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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


May 2012 Economic Rant - Roger Mason

20% of American households are on Food Stamps.

In many schools all the students eat both breakfast and lunch at school. In other schools the great majority of students eat at school because no one will feed them at home. Forty five million people depend on the taxpayers to feed them. Forty five million people cannot even eat without the government welfare. 45 million people are on Food Stamps, but only 100 million people in America have jobs. Many of these jobs are minimum wage or very low paying. We are very close to becoming a Third World country. The Ameri-can Dream is over. America is finished after 236 years. The Much Greater Depression started decades ago, and is now manifesting with a vengeance. Don't kid yourself.

It seems the gold and silver stocks have done miserably. However, if we look at a long term 10 year chart, this is not the case at all. Buy value and hold for the long term. It is very clear that gold and silver stocks have done wonderfully in the last decade. Yes, the last 18 months have been miserable. Only the long term matters. The HUI just cannot go below 400. We are close to a bottom. We only bring this up because the HUI (and XAU) are indicators of the gold and silver prices. However,you do not want to buy precious metals stocks. You want to buy physical silver and hold it yourself. Lindsey Williams is right- all paper will be worth paper. Do you still have a 401k or IRA? Then starve in the streets with your dumb assed friends! The government is working overtime to seize your retirement savings. They will take your 401k or IRA, and give you a worth-less Treasury annuity in exchange. Yes, this has been done in other countries, and will be done here. Congress already has a plan in place to tax your 401k and IRA. This will be a prelude to seizing them. The media has already admitted that Social Insecurity is bank-rupt. Social Insecurity payments will be cut 25%. This was reported on the major networks this week.

The second way to do this is hyper-inflation. Social Insecurity checks only buy HALF of what they used to buy. They are not indexed for true inflation (or any inflation actually) at all. Every month you'll buy less and less and less with your gummint check. This was a Ponzi scheme from the beginning, and has been bankrupt for decades. You can forget your federal, state, county, city, or private pension as well. All the pension funds are brokeand have been broke. If you are depending on Social Insecurity, your IRA or 401k, or any private or government pension you'll starve in the street. The Federal Reserve was formed in 1913. Since then the U.S. dollar is now worth 5 cents. That's right, the Fed destroyed the currency of this country and robbed every citizen. It now takes TWENTY dollars to buy one dollar's worth of goods.


Thanks to stockcharts.com for this 10 year chart. While gold and silver stocks are, on the surface, the best buy on earth, they are still paper. Own real silver, not paper. All paper will be worth paper. The only real money for 5,000 years has been silver and gold. The stuff in your wallet is green toilet paper.

Silver is in the $31 area. Buy all the bullion you can, and hold it yourself. It doesn’t matter if the price goes down a couple of dollars before it takes off. This is the basic bottom. When silver is $400+, you won’t care whether you paid $28, $30, or $32. It won’t matter. The Big Banks (e.g. J.P. Morgan and their friends) keep the price of silver (and gold) artificially low with massive amounts of highly leveraged COMEX futures contracts. The commercials are down to 22,000 net short future contracts. This is huge! They dropped a full 16% on Friday the 28th. If they did that every week for another month they would be down to almost nothing, and the manipulation would be over. All manipulations and conspiracies eventually end and end badly. Do not buy gold bullion, silver stocks, or paper silver of any kind. Just remember that all paper will be worth paper. Buy 100% silver bullion and hold it yourself. If you need green toilet paper you can go to any coin or pawn shop six days a week to get some.

The gold to HUI ratio is up to about 3.9 now. This is crazy. This shows that the stocks are totally undervalued. This has never happened before in history. This is just to make a point. Do not buy paper gold or paper silver. This is just a valid indicator.

Bill HR 3523 (CISPA) the “Cyber Security Bill” is another invasion of your privacy having nothing at all to do with your “protection”.The Internet is the last bastion of freedom. The Internet is the ONLY way to find out the truth anymore. The entire media is just the government disinformation agency. There is no Internet freedom in countries like China, Cuba, and North Korea. Soon we will have no Internet freedom either. Congress is already trying their best to restrict the Internet. SOPA failed but CISPA has already been passed by the House (by an overwhelming 248 to 168) and will be passed by the Senate. Republicans and Democrats are behind this police state law. This will not stop cyber attacks at all, but will take away all your freedoms of free speech online. The One World Order cannot tolerate Internet freedom.

Quote of the Day:"If you believe in privacy and free markets, you should be deeply concerned about the proposed marriage of government intelligence gathering with private, profit-seeking companies. CISPA is Big Brother writ large, putting the resources of private industry to work for the nefarious purpose of spying on the American people." - Rep. Ron Paul

Senate Bill 1813 the IRS will take your passport if you owe taxes. This will start at $50,000, and go lower and lower and lower, until it's $1,000. More and more it will be harder to get OUT of the U.S. than get in. Any scumbag can get in now. That's right folks, the IRS will take your passport if you owe taxes. You'll be a prisoner in a police state- just like North Korea. It gets worse with this bill. All cars in America will have GPS tracking black boxes. The government will know where you are and where you have been at all times. This is an Orwellian nightmare. Why does the government have to track you 24 hours a day? You still think this isn't End Times?


Obama finally said something intelligent this month. He said, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.". He is right about that! Here is the real six foot three inch violent gangster (making gang signs) who was caught with burglary tools, stolen jewelry, and drugs. Did you see the angelic picture of the 12 year old on People magazine? He was suspended from school three different time. Zimmerman is a Jewish Latino; he isn't white. Why is the media persecuting him? The evidence is overwhelming that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, and was slamming his head into the concrete when he was shot.

