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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


May 2013 Economic Rant -Roger Mason

"Military men are dumb, stupid animals used a pawns for foreign policy." -Henry Kissinger.

On Sunday April 21 we sent out a special Economic Rant. "There is no silver for sale." Silver stocks are paper. Honest depositories like PSLV and CEF are paper. All paper will be worth paper. Futures are for experts. This only leaves gold bullion you hold in your own hands. For over five years now we've begged you to be 100% invested in physical silver you hold personally.

On April 25 we sent out a second special Rant. Suddenly the dealers had silver, but at a $5 per ounce premium over spot. We begged you to gladly pay $28 for all the silver you could afford. The April 16 low of $22 seems like the bottom for silver. It may not be. Silver could fall to $18 to $20 and looks very weak as of May 1. Who cares? Buy all you can today. Never try to pick the very bottom (or top) of a market. Jim Rogers, on April 17, called for a further fall in gold and silver. He is a government disinformation agent, who regularly appears on CNBC and other stations. Only liars, cheats, and thieves are allowed to appear on the mass media. Clive Maund is not afraid to speak his mind, and called for a further $19 to $20 bottom in silver on April 19. Scotia Mocatta (one of largest metals dealers in the world) calls for "consolidation", but sees weakness. There is a bottoming process taking place, and we could see lower prices very, very temporarily while the commercials dump their COMEX shorts. Your poor old author is massively short silver futures at $26 looking at $20 to reverse and go long. People with any sense don't play futures folks. There is a $5 premium on silver bullion. So what? Who cares? Be thankful you can buy any at all at that price. Buy all you can. Junk bags and 100 oz bars are your best buy. Overpriced Silver Eagles are for the sheeple.

Connecticut is doing their best to make gold and silver illegal. Retain your gold and silver for 10 days? Buy your silver now, and don't buy it in Connecticut. Other states will soon follow to stop the purchase of precious metals. Here is the new law right from the state website:


To require precious metals or stones dealers to provide a periodic statement of transactions in an electronic format to the local licensing authority and retain any goods purchased for at least ten days, and to make the requirements applicable to precious metals or stones dealers similar to those applicable to secondhand dealers.

Introduced by: Public Safety and Security Committee

All the American gun and ammunition companies are being bought up by the Freedom Group. Who owns the Freedom Group? Well, Cerberus Capital Management owns it. And who owns CCM? Well, George Soros does. When Soros owns all the gun and ammo companies, then he won't sell to civilians. What companies has he bought so far? Bushmaster, Marlin, Remington, DPMS, Dakota Arms and H&R for a start. Old George is buying up all the gun and ammo manufacturers so you won't have any. Don't think the gun ban has gone away. It hasn't. Gun and ammo prices are falling, and availability is improving very temporarily. Buy AMMO. Ammo will go first. It is better to have one gun and one thousand bullets, than one thousand guns and one bullet. Good choices are AR-15s, AK-47s, 9 mm Glocks, .38 caliber revolvers, .22 caliber camping pistols, and Ruger 10/22 rifles. Night scopes are cheap on eBay and easy to use.

Here is what Joseph Stalin said about guns:

"We don't let them have ideas. Why should we let them have guns?"

He is what Vladimir Lenin said about guns:

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one."

Here is what Mao Tze Tung said about guns:

"All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party."

NO BOMB WENT OFF IN BOSTON. It was a staged event with a can of flash powder surrounded by professional DHS actors. No one was killed, and no one was injured. Just DHS actors and professional movie makers pretending to be injured. Don't believe that? Too much for you to handle? Then Google "no bomb went off in Boston" and see for yourself. Go to It was a safe, controlled flash powder explosion like used in movies. It is doubtful anyone died at Sandy Hoax either. No bodies there, no autopsies, no first responder medical personnel allowed to see the "dead children". No nothing. Just DHS actors for bereaved parents. Expect more scams like these.

The FBI and other government agencies had worked with the Tsarnaev brothers for five years. They were anything but strangers. The entire Boston Hoax is a preparation for martial law. The stupid liberals cheered "USA, USA, USA...", and "catch the bawma, catch the bawma (bomber)...", while the police took over their town, and took all the civil rights. The sheeple always cheer when they feel "safe" and "secure". The entire city was turned into one big concentration camp- and the sheeple cheered! When the entire nation is under martial law you'll see 300 million sheeple cheer the same way. Boston was just a trial run for national martial law. It worked very well. It's coming soon. The Boston Hoax was successful, just like all the staged events before it.

Who is the real James Eagan Holmes? How stupid can the government be telling us both these men are the same James Holmes? Right here is 100% proof the entire Denver theater shooting is another government staged hoax. Below is his "attorney". Funny enough, she is also a grieving Sandy Hoax parent of a dead child. Her name isn't "Phelps"; it is Jennifer Greenburg Sexton. Just Google "James Holmes attorney is a Sandy Hook parent" to see more facts. Another professional Jewish DHS actress. Now do you get it? Now do you understand? They are all government staged productions to create a police state, totalitarian government, martial law, shred the Constitution, make the Bill of Rights into toilet paper.

