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July Economic Rant - Roger Mason

The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.  ~ H.L. Mencken

Look at the above 18 year chart. The same applies to silver stocks. The performance of the precious metal stocks over the last decade has been miserable, to say the least. This has never happened before in history. Reality always wins in the end, and the stocks will finally take off. Maybe this year. The gold and silver stocks have not even started to match the performance of bullion. The precious metal stocks traditionally outperform the bullion price by a 2X and 3X factor over decades. Why? If silver sells for, say, $36 and the cost of mining is, say, $16 an ounce that is a $20 profit. If physical silver goes to $50 the profit is merely 39%. However the profit for the silver stock is now $34, or 170% from $20 to $34. Then, why not buy silver stocks? Because the silver mines are all in unstable countries like Peru. Mexico is now controlled by the drug cartels, and the government has collapsed. Our five silver stocks were all located in Mexico. First Majestic, Endeavor, Impact, Sabina, and Great Panther. Don’t buy silver stocks, just buy silver bullion.


“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. . . . We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.”

-President Dwight Eisenhower in his Chance for Peace speech



Look at the above chart (thanks to Casey Research). We cannot do without silver. We can do without gold, but not silver. New uses for silver have tripled in the last 20 years. Aside from the fact silver is real money, we simply cannot have a society without silver. No, you cannot replace it, except with super expensive elements like platinum and gold.


It is June 20 and Britain has just warned all its citizens to leave Syria. We have warships off the coast of Syria. Syria poses no threat to us at all, nor does Iran. It is not our business which government any country chooses. We have now invaded Yemen, and have four different wars going. Syria is on fire and we have our sights on Syria. The problem with Syria is they are well armed and will retaliate viciously. Russia has a military base in Syria and will not accept an attack by us. Iran has a defense pact with Syria and will come to their defense. Remember that Iran is really Persia, and Persians are ancient Aryan warriors, not passive Arabs. The last thing on this earth we want to do is attack Iran. Iran poses no threat to us whatsoever. The neocons have wanted to attack Iran for many years now, but they know we’ll have major cities vaporized if we do. Would you like to wake up one morning to find out New York or Washington has been vaporized? We have 700 military bases in 130 countries. We should close all 700 bases today. There should not be one soldier not on U.S. soil. We spend half of the world military budget even though we have 5% of the world population. This should only be 10% of the world military budget. We need to cut 80% of our military budget today, so we pay 10% of the world military budget, not half of it. 8 out of 10 military dollars have to go. These wars are illegal, immoral, and outright evil. 80% of soldiers should get real jobs that produce things and improve the standard of living.



The real national debt is NOT a mere $15 trillion dollars. That’s ridiculous. It is really ten times that much or more. That’s right; our National Debt is at least $140 trillion and getting worse by the day. The entire GNP is only 12 trillion. Each man, woman, child, and baby in America owes about $400,000 towards the national debt. Now, can you see why the whole situation is hopeless? Social Insecurity was broke decades ago. There has been no COLA (cost of living allowances) increases for years now. This is how the government is going to screw the social insecurity recipients. Just give them the same check every month while prices go to the moon. Every month the check buys less and less and less. Welfare recipients know their checks buy less and less every month. They are soon going to riot in the streets, demanding more government aid. We cannot possibly pay for the military insanity, Social Insecurity, Medicaid, and Medicare.


Anyone you see on TV is a disinformation agent, especially if you see them on CNBC, CNN or Fox (Faux News- we decide what to report). Peter Schiff is a disinformation agent as is Max Keiser as is Jim Rogers as is Alex Jones. The best way to beat the opposition is to lead it. The Tea Party is a joke. The Internet is the only freedom and that freedom will end soon. Bill and Hillary Clinton want a worldwide Internet censor.


Lindsay Williams wrote a fine book, The Energy Non-Crisis. He exposed the fact we have 200 years of known oil reserves right on our own soil. There is not, and never has been, any kind of energy crisis. We have another 200 years of known natural gas reserves. We have an amazing 1,000 years of coal reserves. You can make gasoline, truck fuel, and jet fuel for $2 gallon from coal with the SASOL process. This was developed 70 years ago by the Germans under Hitler. He claims to have access to the “elite” as a minister. He has been on the money lately. He says oil is going to $200 a barrel. Then American oil will be released at this new high price. There will be no shortage of fuel at all, just high prices. People will pay $8 to $10 a gallon for gasoline. They already pay this much in Europe due to socialism and endless government taxes. He also says there will be no food shortages, just high prices. Most people simply will not be able to afford to eat even simple food.


