your own crack cocaine out of them if you want. They don't have a cocaine problem. People commonly drink coca tea like we drink coffee. It's not an issue. People in Holland go to marijuana cafes. It's not an issue. Portugal legalized drug possession for personal amounts years ago. Mexico did the same thing as did the Netherlands.

Drug laws have nothing to do with keeping you sober. Drugs laws have only one purpose- and that is power and control, turning America in to a police state. Who profits from these laws?

Drug gangs, dealers, and cartels. They profit. Lawyers profit from millions of drug arrests every year. Prosecutors profit from jailing 1% of the entire American population. Millions more are on probation and parole. Pharmaceutical corporations profit when you buy opiates from them at extortionate prices. Most of all, the government profits by gaining power and control over 300 million people and locking up 3 million of them. All drugs should be legal for all adults. If someone drives while impaired by any drug (especially alcohol) they should immediately go to prison with no excuses and no exceptions. Yes, this includes doctors, lawyers, professionals, the wealthy, politicians, movie stars, and everyone else. Period. Any crime commit-ted while under the influence of any drug would result in very enhanced penalties.


The Dow has gone from 7,000 to 11,000 in the last year. Do not be fooled by this. The stock market is held up with hot air and delusions. It fell from a high of 13,000 to 7,000 and cannot recover. It is going to crash any time and no one knows when. Dump any regular stocks you have. Our concern is that when the stock market crashes it may take the silver (and gold) mining stocks with it. If the Dow falls and the HUI starts to fall with it call your broker and dump your silver stocks. Take the money and buy bullion. For months now we've been warning that the government is going to nationalize your IRA or 401k and turn it into a worthless Treasury annuity. Dump your IRA or 401k, and buy silver bullion. Yes, take the penalty and get out. You will not get any warning. One morning you'll wake up and your entire life savings will have been confiscated by the government, "in the interest of national security" and safety or whatever. Other countries have already done this. This isn't something new. Obama brags he is going to double federal income. That means he is going to double your taxes. We are going to have a VAT tax on top of endless and countless tax increases. Americans are going to be taxed to death. The VAT tax will keep increasing along with all your other taxes. The VAT tax is going to happen anytime now. Government at all levels is bankrupt- city, state, county, and federal. They're all broke and cannot afford all these socialist programs without more taxes. They are going to tax you to death while inflating the dollar to death. The combination will bankrupt most everyone.


Do you want to stop National Health Care? Go to www.werefuse.com and sign the petition. Get all your friends and family to sign the petition. Whether you donate or not is up to you as this organization is too new to rate. Each state has a right to refuse Obamacare. Every state legislature must pass a bill refusing Marxist health care. This alone will bankrupt the country. If each state refuses Obamacare it cannot be instituted. Please sign the petition and ask your friends and family to sign it as well. Each state has a different petition to sign.


Earth Day is coming up on April 22. Did you know this is the birthday of Vladamir Lenin?

The global warming people are proud of being Communists and Marxists. They purposely celebrate the birthday of their hero Lenin, one of the fathers of Communism. Always remember that liberalism is a mental disease. These people hate humans!!! That's right they think humans are a disease on this pristine earth. Global warming is a total scam, and anyone with an IQ over 50 knows this. We just had the coldest winter worldwide in 100 years. This is not about, "protecting Mother Earth" at all; it is about power and control and a one world government. The idea of calling carbon dioxide a poison is the very definition of insanity. Without carbon dioxide all life of earth would end. CO2 is vital for photosynthesis.  If you want to know more please Google "global warming hoax", or "global warming fraud". Also you can read the book

Climategate by Brian Sussman. Did you know Zionist David Axelrod is the great grandson of famed Communist Leon Trotsky? He was born David Akselrod and goes by the name David Ha'ivri. This is one of Obama's closest and most trusted friends and advisors.



You are going to be taxed to death on purpose. The whole point is to destroy the economy, and especially to destroy the rich, the upper middle class, and the middle class. In the process the poor and lower class will be destroyed as well, not benefited. You are going to see a VAT tax in addition to your income tax. This will start out small and grow each year until you can't afford to buy much of anything. You are going to see taxes on top of taxes. You are going to see taxes on everything. Obama promised to, "double the federal income". That means double your taxes. High taxes are always the death of any economy and they will be the death of ours.

You are also going to see "capital controls". What does this mean? It means you can't take your money out of the country. You will be taxed 30% for any money you try to take outside of the United States. House bill HR2487 will make sure of this. One hallmark of a communist or Marxist paradise is preventing anyone from leaving with money. The point is to trap you into keeping your worthless U.S. dollars here. How you prevent this? Buy silver and hold it.

Just buy silver and hold it. If you want to leave the country with your savings just buy gold.

You can take all the gold (silver is 60 times heavier) out of the country you want without restriction. Isn't that strange? You can't take worthless paper out of the country without filling out a tax form under penalty of imprisonment. A 100 oz bar (there are only 12 troy ounces to one regular pound) of gold of gold is worth $120,000 and only weighs about 8 pounds. Just declare this and customs will not even accept your export form.  The official position of customs is that gold is not money!!! You do not have to report any gold held outside of the country either. You must report any bank or stock accounts or other holdings however- under penalty of imprisonment of course. One person can easily take a half million dollars (34 pounds) of gold anywhere in the world they like perfectly legally.


Look at the dollar chart above. In 30 years it has gone from $1.65 in the basket of international currencies to a mere 82 cents today. The dollar is going to crash this year and has most probably topped now. Your author is heavily short U.S. dollar futures. Chart courtesy of Jesse's American Café.