Watch Japan.If Japan collapses we're going to soon follow them. Watch the Japanese stock market and the yen. Europe will go before we do. Watch all of Europe, especially the stronger nations. The collapse of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Ireland is a given.

100 million working age Americans have no job. Why aren't these people working for a living? The real unemployment rate is 30%, not the official government 7% figure. Why are 100 million working age Americans sitting on their dead asses while we're supporting them?

The proposed gun laws failed for now, but they will be introduced again very soon. This is really about gun REGISTRATION, which leads to gun CONFISCATION. Like Janet Reno said 20 years ago, the ultimate goal is no personal gun possession. Period. The government has made it very clear that every single gun will picked up from American citizens. Only the police and military will own guns. Five reasons it will never work:

1. Registering 100 million Americans is extremely expensive -- and omits the criminals and crazies.

Do you know what it takes to run a database for over 300 million people with constant changes to their status? The criminals and crazies will never register. Only the law abiding citizens will pay the price here. Most police departments are against this and want the average citizen to own guns. Canada dropped their registry after spending billions of dollars year after year on a hopeless failure of a program.

2. Americans who fail to register property they already own would become felons without committing a crime.

Under registration, property and activity that has been perfectly legal since inception makes you a felon. Think about that. Possession of private property would subject you to felony arrest, if the property isn't on the government's master list... every single piece you own, and for many Americans, it's a collection. This is not the American way -- it is something else with a very ugly name. The agency in charge (BATF) is infamous for busts on minor paperwork errors (and worse). they are the ones who killed the women and children at the David Koresh home in Texas. No other evil is needed, there is no victim and no inherent criminal act takes place. Paperwork equals prison. That's just wrong. Why are we even thinking of this? Why doesn't the media point out any of this? Who are these people?

3. Registration, if enacted, will create an underground market for unregistered guns bigger than the drug trade.

Cocaine would be $500 a kilogram ($5 a gram or 50 cents a dose) instead of $20,000 a kilogram if we didn't have drug laws. Marijuana would basically be free, since people would be growing it in their back yards. Heroin would be $1 a dose. Before the Harrison Narcotic Act in 1913 Coca (cocaine) Cola was the "drink of choice" for a nickel. All drugs were freely sold in the pharmacies for pennies. Maybe 3% of the population had a dependence problem. They were medical patients, not criminals. There were no drug dealers, much less drug gangs and drug cartels. Legalizing all drugs for all adults would put an end overnight to drug dealers, cartels, and gangs. One third of our prisons wouldclose and one third of our courts would shut down. Police would be free to catch real criminals. All the false allure would be taken out of drug use.

4. This will not in any way reduce crime or help solve crimes.

Criminals don't buy guns from gun shops or gun shows and get a background check. This has nothing at all in any way, shape or form to do with reducing or solving crimes. It has everything to do with turning America in to a totalitarian police state. Remember, Jefferson said the real purpose of owning guns is to protect yourself from a tyrannical government, not self defense, hunting, or anything else.

5. The whole point of registration is so the authorities would use the registration lists to confiscate all the guns.

This is exactly the point. this is NOT about mere registration- it is about total confiscation. Diane Feinstein and her Zionist tribal friends brag about the ultimate goal- guns only for police and military (and politicians). No, Adolf Hitler did not register the guns in Germany. Quite the opposite. States such as California, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have already taken away many gun rights. As goes California, so goes the nation. California is a bankrupt Marxist heaven that gets worse by the day.


Why waste our time talking about the Boston Hoax? If the Tsarnaev brother were guilty they were simply government stooges. Just Google "Boston Bombing Hoax" and you will see hundreds of websites telling you the facts complete with photos.

We've told you people like Gerald Celente and Paul Craig Roberts are pseudo-conservatives who are scared to death to criticize Israel. Well, Celente has finally been exposed. He admitted 3/4 of his entire staff are outright Jewish Zionists. Some of them actually served in the Israeli military (IDF). How are you going to get an objective viewpoint from him? Roberts is scared to death to tell the truth about Israel, even though he knows the truth very well. He has finally started to come around lately, however. Maybe he conscience got to him.

Assad has not used chemical weapons on citizens. It is not our business if he did. Syria isnone of our business. Iran is none of our business. The entire Mideast is none of our business. We are going to attack Syria, and this could start World War III. Russia and China have joined together to stop American imperialism. Folks, we cannot take on Russia and China together. That's rather obvious. Now Israel is trying to open an airbase in Turkey, so they can attack Iran. If those Moslems would just learn to maybe try to get along, and stop killing each other (Sunni vs Shiite) they might be able to get some solidarity over there. Syria needs to go before Iran though. Never forget that Russia and China have finally joined together. We can't possibly take on both Russia and China!!! Remember we lost the Korean War, we lost the Viet Nam War, and now we are down to attacking tiny countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. America, the Big Bully, is nothing but a paper tiger, and the Russians and Chinese know that.

