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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late May Economic Rant - Roger Mason


Alexander Hamilton wrote in The Federalist No. 29 that should the federal government ever turn despotic it "can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms." If every American family was armed and trained for one week a year, that would be enough to give any army pause. Every Swiss family is armed with military weapons, and must train every year at a military camp. You notice they have never once ever been invaded. Hitler made the mistake of invading a huge powerful country like Russia, but didn't even consider Switzerland. Owning guns is about protecting yourself from the tyranny of government far more than it is for self defense and protection against invasion. Obama and his crew are doing their best to take your guns away using the United Nations. Yes, they are bypassing Congress completely. There will be a blood civil war in this country when they try to take them however.


This is a chart of the XAU going back 50 years. You see precious metals stocks are not doing well. They are extremely undervalued, especially considering the current high prices for gold and silver. Sometimes the stocks lead the metals, and sometimes the metals lead the stocks. Right now the metals are leading, and the XAU to silver, and HUI to silver, ratios are very bad.  When they improve we are going to sell all our silver stocks and go 100% silver bullion. Why?  Because Mexico is a basket case run by the drug cartels, and most all our stocks are in Mexico.  Secondly, because our New Marxist Government punishes people who work, save, and invest, so they can give your hard earned money to those who don't do anything but collect welfare.  You are going to be taxed to death on any paper investments.




The Times Square bomb was a transparent hoax. A little kid can see that much. You don't make real bombs with propane tanks and fireworks for God's sakes. You don't put bombs in SUVs with eight big windows so "vendors" can discover them. This is just another hoax like the other domestic terrorist hoaxes- Jihad Jane, the Hutarees, the Christian militia groups, etc. etc. The point is to get the great unwashed masses to believe we have a domestic terrorist threat. Then the sheeple will gladly agree to National ID cards, no Constitution or Bill of Rights, martial law, a police state, and anything else to take what's left of their freedoms away. Just say the words "SAFE" and "SAFETY" and the American public will give up anything and everything in order to be "safe". Safety is now a religion based on fantasy.


You are going to see more and more engineered phony "crises" like this. 

9/11 was an inside job and another huge inside job is overdue. This one will be much worse than 9/11. For those of you who still cannot see that Arabs didn't do 9/11, please Google "9/11 hoax, 9/11 fraud, 9/11 inside job", and you will see endless facts that will simply overwhelm you. Rahm Emmanuel said, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste." Then Hillary followed with, "Never waste a good crisis." All these fake crises are engineered to further the police state, martial law, and the One World Order.  The BP oil rig was sabotage folks, not an accident. Ray Charles can see that much. Two weeks after Obama surprisingly tells us he is all for offshore drilling (after voting against it his entire career), we suddenly have an oil disaster. Now, no more offshore drilling.


The American people killed America after 234 years of freedom and prosperity. The great unwashed masses elected Carter, Clinton, Bush and now Obama.


Greece is a portent folks. Iceland was a portent, too. Yes, they only have one fortieth of the economy we do, but this is a glimpse into our future. We are already bankrupt, but the reality hasn't come crashing down yet. There will be violent riots in the streets. Google "Gerald Celente" to learn more about our future. He has lots of very good, free videos.


For those of you who take food supplements McCain, Schumer, Dorgan, and Waxman have been paid by the pharmaceutical corporations to ban all OTC supplements and hormones. Waxman (D-CA) just tried to add an amendment to HR 4173 the Wall Street Reform Act. Vitamins and Wall Street? Yes, this would give the FTC (not the FDA) unlimited power to ban all supplements. Under socialism ALL freedoms are taken, even vitamin supplements.

