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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


July 2012 Economic Rant - Roger Mason

This is a one year chart of gold (courtesy of goldseek.com). The gold price is more stable than the silver price. This is clearly a ten month  bear market. Until gold can convincingly get over $1,600 it is a bear market. Until silver can convincingly get over $30 it is a bear market. Be patient. Yes, the action on Friday the 29th was very impressive, but this is only one day action. The real point is the commercials dumped a full 30% of their net short silver futures. They are now down to a “mere” 12,000 contracts. Historically this is huge. Times 5,000 ounces per contract this is 60 million ounces of silver. Remember they are still net short a stunning 15 million ounces of gold, or 154,000 net short futures. Never underestimate the power of the commercials while they hold such positions. This is 15 million ounces of gold. Don’t be surprised if we have a big collapse in July before all this is over and prices finally take off.

This is Barack Obama's mother Ann Dunham. There are many such nude photos of her. His supposed biological father abandoned him, even though he wrote a book, "Dreams of my Father." Why write a book about a man who walked out on you? The truth is he really doesn’t know who his biological father is. It could be the Communist Frank Davis or Malcolm X. Ann Dunham had sex with so many black men she lost count. He really doesn’t know who his father is, and only knows his mother is a whore. That is why he has such much hate and conflict inside him. You would, too. He wants to destroy America and everything it used to stand for. If you want to know more about this, just Google “Obama’s real father” and you’ll get too much information. We have a serious psychopath for a president. Is this End Times or what?


Senate Bill S1156, the Prepare All Kids Act, will target 3-5 year old pre-kindergarten children so they can be brainwashed in government indoctrination centers before they even get to kindergarten!!! A Democrat bill. Lesbian Mikulski (MD) and the neurotic actress Jennifer Garner were behind this. That’s right, a Hollywood actress helped pass this abomination. Did you hear this on the evening news or read it in the newspaper? Of course not. This will all be paid for with your tax money of course. More of your tax money down the toilet to promote sheeple-ism and the One World Order. You don’t think they are going to teach these infants anything good, do you? Bills like this are passed by Congress every week and we never hear a word about them. This country goes further down the drain every day and we don’t even know about such Marxist abominations. Brainwash a pre-kindergarten child and they will be hopelessly brainwashed for life. We are now going to indoctrinate 3 year old infants with the Marxist, neocon ideology.


How about House Bill HR2106 the Syrian Freedom Support Act? Didn't hear about that either. This is a Republican bill by the way. Another step towards declaring war on Syria by imposing more pre-war sanctions. Syria is none of our business. Israel wants Syria and Iran out of the way just like Libya, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Iranians said they will close the Strait of Hormuz if more sanctions are imposed on them. Our current sanctions against Iran are nothing less than a preparation for outright war. Both China and Russia are firmly behind both countries. Folks, we cannot take on China and Russia at the same time. That is outright suicide. We need to get out of the Mideast today and never go back. It is none of our business. “Friendships with all, but alliances with none”. That is what our country was founded on over 200 years ago. Laisse faire, or mind your own business. Now we are the World Bully, the World Policeman, the incarnation of imperialist Rome. Rome collapsed, and so will we. America will just be another third world backwater like England. Remember, just 100 years ago England ruled the world, not America. The Pound Sterling was the reserve currency, not the dollar. All countries collapse within 200 years, and America is now collapsing after 236 years.


For the first time in over 40 years no currency on earth is linked to gold (or silver). Actually, for the first time in the history of the world no currency is linked to gold (or silver). No currency on earth has any value at all. They are all various colors of toilet paper. That green stuff in your wallet has no value at all. Ft. Knox was emptied 50 years ago and no audit has been done since then. A complete audit is required by federal law every 10 years, yet this hasn’t been done since about 1960. Ft. Knox is empty. Google that and you’ll find overwhelming evidence this is true. There is no gold. The Federal Reserve isn’t federal and has no reserves. It is a private bank owned by a variety of Jewish Banks. They include Lazard, Rothschild, Grenfell, Loeb, Warburg, Drexel, Schiff, Kuhn, and Lehman. They print green toilet paper 24/7. Google “who owns the Federal Reserve” to learn more. This is a 100 year old scam. The dollar lost 95% of it’s value

since they took over. The dollar should not lose one penny in value after 100 years- if it is backed by gold and silver as our Constitution requires. This is why you cannot own paper investments, including silver mining stocks. All paper will be worth paper. You must  own silver bullion in your own hands. Silver is four times better than gold. Gold is only good for portability, since you can easily put $500,000 in your briefcase (300 troy oz).

