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June Economic Rant -Roger Mason

The Ron Paul March on Washington is (Saturday) July 12. Please do whatever you have to do and be there. Go to to learn more. Are you tired of high taxes, big government, open borders, expensive gasoline, a police state, NAFTA, illegal aliens, the Iraq war, the loss of our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Then please show up in Washington in July with a million other people who are just as tired of it.

Every month reality wins over fantasy. The housing collapse has two thirds to go.

The stock market cannot hold 13,000. The Dow P/E ratio is 57 to 1 when it should be more like 12 to 1. The U.S. dollar is hopeless. There are over $700 trillion dollars in derivatives that are coming unraveled as you read this (the U.S. GDP is only $15 trillion, so that is almost 45 times our GDP). The welfare Farm Bill is $300 billion.

The insane war in Iraq will escalate and expand under McCain. There are 150,000 dead civilians in Iraq because of us. We just built a $700 million embassy in Bagdad to show we’re there permanently. More towns and cities go bankrupt every day. We just built a $60 U.S. prison in Kabul, Afghanistan. Six U.S. warships headed for the Iranian coast in May. The banking industry is bankrupt and a wave of failures is coming. Lehman Brothers will be next. The automakers are bankrupt. The housing industry is bankrupt. We just sent a half million tons of food to feed North Koreans and support communists with nuclear missiles. Oil is almost $130 a barrel. The entire banking industry is bankrupt. The budget and trade deficits are in outer space. The true unemployment figures are about 15%. Real inflation is about 18% (see www.shadowstats for M3 money counterfeiting). We’ve been in a recession for months now, but the media keeps telling you, “the worst is behind us”. The Senate is about to pass a $300 billion housing bailout bill- at your expense- to help stupid people who bought houses they couldn’t possibly afford.

After almost seven years another 9/11 event is due. There are more questions than answers about what really caused 9/11, but it certainly didn’t involve Iraq. Another fake 9/11 “terrorist attack” is overdue and may well happen this fall to seal McCain’s election. Anyone who has studied 9/11 knows it stinks! There are so many lies, cover-ups, contradictions, and falsehoods you lose count. Kerosene (jet fuel) cannot melt steel is just one of the countless inaccuracies. The idea that a few men with boxcutters could take over hundreds of passengers is patently idiotic.

Let’s talk energy. The main concern of voters is high gasoline prices. We have 200 years of oil, and another 200 years of natural gas right here in the U.S. especially Alaska. Your government won’t let us drill for it. Go to and see for yourself. We have enough coal for 1,000 years, and can convert this to clear car fuel via the SASOL process for $2 a gallon. Your government declared an illegal war on Iraq and will declare another one on Iran. Your government won’t allow SASOL plants. The governor of Montana wants to open lots of them. The governors of Texas and Lousiana want to drill for oil and natural gas.We only have 149 refineries left because your government closes them and won’t allow new ones. The president of Jet Blue Airlines wanted to open his own SASOL plants, but isn’t allowed to. Oil without refineries is useless. Water power can only supply about 3% of our needs. The idea that solar, wind, ethanol or any other liberal fantasies can provide any energy at all is patently ridiculous. Fuel cells are decades away. Hybrid cars are a bad joke. The price of oil is politically determined, not by supply and demand. Don’t invest in oil. Your government is responsible for not drilling domestic oil and not allowing new refineries or upgraded current refineries. Stop blaming Big Oil and the Arabs. The media wants you to blame them so you won’t see your government is the real cause of this. Big Oil wants to drill domestic oil and build and upgrade refineries. The Arabs want us to build and upgrade refineries. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline from domestic oil for the next 200 years. We could have 200 years of domestic natural gas. We could have 1,000 years of clear SASOL fuel from coal. There is no energy shortage. There is no oil or natural gas shortage. The problem is your government. will tell you more. Big Oil only produces a small per cent of the energy, and could never control oil prices no matter what they did. Go to Hit the button “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” and sign the petition to start drilling U.S. oil immediately. If enough people sign this petition we’ll get the oil we need right here in America where we have huge untapped resources. Newt Gingrich is no libertarian, but this cause is very worthwhile. Send them some money if you want. We could have $2 gasoline with our own oil this year!

The gold/oil ratio is only 7 to 1 and should be about 20 to1. Gold will take off along with silver. The gold/silver ratio has fallen to 51 to 1 (it was over 100 to 1) and is headed for 15 to 1. The coming attack on Iran won’t just mean $200 oil, it will mean RATIONING. 4 million barrels a day will disappear overnight. The Asian Times claims we will invade Iran by August.

There will never be a recovery. The American Dream is over after 232 years. 100 years ago England, “ruled the waves”. Now it is a pathetic third rate socialist backwater. History proves all countries fail after 200 years. This recession will deepen, and by 2012 we’ll be in an outright Much Greater Depression after more than 80 years. America will degenerate further into another left wing, socialist, welfare, police state banana republic, but without the bananas. By 2075 the U.S. population is supposed to triple to almost a billion people! In 50 years what used to be America will simply be Northern Mexico. The average Latino family has five children, and start at age 16. The NeoCons Bush, Cheney, Chertoff, McCain, Rumsfeld, Murdoch, Paulson, Bernanke, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Adelman, Ruben, Podhoretz, Hitchins, Perle, Kristol, Abrams, Kagan, Frum, Ledeen, and the gang won this war a long time ago.

