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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


June Economic Rant - Roger Mason


Other presidents get the picture on paper currency. Obama should have his picture on food stamps. There are now 40 million Americans who choose to have the government feed them rather than feed themselves. This is almost 1 in 7 people who depend on government food. Now do you see how totally and completely hopeless things are? By Christmas 50,000,000 Americans will be eating at the government trough. Yes, 1 in 6 people will refuse to feed them-selves and depend on the government to feed them. Now can you see how hopeless the situation is? The lemmings are too stupid, lazy, and incompetent to even feed themselves. YOUR tax money will feed them. YOUR tax money will support them. Yes, your hard earned money feeds these pitiful excuses for human beings.



Look at the above chart. The same applies equally to silver, and equally to the Dow Jones Average. Silver and gold far outperform the stock markets in the last ten years. It's only going to get better and better for people who own silver and gold.

Fifty years ago (when your author was a kid) you could go to McDonalds and get a three course meal- hamburger, fries, and shake- for 45 cents. That was four and a half silver dimes. Today those 4.5 silver dimes are worth about six dollars. The 1960 dollar bill that would have bought two of those meals (with 10 cents in change) would not even buy you the fries anymore. Gasoline was a quarter a gallon. Those four and a half dimes will buy two gallons of gasoline. Silver is real money. It has held its value for 2,000 years now. Every single paper currency on earth has become worthless. Our Constitution defines money only as silver and gold. Ft. Knox is empty, and hasn't been audited, as required for federal law, for over 50 years now. The COMEX is the largest silver store in the world and is also probably empty. They are self auditing, which is the same as no audit at all. If you don't believe Ft. Knox is empty just Google "Ft. Knox is empty". Then ask yourself why no required audit has been done in over 50 years. There is no gold in Ft. Knox folks. That stuff in your wallet is toilet paper.


Here is a chart of the world famous Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA). Warren Buffett is completely senile. You can literally throw darts and make better stock picks than he does. Look at the above three year chart. His famed Berkshire Hathaway stock has fallen from 150,000 to about 100,000. Considering even the fake government 10% inflation figure, this stock would have to be up at least 10% every year JUST TO BREAK EVEN. It would have to be at least 180,000 today JUST TO BREAK EVEN. Yet the old fart is trotted out by every TV station to tell you to "buy stocks", and "invest in the stock market".  He has scorned silver and gold as investments. He's just a government whore who sold out long ago. His father was a patriot surprisingly.

Dow Theory works folks. Dow Theory says the industrials, transports, and utilities have to go up or down together to verify a trend. If they move together that verifies and validates a real trend. This predicted the Big Crash in 2007 which took the Dow from 14,000 to under 7,000. Well, all three (DJU, DJT, and DJI) are collapsing badly. We have warned you the stock markets are held up with duct tape and delusions. This market is going to crash and crash badly. Richard Russell says it's going to get very ugly very quickly.

In the last issue we asked you to go towww.inflation.us and watch the 54 minute video "Meltup". Please take the time to watch this so you'll know hyperinflation is your future. They understand silver is the best investment in the world. They do not want your money and have new videos all the time.

There is no "rebound", no "recovery", just continued collapse of our entire country. The housing market gets worse every day, despite the propaganda you hear that housing sales are up and all the rest of that. Now when banks repossess a house this is called a 'sale". www.zillow.com reports that 1 in 5 mortgage holders are under water. This is just getting worse every month. These people should just give the keys to the bank and walk away. All the statistics you hear come from the realtors associations and have no basis in reality at all. The median American home will sell for $120,000 and maybe even $100,000. The current price is about $180,000 and falling. A mere 600 ounces of silver will buy you that median home within the next five years. Maybe less. That's right, a mere 600 ounces of silver (which used to be worth $750 when we had real currency before 1965) will buy you the median American house by 2015 and maybe sooner. You can buy that 600 ounces of silver today for less than $12,000. Just think about that for a minute. A nice home for $12,000!!!

Obama will appoint extreme leftist Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. This will make two lesbian and three Jewish justices. Is that fair representation? When the American Jewish population is only about 3%, and they will now be 33% of the Supreme Court. That is ten times or 1,000% over-representation.  This has nothing to do with prejudice or anything else, but simple unfair representation. Imagine the furor and outrage if Obama had appointed on single Muslim!!! The media would have had a collective heart attack. And why two lesbians? Kagan is an extreme leftist who worked with Clinton to help ban guns. The Republicans will approve Kagan, just like they approved that fugly (fat and ugly) extreme left Marxist lesbian Sotomayor. The Supreme Court is now going to "reinterpret" the Constitution and Bill of Rights with Marxists on the court. Your worst nightmares will all come true. Obama and his crew have almost succeeded in ruining what was left of America is less than 18 months. He has another two and a half years to go before being run out of office in disgrace. Electing Republicans this fall will do nothing at all. We have a one party political systems in this country- the Republicrats. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. The Republicans have caused half the problems in this country. By the way, please support Rand Paul for Kentucky U.S. senator. Contibute to his campaign. He is a true Libertarian running technically as a Republican. Notice the media is already attacking him because he is the real deal.