Want more inarguable proof the Boston Bombing Scam was a government hoax? Well, we have more DHS actors, or maybe federal police. Who knows? The top photo is the Boston bombing. The bottom photo is Sandy Hoax. Yes, the very same "officers". How strange! The same people at each government staged event.

Four out of five NYC PUBLIC school graduates (not private, parochial, Muslim, or Jewish) can't read, write, or get any job over minimum wage- if they can get any job at all. STAY DUMB: OUR POLITICIANS LOVE THAT. Anyone who sends their children to the "public" (e.g. government) brain washing centers should go to jail and lose custody of their children. They are GOVERNMENT schools, not "public" schools.

99% of the American people depend on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines for their information. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom, and the government is going to put an end to that freedom with CISPA, SOPA, and other laws.

People who say precious metals are not manipulated need to explain the sale of 500 tons of PAPER (not real) gold futures (53,000 COMEX contracts) on Friday April 12. Gold fell $240 in 36 hours. The banks (J.P. Morgan and the gang) who did this made too much money to figure out on a calculator! It comes out to a lot of billions of billions of dollars in a day and a half. Not bad for crooks who will never see a day in jail. Folks, to put this in perspective, the entire United Kingdom only claims to have 300 tons of gold- and probably only a fraction of that in reality. Please be clear about this, only the Federal Reserve can print enough money to give J.P. Morgan and the gang enough to cover 53,000 gold contracts. 500 tons of PAPER gold were sold in 36 hours. The few billionaires in the world don't have a fraction of the CASH needed to pull this off. Buffett, Soros, Gates, etc. are all almost fully invested in something or another, and simply don't have CASH. We stole half of Germany's gold- 1500 tons. They foolishly let us store it for them after World War II. We stole it. We're not giving it back. Ft. Knox is empty, and has been empty for over 50 years now. An independent, formal, full audit is required every 10 years, but none has been done since 1950. The dollars in your pocket are toilet paper.

Want still more inarguable proof that Sandy Hoax was a government fraud as well as the Boston bombing Fraud? Here is "Donna". She was a staff member at the Sandy Hoax School. Now she is a witness to the Boston Bombing. Donna sure gets around, doesn't she? "Donna" is a DHS a crisis actress.She is neither a staff member or witness..

See this horrible photo? It is staged! It is DHS professional actor Jeff Bauman. Yes, he is a war veteran and double amputee. This is fake bone and blood. He has no legs. Here he is in his army uniform years ago in a wheelchair. If both his legs were blown off he would have bled to death in seconds from instant massive blood loss. He would certainly not be able to sit up by himself in a wheelchair. He'd be long dead. Look at the fake "tourniquet", fake bone, and fake blood.

Look at this hundred year chart (1910 to 2010) since the Federal Reserve scam was created. The red line is spending. The blue line is federal taxes. The green vertical lines are deficits. Now you can see the Much Greater Depression is unavoidable and will be the worst disaster in human history. "Our" government spends $1 for every 60 cents it takes in. The spending is thru the roof. The taxes are down badly. The deficits are hard to even comprehend.

Look at this four year (2009 to 2013) chart since Obama was elected. This is the ratio of public debt to the Gross Domestic Product. It gets worse every day. This is insane! We cannot continue like this. You cannot spend more than you take in. This can only end in total disaster. this will end in the Much Greater Depression, the worst depression the world has ever seen.

In case you forgot the McCain/Obama and the Romney/Obama presidential races, this is what happened. How can a tiny country of 8 million people control the United States?

Today May 1 the Associated Press reported nationwide: "U.S. Home Prices Up 9.3%. Growing number of buyers bidding on limited supply of homes." Exactly the opposite is true. Home prices are falling like rocks. You can give away your house at any reasonable price. Banks are literally sitting on tens of millions of underwater homes they claim as "assets". The truth is they are serious losses. Banks will become rental agents out of necessity. The average American home was worth $225,000 in 2005, $175,000 now, and will be worth a mere $100,000 within five more years.

Physical gold and silver bullion are disappearing all over the world. Buy all the silver you can and hold it personally. Call Apmex, Kitco, Tulving, Provident or whoever you want. Do not buy promises! If it isn't in stock on the shelf for immediate delivery call someone else. Promises and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee. This is your last chance to buy physical silver (or gold). Soon it will disappear from the retail market. The industrial users will fight over it and the guy on the street will get nothing.

Be prepared in every way you can. If you want to know the future, just take a close look at today. Great events cast their shadows before them. Nothing good is ahead of us. If you live in a city then move out. Store six months of whole grains and dried beans. Have a six month supply of everything you use regularly- soap, shampoo, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, detergent, light bulbs, a generator, gasoline (replace this every year), canned foods, ammunition, dog food, and every thing you need. See you in two weeks.


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