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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late May 2013 Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose."  -John Keynes


Bernanke and his friends at the Fed are bragging about QE to Infinity. The sheeple actually believe inflation (printed unbacked green toilet paper like Zimbabwe recently did) is a good thing and will help the economy. Severe hyperinflation and the collapse of the dollar is around the corner. The only thing that will save you is silver and gold- and silver is four times better than gold. The only advantage gold has is portability.


The media has been touting “rising home sales” and a “housing recovery”. Baloney! You can’t give away your house. There are so many tens of millions of bank owned, short sale, auctioned, and under water houses for sale you can’t count them all. The average U.S. home price will drop to $100,000 in the next five years. Buy just four 100 oz silver bars today for less than $10,000, and you’ll be able to get the average house of your choice in five years- with enough left over to furnish it and buy a new car. Imagine a nice furnished home, and new car, for only $10,000. Yes, you can do it if you buy silver today at $23 spot! You can’t count all the empty houses in America. The banks will become rental agents, and should have done that years ago.

 The only good news is that rents will fall. 52% of Nevada home owners are underwater, 40% in Florida, 35% in Arizona, 34%n Georgia, and 32% in Michigan. Other states have such high figures as well. It will just get worse from here, as people cannot pay their mortgages. 100 million working age Americans have no job! 11 million are on Social Security Disability instead of working for a living. This is the population of Greece! Remember you are paying for them to sit on their dead asses and watch TV all day, when they could go out and get a job. The real unemployment figure is about 30%, not “7%”. You will see two and three families living in the same house out of sheer desperation.

We have a one party system in America- just like Cuba. You get to vote for a Republicrat or a Republicrat. Which Republicrat would you rather have? Which Republicrat do you want to see waste your hard earned money? Which Republicrat do you want to pass more Big Government, Marxist, and police state totalitarian laws?


The stock market “rally” is a Federal Reserve induced BUBBLE that will crash and burn very soon. Meanwhile the media is telling you, 1) don’t buy gold, 2) silver doesn’t exist, and 3) buy all the stocks you can. The sheeple will lose their life savings. If you have a 401k or IRA then sell it, take the penalty, and buy all the physical silver bullion you can. Starve in the street with your stupid assed “friends” if you don’t. The government is going to steal the $13 trillion dollars in savings and give you a worthless Treasury annuity for your own “safely and security”. All paper will be worth paper. No, we don’t get tired of saying that, and we’ll keeping saying it. By the way, Lindsey Williams (who is the source of that quote) has now fallen to being a third rate huckster selling sh*t supplements to morons, instead of enlightening people about the coming disaster.


On May 4 Warren Senile in Omaha Buffett spoke to Bloomberg TV. He, as usual, said gold is not a good buy and has, “no appeal at all” to him. Silver doesn’t exist. He advised all the sheeple to buy stocks and invest in the general markets. "Don't bet against America." Many real experts agree that gold and silver have bottomed in May after 22 months of endless patience. $22 was the low for silver, $1,350 for gold, and 250 for the HUI. These levels must hold for a bottom. Watch these three price points. The big banks are down to a mere 14,000 net COMEX silver shorts. Soon they will reverse after 20 years, be net long, and join us for the blast off for silver. They’re not stupid, they’re evil. This is a rare, rare opportunity to make a fortune investing in silver. The last time it happened was over 30 years ago.

Does anyone see any difference between Lenin and Obama almost 100 years later? Any difference at all? O.K., Obama is even worse.

This is the original 1918 Russian Bolshevik poster, “Citizens! Hand over your weapons.”

The 2013 American Marxist poster to give up your weapons.


The liberals and neocons are going to take your guns. DHS bought 1.6 billion rounds of military (not target practice) bullets to dry up the market. Ammo prices have doubled- if you can get any. Even .22 LR bullets are hard to get and totally overpriced. This is enough to kill every man, woman, and child in America five times over! You can have a thousand guns, but they are no good without bullets. The bullets will go first- and largely have already. Soon you will be required to show ID and register your bullet sales face to face; no more Internet sales. If you have been getting the Economic Rant you would have loaded up years ago at bargain prices.