If you are a member of the National Rifle (NRA) Association tear up your membership card and send it back to them. Join the Gun Owners of America (GOA). Beware of all the other so called gun rights organizations (e.g. NAGR and CCRKBA), as most all of them are scams. GOA is the real deal. Make sure you are armed and have lots of ammunition. You need to defend your home and your family. Gun control is coming. We are the last civilized country in the world (and Switzerland) to have any kind of gun freedom. Have an AR-15 or AK-47 with extra large cap clips. Have a 12 gauge 20 inch barrel police pump shotgun (H&R or Remington). Revolvers are more reliable than semi-autos. If you have semi-autos change out the magazines every month or the spring will weaken, and it will misfire. Guns without ammunition are useless. Buy ammo.


Governor Ricky Perry of Texas may be your next president. He is just another neocon liberal who calls himself a Republican. He was an openly liberal Democrat, until he figured out he could get more votes in Texas by calling himself a Republican. He was state chairman of Al Gores presidential campaign. That tells you just how far to the left he really is. He wanted to pass a law forcing every girl in Texas to get a dangerous, toxic, harmful, and totally unnecessary Gardisil® vaccination, or put her parents in jail for refusing. Watch the media push him for president. Romney is just a white version of Obama, and the public hates him. The media tells you he is the leading Republican contender, but the public knows what he is. He continued to run Massachusetts into the ground with RomneyCare and his global warming agenda. The media refuses to admit Ron Paul even exists. Please support Ron Paul any way you can. You waste your vote when you vote for a Republicrat. There is only one party in this country- the Republicrat party. Support Ron Paul for president as much as you possibly can. Always do the right thing. At least when this country completely goes down the toilet it won’t be your fault.

Look at this 50 year chart of the ratio of disposable income to household debt. In plain words it means how well people are living, while there are saving for their retirement.

You see the best of times was actually in the 1982 time period. That was almost 30 years ago. Now things have gotten terribly bad. People have no money to spend, and are deeply in debt. Forget savings- the average person is deeply in debt, and can’t even think about saving anything.


You have to sell your IRA or 401k. You have to sell any stocks, bonds, CDs or any other such investments. Good luck trying to sell any residential or commercial real estate!

1)      The stock market is going to crash, and may be crashing now. This will destroy your savings.

2)      The dollar is collapsing and going into hyperinflation. This will destroy your savings.

3)      The government is going to seize your IRA or 401k and turn it into a worthless

      treasury annuity for your, “own good and safety”.


Do not use the X-ray machines at the airport. Refuse. Only 5% of the sheeple refuse the X-rays. If just 25% of the sheeple refused they would all be removed tomorrow. Anyone who CHOOSES to get X-rayed is brain dead and deserves to get cancer. Watch the sheeple push their innocent little children into the X-ray machines, while assuring them, “It’s all right honey”. The backscatter machines are very dangerous, and the TSA operators are now coming down with cancer and other diseases from using them 8 hours a day. Of course all this is covered up. Rapidscan® paid Zionist Chertoff to put them in all the airports. Chertoff is an Israeli citizen, hardcore Marxist, and has no business having any government post.



Look at this five year silver chart. Silver has gone from $10 to $35 in only five years. THAT IS 70% A YEAR PROFIT UNCOMPOUNDED. It was $49, which is a 98% annual profit. It will soon be back to $50, and then take off. There are only 27 million ounces of available silver in the COMEX. This is the largest stockpile in the world.

The level has never been this low. This means there is less than one tenth of one ounce for every American citizen. Coin dealers are out of silver. The U.S. Mint has no silver. The U.S. military has no silver. Entire countries are out of silver. The little silver available is sold at high premiums. You must own real silver and hold it yourself.

This is the last train out to buy silver folks.


