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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late July Economic Rant -Roger Mason

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom - it will be because we destroyed ourselves!" (Abraham Lincoln). 

Lincoln was right, and we have destroyed ourselves with no help from Russia or China.

The American sheeple has chosen Marxist even though it has been a disaster in every country that tried it. None of these countries have ever come back to freedom and neither will we. Serfdom is a one way street to Hell.

The true unemployment rate has now gone from 18% to 20%. This is the highest it has been since the Great Depression 80 years ago. One out of five Americans cannot get a job. Soon the fast food and big box store jobs are going to disappear as well. The June unemployment numbers were spun by the media to sound better, but were still terrible. The official figure of 7% is ridiculous. Just to give one example, anyone who works just one hour a week isn’t counted as unemployed. People who simply gave up aren’t counted either. Lots of unemployed people are simpy not counted.This figure is going to 30% within the next two years. The most important thing you can do right now is find and keep a job. Easier said than done, since people lose their jobs every day as the Much Greater Depression gets closer and closer. Meanwhile, the government is giving away trillions and trillions of dollars of your tax money to the biggest banks and corporations on earth. And they’re going to keep printing Monopoly Money and giving away more. 

On June 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) classed Swine Flu as a Level 6 highest priority pandemic. This means the government can now quarantine anyone who coughs or has a fever. They can and will issue mandatory vaccines. The plans are already in place. The pitiful part about this is that 98% of the lemmings will not need to be forced to get vaccination. They will not only willingly run to the government vaccination center for their “free” (their favorite word is free) flu vaccine, but will fight to be first in line. The countless police state executive orders allow for forced quarantine and mandatory vaccinations at the stroke of a pen. The Patriot Act alone took away all our liberties and allows for forced vaccinations and quarantine. Do not get a vaccine for any reason. You should not get ANY vaccine (except smallpox for political reasons). Baxter and Novartis are busy 24/7 trying to make billions of doses. Ray Charles can see there is very little swine flu in the entire world, and almost no deaths at all. Regular flu supposedly kills a quarter million people a year, yet it has no WHO warning at all! This has nothing at all to do with an infectious disease, and every-thing to do with solidifying a Marxist police state. You can’t stop the authorities from dragging you away in chains but you can refuse a vaccine. There are no exceptions. We warned you swine flu is a hoax, but it is a pre-lude to forced vaccinations and quarantine and martial law. There have been two (count them, that’s two) fatalities in the U.S. so far from swine flu. Yet, the government has officially declared we have a pandemic, and everyone must be vaccinated or go to jail. In the U.K. one (count that, that’s one) person has died, but the government plans to vaccinate all 60 million citizens including pregnant women, children, and infants. Or should we say especially pregnant women, children, and infants. 

Do not be fooled into thinking that wealth is somehow being destroyed now, or will be destroyed during the coming depression. Wealth is not destroyed, but merely transferred from the dumb to the smart. The amount of wealth will simply be reallocated, and YOU can be the recipient of this largesse. Just buy all the silver you can get your hot little hands on. Buy all you can. The wealth will effortlessly be transferred to you from the  dumbbells standing in those very long soup lines. You know, the ones that held their dollars, real estate, stocks, bonds, and various funds. The ones that depending on Social Insecurity and their illusory pensions and retirement plans. We won’t lose any wealth at all, but it will be radically redistributed from the stupid to the smart by the natural market forces. This is just the opposite of Marxist and socialist wealth redistribution. There money is taken from the capable hard working people and given to the shiftless and lazy. The whole promise of socialism is to get someone else to pay your bills. Their favorite word is “free”.  


The only thing worse than getting a Camp FEMA postcard from your friend is SENDING your friend a Camp FEMA postcard! These camps are real. Google “FEMA camps” and your blood will run cold. The good news is that they will first be used to lock up the animals when they riot. Those who live that is. The bad news is that people who believe in the Constitution and bill of Rights will then be thrown in the with the animals. Military veterans, gun owners, libertarians, real conservatives, you know, those kinds of people. 

Don’t kid yourselves folks. The U.S. dollar is useless paper, fiat Monopoly money and completely worthless. Hyperinflation is the future. Massive hyperinflation due to the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal, has no reserves, and no one even knows who Owns it!!!) printing unbacked paper money. There is almost no gold in Ft. Knox as it was removed decades ago. No audit has been done in fifty years now even though federal law requite a complete and independent audit be done every ten years. Google “Ft. Knox is empty” and other such phrases if you don’t think it’s empty. 

Please go to this five minute video and watch it. More proof 9/11 was an inside job. v=daNr_TrBw6E The ex-head of ALL military intelligence Major General Albert Stubblebine III came out and said 9/11 is a hoax. He said an airplane did not hit the pentagon, and the towers were taken down by explosives not airplanes. If you had any doubts that 9/11 was an inside job just watch this five minute video. Google terms like “9/11 hoax” and “9/11 fraud” and you’ll see more proof than you can imagine.  