The radio and TV conservative talk show hosts are all disinformation agents. What is the real test of these people? Do they support our insane, murderous wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Do they support more wars of aggression against countries like Iran and Syria? That is the test. Boortz, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, Savage, Levin, (Alex) Jones, and all the rest of them are just Disinformation agents. We should have no wars at all going on. None. Zero. We should have no troops whatsoever outside of America. The fact our National Guard is now overseas is prima facie insanity. We should have no military bases outside of America. We should put 100% of our money and troops right here in America on American soil.  American spends half of all the military dollars in the world. WE have 5% of the population, so 10% of the total world military dollars would still be too much, yet we spend 50% of all worldwide military expenses. We are now the World Bully and most of the rest of the world hates us. The rest of the world used to look up to and respect American and see it as an inspiration. We have replaced Russia as the World Bully and lost our good reputation.

You are going to see riots in the streets when the scumbags on welfare don't get their government checks every month. The extensive system of FEMA camps was built to lock them up. Patriots will be locked up with them unfortunately. Yes, there is an extensive prison camp system, and you can Google this to find out more information about it.



Look how the National Debt was under control until about 1974. Now it has gone completely insane. Now can you see why it's hopeless? Real unemployment is over 20%, and not the 10% claimed by the government. It is going to 30% like the last depression and probably all the way to 40%. That is going to be a disaster when two out of every five workers has no job, can't eat, and can't pay rent. The American standard of living is going to be cut in half. That's right our standard of living is going down 50%. It's not just California that's bankrupt; every state is bankrupt. All 50 states are hopelessly bankrupt and deeply in debt. All unemployment funds have been bankrupt and are still robbing Peter to pay Paul. You are going to see higher and higher taxes all the time, even though people cannot afford food. You will see a national VAT tax. This will start out small so people don't bitch too much. It will grow and grow and grow- just like in Socialist Europe. You are going to see an Internet tax. You are going to see all taxes go up. You are going to see new taxes. You are going to see taxes on top of taxes. You are going to be taxed to death. The only way to pay for Big Government is tax everyone to death. This is just one of the endless reasons socialism and Marxism has always failed, and always will fail. Government doesn't work, never has worked, and never will work. Every time you give the government a dollar you get back 10 cents in products and services. 90% goes right down the toilet. Only the free market works. Obama called the free market, free enterprise "the enemy" in his book. Anyone who thinks the government can do a better job at anything is mentally ill. People who voted for Obama and think the government should run things should be in mental institutions.

The U.S. dollar is worthless. Lindsay Williams says the dollar will lose 30% of its value before Christmas. It is now at 87 cents on the basket of currencies. Your author is heavily short the dollars. All currencies on this earth are worthless including the Swiss franc (the stupid Swiss sold their gold, too). All paper currencies have failed and always will fail. Only gold and silver are real money. Silver is four times better than gold. Silver will return to the historical, traditional 15 to 1 ratio (e.g. $400 silver and $6,000 gold). Right now it is 67 to 1. The Big Banks are still short a humongous 83,000 silver contracts on the COMEX. This manipulation will end this year, and silver will finally take off in the free market.  We are going to have capital controls, and you will not be allowed to take YOUR money out of the country. After you worked for it, saved it, and paid extortionate taxes on it, you will be fined and jailed if you try to take any money out of the country.

The HUI to silver ratio is about 25 to 1. When this improves to about 30 to 1 (when the stocks recover) we are going to sell all our silver stocks and go 100% silver bullion held personally by you in your own little hands. Why? Because all paper investments in Marxist America will be taxed and penalized heavily. Also because the good mines are basically in Mexico, and the Mexican government has collapsed. You cannot invest in central or South Americans mines like Silver Wheaton, Fortuna, etc.. Jason Hommel (www.silverseek.com) is now the premier expert on silver and he has also sold his silver stocks. He is now 100% silver bullion.



This year 78 banks have already failed. This is on top of the many banks that failed in 2008 and 2009. You are going to wake up one morning and find a "bank holiday" has been declared. Of course this will be in the interest of the public welfare and all that. Just like what happened in Iceland last year. Your credit cards, debit cards, checks and ATMs will all be useless. Keep a minimal checking account. Of course no savings accounts, CDs, or anything of the like. Any spare money should be invested in silver bullion. Keep some Monopoly money at home. Cash will be the only way you will buy food and gas. No one will pay their bills or get paid until the banks reopen. And your assets may be totally gone. Do not use an unsafe deposit box. This could happen next week or next year. No one knows, but it will happen. All the banks made insane housing loans since the housing bubble burst in summer of 2005. All these bad loans are coming home to roost and residential and commercials prices keep collapsing. And they will keep collapsing for another 2 o4 3 years. All the banks participated in the housing bubble. Don't look for a "good bank".


You must dump your IRA or 401K. The stock market will crash. The government is going to convert your savings into a worthless Treasury Annuity. Again in the best interest of the pubic welfare and all that. Yes, the government is going to confiscate your savings and turn it into completely worthless Treasury paper. This has been done by other countries and will be done by this one. Dump your stocks, your IRA, your 401K and buy silver bullion.


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