The media is telling people you can, “open a gun factory in your garage” with a 3-D plastic printer. The claim is you can make real guns out of plastic with a 3-D printer. This is too ridiculous to comment on. Yes, you can make a plastic gun that may possibly fire one bullet inaccurately before it blows up and disintegrates. “PLA” is the most common material used for 3-D printers, and is made of cornstarch and sugar.


Houston and Chicago have about the same population and average income. Also about the same racial makeup, only with more Latinos and less blacks in Houston. Chicago has completely outlawed guns, except for police and military. Houston, on the other hand, has 1,500 stores to legally buy guns. Most everyone in Houston owns several guns. Chicago has triple the homicide rate per capita. Gun ownership lowers crime rates, not raises them. Criminals will always have guns, and could care less about laws, rules, regulations, and “expanded background checks” (which is really gun registration).


The World Health Organization (WHO) released their World Murder Statistics Report. The U.S. ranks 109 as one of the lowest murder rates in the world with a mere 4.2 per 100,000. Remember, most of these are criminal on criminal and gang related killings. All 108 countries with higher murder rates have 100% bans on citizen guns. This includes Honduras 91.6, Venezuela 45.1, Bahamas 27.4,  Brazil 21.0, Mexico 10.9, Russia 10.2, Ukraine 5.2, but the U.S. only 4.2 where we still have gun freedom. Switzerland had the lowest with zero reported murders. There citizens are REQUIRED to own military weapons, train with them every year, and keep them in their homes. 108 countries have the highest homicide rates in the world and guns are banned for citizens.



Governor Brewer in Montana just signed a bill to create a state militia entirely separate from the National Guard. Try to get a bill like this passed in your state. Support states rights. The federal government has been clear they do not care about any nullification laws- they will send in the military and kill you. If you don’t like Obama Care, your guns taken away, marijuana laws, national ID cards, or anything else, you cannot nullify federal law. They will send in soldiers to kill you and your family. However, if just, say, ten states pass nullification laws the feds will be helpless. The states far outnumber the federal government. There are only about 3 million soldiers, and most all of them are neocon tools in the Mideast killing innocent people. Just a mere ten states passing nullification laws would stop the feds cold.


America will soon be a Third World backwater like England. Remember, just 100 years ago, “Britain Ruled the Waves”, and was the most powerful nation on earth. America was a distant second. America is finished after 237 years. We are the World Bully, the World Policeman, and we are broke! China will try to take over as the World Superpower, but their 1.2 billion people are basically stupid, uneducated, impoverished, and they are also broke. The problem for us is they can form a huge army of stupid, uneducated, broke people that will far, far outnumber our mere 3 million. And most all of our soldiers and busy killing innocent men, women, and children in the Mideast. Take that story about our, “brave soldiers defending freedom” and stick it somewhere. They are cannon fodder for the neocons, and for the Greater Glory of Israel. There would be no “terrorism” if we minded our own business. The business of America is America, not imperialism. We will pay heavily for these evil wars of aggression by having our country completely and totally destroyed. America will be a third world backwater banana republic without any bananas. This will leave us with one big Prison Planet with no freedom anywhere.

Look at this chart of self employment rates in America over the last 63 years. People who start and own their own businesses are the very backbone of this country. A full ONE QUARTER of all workers used to be self employed in this country. Now it it down to a mere 7%- one in fourteen people own their own business. One of the hallmarks of socialism, Marxism, and Communism is to stop people from owning their own business. Look at Cuba, for example, where people can’t even own their own hot dog stand. It is the GOVERNMENT that makes it impossible to start and own your own business. Endless meaningless restrictive rules, laws and regulations. Wait until the new Internet Tax  (Marketplace Fairness Tax) puts even more people out of business. ONLY 7% OF AMERICANS ARE NOW SELF EMPLOYED


WATCH SYRIA! Both China and Russia have joined together and told us not to bother Syria or Iran. Assad has not used chemical weapons on the citizens. It would not be our business if he did. The entire Mideast is none of our business. The rest of the world is none of our business unless we are attacked. We should close every one of the military bases we have in 100 different countries and bring every soldier home. The business of America is America. Remember what the founding fathers said: “Friendships with all, but entanglements with none.”