Let's repeat that America has 5% of the world population and 25% of the world's prisoners. America is the real police state, not Russia or China. Plus the countless millions on parole and probation. One in 100 Americans is behind bars, and many more under court control. The percent of young black men locked up, on parole and probation is almost uncountable. Almost two million people a year are arrested on non-violent drug charges. Almost a million of these are simply for marijuana. Almost half of Americans would legalize marijuana today. Three quarters would like to see medical marijuana. California may just do that, and the federal authorities be damned. If California would regulate and tax the growing and sales of marijuana they could literally get out of bankruptcy. The sentences are draconian, and it is common to see people get 60 years on a drug charge and die in jail. All the billions and billions of dollars that go to gangs, cartels, and drug dealers every year would instead flow into government taxes and into the legitimate economy. Until 1913 every drug in America was legal, including heroin, cocaine, and opium. For 137 years we did just fine with no drug laws at all and only 3% of Americans in 1913 had a drug problem. These people were medical cases and not criminals. They did not rob, kill, and steal to get drug money. They went down to the drug store and bought them for (literally) pennies.  Mexico has now collapsed, and the drug cartels run the country. The Mexican drug cartels now operate heavily right inside our country as well. This is one big reason we are going to sell all our silver stocks when the HUI improves to about 30 to 1 (it is now 24 to 1). The other reason is that all investors and investments are punished in a Marxist police state like ours. The productive are punished, and the unproductive rewarded.


Your investments will be taxed to death. This just destroys the economy of course. 

We are going to 100% silver bullion in your own hands when the HUI to silver ratio goes to 30 to 1 or better. It is a bad idea to sell your stocks at these low prices. Silver and gold stocks are the most undervalued of all assets and more undervalued than bullion.

Look at this chart. The dollar is only worth FIVE CENTS now.


Twenty different states have already joined together in a federal class action lawsuit to refuse ObamaCare. Find someone in your state and see if this is one of them. If not, help your state join this suit. If the majority of states refuse socialized medicine then it cannot be implemented.  Far left states like California and Massachusetts will not join this, but the vast majorities can reuse government health care, and it cannot be implemented. Even if the federal courts rule against them, the states can simply refuse to accept ObamaCare. The feds cannot find and arrest everyone in that state, much less 30 or 40 states. You do not have to put up with nationalized medical care. You will get back 10 cents worth of "care" for every dollar you give the government. All government programs are failures- you know, like the post office or DMV office.


House Bill HR2487 will institute capital controls on Americans. This means you cannot take your money out of the country. The ironic thing is this does not cover gold. Silver is too heavy of course. Gold is exempt. You can literally take a quarter million dollars in gold legally out of the country and not even claim it or report it. You DO want to report it anyway and offer them a signed Form 4790. The customs agents generally refuse to sign your Form 4790 as they say gold is not a monetary instrument. Isn't that a laugh? If gold isn't money, what is? 25 pounds of gold (300 troy ounces, not regular ounces) is worth over $350,000. You do NOT have to report this being stored in a foreign country, but you do have to report any kind of bank account. No one will ever know if you sold it or what you sold it for. Capital controls are always a hallmark of a police or totalitarian state. It's your money, you earned it, and you paid taxes on it. You should be able to do anything you want with it, including leaving the country with it. If you want to take gold to another country it is best to do it before HR2487 passes. Gold will be exempt, but get ahead of the game.





Did that get your attention? Please go towww.inflation.us and watch their new video Meltup.  They worked hard on this. It is 54 minutes long and well worth watching. This is one of the few good websites out there, and they don't want your money. Sign up for their regular updates and free videos. They understand that silver is the best investment in the world. They know that hyperinflation is the future and will destroy this country. Buy silver and you'll party like a rock star while all your dumb assed friends starve in the streets. Have you noticed whenever you tell your friends and relatives to buy silver, they look at your like you're stupid? Tell them that only silver and gold are real money and you might as well be speaking Chinese. They really believe that green toilet paper in their wallet is "real money". They believe in the stocks market. They believe in banks. Well, almost 70 banks have gone under just in the first four months of this year. Many, many more are bankrupt but just haven't admitted it yet. Do not keep money in the bank except for a small checking account to pay your bills. Do not keep an unsafe deposit box. We will get a "bank holiday" just like we did 81 years ago. Just like Iceland got last year. You will wake up one morning and the banks will be closed, your credit cards will be useless, your ATM card won't work, and checks can't be used. You'll need some Monopoly Money in the house along with your silver. The stores will take Monopoly Money and you can always sell small amounts of silver six days a week at any coin shop if you need cash for purchases. The stock market is held up by bubble gum and delusions. Richard Russell (Dow Theory Letters) has never been an alarmist in his many decades as an investment advisor. He sent out a special warning that the stock market will collapse this year. That 1,000 point drop was a warning. The idea one investor and one order mistake can take down the entire stock market is prima facie ridiculous.


