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Late July Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Iran is the most important event for you to be concerned about now. The crashing economy is very secondary to our coming attack on Iran. Iraq was the worst mistake the U.S. ever made, but this will be far, far worse than that. It isn’t the $15 gasoline (and $300 fill ups), but the fact an America city will be vaporized. Or multiple bombings of key cities like Miami, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, etc.That’s right, the Iranians are going to be understandably upset when we attack them for no reason at all. They have one quarter of our population, one million highly trained soldiers, are equipped with the best of weapons, and will be mad as hell. They already have nuclear capability, and this whole smokescreen about their nuclear energy is meaningless. Many countries such as India, Pakistan, North Korea, and especially Israel, have lots of nuclear weapons. The Iranians will choose a city like New York or Washington and vaporize it as payback. Who can blame them? Israel has stated an attack on Iran is “unavoidable” and have even made several practice military runs. It is not a matter of if, but when. Bush, Cheney, McCain, and the NeoCons have wanted to do this for years. The American public is totally against this, just like they are totally against the Iraq (and Afghanistan) wars. 70% of Americans want out of Iraq today, and probably 95% of them don’t want to bomb Iran. This is no longer a country of the people, for the people, or by the people in any way.

Stop blaming the Arabs, “speculators”,  and Big Oil for high prices. American oil companies control a mere 6% of world oil production. That’s almost the same as nothing at all. Your government caused these prices with their mid-east meddling and Iraq war. We don’t drill our own oil, but we’ll let the Chinese take our oil. We won’t build, or even upgrade, the few pitiful, aging 149 refinies we have. We won’t use the 200 years of oil and 200 years of natural gas we have. We won’t use the 1,000 years of coal we have and allow SASOL fuel plants. We don’t have one single SASOL coal conversion plant. We could have $2 gasoline for a thousand years. Oil was only $18 10 years ago. Your government is responsible for this and no one else. Only a brain dead moron would blame Arabs, speculators, and oil companies. Marxist Obama said our decision to drill OUR OWN oil, instead of giving it to China, is a terrible mistake that will only make things worse in the end. One half of American voters will choose his brand of Marxist communism. And you thought there was hope for this country? He’s actually worse than Hillary, which is almost incomprehensible. Russia’s Gazprom said we’ll have $250 oil next year. NBC News said oil will go to $400 if (when) we attack Iran. CNBC said we’ll have $15 gasoline and $20 diesel.  How is a trucker going to fill up for $1,000?

The historical gold to oil ratio is about 20 to 1, which would put gold at $2,800. It is a mere 7 to 1 which means gold has a long way to go. If you haven’t signed the Drill Here, Drill Now petition at please do so. Send them some money if you want. Well over one million people have already signed.  
In September we told you the stock market was a house of cards that would fall to 10,000 on a good day, especially when adjusted for inflation. Well, it fell to 11,000. With a  10 month adjustment for inflation at 18%, or 1,500 points, that puts it down to 9,500. The Fabulous Four of Apple, Baidu, Google, and Research in Motion are all down from their highs 15%, 25%, 29%, and 20% respectively. These are the Holy Grail of stocks the lemmings worship because CNBC and the rest of the media pimps promote them. We’ve been telling you vanity stocks like Starbucks were going to collapse. They just closed 600 stores and fired 12,000 employees. Their stock is down year to year 60% adjusted for inflation.We are going to have 150 banks fail and go bankrupt, and maybe twice that as the bad morgages keep coming home to roost. The housing crash is just getting warmed up folks! We keep telling you that, and it keeps getting worse. In the end you will see houses sell for a quarter on the dollar adjusted for inflation based on peak Summer 2005 prices. You’ll see some selling for less than that. One in ten American families will lose their homes.

Senile in Omaha Warren Buffet is a member of the establishment, and sits on the board of the Washington Post newspaper. A classic limousine liberal. He is held up as an economic god, when the truth is he is losing money badly and his crappy Berkshire Hathaway stock is a bad joke. Let’s look at some of the garbage he owns that are down from their yearly highs….Gannett (-63%), Home Depot (-43%), Kingfisher (-57%), Moody’s (-47%), PetroChina (-53%), Pier 1 Imports (-53%), Sealed Air (-41%), Shaw Communications (-45%), Sun Trust Bank (-60%!!!), USG Corp (-44%). This is the garbage he owns. If you adjusted these for 18% inflation it would be much worse. Buffet is on record as hating gold, and he sold his silver long ago. A doddering, senile, old loser whose brain is full of too many medications to count. He is up to his ears in derivatives that are unraveling as you read this. Ironically he warns the world to avoid them. Go figure. The world is awash in derivatives to the tune of a QUADRILLION dollars worth. That is 1,000 trillion dollars and far, far more than the entire GNP of the planet earth.  This is SIXTY SEVEN times the entire U.S. GDP. The banks own 165 trillion of these. The Dow has a price earnings ratio of 57 to 1, when is should be more like 12 to 1.