Well, Obama gave Amnesty to over a million illegal alien criminals who snuck into the country. Amnesty to criminals, felons, gang members, welfare cheats, people with no job skills who can’t even speak English. Did you expect any less? If this isn't proof this country is finished, then nothing is. This overwhelmingly applied to Latinos who outbreed everyone else on earth. That’s a fact. This will make them a majority in this country. They already comprise 16% of the American population, when 50 years ago they were about 0%. They are the second largest racial group, after Europeans, in the United States and growing every day. Latinos vote overwhelmingly Democratic, socialist, leftist, and for big government. Look at Mexico, Central and South America to see what America will look like in another 50 years. A poverty stricken, Third World backwater where ignorance reigns.


Sheldon Adelson calls himself, “the world’s richest Jew” and is worth $25 billion. He is doing everything possible to get Romney elected. He knows Romney will do more for Israel than Obama ever did. He knows Romney will put the welfare of Israel far above that of America. He knows Bibi Netanyahu can order Romney around like a house boy. Bibi has old Mitt right in his pocket and it’s no secret. Romney has publicly stated his Mideast policies will be based on the welfare of Israel and he will not do anything without consulting his buddy Bibi. While Jewish voters always vote 90% Democratic (along with blacks, Latinos, and homosexuals), watch them vote for Romney this time.

Those 45 dots are American military bases surrounding Iran. There should be none at all. We should have zero military bases outside of the United States. We should not have one single soldier off American soil. We spend HALF the world military budget, even though we have a mere 5% of the world population. That’s right, we spend as much as all the other countries on earth on evil wars of aggression.

This is the famous Berkshire Hathaway stock (BRKA) versus the price of gold for the last 14 years. The same would apply to silver. This proves beyond any doubt what a stupid, drooling, senile old fool Buffett is. Blind monkeys with a dartboard could literally make better stock picks than him. Gold and silver have been the best investments on this earth for the last fifteen years. Berkshire Hathaway can't even keep up with inflation, much less make a profit! This doesn't stop hundreds of thousands of morons from buying

this loser every year. Or CNBC putting his stupid face on TV every week telling the sheeple, "don't bet against America". Thousands attend his annual meeting and worship him as some kind of economic guide. Buffett could have bought up gold and silver mines around the world with BRKA and been a success beyond belief. He’s too senile.


This is directly from the Late June Rant two weeks ago:

"It is important to understand the reason gold and silver prices are so low is due to the manipulation by the Big Banks like J.P. Morgan. These are known as the “commercials”. They have huge net short futures positions on the COMEX. This gives them the leverage to cap prices. Right, they haven’t done so well in the last 15 years have they? But they have kept the prices down and still are. Exactly what do they hold? They hold net short 155,000 gold contracts, which is 15.5 million ounces. The registered (available) gold in the COMEX is only 2.8 million ounces. Therefore they have 5.5 times paper gold versus the real physical gold. They just added a mind boggling 25,000 contracts this week (a 20% rise). This indicates gold prices are going down, and silver along with them.  They hold 16,000 net short silver contracts which is 90 million ounces. The registered (avail-able) silver in the COMEX is only 36 million ounces. Therefore, they have 2.5 times paper silver versus the real physical silver. This gives them the leverage to push silver prices down as well. The game isn’t over folks. Expect further weakness in gold and silver as long as the commercials have these extreme positions. There is a good chance we are going to see lower metals prices in June and into July."


This was a clear warning metals could fall badly. On June 21 gold collapsed $50 and silver collapsed $1.25, and the HUI collapsed 24 points. Also the dollar went up almost a penny. All these are strong signs that gold and silver will go lower. On the 29th gold, silver and the HUI all rose dramatically, the dollar fell a penny, and the commercials seriously lessened their futures positions.


Romney appeared on Face the Nation, and said he will attack Iran and doesn't need any Congressional approval to do so. Folks, this man is MORE dangerous than Obama. His probably Vice President Marco Rubio has already warned Americans to, "prepare for war with Iran". He's as insane as Romney. Here is exactly what old Mitt said on national TV:


“I can assure you if I'm president, the Iranians will have no question but that I will be willing to take military action if necessary to prevent them from becoming a nuclear threat to the world. I don't believe at this stage, therefore, if I'm president that we need to have a war powers approval or special authorization for military force. The president has that capacity now. I understand that some in the Senate for instance have written letters to the president indicating you should know that a containment strategy is unacceptable. We cannot survive a course of action which would include a nuclear Iran, and we must be willing to take any and all actions.”


Sheldon Adelson calls himself, “the world’s richest Jew” and is worth $25 billion. He is doing everything possible to get Romney elected. He knows Romney will do more for Israel than Obama ever did. He knows Romney will put the welfare of Israel far above that of America. He knows Bibi Netanyahu can order Romney around like a house boy. Bibi has old Mitt right in his pocket and it’s no secret.


