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Late June Economic Rant - Roger Mason

Look at this 50 year chart of the real money supply, courtesy of the Mises Institute. Things were reasonable sane 50 years ago. Now things are completely insane. “Money” is just green toilet paper, unbacked by anything other than mass hysteria and delusion. There is no gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn’t been in decades. Google “Ft. Knox empty” if you doubt that. Only silver and gold are real money, and silver is three times better than gold. Your poor old author is again massively short U.S. dollar futures, and has been for a long time now. The dollar is going to hell. What does that mean to you? Massive hyperinflation and high prices for everything you buy. (Except residential and commercial real estate.) When you print toilet paper with no backing you get Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe. That is exactly what we’re getting now. In the last rant we pointed out that two real pre-1965 American dimes would buy you a gallon of gas- with 4 cents in change. 16 cents for a gallon of gas in 2011 if you used real money. That’s a 25 to 1 ratio or 2,500% folks. Shocking. 1.6 real dimes or $4 in green toilet paper.


Calvin Coolidge wisely said almost 100 years ago that, “The business of America is business”. This is when America was strong, proud, productive, free, and had a small government. Now the business of America is WAR. George Bush stated openly at a public address that, “I’m a war president.” He actually bragged about that. We are now involved in four wars. Congress never approved these four wars. The voters certainly had no say in these four ways. We have no business at all in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or Yemen. These are evil wars of aggression, and we will pay heavily for this. We should close every military base around the world and bring every single soldier home today. We should stop paying 50% of the world military budget for 5% of the world population. How about 10% of the world military budget, no foreign military bases at all, and not one solider off U.S. soil? We are now the World Bully, and Russia and China look like peaceful countries next to us. We’re going to pay for this evil folks.


Look at this chart of the S&P 500. It is down to 1260 as this is being sent out. The DJI is failing and can’t hold 12,000. Dow Theory says this could be a collapse, as the DJT and DJU have confirmed this. The stock markets have been artificially propped up by the government, while everything else has gone to hell. This will end, and it may be ending as you read this. The stock markets are going to crash whether it is this month or next year. There is nothing holding up the stock markets but stupidity, media cheerleading, and bubble gum. Anyone who is invested in the normal stock market deserves what they get. This is a classic “dome formation”, and history shows it usually shows a collapse coming. (Courtesy of stockcharts.com).



Four in ten housing sales are bankruptcy sales!!!!  Residential and commercial real estate is going to keep collapsing for year. Everywhere you go you see unsold, unsellable homes. Everywhere you go you see stores and offices unrented and unrentable. You’ll see the average U.S. home sell for $100,000 or even less. You’ll be able to buy that average home for a mere 250 ounces of silver and probably much less. That’s right, you can buy 250 ounces of silver today for about $9,000, hold it for five years and then choose the typical home you want. $9,000 for a nice home? Wow! If silver goes to $600 ($6,000 gold and $600 silver at a 10 to 1 ratio) you would only pay 170 ounces of silver. That is only $6,000. Banks will become rental agents for the tens of millions of house, apartments, and condos they can’t get rid of. They should be rental agents today, instead of “waiting for the recovery” that’s never going to come. You will see millions of mortgage holders walk away from their homes and give the keys to the bank. Almost 25% are already impossibly under water, and the mortgage is worth far more than their house.



The COMEX now has less than 28 million ounces of dealer (available) silver. Since they are self-audited, they may have much less than that. Scotia Mocatta just admitted to having only 40% of the silver they claimed to have after they “reclassified” it. Scotia Mocatta is the largest private holder of silver in the world. London Bullion has no silver. The U.S. Mint has no silver, and buys it on the market like you do. The U.S. Military has no strategic silver reserve. Entire countries are out of silver. What little silver is available is sold at high premiums. Yes, the paper price may be $36, but try getting some at anywhere near that price. Soon we will have a clear TWO PRICE system for silver. The fake paper price and the real world price you have to pay (or sell at). Buy all the silver bullion you can at $36 and hold it yourself. Buy “junk coins” if you can. A bag of junk silver has 715 actual ounces and is great for barter.



The dollar will keep collapsing until it is worthless. We will have to get a new currency, as hyperinflation keeps destroying the “value” of the dollar. There is no value!!!


McDonalds just offered 60,000 minimum wage jobs. They got ONE MILLION applicants for these low paying entry level jobs. 940,000 people were out of luck. The real unemployment rate is over 22%, not the 9% the government tells you.  Unemployment is going to at least 40% and maybe worse. You will see one person support a household of 4, 5, and 6 people. Feel compassion for yet another year of graduates entering a horrible job market. Only half the 2010 college grads have found jobs of any kind, only half of those have found jobs requiring a college education, and 85 percent of all grads moved right back in with their parents. The job growth rate is so low that we keep employing fewer and fewer people as a percentage of our adult population. This is obviously proof of an outright depression, and not merely a recession or “downturn”. A friend here in Wilmington, NC owns a janitorial service. He recently advertised for janitors. 30 people showed up, and 85% of them had degrees! They were out of work. They had some kind of valid college degree, but were willing to clean toilets to pay the rent.


