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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late May Economic Rant -Roger Mason

“I believe that all government is inherently evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time.” -H.L. Mencken 

The economic situation worldwide continues to deteriorate.

Parade Magazine has a readership of 73 million. It is the mostly widely read magazine in America. Their lead article for May 3 is “Is the Housing Market Ready to Turn?” More government disinformation to mislead the lemmings. Now is a good time to buy a house! Buy now! Folks, the housing market has at least two more years of serious collaopse to go.  The Case-Shiller median U.S. home price is sstill about $160,000 and falling to $120,000, or worse. In a few years you will be able to buy the average U.S. home for  600 silver dollars! That is not a misprint. SIX HUNDRED SILVER DOLLARS. If your mortgage is under water then give the keys to the bank and walk away. The average mortgaged home has a mere 20% equity. If you bought a home in 2005 for $300,000, can’t get $200,000, the price is going to $150,000, and you only have $60,000 (20%) equity then walk away. Anyone who will pay $300,000 for a house that will be worth $150,000 in two years deserves to do exactly that. That is $150,000 in inflated 2011 dollars by the way, not 2005 dollars. Big difference. The housing crash has a long, long way to go and will keep taking down this entire economy. The vast majority of any famililys net worth is their home. 1 in 9 housing units in empty. That may seem impossible, but it’s true.

Ron Pauls Audit the Fed House Bill 1207 now has 124 cosponsors. It is going to pass and then go to the Senate. Let’s be honest though. The Federal Reserve Scam will never be Dismantaled as the American public is too stupid.

Jim Sinclair has been very boring his whole life. He finally woke up and sent out a newsletter with ten predictions. 1) the stock markets collapse this year never to recover. 2) the pensions are all broke and people have no retirement. 3) the retirees will basically Starve. 4) hyperinflation will take over and consumption collapse. 5) no one is going to Buy any U.S. Treasury paper from now on (T-Bills and T-Bonds). 6) Unemployment will skyrocket to 30%. 7) The police and politicians will be on the level of Mexico. 8) Malls, Strip malls, stores of all kinds will largely cease to exist. 9) Tens of millions of people will be unable to pay their mortgage and the banks will be powerless to take their homes Away. 10) Violence, crime and social unheaval will reign.

The King of Clowns Larry Kramer on CNBC keeps telling everyone, “the recession is over, and the recovery has started”. It doesn’t matter how many lies he tells, how often he is wrong, or how he continually proves his total lack of insight. As long as he keeps telling the right lies he will stay there as the chief CNBC puppet. The stock market is hopeless and will fall to 4,000. All stock markets are worthless. All currencies are worthless, unbacked paper. The U.S. dollar is Monopoly Money. The Fed prints more Monopoly Money 24 hours a day,7 days a week. There is simply nothing on earth you can invest in but silver and gold.  

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Senile in Omaha Buffett admits the country is in an “economic hurricane”. 35,000 stupid people came to his shareholder meeting to hear a brain dead old man prattle about how the stock in his worthless company will keep falling. He warned the dollar will fall due to extreme inflation. Did he recommend gold or silver? Of course not. He said to “invest in’ yourself and invest in the stock market”. Senile old fool. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) has fallen by half and may well go completely bankrupt next year due to being totally overloaded with toxic time bomb derivatives. Berkshire Hathaway has already lost 1.5 billion in just the first quarter of this year! Just look at the BRKA chart to see for yourself. This stock is hopeless. It has fall in half in just five months.  This is the wisest, smartest, richest investor in the world? He’s just a government shill folks. He tells people to “invest in yourself, and buy some good stocks”. Just how are you going to pay the rent and buy groceries by something as nebulous as investing in yourself?  He knows the stock market will collapse and the lemmings will lose all their money. He knows this, yet he constantly touts stocks as the best investment in the world. He is so stupid he said he would like to buy Wells Fargo Bank because it isw such a good investment. Wells Fargo is hopelessly bankrupt, totally underwater, and only propped up temporarily With YOUR tax money because they weren’t competent to run their business. 
Do you want absolute, incontrovertible proof the housing market is still collapsing and has two to three years to go? Here it is. A 120 year chart of housing prices and inflation adjusted prices. The current media U.S. home price is $160 and falling to $120,000. As you can see from the chart above this count easily fall to $100,000 or even lower. If your mortgage is underwater give the house back to the bank. Go rent. Dump it. 

Did you know that representative Peter King a Republican from NY sponsored House Bill 2159 to allow anyone in America to be denied their Second Amendment rights to own a gun for any reason or no reason at all? Did the media tell you abouat this bill?