You will get this newsletter on the 16th. If you have any money at all, or can get any money without robbing a bank, then buy all the silver you can. Buy $1,000 face value junk bags (or partial bags) or 100 oz bars. This is your last chance. Not only will the price take off, but retail physical silver is seriously disappearing. Soon, only the industrial users will be able to get any- and they will fight over it. You cannot have technology without silver, and you cannot substitute for it except with gold and platinum basically. Your average laptop computer, for example, only needs one gram of silver- or less than  $1 worth. But it cannot be produced without that one gram. Overall, if something is electronic, it must have silver in it. Just one more reason silver is four times better than gold. The 61 to 1 gold to silver ratio will fall back to the traditional, historical 16 to 1 ratio. Then it will fall even further to 10 to 1. That would give us, for example, $6,000 gold and $600 silver. The problem then would be a useless dollar, and $20 a loaf (or worse) of bread.


On Friday the 10th the COT report showed the Big Banks reduced their net gold COMEX shorts down to only 88,000. Silver remains at a mere net 14,000. This is huge! They will join us on the blastoff now that they have taken physical possession of most of the gold and silver in the world. When that happens you’ll see like $6,000 gold and $600 silver.

The HUI (basket of unhedged gold and silver stocks) has fallen from 610 to 250 in the last 22 months. The bottom is in. This means the bottom is in for gold and silver. Do not buy silver stocks, even though they appear to be a terrific bargain. In normal times they would be a much better buy than silver bullion. They are leveraged versus the physical metals. Good paper investments used to be safe and secure investments. We’ll keep repeating this and repeating this…


“How many physical ounces of silver do you have?” Will be the only question.


                                               HOW TO GET RICH

Buy value and hold for the long term (a year or two is not the long term).

Buy and hold and add on dips.

Be right and sit tight.

Never trade, never trade, never trade.


You need to prepare. If you live in a city or crowded suburb, then get out. No matter

what you do, get out. You need food, guns, ammo (lots of ammo), a generator, gasoline, kerosene, a propane tank (if you can), paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, soap, laundry soap, dish soap, light bulbs, and every single thing you use every day. Whole grains (flour oxidizes) and dried beans are your staples. Put them in sealed containers and they will last for years. Some canned goods and condiments. Rotate them. Forget that expensive freeze dried crap.


In the last issue of the rant we identified the legless man in the wheelchair at the Boston

Bombing Hoax to be “Jeff Bauman”. Actually Jeff Bauman was the fake cowboy DHS actor pushing the wheelchair. Nick Vogt was in the wheelchair. He got his legs blown off years ago in Kandahar. He is also a professional DHS actor. Folks if you have any doubts whatsoever that no one was killed at the Boston Hoax or Sandy Hoax, just Google them.

If you don’t know that the Denver theatre shooting was a staged event, just Google it. If you don’t know that the CIA and Mossad blew up the Twin Towers in NY on 9/11 with nanothermite explosives, just Google “9/11 fraud”. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom. The government will stop this with CISPA, SOPA, and other laws. Too many people are learning the truth on the Internet.


There are four major bubbles we need to look at:


1)      The housing bubble. The average American home was about $225,000 in 2005. It is now about $175,000 and going to $100,000. Yes, $100,000.

2)      The stock market bubble is now over 15,000 for the DJI. The DJI, DJT, and DJU all are currently in synch and show strength. However, the stock market is a house of cards that will collapse soon.

3)      The derivatives market is incomprehensible. There are now more derivatives than the entire GNP of the whole world!!! Nothing like this has ever happened. They will implode and take the entire world economy down.

4)      The dollar bubble is the worst and most worrisome. Hyperinflation will make the

      dollar worthless. It’s status as the world reserve currency will be a memory.



That's it for May. See you in June. Buy silver. This is the bottom. Be prepared. Get ready in every way you can. This is just good common sense to be prepared.










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