Why is silver only $18 in May of 2010? Because it is being manipulated by the big banks on the COMEX futures exchange. This gets a little complicated, but basically J.P. Morgan and other banks have shorted (bet of the price of silver to fall) over 12 billion ounces of silver.

This is insanity of course since only about 600 million ounces of silver are even mined every year. This means they have shorted TWENTY TIMES the amount of silver mined every year. This is done to keep the price of silver down. This will end as all manipulations eventually end in disaster. It is already failing and about to end. This is when silver will start heading for $200 and ounce and probably a lot higher. Why will it end? The physical demand for silver will end it. The COMEX is self-auditing and probably empty. The SLV is a scam and sells far more silver than they own. London has almost none. Don't buy paper silver!!! Buy bullion and hold it yourself.  As people demand physical silver the manipulation will end the price will skyrocket. The entire world production of silver comes to about $10 billion dollars a year. J.P. Morgan has silver accounts for a mind boggling $200 billion dollars. This is why we don't not buy silver stocks anymore and just buy physical bullion and store it ourselves. When the HUI to silver ratio improves we will sell out silver stocks and buy more bullion. Why not sell your silver stocks now? Because the stock prices are very depressed and it's a poor time to sell. The HUI to silver ratio is now about 25 to 1. When it goes to more like 30 or 35 to 1 we'll switch to bullion.


The president of Polanc Lech Kaczynski was murdered along with his staff. Now a neocon can take his place. If you don't believe that just Google "Kaczynski murdered" and you'll see.

This was purposeful and no accident as the media tells you.


Obama and the Democrats are going after your guns and the Second Amendment. How? Hillary (dying of cancer) Clinton proposed a "Small Arms Treaty" with the UN that will eventually take guns away from the entire world.  This treaty will be ratified by the Senate and passed into law. You will never be told the truth about the treaty of course. Do not join the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation or any other gun group but GOA- Gun Owners of America. Beware of everyone else. They're always sending out scare stories and asking for money. Join the GOA and support them. The UN is the center of the One World Order, and guns have been taken from every civilized country in the world but the U.S. You cannot have guns in a Marxist or socialist system since you have subjects rather than citizens. Only free people own guns.


Inflation is going to be the rule of the day. Severe hyperinflation where the dollar will fall like a rock. Food prices are going up dramatically. We eat like royalty in America for 10% of our income. We are the ONLY country in the world to eat like kings and queens for a tenth of what we make. This is ending. Soon we'll be spending 30% of our income just to eat. People are already cutting back on the food they can afford. Food prices are skyrocketing and will keep skyrocketing. You are going to spend almost one third of your income just to eat. And you won't be eating like you used to unless you're rich. In the last depression 27% of Americans were farmers. That's hard to believe isn't it? Today it is only 2%. If you can buy a small farm you are going to thrive in this depression. People have to eat and will barter to get food.


You cannot turn on the TV or listen to the radio or open a newspaper without hearing how Iran threatens our very existence, is the most evil nation on earth, and how we need to vaporize Iran before they kill us all!!! Iran happens to be minding its own business. We should do the same. Iran is a long time member of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Iran gets regular inspections by the U.N. authorities. We are going to attack Iran to make Israel happy. This will be the worst mistake we have ever made second only to our immoral invasion of Iraq. This is going to end up in nuclear war. Nuclear war is on the horizon. This is End Times folks. Reality is upside down and inside out. America is rotten to the core and the exact opposite of what we had here 200 years ago. Americans have lost their souls.


Lindsey Graham (a supposed Republican) and Zionist Chuck Schumer tired to shove a biometric national I.D. card down our throats. They are still trying. Lindsey has just been outed as a flaming homosexual. That's the end of his career and good riddance. The Southern Baptists in South Carolina do not tolerate these things.


You are going to be taxed to death. A VAT tax is coming. Yes, we'll keep repeating that. It will start out as a modest tax and grow and grow and grow. You will pay an income tax AND a VAT tax on everything. You see an Internet tax now more and more when you buy things online. This will soon be universal. The paperwork for sending a quarterly sales tax check to 50 states and 3 territories will be the ruin of small and large businesses. Everywhere you look you'll see new taxes and bigger taxes. You will not be able to avoid these crippling taxes. New taxes, bigger taxes, taxes on top of taxes. Americans have to pay for the Marxist redistribution they've freely chosen. Marxism by definition means take from the productive and giving to the unproductive. Redistribute the wealth by endless taxation.  We spend HALF the warfare dollars of the entire world. That's right; we spend 50% of all the warfare expenses on the face of the earth with 170 countries. Yes, that includes China, Russia, North Korea and everyone else. Our military budget is killing us. For what? To attack sovereign nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and soon Iran. All for nothing. All for the One World Order. We need to cut our military budget by 90% and use every penny to defend America, not attack others.



The media tells you housing has "bottomed" and the "recovery" is going great. Larry Kudlow on CNBC in late April said housing sales were wonderful and, "the housing market has bottomed." I guess these people didn't see the 20 year housing starts data. See how this peaked

In 2006, one year after the residential real estate price peak. (The commercial peak was in

2008 and is catching up with a vengeance.) The median U.S. home is now only worth about

$165,000 and will fall to $120,000 or worse. The housing crash will continue for at least three more years. People will talk away from their homes as they become worth less than the mortgage they owe. Why pay the mortgage when your house is worth much less? You will be able to buy the median home within five years or less for 600 ounces of silver. We keep saying that because it's true. A mere 600 ounces of silver is worth $11,000 today. Within five years you will be able to choose any average home you want and buy it for cash.


This is End Times. Don't kid yourself. Do your best to prepare


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