We’re out of silver! There is no silver. You can still buy very limited amounts of “junk” bags of 90% at, but not for long. Silver is $17, but there isn’t any silver to buy. The COMEX has the main reserve with (supposedly) 43 million ounces, but that would give everyone in America and mere 1/8th ounce (4 paperclips), and no one else on earth. You cannot take delivery of this silver even if you pay in full. This has never happened before. Industry uses almost 500 million ounces a year, and they are getting all the bullion understandably. The silver stocks are all extremely undervalued and are great bargains. Go buy the silver stocks we talk about!

The retail sector is doing worse every month. Who is going under now? Ann Taylor, Pier 1, Linens’n’Things, Disney Store, Home Depot, Wilsons Leather, PacSun, Lonestar Steak House, Zales Jewelry, Friedman’s Jewely, J.C. Penny, Kohl’s, Dell Computer, Urban Interiors, 84 Lumber, Sharper Image, Pep Boys, Ethan Allen, Rite Aid, Saks, Sprint, Vonage, Movie Gallery, Wickes Furniture, More Furniture, Macys, CompUSA, Kirklands, Big Dollar, Fashion Bug/Lane Bryant, Talbots, and Lillian Vernon are just a few of the well known chains. What cars are disappearing? Hummer (good riddance), GMC, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Lincoln among others. What’s in your future? A crappy little plastic pretend-car like a Tata or Smart Car. That’s what’s in your future.

T. Boone Pickens is the CEO of BP Petroleum, one of the largest in the world. Like “Senile in Omaha” Buffet, he is a doddering, senile, pitiful, helpless old man. He just sunk $10 billion into windmills! Yes, windmills. They are completely and totally useless, ridiculous, and asinine for energy production. You would have to cover the entire state of New York with windmills just to think of supplying New York City. Buffet’s chewing gum factory for $23 billion made more sense than this. Jim Cramer on CNBC’s Moron Money is telling the lemmings wind mill stocks are his favorite energy choice! The sad part about this is that the brain dead lemmings take his advice and buy them.

Never forget that silver is going to $200 an ounce. The $50 an ounce in 1982 would be about $150 today- but there was a huge surplus of silver a quarter century ago. We’re plumb out of it now. You can no longer buy any quantity of silver bullion. Buy the silver stocks we keep talking about. QTA (Quaterra), SST (Silverstone), ECU (ECU Silver), FR (First Majestic), FUR (Fury Exploration), EXK (Endeavor), IPT (Impact), GGC (Genco), and USA (U.S. Silver). The only silver left is on the COMEX, but you can no longer take delivery of it. The COMEX silver futures may end because of this.

Whole Foods Market (WFMI) was a darling of  mainsteam investors. This is the largest natural food chain in the world. There stores are wonderful, but pricey. Their stock has fallen from 53 to 28 in a mere 7 months because people just cannot afford their high prices. Adjusted for inflation this is over a 60% fall since October!

John McCain doesn’t have a golf ball in his left cheek. He is dying from inoperable jaw cancer. He is ridden with cancer, especially multiple skin cancers, and has had many operations. He has many other serious hidden health problems.The media keeps screaming, “McCain Gets Clean Bill of Health”. He will be your next president, but the media will constantly pretend what a “close race” it will be. It is preordained. Don’t vote unless your state allows you to vote for a third party candidate. It’s a farce. We have the same false freedom of elections the Cubans do. McCain will be Bush on steroids. He will invade as many countries as he can with as many troops as he can muster. Your son AND daughter will be drafted once he takes over. There is already open talk in Congress about the draft, and this time it will include women.

Our Founding Fathers had a foreign policy of laisse faire, or leave others alone. Mind your own business. “Friendships will All, alliances with none” they said.  We should not interfere with any country, especially the Middle East. Their problems are not our problems. Bush just went to Israel and spoke To their Knesset (congress). He told them, “Israel’s population may only be just over 7 million. But when you confront terror and evil you are 307 million strong because America stands with you.” Why should we put the welfare of any country above our own? We have no business having troops in 130 different countries. Ron Paul would bring all the troops home immediately. McCain will draft your children and invade new countries so we can be The World Policeman.

Always remember the top half of American taxpayers pay 96% of the taxes. Half the taxpayers pay a meaningless 4% of all taxes!!! So much for the lie “tax breaks for the rich”. Now that interest rates have bottomed with 18% true inflation they are going to take off for the moon like they did 30 years ago. Interest rates will start to skyrocket this year. This is the bottom in interest rates.

The housing collapse is just getting warmed up, and commercial housing is collapsing right behind it. Go to and hit the “DJ US Housing Index” button. Look at both the DJ Index and the Phila Index. The “Philadelphia Housing Index” is national, and merely headquartered in Philly. We have two thirds to go here. House prices are falling terribly every month in every state. There is no end in sight. is now open and will soon have a free subscriber list. Please tell your friends to visit there. The economic rants will soon go weekly, since events are speeding up all the time. If you read the original rants going back to October and November you will see that 100% of everything spoken of has come true. You can see tomorrow if you just take a close look at today. Great events cast their shadows before them. You don’t have to be smart or psychic to see tomorrow; you just need to pay attention.

This newsletter recently told you in 2009 you’ll see half the airline flights, half the airplanes, and half the employees. Flying will be an occasional luxury like it was in the 1950s. Quantas has already cut flights, employees and retired planes. Five major airlines have gone under and the last was Mesa, an important connector airline. On May 31 silver is under $17, but there is no silver to buy. Load up on the nine silver stocks we talk about. Silver is the best buy on the planet and has been for years. This is your financial and retirement salvation. The silver stocks are terrifically undervalued and have been since November. They are going to take off very soon.

Hope to see you all in Washington, DC on July 12.

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