Quantatative Easing III is coming, but it will be called by another name. It doesn’t matter what name it gets, the government printing presses will continue to counterfeit green toilet paper. Hyperinflation is your future. Hyperinflation will destroy the value of everything you have except silver and gold (and farm land). Anyone who talks about ”deflation” is psychotic. Go to the grocery store and look for any deflation. The price of everything is going up- except residential and commercial real estate. You are going to see the average American home sell for $100,000, or a mere 250 ounces of silver. Yes, if you buy $9,000 worth of silver today and wait five years you’ll have your choice of homes for cash. Silver is going to $400 an ounce and probably a lot higher. Real unemployment is about 22% and getting worse. Not the 9% the media tells you. This is going to 40% during the Much Greater Depression. All these kids getting out of college and working at minimum wage jobs. The unfunny joke is that now you have to have a college degree to get a minimum wage job. Why should any employer accept less than that? Millions of young people with college degrees looking for any job at all.


Do not get any vaccines at all ever! You see the constant propaganda to get all kinds of dangerous, unneeded vaccines. Yes, there is an agenda here, and that agenda is population control. That’s right, killing people off with vaccines. If you think this is some right wing fantasy, just Google “Bill Gates vaccine population control”. You will see him say this in front of a large crowd: “With the right vaccines we can control the population”.  He is only record as saying, “In the same way that during my Microsoft career I talked about the magic of software, I now spend my time talking about the magic of vaccines…I like to say vaccines are a miracle.” Of course he and his wife and daughter don’t get those vaccines. The only vaccine you should get is smallpox (variola), but that isn’t available. That is for political reasons, not health reasons. You simply cannot get smallpox vaccine anywhere in the world. Smallpox is the bioweapon of choice for a lot of reasons. Read the fine book, Demon in the Freezer to learn more. The One World order is correct that this earth cannot support 6 billion people, much less the exploding world population. It is the Third World countries in Africa that are exploding with breeding. China and India aren’t doing a bad job either.


Look at the above chart of Boeing in gold, not green toilet paper. What a loser! This is supposed to be THE best performing stock of all in the 25 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrials. The claim is that it has risen over 22% in the last year. The reality (in gold and silver) is that it has FALLEN 10% in the last year. This shows what an illusion the stock market is. It has gone nowhere in two years. It has lost badly in four years.

Above is the very same Boeing (BA) chart in green toilet paper. $30 to $70 in just over 2 years! Wowee zowee! What a wonderful stock- on the surface. Even in green toilet paper it is a loser over the past four years.

Now look at this chart of the S&P 500 above. The same applies to the Dow Jones Industrials. This is called a “dome formation” and history shows a collapse is coming. Don’t be in the stock market! There is a real worry a market crash with take the gold and silver stocks down with it. (Thanks to Clive Maund and stockcharts.com.) Dow Theory also says the Dow Transportations and Dow Utilities collectively indicate a crash is coming. The DJI just made a false rally to 12,400. This won’t last folks.



Yes, we keep printing this Warren Buffett chart of Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) every month to keep reminding you the stock market is hopeless. If the “wisest investor in the world” can’t make money in the stock market, how can you? How? Look at this five year chart of BRKA. He has LOST money in the last five years. Senile in Omaha has LOST money for five straight years. Adjusted for five years of inflation, it is really, really bad. Monkeys can literally throw darts at a stock chart and at least break even. Buffet can’t.  (Courtesy of BigCharts.com). Sell your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and buy all the silver bullion you can at $35. This is the last train out for silver. All aboard!!!!


The Big Three Mortgage Companies are all going broke. MGCI (MTG), Radian (RDN), and PMI (PMI) mortgage brokers are all bankrupt and hopelessly in debt. Residential and commercial real estate is all going to hell. Tens of millions of empty houses, countless empty offices and buildings. Banks will soon become rental agents when they finally admit they cannot possibly sell any of this for any price at all. The average American home price is going to fall to $100,000 or less. A mere 250 ounces of silver will buy that house within five years. That is less than $9,000 today at $35 silver. Silver is going to $400 an ounce, and probably a lot higher. The gold to silver ratio is currently about 43 to 1. This is going to fall to 15 to 1, and probably down to 10 to 1. That would give you $6,000 gold and $600 silver for example. This is the last train out. Silver bottomed at $33. The COMEX is empty. London Bullion is empty. The U.S. Mint and U.S. Military have no silver. Buy it now before it disappears. Hold it yourself.


See you in two weeks. Be prepared for the Much Greater Depression.

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