Only 45 out of 100 Americans even have a job! Less than half pay any federal taxes at all. The top 1% of Americans pay 40% of all federal taxes. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world. But the liberals and the Democrats keep demanding we soak the rich. The rich are already being soaked. The rich are the source of your jobs, the source of your taxes. Keep soaking them and they’ll shut down or leave the country. Then you won’t have any jobs at all. History proves the more you soak the rich the LESS taxes you collect. That’s right, you collect less taxes, not more, when you impose insane taxes on the “evil rich”.  8 out of 10 Democrats say we should increase taxes on the rich and give it to themselves. 3 out of 10 Republicans say the same thing.


This chart shows a mere 14 trillion dollar national debt (thanks to Barron’s). Since the Gross National Product is about 12 trillion, that would be payable over time. The real National Debt is more like 140 trillion dollars, or TEN TIMES the official claim. This includes the HUGE unimaginable, incomprehensible Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and military budgets. This means that every man, woman, child, and baby owes over $400,000 in debt. Now can you see why the Much Greater Depression started years ago, and is now manifesting in the real world? Every person in American obviously doesn’t have $400,000 to pay off the debt. All debts get paid all the time. All debts get paid either by the buyer or the seller. There is no such thing as an “unpaid debt”.


“As goes California, so goes the nation” has been true since California was settled. This used to be the seventh largest economy in the entire world! One state was the seventh largest producer on this earth. It has turned into the worst welfare state with the most immigrants and illegal aliens of all. They lead the country in welfare programs. They have far more socialist entitlement programs per capita than anyone. People have been fleeing California in mass for over ten years now as the state completely disintegrates. This is the home of Zionist (pretending to be Catholic) Nancy Pelosi. The home of The Governator. California is hopeless and has the worst housing collapse in the nation. The reason for all of this is Big Government and the free flow on immigrants and illegal aliens. Watch California collapse as this self-destruction is going to lead the nation as America self-destructs. You’re going to see riots in the streets when the government runs out of money for all the welfare scumbags. Watch California.




Look at this chart. It is the ratio of the Dow Jones to gold. A chart of the Dow Jones to silver would be even more impressive.  The Dow to gold ratio is down to 8 to 1. It used to be 42 to 1 with a 14,000 Dow and $300 gold.  It will fall to 1 to 1 like it was in 1980. You may well see a 6,000 Dow and $6,000 gold. You will see a 15 to 1 ratio with silver at $400 and the Dow at 6,000. You may well even see a 10 to 1 ratio with silver at $600 and the Dow at $6,000.


Folks, sell your IRA or 401k. The stock market could be collapsing as you read this. This alone with destroy nearly everyone who has an IRA or 401k. The government is going to seize your retirement account and give you worthless Treasury annuities in return at like 3%. Hyperinflation will make that a joke. We already have over 10% real inflation and it gets worse all the time. Quantatative Easing 3 will put us into hyperinflation. Put all your money into silver bullion while it is still available. Hold it yourself. No paper silver. No storage programs. Don’t even buy silver stocks. Don’t pay more than $3 per ounce over spot. Silver supplies are running out. Soon silver will be totally rationed by the government, and only for the industrial users. There will be a two price system- the fake paper price, and the real world price you and I have to pay. In addition to silver make sure you have a six month supply of food and all necessities. About the only food you can practically store is whole grains and dried beans. If you live in the city, move out. Have a generator and gasoline. Have guns and ammunition for self defense. More and more you’ll see the governments shut down as they run out of money. Depend on yourself for everything possible. This is what made America great from the beginning.



Here is the chart showing Americans pay the highest corporate income taxes in the world. Much higher than Extreme Socialist Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands. With state taxes the “rich” pay about HALF their income in taxes. Again, the top 1% pay 40% of all federal taxes. Taking from the productive and giving to the unproductive is the main pillar of Marxism, socialism, and communism. High taxes mean big government, less production, a lower standard of living, and endless welfare programs. High taxes are the very opposite of affluence and freedom.


It’s all going to Hell folks. We now live on one big Prison Planet with no freedom anywhere. For the first time since man walked on this earth there is no freedom anywhere. Every single country now is either socialist, Marxist, communist, or an outright dictatorship. This is End Times- don’t kid yourself. Be prepared for the future. Yes, you can see the future if you simply take a good, hard look at what is happening today. Great events cast their shadows before them. If you are paying attention you can see the Much Greater Depression actually started decades ago, and is finally manifesting.


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