California is 15% or one seventh of the American GNP, and they are hopelessly bankrupt. Folks, if every worker in America was taxed 100% of their earnings we still couldn't even begin to pay our bills. That's how broke we are. We have a national debt of 80 trillion dollars. The total Gross National Product of America is only 14 trillion. This is more than 600% of the GDP. All bills get paid. There is no such thing as an "unpaid bill". Either the buyer or the seller pays the bill. YOU WILL PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT. You will pay the bill for this collapse. We've been bankrupt for decades, and the chickens are finally coming home to roost. One half of Americans have less than $10,000 to retire on. How in heck are you going to retire on less than $10,000? 40 million Americans can't eat without government help and are on food stamps. That is almost 1 in 7 people who are too lazy or too stupid to work and have to get food from the government. Social Insecurity has been broke for decades. We have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is broke. The lemmings will still get their Social Insecurity checks, but they will buy less and less every month. As hyperinflation takes over, the checks will not even begin to keep up with it. People will get checks that will buy less and less every month until they finally riot in the streets. You are going to see massive and very violent riots in the streets especially with blacks and Latinos and white trash who depend on welfare to live. Remember we had 27% farmers during the last depression. Farmers ate. Farmers traded food for whatever they needed. Now we have only 2% farmers. Farming is only 1% of our GNP. This means we import massive amounts of food, rather than export food like we used to do. Probably the best answer to the coming depression is to own a small farm, but that isn't realistic at all. How many people do you know that could farm for a living? None? That's how many I know. There will be communist-style price controls on food, which just makes the situation worse. That means there will be no food under price controls. If you tell a farmer beef is only $2 a pound when it should be $5 he'll stop raising beef. Then on one will have beef. You cannot "control" a price!!! Supply and demand are the only way to determine prices in a free market. There is no other way.


Let's talk about silver. Ft. Knox is empty and has been empty for decades. The last audit was in 1954 almost 60 years ago. A real audit is required by federal law every 10 years, but if that was done then everyone would know we have no gold. Well, the COMEX probably has no silver. It is self-auditing, which is the same as no auditing at all. If the COMEX is empty then silver will go to Mars overnight and then go to Pluto the next day. Remember that $50 silver in 1980 would be $140 silver today adjusted for inflation. If silver was $140 right now it would be a non-event. There was an endless supply of silver in 1980 and the government had huge stockpiles. Everyone had access to silver. Now we are almost completely out of silver, and mining can't even begin to keep up with demand.The world only mines 40 million ounces of silver each year. 80% of this is by-product mining. There are a handful of real silver mines. This is a very, very tiny market. The COMEX is the largest repository in the world, but only has about 120 million ounces. SUPPOSEDLY.  They might really only have a fraction of that.  The big banks, especially JP Morgan, are short 350 million ounces of silver futures. This is 65,000 contracts. That may not sound like much but it is almost nine times the amount of silver mined every year. This is price manipulation plain and simple, and has been for years now. This is what keeps the price down. Since only 40 million ounces are even mined each year, so obviously this is nothing but a huge fraud. All manipulations end in disaster, and this one is already ending. It should all be over by Christmas and the price of silver will finally take off. They lose billions of dollars as the price goes up. The price of silver will skyrocket when they finally fold.