It already has six cosponsors. The Attorney Generals or any of his countless minions Can declare you simply have no more right to own a gun. You would go to jail for owning any gun. All your guns would be confiscated for nothing at their whim. Does this sound like a free country or a police state? Buy all the ammunition you can. Obama and the Democrats are first going to stop the sales of ammunition, raise the price, and tax it to death. Join Gun Owners of America (GOA) at They have a third of a million members. Do NOT join the National Rifle Association (NRA) as they Sold out decades ago. The NRA is a big joke so do not support them. If you don’t own a gun for self protection then wake up and buy one and take a shooting and self defense course. America is the last country in the world to allow reasonable ownership of firearms. This is disappearing by the day. Our founders made it clear that everyone has the right to bear arms. Only free people own firearms. 

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If you don’t think FEMA detention camps exist just type in “FEMA camps” on Google and you’ll get a literal mountain of evidence. The sad part is people will willingly go to the camps to get “three hots and a cot”.  Benjamin Franklin said that people who choose a false sense of safety and security from the government deserve and will get neither. The only safety and security you have is yourself and your own family and friends. The government can give you nothing, but it sure can take everything from you.

Chains you can believe in. 

Silver continues to be the best investment in the world by far. We are now in the sixth Month of the recovery after silver bottomed in November at $9. Be sure you own silver Bullion. The premium has fallen so you can actually get good deals now. Buy what you can afford. Buy 1 oz rounds, 10 oz bars, 100 oz bars, or 1,000 oz bars as much as you can afford. Go to a large coin dealer in a city near you and get the best bargain. You can always use Jason Hommel at or Gaithersburg Coin in MD. Compare prices before you buy. 80% of silver is byproduct mining, and the base metal mines are cutting back or shutting down. There are only about 50 real silver stocks in the world, but only about ten of them are worthwhile. Good silver stocks include ECU, First Majestic, Impact, Genco, U.S. Silver, Endeavor, and Great Panther. Stock prices are still very low and all these are great bargains. Mining stocks outperform bullion, but there is more risk. Silver is still at an extreme 67 to 1 ratio and this will return to the traditional, histor-ical 15 to 1 ratio. That could mean, for example, $5,000 gold and $335 silver. Remember in 1982 silver was $50 which would be about $180 today adjusted for inflation. There was plenty of silver back then, and the government had a stockpile of BILLIONS of ounces. Now the largest cache of silver is a mere 62 million ounces on the COMEX. Many are saying that there really isn’t anywhere near 62 million ounces, and the ac-counting is crooked.

The swine flu pandemic was a total hoax, but it was a PRELUDE to more staged  “disasater” like 9/11. This is a prelude to forced vaccinations, involuntary quarantine, and outright martial law. Not one person died of swine flu, but one million babies killed in the U.S. by abortion every year. That got no press at all. This is a factual statistic, and not a pro- or con- abortion stance.

How do you know you’re living in a police state? Just open your eyes. Read the Con-sitution and Bill of Rights. Here are fifteen (15) hallmarks of a police state:

1) A controlled press and media that is merely a mouthpiece for the government.

2) Vote fraud used to choose the candidate best able to promote the current agenda.

3) Lack of fair criminal trials and juries. Lack of prosecution for the real criminals be-  hind the trillions of dollars in theft of your tax money.

4) Usurping undelegated powers. The states have few rights left, and the central gov-ernment increasingly has more. We were founded on states rights.

5) Government monopoly of armed force. Free men are armed and guaranteed this by the Second Amendment. Obama and Congress will do their best to undo this.

6) Militarizing law enforcement. You’ve noticed your police are more like soldiers every day with increasing powers and decreasing rights for you.

7) Infiltrating and subverting citizen groups. Don’t allow dissent.

8) Suppression of honest investigations and whistleblowers. The last thing on earth you’ll see audited and investigated is the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other such institutions.

9) Suppress competition with government. Free enterprise is not wanted and prevented from existing with endless rules, laws, and regulation.

10) Putting officials above the law. Politicians don’t pay for what they do.

11) Making people dependent on government for everything. The shame here is that is what most people want- the government to run their lives for them. 

12) Increase public ignorance about civic duties. Each citizen has to be responsible for his life and his interaction in society.

13) Staged events like 9/11 and other false terrorist acts as well as staged “emergencies” like epidemics. You’ll see another staged event by Christmas probably. This will be an excuse for martial law.

14) Making rights into mere priveleges. It is a now a privilege now to own a gun. Less and less rights that were guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

15) Political correctness in everything is inarguable dogma. People who are not politically correct are scorned, shunned, and left out. Never question hoaxes such as Global Warming or Peak Oil. 

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Take a look at this Walmart (WMT) chart. This is possibly the best bellwether indicator of all. As goes Walmart, so goes the nation. Walmart is collapsing. The biggest retailer in the world is going bankrupt. The entire U.S. economy is collapsing. Buy silver.

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