What can you do? You just don’t have a choice if you’ll just open your eyes. Gold and silver are the only real money as defined by our Constitution. Silver has far, far more potential, is vital to any technological society, and will not be confiscated. There is no silver for sale and won’t be. It’s all gone, bought up, used up, spoken for, owned, unavailable. You can only buy small amounts of silver at high markups. There are only about fifty silver mines in the entire world. These produce a mere fifth of the silver consumed. The rest is byproduct mining. There are only about eight silver mines that are worth investing in for various reasons. (All are Canadian but Endeavor.) Quaterra (QTA), Silverstone (SST),ECU Silver (ECU), U.S. Silver (USA), First Majestic (FR), Endeavor (EXK), Impact (IPT), and Genco (GGC). If you own Fury (FUR) sell it since it was bought out by a gold and tungsten mine. You can only get silver from silver mines. Your author has reviewed every one of the world’s silver mines, and there is good reason not to own the other forty-two. Jason Hommel, for example has Silver Eagle as his biggest holding. The problem is that this is a non-producing exploration stock. It might take off or go bankrupt. It’s just not worth the risk to buy non-producing explorers. Bill Murphy at GATA ( has ECU Silver as his biggest holding. Ted Butler has Quaterra as his biggest holding. You must have silver, and you cannot replace it. The silver on the COMEX is all owned, and you cannot take delivery anymore. The biggest dealers in the world such as Scotia Mocatta, Tulving, Perth Mint, etc. are out and cannot fill orders. The U.S. Mint cannot get any silver to make Silver Eagles. Soon you will have to take physical possession of your stock certificates. If you own a 401k or IRA you must convert this to silver stocks or sell it and take the tax loss and invest in silver stocks yourself. If you don’t you’ll starve during your retirement and deserve everything you get. Change your 401k or IRA into silver stocks, or sell it, take the 40% tax bite, and put the 60% you have left into silver stocks. For those of you who own silver stocks and have not seen them go up since November just realize you hold VALUE. Hold value for the long term and you’ll always do well. This is the “secret” of all rich people. Be right and sit tight. Buy and hold and add on dips. Do not trade. Buy and hold and add on dips.

America is the worst police state in the world now and has the most people locked up Per capita including such hellholes as Cuba, China, Russian, and North Korea. We have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prisoners. We are the World Police State. We have almost 3 million people in jail and another 4.2 million on probation or parole. Land of the free, home of the brave.

Everything about September 11 stinks. The more you learn the more it stinks. Kerosene (jet fuel) cannot even come close to melting steel for one thing. Men with box cutters cannot take over hundreds of people. Expect another contrived “disaster” so Bush can declare himself dictator under martial law. He’s tired of merely being the “decider”, and wants to be the DICTATOR. This is a man with deep psychotic issues who runs out country. There is a very strong possibility the next 9/11 type disaster will happen this fall before the election to help put NeoCon McCain into office.

Make no mistake, this is an international economic collapse. When the morons at CNBC smell blood are nervous you know things are really bad. The worldwide banking system is all interconnected, and will go down together. 150 Banks will fail in the next year and maybe a lot more. The Banking Index (BKX) is down 50% already. This is THE bank indicator. The Chinese stock market is in shambles as is the Japanese. Siemens is one of the largest corporations in the world with over 400,000 employees. They are going under, firing endless people, and their stock has fallen 30% in just six months. At that rate they won’t exist in a year. This is one of the biggest companies in the entire world, and they are falling apart. The same is true of General Electric as we have discussed. Their stock has fallen over 30% in a year.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are broke. They are down 90% and 94% yearly. YOU will pay the bill and it will be huge! If you don’t know what Freddie and Fannie are, they give your tax money to people who can’t afford and don’t deserve houses. The government should not be in the mortgage business in the first place. Since America went socialist under Roosevelt such programs are now universal. Giving millions of mortgages to deadbeats during the housing boom was the last straw. YOU will pay for this socialist insanity folks, and you will pay heavily.This is a major step in the collapse of our country. On July 11 IndyMac Bank went under. This is the second worst bank failure in our history. Your bank deposits are not “guaranteed” by the FDIC at all. Only 1% of your money is insured, and 99% is not insured. After the IndyMac failure there is almost no money left to insure anybody. Anyone who had more than $100,000 at IndyMac took a bath. Lehman Brothers is the fourth largest bank and will be next to go along with a  long list of others.

Random notes: We have troops in 147 countries and 10 territories. We should have zero, none. 75% of Americans know we’re in a recession despite the media telling them we aren’t. Keep a minimum in your checking account and get rid of any savings accounts. Soon you will have to take possession of your stock certificates. 24 foreign and 8 domestic airlines have gone under in the last year, and there are more to come. Flying will be a luxury again, like it was in the fifties. Did anyone tell you U.S. Air stock is down 95%, American Airlines down 84%. Continental Airlines down 82%. Delta Airlines down 72%, or Northwest Airlines down 74%? We have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prisoners. Illegal aliens make up one third of all federal prisoners, and each one costs you about $35,000 a year to feed and house them. McDonalds has been one of the strongest of all stocks for the past five years, but is falling in the last six months. Personal debt is 140% of disposable income. The average family owes about $120,000 in total debt including mortgages. They owe $10,000 on credit cards alone. We will not list anymore failing chains, are there are just too many to list now. If you are in one of the 30 states where you can vote for Bob Barr for Libertarian President please do so. Don’t waste your vote on the lesser of two evils. Resolution 362, War Against Iran, was passed by the House. One step closer to the worst disaster we have ever experienced. They will retaliate in a way we’ll never recover from, and that could include a smallpox plague. It could include anything. This can happen in the morning or a year from now, but the NeoCons will do it. If we would mind our own business, and not be the World Policeman, we wouldn’t have any of these problems. General Electric is one of the largest of all corporations, and is down 38% in the last year. At that rate it won’t exist in 18 months. The IndyMac bank failure was proof the rest are going, and there is nothing the FDIC, or any other government agency, can do.  Watch Wachovia, WaMu, CitiGroup, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and a long list of others.

America is now 232 years old. All democratic societies self destruct after 200 years.

Two thousand years of recorded history leaves no doubt about this. This was the last free nation on earth, and there are now no free nations. None.  You can’t buy freedom or civil rights, but you can enjoy a rich standard of living during the coming Much Greater Depression. Put every dollar  you have into silver stocks. There is no more silver bullion available. You really have no choice if you’re paying attention.

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