We are going to sell our silver stocks as soon as the HUI to silver ratio improves. Stocks are very undervalued and a bad time to sell them. We are going 100% bullion held by you personally. No paper silver ever like SLV and such. Why are we selling our stocks? To repeat, 1) with our new Marxist government all investors are heavily penalized, and 2) Mexico is out of control and run by drug cartels. Most all our mines were in Mexico. We are going 100% bullion as soon at the HUI starts going up than the silver price. The stocks lead, then the metal lead, and then the stocks lead.... It's a cycle.

We spend half the entire world military budget. That's right- half. All for nothing. We are now the World Bully instead of Russia. We have over 700 military bases in 140 different countries. We should have no military bases in any other country. 100% of our military should be right here on American soil for self defense. We have replaced Russia as the World Bully and spend literally half of the world military dollars. That's' right we spend half of all the worldwide military spending when we are only 5% of the world population. That is ten times, or 1,000%, more than we should be spending. It will stop ONLY because we've run out of money. The entire "War on Terrorism" is a hoax, a fraud, a scam.  Did you know that when Medicare was started the budget was only 3 billion a year? Do you know what it is now? IT IS $408 BILLION A YEAR!!!! That is 136 times or 13,600 % more than what was promised. Since ObamaCare will admittedly cost 1 trillion a year how could we possible pay $14 trillion when that is the entire GNP?


Like all Marxist and socialist countries we have far too many unproductive government workers. More are being hired all the time!!! Can you believe that? The worse the economy gets the more government workers we hire. Did you know that the average government worker now make about $72,000 a year, or TWICE that of people in he private sector? Did you know Obama called free enterprise "the enemy" in his book? Yes, he says that the free market is "the enemy." Freedom and free trade and supply and demand are The Enemy. He wants the government to literally run EVERYTHING. Not most things, but everything. He wants no private free markets at all. He's doing a very good job of achieving that, if you haven't noticed.  Buy all the guns and ammunition you can. The Obama crowd knows they cannot pass a bill banning guns in America. There are just too many gun owners. They are going to sign a United Nations treaty to disarm Americans. The United States is the only civilized country that still allows gun ownership (NZ has limited gun rights). Hillary, Schumer and the rest of the One Worlders are going to sign a U.N. treaty that will ban firearms and bypass Congress.  Yes, they are going to bypass Congress to do this. The problem is taking those guns away from tens of millions of gun owners. That's when you're going to see blood in the streets. The government took all the guns from the Australians without a whimper. That isn't going to happen here. Do not join the National Rifle Association or the Second Amendment Foundation. Join the Gun Owners of America (GOA). The GOA is the only real gun owners organization. The NRA

Sold out years ago and was taken over by the liberals and watered down. In the next issue we'll go into more depth about the United Nations treaty and how that will be used to disarm Americans. We are the only civilized country to allow firearms ownership and this is embedded in our Second Amendment. Don't give up your guns.


Here is a chart of the stock market crash of 1929. That was a deflationary depression, while the current Much Greater Depression is a hyperinflationary depression. There will be many parallels and many lessons to learn from what happened 81 years ago. The initial collapse kicked off in late 1929. It was very sharp and sudden. Then we had a 60% recovery over more than six months. This gave people false hope that things were getting better. Then the REAL crash started, and went on for more than two years until the middle of 1932. It took about 25 years, or one quarter of a century, for the market to recover. THIS MARKET WILL NOT RECOVER. The United States will never recover, never rebound, never even again be what it used to be. America will be a Third World banana republic with no bananas. Just like the collapse of Britain and Argentina we are collapsing as you read this.   There is a lot of talk about leaving the country for a safe haven like Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, or Australia. There is nowhere to go folks. Central and South American countries are all pitiful cesspools of poverty. New Zealand and Australia are both socialist heavens. We now live on one big Prison Planet with no freedom anywhere.



The Late May Rant was sent out on the 23rd due to technical issues. The June Rant will be sent out on June 1. Buy all the silver you can and keep it in your own home.



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