Poor George is the scapegoat to appease black welfare recipients.

Look at the 36 year history of home prices from the Case Schiller Index. Housing peaked in America in 2005. Residential and commerical real estate are going to keep collapsing for at least four more years. You will be able to buy the average American home for a mere $100,000, or 250 ounces of silver, by 2016. Yes, $8,000 worth of silver today (250 ounces) will buy you a nice home in four years.

Look at this FORTY year chart of what has happened to the U.S. dollar in terms of gold. The exact same thing would apply to silver. The dollar has gone completely and totally to hell. It is only a matter of time until the dollar is recalled and a "New Dollar" is issued. Yes, that is going to happen, just like it has happened in countless other countries. People forget the dollar has been recalled TWICE in American history already. The only real money is silver and gold, nothing else. Our Constitution spells this out very clearly. The Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves. It is a 100 year old con job owned by various Zionist banks. We need to put a complete end to this farce, but that isn't going to happen. All paper will be worth paper. You have green toilet paper in your wallet.

Why haven't we talked about Europe all these months? Waste of time, that's why. Europe has never been free, and has always had some kind of kingdoms, socialism, and anything but freedom. Europe is collapsing by the day. The European Union is finished. The One Worlders will lose that one. The Euro is collapsing by the day, and will soon be recalled. It has no backing, just like the U.S. dollar has no backing. Watch the collapse of Europe and the Euro. After they collapse we're next. America will collapse into anarchy and a totalitarian police state. The dollar will be recalled. Watch Europe as the U.S. will follow their collapse. We will have our clear warning.

Look at what happened to our trade balance in the last 30 years. We can't go on like this.

You cannot keep buying more than you sell; it's not possible. Can you see how the Much Greater Depression started decades ago and is now manifesting with a vengeance? There is no way out of this. Each American (including infants) owes almost a half million dollars towards the National Debt. The real unfunded National Debt is at least 170 trillion dollars, not "17 trillion" as the media tells you. (The total American GNP is a mere 14 trillion to put all that in perspective.) All debts get paid, either by the buyer or the seller. There is no such thing as an "unpaid debt". You'll pay that debt in part when the dollar is recalled and you turn in ten old dollars for a new dollar.

Here is what happened to our standard of living under Bush and Obama.It has drop-ped severely. (Thanks to Sentier Research for this nice chart.) Our standard of living is going to keep dropping and dropping and dropping until we're a Third World country.

If you don’t realize yet that this is End Times, just pay attention. This planet was never meant for 7 billion people. Soon the population will double. We cannot support 7 billion people much less 14 billion. We should have a half billion at most, and preferable even less. 90% of everyone has to go! But that isn’t going to happen. Nuclear war will get rid of a lot of them, but will also make the entire Northern Hemisphere (not the Southern) totally and permanently uninhabitable. You can’t sterilize billions of people. Even plagues aren’t that effective. There is just no way to stop this endless breeding. The stupider people are, the more they breed like cockroaches. For the first time in the history of mankind there is not one square inch of freedom. One big Prison Planet. There is no safe haven, no place to go, nowhere to hide.

There is no difference at all between Obama and Romney.


Please go watch this short youtube video to prove there is no difference whatsoever be-tween Obama and Romney. They have the same thoughts, same goals, same ideals, and same values. They even use the same language and terminology. George Soros admitted there wasn't a nickels worth of difference between them. After watching just two minutes of this very well done video, you'll know they are just two sides of the same socialist,

One World, totalitarian, welfare state, big government coin.

The airport x-ray machines were banned in the European Union last November for all 27 member nations due to their proven dangers. Did the media tell you this? Of course not. They should be banned here. Now the airport signs tell you these are "wave millimeter" devices, and not x-rays at all. They are dangerous backscatter x-ray machines. If you are weak enough, stupid enough to go thru the airport x-rays you deserve to get cancer. If force your innocent children to go thru them you have a reserved seat in Hell. Demand a pat down. If just a fourth of air travelers demanded a patdown they would be overwhelm-ed. The machines would be removed. This proves how spineless the sheeple are. When the machines were first put in airports as an experiment, the sheeple VOLUNTEERED to walk thru them. This is simply incomprehensible.

Hillary is still dying of cancer. Why do you think she said she is leaving politics at the end of the year? She would love to run for Vice President with Obama more than any-thing in the world. Then Bill would kill Obama so Hillary could be president. Like he killed all those other people during his eight disgraceful years in office. She is only 65 and would love to be Vice President more than life itself. If she wasn't dying, she would have at least another 10 or 15 years of political life. She secretly had a full face lift back in 2008, but looks terrible. She's on a junk food diet, is grossly obese, and her legs are so swollen and disfigured she cannot wear a dress or skirt. Why is no one else on earth telling you this? Time will tell. Time always tells. You'll see. She's got terminal cancer.

Silver has made a basic bottom. Buy all you can. Load up on silver as it is soon goingto take off for $50 and then keep going. Silver is going to Mars to gas up for the tripto Pluto. Silver is going to be worth $400 an ounce and then keep going. Why? Because silver and gold have been the only real money for 5,000 years now, and silver is four times better than gold. The gold to silver ratio is now 54 to 1, and will return to the historical, traditional 16 to 1 ratio. Buy silver bullion and hold it yourself. No storage plans, no unsafe deposit boxes, no paper silver, no SLV, no silver stocks. Be prepared for the future. Not just silver, but have a six month supply of everything you need.

See you in two weeks.




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