Remember we told you ex-Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens was shilling for the govern-ment (like Buffet, Soros, Trump, Gates, etc. do) to promote the wind power hoax? He spent $60 million putting his homely face on TV telling Americans to use wind power. His entire project failed already. Failed before it even started because it’s all a big fraud. He’s looking at 687 worthless windmills, and doesn’t know what to do with them. God only knows what they cost him. Good! Wind power doesn’t work, and Europe is absolute proof of this. The media won’t tell you this of course. Solar and biofuels are more hoaxes. There are only four realistic ways to get energy now, and you know what they are- oil, gas, coal and nuclear. (Hydroelectric is minor.) Cap and Trade will completely destroy this country. It is a 1,200 page bill that not one of the representatives read. It will fly thru the Senate. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right in the U.S. We have 200 years of oil and another 200 years of natural gas right in the U.S. We have almost unlimited uranium for nuclear power. In 2008 the U.S. Geological Survey said the Bakken Field in South Dakota and Montano is the largest oil discovery since Alaska, the biggest find in 50 years. This is 8 times more than Saudi Arabia, 18 times as much as Iraq, 21 times as much as Kuwait, and 22 times as much as Iran right in our own back yard. Well never see that oil though. Your government will make sure you never get a drop of it. The entire energy shortage is a hoax, just like global warming. You’ll keep hearing about windmills, solar power, and biofuels like ethanol. All of these are worth-less. Electric cars are just as worthless.  How do you think you’ll charge an electric car? Right from the same limited, overworked generators we already use. What will fuel them? Did anyone tell you the batteries 1) only last about 6-8 years, 2) cost about $5,000, and 3) are an ecological nightmare to dispose of? Want to get rich? Open a Smart Car (or other little plastic piece of junk pretend car) dealership and repair shop. Open a motor-scooter (not real motorcycles) dealership and repair shop. Bicycles are going to be very popular, but America is not set up at all for bicycles nor can it be.

Do you know why an oil company like Enron is behind a bill like Cap and Trade? Because they will make a fortune from phony carbon credits. Calling carbon dioxide a pollutant and selling “carbon credits” is beyond insanity. There will be an entirely new carbon credit industry run by the big banks. Did you know Al Gore buys his carbon credits from himself, his own company? Go to and read Why the Banksters Love Cap and Trade to understand this fully. This is a free newsletter.

Folks, this one bill alone will destroy America by making vital carbon dioxide (which six billion humans and countless animals breath out constantly) a “pollutant”. The entire world has gone insane, and reality is upside down. Religious zealots who tell us we are in End Times are right. We are in End Times- whatever that means. 

Want to hear an unnerving fact? In the last two years net U.S. household wealth has fallen 22%. At that rate we’ll all be living in cardboard boxes in six more years. Just stop and think about this for a few seconds. Net household wealth has fallen almost one quarter in just two years. If this keeps up (or gets worse) we’ll all be homeless and starving by 2015. Did you hear that on CNN or CNBC? Our standard of living has been destroyed. The Cap and Trade Bill alone will completely and totally ruin this country forever. The Senators and Congressman who are passing bills like this were all elected by the American public in free elections. People get the government they damn well deserve. 

You may be disappointed at the price of silver, and especially the price of silver stocks.

Silver is under $13 and The HUI is down badly to just over 300. Silver was $21 a year ago and the silver stocks have been doing very badly. That means this is a buying opportunity for both. If you own them buy more. You need patience and you need to read as much as you can each week. Go to and read the contributed commentaries. We are down to six silver stocks out of the fifty silver stocks in the entire world. ECU Silver (ECU) , Endeavor (EKX), Impact (IPT), Great Panther (GPR), U.S. Silver (USA),  and First Majestic (FR). All are Canadian except Endeavor, so please don’t try to look them upon the American exchanges. There is far more profit potential in stocks than bullion, but also more risk. There is an argument for bullion only. (We own a 50/50 combination of both.) Just keep remembering that the only real money is silver and gold. Silver is a far, far better investment than gold. The current 72:1 gold to silver ratio will return to the historical 15:1 ratio, so silver will do at least five times better than gold. The U.S. Constitution defines money only as silver and gold- nothing else. You don’t have a choice. If you think you have a choice, then you don’t understand what is happening yet. Sell your worthless 401k or IRA, take the penalty and invest 100% in real money- silver. If you’re depending on Social Insecurity, your pension, your retirement, or any other fantasy you’re going to end up standing in a very long soup line. 

Be very concerned about the Swine Flu hoax. The real agenda is total control of your life by the government, not protecting you from a non-existent “pandemic”. It is about total government control and nothing less. Do not get a vaccination under any circum-stances. The vaccine is much worse than the almost non-existent virus. Prepare for the future. 99% of the lemmings will not be prepared at all, as they depend on the government for almost everything. Depend on yourself.

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