Now you want some more good news? Russia, China, Syria, and Iran and all collectively in military maneuvers in the Mediterranean. Russia and China are tired of our insane arrogant imperialism and have clearly told us they will vaporize us if we keep it up. General Makarov clearly stated that a U.S. attack on Iran will start World War III. Both Russia and China have warned us repeatedly to knock it off. Folks, we cannot even think of beating these four countries- along with a long list of other countries that hate us- in a nuclear war. We will be vaporized. Every day World War III looms closer. Romney and Rubio are gentile Zionists (Remember Joe Biden said, "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist") who will start a nuclear war.


You only thought things were bad with the TSA causing people to get cancer with their high level x-ray machines they call “imaging devices”. The next step is total strip searches! Yes, it is official, and soon they are going to institute total strip searches for any reason or no reason at all. You can believe when you refuse to get x-rayed and get cancer you are going to be a target for a strip search. Only about 3% of the sheeple refuse the x-rays. That proves beyond a doubt how stupid Americans are. Parents shove their own children thru the machines to get x-rayed. Pregnant women blindly walk thru them. Be sure you have clean underwear when you fly, because you may be standing naked in the airport with some low IQ TSA goon staring at you without any clothes on.


Yes, the Supreme Court loves Obamacare. What else is new? There are six liberals and three Jewish liberals on the court. Why are Jewish judges overrepresented by a full 1,000 per cent on the highest court in the land (3% of the population vs 33% of the court)? There are no “conservatives”on the court for God’s sake! Nationalized health care is a major pillar of all Marxist and Socialist governments. It has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. Government doesn’t work. Government IS the problem. Nothing is “free”. Government doesn’t work, and never has worked, and never will work. Only the private sector works, only free markets work, only real capitalism works. We do NOT have real capitalism in America anymore. We have socialism, and “crony capital-ism”, not free markets and free trade.


George Soros said Greece leaving the European Union is a done deal. Germany is going to leave as well. The One Worlders lost this battle. The EU is collapsing along with the Euro funny money. Greece only accounts for a measly 2% of the entire GNP of the EU and this is the straw that broke the camels back. The EU is going to break up and the Euro collapse. It should have never happened. Watch Europe. The EU will collapse and the Euro will collapse, and we will be next. Watch Europe and you’ll know we’re next. We will have a warning before the dollar goes to hell, before the stock market goes to hell with it, and our entire economy goes down the drain. Watch this short video:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6SmRz3y4ps&feature=related. No, this won’t happen by Christmas, but it certainly could happen in 2013.

All countries fail. All currencies fail. America is done as the Beacon to the World. The U.S. dollar is finished as the reserve currency of the world. The British Pound Sterling was the reserve currency for well over 100 years. Britain ruled the world until 100 years ago.

This is a chart of the HUI (courtesy of bigcharts.com). This has a very strong positive correlation with both silver and gold. Anyway you cut it, this is still a clear bear market. We have to see a convincing close over 450 before we can even start to believe it has reversed.  Watch the HUI. It closed at 428 on Friday the 29th. This is down from 482 just in the last 90 days. There is a very strong correlation between the HUI and price of gold and silver. This is not over. Don’t think this is a bottom yet. The HUI, gold and silver are all trending down. The dollar is still trending up. All this portends for lower prices.


Google has now banned all advertising for guns, ammunition, or anything at all to do with guns such as holsters and magazines. Why should you care? Because all guns will be banned in America like every other industrialized country in the world. This is your warning folks. The gun ban is coming no matter who is elected in November. First, all ammunition will be banned, since it is much easier to stop the sale of bullets. All the guns in the world are worthless if you can’t buy bullet for them. Stock up on guns and ammo as they are going to disappear. Especially stock up on ammo. American is the only First World Country that still has gun ownership. Think of all the gun related sites that were just put out of business with no warning. Think of all the employees who lost their jobs without warning. Google is just an arm of the government. So are the social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and the others. The neocons are doing their best to censor the Internet, and they are succeeding very well. This is the last bastion of free speech in the world. Soon the Internet will be censored just like it is in China, Cuba, and North Korea.


Buy all the silver bullion you can at $27. When silver is $400 and higher you won’t care whether you paid $26, $28, or $30. It just doesn’t matter.  Be prepared. Just like the Boy Scouts have always been saying, be prepared. Go thru your house and have a six month supply of everything possible. This is just good practice, not paranoia. Store some five gallon containers of gasoline as well. Date them and use them every year and refill them. Gasoline only lasts about one year. If you live in the city, then move. If you live in an apartment, then move. Just be prepared with whole grains, dried beans, some canned food, and all basic necessities you use daily. Nothing good is ahead of us folks. Don’t kid yourself. See you in two weeks.













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